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Revision:  456560
Date:      2017-12-17
Time:      18:50:00Z
Committer: zeising

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VuXML IDDescription
f9810c43-87a5-11e3-9214-00262d5ed8eechromium -- multiple vulnerabilities

Google Chrome Releases reports:

14 security fixes in this release, including:

  • [330420] High CVE-2013-6649: Use-after-free in SVG images. Credit to Atte Kettunen of OUSPG.
  • [331444] High CVE-2013-6650: Memory corruption in V8. This issue was fixed in v8 version Credit to Christian Holler.

Discovery 2014-01-27
Entry 2014-01-27
lt 32.0.1700.102