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Revision:  459437
Date:      2018-01-19
Time:      16:43:35Z
Committer: girgen

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VuXML IDDescription
f8a913cc-1322-11e3-8ffa-20cf30e32f6dsvnserve is vulnerable to a local privilege escalation vulnerability via symlink attack.

Subversion Project reports:

svnserve takes a --pid-file option which creates a file containing the process id it is running as. It does not take steps to ensure that the file it has been directed at is not a symlink. If the pid file is in a directory writeable by unprivileged users, the destination could be replaced by a symlink allowing for privilege escalation. svnserve does not create a pid file by default.

All versions are only vulnerable when the --pid-file=ARG option is used.

Discovery 2013-08-30
Entry 2013-09-02
ge 1.4.0 lt 1.6.23_2

ge 1.7.0 lt 1.7.13

ge 1.8.0 lt 1.8.3

2ae24334-f2e6-11e2-8346-001e8c75030dsubversion -- remotely triggerable "Assertion failed" DoS vulnerability or read overflow.

Subversion Project reports:

Subversion's mod_dav_svn Apache HTTPD server module will trigger an assertion on some requests made against a revision root. This can lead to a DoS. If assertions are disabled it will trigger a read overflow which may cause a SEGFAULT (or equivalent) or undefined behavior.

Commit access is required to exploit this.

Discovery 2013-07-19
Entry 2013-07-24
Modified 2013-07-25
ge 1.8.0 lt 1.8.1

ge 1.7.0 lt 1.7.11

6d0bf320-ca39-11e2-9673-001e8c75030ddevel/subversion -- contrib hook-scripts can allow arbitrary code execution

Subversion team reports:

The script contrib/hook-scripts/ does not escape argv arguments to 'svnlook' that start with a hyphen. This could be used to cause 'svnlook', and hence, to error out.

The script contrib/hook-scripts/ parses filenames from the output of 'svnlook changed' and passes them to a further shell command (equivalent to the 'system()' call of the C standard library) without escaping them. This could be used to run arbitrary shell commands in the context of the user whom the pre-commit script runs as (the user who owns the repository).

Discovery 2013-05-31
Entry 2013-05-31
ge 1.7.0 lt 1.7.10

ge 1.2.0 lt 1.6.23

ce502902-ca39-11e2-9673-001e8c75030ddevel/subversion -- svnserve remotely triggerable DoS

Subversion team reports:

Subversion's svnserve server process may exit when an incoming TCP connection is closed early in the connection process.

Discovery 2013-05-31
Entry 2013-05-31
ge 1.7.0 lt 1.7.10

ge 1.0.0 lt 1.6.23

e3244a7b-5603-11e3-878d-20cf30e32f6dsubversion -- multiple vulnerabilities

Subversion Project reports:

mod_dontdothat does not restrict requests from serf based clients

mod_dontdothat allows you to block update REPORT requests against certain paths in the repository. It expects the paths in the REPORT request to be absolute URLs. Serf based clients send relative URLs instead of absolute URLs in many cases. As a result these clients are not blocked as configured by mod_dontdothat.

mod_dav_svn assertion triggered by non-canonical URLs in autoversioning commits

When SVNAutoversioning is enabled via SVNAutoversioning on commits can be made by single HTTP requests such as MKCOL and PUT. If Subversion is built with assertions enabled any such requests that have non-canonical URLs, such as URLs with a trailing /, may trigger an assert. An assert will cause the Apache process to abort.

Discovery 2013-11-15
Entry 2013-11-25
ge 1.4.0 lt 1.7.14

ge 1.8.0 lt 1.8.5

787d21b9-ca38-11e2-9673-001e8c75030ddevel/subversion -- fsfs repositories can be corrupted by newline characters in filenames

Subversion team reports:

If a filename which contains a newline character (ASCII 0x0a) is committed to a repository using the FSFS format, the resulting revision is corrupt.

Discovery 2013-05-31
Entry 2013-05-31
ge 1.7.0 lt 1.7.10

ge 1.1.0 lt 1.6.23