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Get notified when packages are built

A new feature has been added. FreshPorts already tracks package built by the FreeBSD project. This information is displayed on each port page. You can now get an email when FreshPorts notices a new package is available for something on one of your watch lists. However, you must opt into that. Click on Report Subscriptions on the right, and New Package Notification box, and click on Update.

Finally, under Watch Lists, click on ABI Package Subscriptions to select your ABI (e.g. FreeBSD:14:amd64) & package set (latest/quarterly) combination for a given watch list. This is what FreshPorts will look for.

non port: www/gitlab-ce/pkg-message

Number of commits found: 70

Sunday, 21 Apr 2024
10:57 Matthias Fechner (mfechner) search for other commits by this committer
www/gitlab-ce: rename port to gitlab in preparation to add flavor support
commit hash: 24ea305bffad4315fcc95fe4006d42801ffc1f5d commit hash: 24ea305bffad4315fcc95fe4006d42801ffc1f5d commit hash: 24ea305bffad4315fcc95fe4006d42801ffc1f5d commit hash: 24ea305bffad4315fcc95fe4006d42801ffc1f5d 24ea305
Tuesday, 2 Apr 2024
09:32 Matthias Fechner (mfechner) search for other commits by this committer
www/gitlab-ce: major upgrade to 16.10.0

commit hash: d1dd085b9b058cb390a515607366b9dd84559193 commit hash: d1dd085b9b058cb390a515607366b9dd84559193 commit hash: d1dd085b9b058cb390a515607366b9dd84559193 commit hash: d1dd085b9b058cb390a515607366b9dd84559193 d1dd085
Friday, 23 Feb 2024
13:18 Matthias Fechner (mfechner) search for other commits by this committer
www/gitlab-ce: major upgrade to 16.9.0

commit hash: 2bfafad11c42a8265f02fdfb809ea6618e79022c commit hash: 2bfafad11c42a8265f02fdfb809ea6618e79022c commit hash: 2bfafad11c42a8265f02fdfb809ea6618e79022c commit hash: 2bfafad11c42a8265f02fdfb809ea6618e79022c 2bfafad
Sunday, 18 Feb 2024
04:53 Matthias Fechner (mfechner) search for other commits by this committer
www/gitlab-ce: major upgrade to 16.8.0

commit hash: 58afc6159911340bb4b8b5c39d0983eb70f35526 commit hash: 58afc6159911340bb4b8b5c39d0983eb70f35526 commit hash: 58afc6159911340bb4b8b5c39d0983eb70f35526 commit hash: 58afc6159911340bb4b8b5c39d0983eb70f35526 58afc61
Saturday, 6 Jan 2024
08:18 Matthias Fechner (mfechner) search for other commits by this committer
www/gitlab-ce: major upgrade to 16.7.0

commit hash: e39f736ac7fd4527f262899f92d137199498a266 commit hash: e39f736ac7fd4527f262899f92d137199498a266 commit hash: e39f736ac7fd4527f262899f92d137199498a266 commit hash: e39f736ac7fd4527f262899f92d137199498a266 e39f736
Tuesday, 28 Nov 2023
10:52 Matthias Fechner (mfechner) search for other commits by this committer
www/gitlab-ce: major upgrade to 16.6.0

commit hash: 4521b4a1076b92e330b7119387b8e6a133158cb3 commit hash: 4521b4a1076b92e330b7119387b8e6a133158cb3 commit hash: 4521b4a1076b92e330b7119387b8e6a133158cb3 commit hash: 4521b4a1076b92e330b7119387b8e6a133158cb3 4521b4a
Wednesday, 4 Oct 2023
15:50 Matthias Fechner (mfechner) search for other commits by this committer
www/gitlab-ce: major upgrade to 16.4.0

commit hash: 85e1fab6b4b4cbf82f7efb14fdf7011651c3bddd commit hash: 85e1fab6b4b4cbf82f7efb14fdf7011651c3bddd commit hash: 85e1fab6b4b4cbf82f7efb14fdf7011651c3bddd commit hash: 85e1fab6b4b4cbf82f7efb14fdf7011651c3bddd 85e1fab
Friday, 8 Sep 2023
10:34 Matthias Fechner (mfechner) search for other commits by this committer
www/gitlab-ce: major upgrade to 16.3.0

Make sure you install this version as it will be required for all
further upgrades:

commit hash: 34d24dda34f6014fa690df8382f1e695db2ccaf1 commit hash: 34d24dda34f6014fa690df8382f1e695db2ccaf1 commit hash: 34d24dda34f6014fa690df8382f1e695db2ccaf1 commit hash: 34d24dda34f6014fa690df8382f1e695db2ccaf1 34d24dd
Thursday, 6 Jul 2023
11:32 Matthias Fechner (mfechner) search for other commits by this committer
www/gitlab-ce: Major update to 16.1

commit hash: f9196813a15a0cc7733d11ddf9627e12586089e6 commit hash: f9196813a15a0cc7733d11ddf9627e12586089e6 commit hash: f9196813a15a0cc7733d11ddf9627e12586089e6 commit hash: f9196813a15a0cc7733d11ddf9627e12586089e6 f919681
Sunday, 28 May 2023
17:03 Matthias Fechner (mfechner) search for other commits by this committer
www/gitlab-ce: security update to 16.0.1

commit hash: 896e7bfabb61bd838bbe46839c6cd996bb2deb4a commit hash: 896e7bfabb61bd838bbe46839c6cd996bb2deb4a commit hash: 896e7bfabb61bd838bbe46839c6cd996bb2deb4a commit hash: 896e7bfabb61bd838bbe46839c6cd996bb2deb4a 896e7bf
Sunday, 14 May 2023
17:25 Matthias Fechner (mfechner) search for other commits by this committer
www/gitlab-ce: major update to 15.11.3

commit hash: 10a220d880a7019c719d98343d1ad478b3526e29 commit hash: 10a220d880a7019c719d98343d1ad478b3526e29 commit hash: 10a220d880a7019c719d98343d1ad478b3526e29 commit hash: 10a220d880a7019c719d98343d1ad478b3526e29 10a220d
Wednesday, 12 Apr 2023
14:31 Matthias Fechner (mfechner) search for other commits by this committer
www/gitlab-ce: update to 15.10.2

commit hash: f3e532069a198a3bd72cd8e688cda52a5925e3aa commit hash: f3e532069a198a3bd72cd8e688cda52a5925e3aa commit hash: f3e532069a198a3bd72cd8e688cda52a5925e3aa commit hash: f3e532069a198a3bd72cd8e688cda52a5925e3aa f3e5320
Monday, 3 Apr 2023
10:01 Matthias Fechner (mfechner) search for other commits by this committer
www/gitlab-ce: update to 15.9.3

commit hash: cc3b23a77655c560b3bd7ce809df7ccf1c6ff5f5 commit hash: cc3b23a77655c560b3bd7ce809df7ccf1c6ff5f5 commit hash: cc3b23a77655c560b3bd7ce809df7ccf1c6ff5f5 commit hash: cc3b23a77655c560b3bd7ce809df7ccf1c6ff5f5 cc3b23a7
Wednesday, 1 Feb 2023
09:21 Matthias Fechner (mfechner) search for other commits by this committer
www/gitlab-ce: major upgrade to 15.8.0

This release includes a hotfix for issue described here:

commit hash: a996b5d8e9f736b9c47b3cf4fc7bda445ef2a4cf commit hash: a996b5d8e9f736b9c47b3cf4fc7bda445ef2a4cf commit hash: a996b5d8e9f736b9c47b3cf4fc7bda445ef2a4cf commit hash: a996b5d8e9f736b9c47b3cf4fc7bda445ef2a4cf a996b5d
Monday, 30 Jan 2023
21:25 Matthias Fechner (mfechner) search for other commits by this committer
www/gitlab-ce: major upgrade to 15.7.5

commit hash: 3691c737b760e3918103e62ad804d0b84b6df5ce commit hash: 3691c737b760e3918103e62ad804d0b84b6df5ce commit hash: 3691c737b760e3918103e62ad804d0b84b6df5ce commit hash: 3691c737b760e3918103e62ad804d0b84b6df5ce 3691c73
Wednesday, 11 Jan 2023
11:54 Matthias Fechner (mfechner) search for other commits by this committer
www/gitlab-ce: major upgrade to 15.6.0

commit hash: 8b09bb700cff6ce7e269ad0981566dcfb010cc22 commit hash: 8b09bb700cff6ce7e269ad0981566dcfb010cc22 commit hash: 8b09bb700cff6ce7e269ad0981566dcfb010cc22 commit hash: 8b09bb700cff6ce7e269ad0981566dcfb010cc22 8b09bb7
Tuesday, 22 Nov 2022
09:38 Matthias Fechner (mfechner) search for other commits by this committer
www/gitlab-ce: major upgrade to 15.5.4

commit hash: b1c6bdab1b1e3686e7d6612ac5a6aaa5fb0dc22c commit hash: b1c6bdab1b1e3686e7d6612ac5a6aaa5fb0dc22c commit hash: b1c6bdab1b1e3686e7d6612ac5a6aaa5fb0dc22c commit hash: b1c6bdab1b1e3686e7d6612ac5a6aaa5fb0dc22c b1c6bda
Monday, 7 Nov 2022
15:41 Matthias Fechner (mfechner) search for other commits by this committer
www/gitlab-ce: Major upgrade to 15.4.2

commit hash: 31523ef381563b463919675f4dc3a7d62a381f94 commit hash: 31523ef381563b463919675f4dc3a7d62a381f94 commit hash: 31523ef381563b463919675f4dc3a7d62a381f94 commit hash: 31523ef381563b463919675f4dc3a7d62a381f94 31523ef
Wednesday, 24 Aug 2022
04:22 Matthias Fechner (mfechner) search for other commits by this committer
www/gitlab-ce: Security update to 15.2.3


MFH:		2022Q3
Security:	8a0cd618-22a0-11ed-b1e7-001b217b3468
commit hash: e00136d749a54c6382d60a1b0c7b6796a83b417d commit hash: e00136d749a54c6382d60a1b0c7b6796a83b417d commit hash: e00136d749a54c6382d60a1b0c7b6796a83b417d commit hash: e00136d749a54c6382d60a1b0c7b6796a83b417d e00136d
04:22 Matthias Fechner (mfechner) search for other commits by this committer
www/gitlab-ce: major update to 15.2.0

Allow devise 4.8 to fix omniauth problem, merge into 15.2.0 commit.

commit hash: 23eb2343e2704431f00b8c616eb482857bc0225c commit hash: 23eb2343e2704431f00b8c616eb482857bc0225c commit hash: 23eb2343e2704431f00b8c616eb482857bc0225c commit hash: 23eb2343e2704431f00b8c616eb482857bc0225c 23eb234
Friday, 24 Jun 2022
10:20 Matthias Fechner (mfechner) search for other commits by this committer
www/gitlab-ce: Major update to 15.1.0

commit hash: aa5b3808af6d02ec44c3d6604c12945156cda8d8 commit hash: aa5b3808af6d02ec44c3d6604c12945156cda8d8 commit hash: aa5b3808af6d02ec44c3d6604c12945156cda8d8 commit hash: aa5b3808af6d02ec44c3d6604c12945156cda8d8 aa5b380
Friday, 27 May 2022
17:18 Matthias Fechner (mfechner) search for other commits by this committer
www/gitlab-ce: major update to 15.0.0


This commit also includes a not so strict restriction on rails61.
This is not tested by gitlab itself, but my tests showed that it should work.
This fixes a regression introduced by:

PR:		263688
commit hash: 3719f5e06662079e80fd9698370ef32a2b75469c commit hash: 3719f5e06662079e80fd9698370ef32a2b75469c commit hash: 3719f5e06662079e80fd9698370ef32a2b75469c commit hash: 3719f5e06662079e80fd9698370ef32a2b75469c 3719f5e
Friday, 22 Apr 2022
08:44 Matthias Fechner (mfechner) search for other commits by this committer
www/gitlab-ce: major upgrade to 14.10.0


14.10.0 (2022-04-21)

Added (141 changes)

Add a dropdown to switch language in code blocks (merge request)

Wraps Jupyter Notebook Diff in a feature flag (merge request)

Track related epics blocked added on usage data (merge request) GitLab
Enterprise Edition

Optimize followed users queries (merge request)

Enable feature flag by default (merge request)

Enable policy type selection page by default (merge request) GitLab Enterprise

Add DS_IMAGE_SUFFIX to enable Gemnasium FIPS (merge request)

feat: Add SAST/SD template support for FIPS images (merge request)

Enable FF ci_trigger_forward_variables (merge request)

Add gitlab-pages http server timeout options documentation (merge request)

Namespace onboarding action for license scanning (merge request) GitLab
Enterprise Edition

Enable feature flag by default (merge request) GitLab Enterprise Edition

Default to the current group when importing from GitHub (merge request)

Add metrics image UI for Alerts (merge request)

Extend decomposition prometheus metric with information about CI (merge request)

Introduce a onboarding_complete setting for GitLab Pages (merge request)

Nullify dependent associations in batches on user deletion (merge request)

Add option to add DAST_SUBMIT_FIELD (merge request) GitLab Enterprise Edition

Default group/project issues list page to Vue refactor (merge request)

Move arkose settings into database (merge request)

Bump GitLab Pages to 1.57.0 (merge request)

Update Security Policy to use FIPS images when FIPS Mode is enabled (merge
request) GitLab Enterprise Edition

Add ttl expiration to user otp_secrets (merge request)

Implement wiki async page load (merge request)

Allow uploading audio and video in content editor (merge request)

Add identifer to response (merge request) GitLab Enterprise Edition

Implement first iteration of the agents REST API by @tuxtimo (merge request)

Backfill routes namespace_id for projects (merge request)

Add periodic re-aggregation worker for VSA (merge request)

Fire a Snowplow events with its definition on FE (merge request)

Added MATLAB template by @nbhoski (merge request)

Add new route for DAST profile library (merge request) GitLab Enterprise Edition

Allow SKIP=remote option to be specified during backup by @kakakikikeke (merge

Add a feature flag to control when we could prevent users to login (merge
request) GitLab Enterprise Edition

Allow bypassing registration when joining project (merge request) GitLab
Enterprise Edition

Track blocking epics removed on usage data (merge request) GitLab Enterprise

Add application settings to support inactive project deletion feature (merge

Add epics.relative_position column if missing (merge request)

Include inherited group links on group members page by @wwwjon (merge request)

Implement wiki page async load (merge request)

Add omniauth provider AliCloud by @zhanglinjie (merge request)

Different copy on trial/registration flow (merge request) GitLab Enterprise

Add support for the deduplicated container repositories size (merge request)

Fire a Snowplow events with its definition on BE (merge request) GitLab
Enterprise Edition

Adding FIPS support to DAST API/API Fuzzing latest CI template (merge request)
GitLab Enterprise Edition

Repeat the captcha check during the login (merge request) GitLab Enterprise

Allow Invitations API to receive user_ids (merge request)

Add groups release API (merge request)

Adds container_registry_size to project_statistics (merge request)

Add not null and delete cascade constraints on project_namespace_id (merge

Enable incremental repository backups (merge request)

Add minute limit banner (merge request)

Create unique index on projects namespace_id and name (merge request)

Add resolve thread to permission table (merge request)

Add audit events for merge request settings (merge request) GitLab Enterprise

Support security report schema version 14.1.1 (merge request)

Add ability to query awaiting billable members (merge request)

Add arkose verify response details to custom attributes (merge request) GitLab
Enterprise Edition

Implement detailed github status reporting (merge request)

Allow invitation service to receive user_ids (merge request)

Create status index for batched migrations (merge request)

Allow to put migrations on hold for some time (merge request)

Add dast_submit_field to DAST site profile (merge request)

Add missing authorization (merge request) GitLab Enterprise Edition

Add Commit Author to Pipeline List Page by @Taucher2003 (merge request)

Track blocking epics added on usage ping (merge request) GitLab Enterprise

Add clear cache button to dependency proxy (merge request)

Track linked epics removed on usage ping (merge request) GitLab Enterprise

Added deprecation notice to cluster creation pages (merge request)

Created new feature flags for free and paid users (merge request) GitLab
Enterprise Edition

Add new CI/CD template for Liquibase by @szandany (merge request)

Added a clipboard button to the "Branches" page in "Repository" by @DavidRotert
(merge request)

Add changed_by field to API members entities by @remyj38 (merge request)

Support executable flag in repository files API by @tuxtimo (merge request)

Adds kind field to JobType (merge request)

Merge branch 'ahmetkaramercan17-master-patch-18116' into 'master' (merge

awardEmoji: Display custom emoji (merge request)

Enable Value Stream Analytics consistency check (merge request) GitLab
Enterprise Edition

Create index on security_findings(scan_id, id) (merge request)

Display the tier of the environment on page (merge request)

Use the remote ip for the captcha check (merge request) GitLab Enterprise

Add page size selector to vulnerability report (merge request) GitLab Enterprise

Add a temporary specialized index on project_namespace_id (merge request)

Support template button focus state by @ahmetkaramercan17 (merge request)

Remove pipeline_schedules_with_tags feature flag by @KevSlashNull (merge

Introduce new Group Feature model and database structure (merge request)

Search the user by username or email (merge request) GitLab Enterprise Edition

Add collapsed comparer for license_scanning (merge request) GitLab Enterprise

Add harbor registry list page by @orozot (merge request)

Add commit diff stats (merge request)

Fix project name duplicates and missing project namespace ids (merge request)

Add user limit notification for invite members modal (merge request)

Add Runner releases API URL to ApplicationSetting (merge request)

Add link to create group in general project settings (merge request)

Implement sort param for bulk imports API (merge request)

Add notification_level to namespace_root_storage_statistics table (merge

Detect projects built for Apple iOS platform (merge request)

feat: Add CI_GITLAB_FIPS_MODE to predefined CI variables (merge request)

Add a test group cleanup worker to remove test groups on production (merge

Allow administrators to set active pipelines limits (merge request)

New Group Runners administration view (merge request)

Allow restore tasks to be skipped using SKIP (merge request)

Track api usage of the gitlab cli (merge request)

Add support for the nested repositories container registry access token (merge

Handle auth error for container registry (merge request) GitLab Enterprise

Introduce API for Change Failure Rate DORA metric (merge request)

Added a create cluster page for the FF (merge request)

Ensure project backfilling has finished (merge request)

Add endpoint to decide if the ArkoseLabs integration should be triggered (merge

Add delete endpoint for related epics (merge request) GitLab Enterprise Edition

FIPS SSH key configuration settings (merge request)

Add creator_id to deploy_tokens (merge request)

Mark Import trackers as timed out with entities (merge request)

Add ArkoseLabs verify request service (merge request)

Add DB Grafana config as application settings (merge request)

When no iterations are present show empty state by @sstern (merge request)
GitLab Enterprise Edition

Add timeout status to bulk importer (merge request)

Remove improved_emoji_picker feature flag (merge request)

Expose github stats in realtime_changes private API (merge request)

Trigger an email when seat overage occurs (merge request) GitLab Enterprise

Implement GET API for GATs and PATs by @tuxtimo (merge request)

Implement history for project imports (merge request)

Expose import url and status in projects API (merge request)

Render plantuml/kroki diagrams in content editor (merge request)

Add "Created on" & "Last activity" columns to groups and projects page (merge

Implement API to get single Project Remote Mirror by @tuxtimo (merge request)

Extend workers and services to support namespace for Security Policies (merge
request) GitLab Enterprise Edition

Graceful degradation for refs endpoint (merge request)

Add create endpoint for related epics (merge request) GitLab Enterprise Edition

Expose namespace_id in users GET API for admins by @tuxtimo (merge request)

Add Project template for Middleman (merge request)

Implement DELETE API for Remote Mirrors by @tuxtimo (merge request)

Add target_id option to TodosMarkAllDone mutation (merge request)

Add ability to enable SAST at project creation (merge request)

Implement API to get single MR rule by @tuxtimo (merge request) GitLab
Enterprise Edition

Add Migration[2.0] that enforces restrict_gitlab_migration (merge request)

Allow administrators to change plan limits via the UI (merge request)

Enable service ping for error tracking features (merge request)

Show expired security report information on "pipeline security tab" (merge
request) GitLab Enterprise Edition

Send a notification email when a new email address is added by @rpadovani (merge

Include code_coverage in presented build for runner (merge request)

Fixed (147 changes)

Remove geo database from db_config_names (merge request)

Fixed spacing for the loading icon in time tracker (merge request)

Increase the visibility of the keyboard shortcut for Global Search (merge

Update stage name to use truncate (merge request)

banzai: Get Custom Emoji from group as well (merge request)

Add scope to CustomEmoji to find emoji for resource (merge request)

AwardEmoji: Don't look up url for built-in emoji (merge request)

Fix rendering failure for the 'Verified' badge (merge request)

Update links to CI/CD docs (merge request)

Add default scan execution policies stage to pipeline (merge request) GitLab
Enterprise Edition

Move VSA aggregation migration to migrate folder (merge request)

Enable fix_related_environments_for_merge_requests FF by default (merge request)

Fix the conditions when we scope to gitlab-org (merge request) GitLab Enterprise

Use lowercase values in user search ordering (merge request)

Always select an environment's  last deployment by deploy date (merge request)

Fix infinite activities requests on profile (merge request)

Adds timeout to notebook rendering (merge request)

Fix query params parsing when NOT operator is used (merge request) GitLab
Enterprise Edition

Fix regression with logic to add user primary email to emails (merge request)

Updated the terraform empty state (merge request)

Allow empty future subscriptions on seat link sync (merge request) GitLab
Enterprise Edition

Fix import button width on Issue list page (merge request)

Fixes infinite loop when rendering Ipynb Diffs (merge request)

Merged MR notification: Fix sprintf evaluation by @inakimalerba (merge request)

Guard against Deployment#deployed_by being nil (merge request)

Search Autocomplete: Review how icons are generated (merge request)

Switch from respond_with_navigational to redirect_to (merge request)

Adds timeout for notebook rendering on CustomDiff (merge request)

Change Create commit button variant to confirm (merge request)

Remove ci_destroy_all_expired_service feature flag (merge request)

Fix tooltip and truncation on incident list (merge request)

Fix "sticky" user popovers (merge request)

Include * in Jira Connect CSP frame ancestors (merge request)

Fix doc link to code suggestions in MR diff tab (merge request)

Fix impersonation created_at audit event field (merge request) GitLab Enterprise

Add validation for invalid protected branches for (merge request) GitLab
Enterprise Edition

Keep edited timestamp when reacting to old notes (merge request)

Remove early exit to allow marking as complete (merge request)

Fix scroll to line number (merge request)

Change pipeline status to canceled (merge request)

Fix Value Stream Analytics doc links (merge request) GitLab Enterprise Edition

Change button variant to confirm (merge request) GitLab Enterprise Edition

Add ability to pre/post-date audit events (merge request)

Fix undefined method error for Compare, Commit controllers (merge request)

Do not try to update a deleted record (merge request)

Hide New Epic button on boards for guest users (merge request) GitLab Enterprise

Fix Licensee::InvalidLicense exception (merge request)

Revert mergeability check changes (merge request)

Add the ability to parse CWE-{number} format (merge request) GitLab Enterprise

Fix required data for referenced commands (merge request)

Fix missing clear cache text inside the dependency proxy dropdown (merge

Add search keyboard shortcut to docs (merge request)

Fix for code search bug in Safari when zoomed (merge request)

Fix the rubygems extraction service to not create subtransactions (merge

Fix package file cleanup worker with PyPI files (merge request)

Fix stale object error in Environment Stop (merge request)

Remove Milestone token wildcard values (merge request) GitLab Enterprise Edition

Fix incorrect empty state for filtered tag list (merge request)

Reconfigure DB load balancing connection on code reload (merge request)

Fix URL blocker when object storage enabled but type is disabled (merge request)

Count nil artifact size as zero when recalculating (merge request)

Remove FF ci_fix_order_of_subsequent_jobs (merge request)

Remove pending builds from the queue on conflict (merge request)

Add polling for commit pipeline status (merge request)

Include X-Forwarded-Host when proxying and rewriting Host in Workhorse (merge

Fixed UX bug in agent creation modal (merge request)

Do not use GOPATH in default CI template (merge request)

Move checks from mergeable to mergeable_state? (merge request)

Use article tag on embedded snippets by @joshbouganim (merge request)

Fix iteration dates adding timezone offset (merge request) GitLab Enterprise

Add polling to commit box graph (merge request)

Add customers-dot URL to CSP not only in dev (merge request)

Preserve sibling elements in settings search (merge request)

Show quick actions link when editing comments (merge request)

Test scanner creation (merge request) GitLab Enterprise Edition

Fix null argument handling in background migration Rake task (merge request)

Quote project key in Jira JQL queries (merge request) GitLab Enterprise Edition

Handle commit being nil (merge request)

Check task with no-break space by @tchandelle (merge request)

Avoid milestone icon shrinking (merge request)

Update BulkImports::EntityWorker deduplication strategy (merge request)

Handle nil values in Grape length limit validator (merge request)

Add SAML default membership asynchronously (merge request)

Set account string when 2fa creation fails (merge request)

Fix scope of project export download throttling by @eggerd (merge request)

Preload group root ancestor for Group Projects API (merge request)

Update secret detection template to remove fetch on historic scan (merge

Fix bug when decrementing open MR count (merge request)

Do not schedule project import when migrating using GitLab Migration (merge

Mark token encryption job as completed when there are no users (merge request)

Allow ConnectionNotEstablished for DB rake tasks using validate_config (merge

Fix link deletion (merge request)

Allow auditor to view group VSA analytics (merge request) GitLab Enterprise

Allow auditor to read group contribution analytics (merge request) GitLab
Enterprise Edition

Handle escaped underscores in usernames (merge request)

Fix 500 error when visiting a non-existing integration (merge request)

Expire relevant ETag caches for realtime_changes endpoints (merge request)

Allow auditor to view repository analytics (merge request) GitLab Enterprise

Fix GraphQL pagination for vulnerabilities (merge request) GitLab Enterprise

Use cached column list for members union query (merge request)

Add unique keyField for Blob types (merge request)

Allow auditor to view devops adoption analytics (merge request) GitLab
Enterprise Edition

Fixed receiveDashboardValidationWarningsFailure by @gotounix (merge request)

Handle BulkImports::ExportStatus incorrect export status value (merge request)

Refactor environment empty state to use scope (merge request)

Remove attempted redirection on non-HTML requests (merge request)

Fix project permission toggle behavior (merge request)
Fix project permission toggle behavior

Fixed crm db seed trying to seed non-root groups by @leetickett (merge request)

Don't include compliance pipeline definition in scheduled security orchestration
pipelines (merge request) GitLab Enterprise Edition

Fix code quality report display by @nanmu42 (merge request)

Raise exception when gitaly-backup could not be found (merge request)

Replace success variant with the confirm (merge request) GitLab Enterprise

Updated ComplianceViolation merged_at where checks to use DATE() (merge request)
GitLab Enterprise Edition

Fix missing metrics for Sidekiq exporter server (merge request)

Fix incorrect new group path in import history (merge request)

Scope Geo replication details progressbar popup target by site ID (merge
request) GitLab Enterprise Edition

Allow auditor to view grop productivity analytics (merge request) GitLab
Enterprise Edition

Fix credentials detection for UrlSanitizer (merge request)

Revert Protected Environment group access inheritence (merge request)

Add an example path for gitaly_backup_path setting (merge request)

Suggestions: use template from target project instead of source project by
@trakos (merge request)

Fix issue with delete project container text (merge request) GitLab Enterprise

Fix error in table when text is too long (merge request)

Ensure ci_environment_status always return latest deployment status (merge

Fix create issue in board with weight (merge request) GitLab Enterprise Edition

Fix GraphQlController not logging sessionless user (merge request)

Limit audit events controller to 31 days date range (merge request) GitLab
Enterprise Edition

Fix ComplianceViolationResolver pagination with sorting (merge request) GitLab
Enterprise Edition

Fix PA for projects in nested groups (merge request) GitLab Enterprise Edition

Improve topic avatar copy (merge request)

Handle CRM objects when moving groups by @leetickett (merge request)

Always pass data payloads as a hash for hooks (merge request)

Adding a forced UTF-8 conversion to prevent encoding errors (merge request)

Allow admins to invite groups they are not a member of for group (merge request)

Update manual job message for protected jobs (merge request) GitLab Enterprise

Use last focused markdown field for quoted reply (merge request)

Retain membership record for a personal project’s owner after transfer (merge

Improve backup logging (merge request)

Refetch runners list data after runner is updated (merge request)

Fix markdown header toolbar showing in compact preview view (merge request)

Fix vulnerability list clearing when already-selected filter is clicked (merge
request) GitLab Enterprise Edition

Upgrade rack-proxy to v0.7.2 (merge request)

Convert seconds to minutes for the shared runner usage chart (merge request)
GitLab Enterprise Edition

Fix NoMethodError for CommitController (merge request)

Fix backups not working when feature_flags table does not exist (merge request)

SAST flawfinder + semgrep: add missing extensions by @blueur (merge request)

Changed (227 changes)

Geo Sites - Empty Search State (merge request) GitLab Enterprise Edition

Use GlAvatar in environments dashboard (merge request)

Reduce size of file header buttons (merge request)

Remove setting link from branches page (merge request)

Bump Gitaly to v14.10.0.pre.rc1 by @nick.thomas (merge request)

Downgrade coverage-check approval rule to premium (merge request) GitLab
Enterprise Edition

Migrate localization checkbox (merge request)

Remove security_scan_succeeded from code by @svdj (merge request) GitLab
Enterprise Edition

Make OmniAuth initializer return Geo proxied URL when it exists (merge request)
GitLab Enterprise Edition

Replace generic checkbox with GitLab UI component (merge request) GitLab
Enterprise Edition

This MR replaces generic checkbox (merge request) GitLab Enterprise Edition

Update variant to confirm (merge request)

Use GlBroadcastMessage in Broadcast Message admin settings page (merge request)

Change snippet award emoji state from active to selected (merge request)

Disable image deletion during registry migration (merge request)

Use Pajamas components for checkboxes in webhook forms (merge request)

Update GITLAB_KAS_VERSION to 14.10.0 (merge request)

Update icon to long arrow (merge request)

Pass hash instead of URI to Elasticsearch client (merge request) GitLab
Enterprise Edition

Port checkboxes in spam settings to pajamas (merge request)

Add spotbugs to analyzer order (merge request)

Update variant to confirm (merge request)

Allow invitations API to handle user invites as well as emails (merge request)

Use pajamas checkbox for group owners can manage default branch checkbox (merge

Migrate button to GlButton variants (merge request)

Updates checkboxes in Admin -> Settings -> General (merge request)

Use Pajamas styled checkbox in Admin help page form (merge request)

Migrate checkboxes on user preferences page to be Pajamas compliant (merge

Change variant to confirm (merge request) GitLab Enterprise Edition

Update auto-deploy-image to v2.23.0 (merge request)

Change delete project confirmation modal to default size (merge request)

Migrate checkboxes on admin group edit page to be Pajamas compliant (merge

Change subgroups to use official subgroup icon (merge request)

Prevent global user searches (merge request)

Move diff overflow warning into component (merge request)

Add more helpful error when not authorized to update (merge request)

Hide IP Address label when no space is available (merge request)

Re-backfill escalation statuses (merge request)

Update monitor deprecation notices (merge request)

Update unprotect branch button variant and size (merge request)

Update checkbox third party offers to be Pajamas compliant (merge request)

Migrate checkboxes on user notifications page to be Pajamas compliant (merge

Migrate pipeline setting checkbox to Pajamas design system (merge request)

Use pajamas checkbox for appearance header and footer form (merge request)

Improve readability for MR review emails (merge request)

Update brand header logo to match tanuki height (merge request)

Port admin hooks form to be pajamas compliant (merge request)

Migrate account limits checkboxes (merge request)

Update corpus management file size formatting to appear cleaner (merge request)
GitLab Enterprise Edition

Migrate admin pages settings to GitLab UI (merge request)

Replace generic checkbox with GitLab UI element (merge request)

Replace generic checkbox with GitLab UI component (merge request)

Replace generic chackbox with GitLab UI element (merge request)

Enable vulnerability_reads_table by default (merge request) GitLab Enterprise

Replace generic checkbox with GitLab UI component (merge request)

Allow unconfirmed users in non-admin searches (merge request) GitLab Enterprise

Replace generic checkbox with GitLab UI element (merge request)

Run all deployment jobs for the common pipeline with same environment (merge

Replace generic checkbox with GitLab UI component (merge request)

Remove group_import_export feature flag (merge request)

Migrate checkbox for performance optimization settings (merge request)

Recommend Helm for installing the GitLab agent (merge request)

Read encrypted properties (merge request)

Use Pajamas checkbox for ldap_access_setting.html.haml (merge request) GitLab
Enterprise Edition

Geo status: Explicate item counts (merge request) GitLab Enterprise Edition

Add GlButton classes to complete button migration (merge request)

Change button label (merge request)

Add remaining storage size to namespace storage email notification (merge

Make WebIDE dropdown fullwidth (merge request)

Modify container-scanning template to automatically apply FIPS image (merge

This MR adds info badge to DAST configuration card (merge request) GitLab
Enterprise Edition

Move Alerts metric image API to CE (merge request)

Migrate form checkbox in the Grafana admin settings (merge request)

This MR replaces generic checkbox (merge request) GitLab Enterprise Edition

This MR replaces generic checkbox (merge request) GitLab Enterprise Edition

Add help link for escalation status dropdown (merge request) GitLab Enterprise

Use GlAvatar in environments dashboard (merge request)

Enable vulnerability_report_pagination feature flag by default (merge request)
GitLab Enterprise Edition

Replace generic checkbox with GitLab UI component (merge request)

Use pajamas checkbox for user access level form (merge request)

Add HTML5 validation to about your company form (merge request) GitLab
Enterprise Edition

Document Kubernetes 1.21 as supported (merge request)

Migrate snowplow checkbox (merge request)

Migrate sourcegraph checkboxes (merge request)

Add more verbose error message if 2FA required (merge request)

Port app settings checkboxes (merge request)

Port checkbox in pipeline schedules (merge request)

Change variant to confirm (merge request)

Change variant to confirm (merge request)

Change variant to confirm (merge request)

Add validation for confidentiality notes (merge request)

Add status to DependencyProxy::Manifest type in GraphQL (merge request)

Migrate admin email checkboxes (merge request)

Migrate group auto devops form to GitLab UI (merge request)

Change variant to confirm (merge request)

Change variant to confirm (merge request)

Update to rails (merge request)

Change variant to confirm (merge request)

Adds a project scoped unique file name constraint for Secure Files (merge

Improve accessibility of Admin application settings page (merge request)

Updated encyption key generation for Secure Files (merge request)

Find topic by case insensitive name for detail page by @wwwjon (merge request)

Bump Gitaly server to v14.10.0.pre.rc1 (merge request)

Update GlButton variant to confirm in test cases (merge request) GitLab
Enterprise Edition

Added educational text about K8s deployments (merge request)

Polish Jira issue fields UI (merge request) GitLab Enterprise Edition

Use SHA256 fingerprint instead of MD5 for LFS token secret (merge request)

Fix: notify service i18n for MR and Issues by @JeremyWuuuuu (merge request)

Remove the ip check from the captcha challenge check (merge request) GitLab
Enterprise Edition

Polish UI of epic roadmap view (merge request) GitLab Enterprise Edition

Only admins can search blocked and banned users (merge request) GitLab
Enterprise Edition

Polish jira_connect users UI (merge request)

Remove support for file checksum to Secure File uploads (merge request)

Updated Kubernetes clusters UI (merge request)

Ignore unindexed projects that have no repository (merge request) GitLab
Enterprise Edition

Add repository size to Plan Limits by @zhzhang93 (merge request)

Refactor DAST Profiles to use GraphQL fragments (merge request) GitLab
Enterprise Edition

Keep labels sorted by title after mutation (merge request)

Move liquibase template up one directory (merge request)

Show UsageData buttons only if cache exists (merge request)

Extend namespace gitlab_subscription API (merge request) GitLab Enterprise

Serialize and deserialize by default for LocalStorageSync component (merge

Update group overview icons to match sidebar icons (merge request)

Don't generate MD5 fingerprint in FIPS mode (merge request)

Log deprecated/unsupported report schema versions (merge request) GitLab
Enterprise Edition

Update DAST site profile mutations to return payload (merge request) GitLab
Enterprise Edition

Update DAST Scanner Profile Mutations to return payload (merge request) GitLab
Enterprise Edition

Replace compliance dashboard with new compliance violations report (merge
request) GitLab Enterprise Edition

Do not allow to change note's confidentiality (merge request)

Removing the ignored column project_pages_metadata.artifacts_archive_id (merge

Merge topics with same name by @wwwjon (merge request)

Updated language on vulnerability report page (merge request) GitLab Enterprise

Remove gray background from milestone page (merge request)

Replace runners 'active' filters with 'paused' (merge request)

Merge branch '356485-refactor-detected-licenses' into 'master' (merge request)
GitLab Enterprise Edition

Migrate alert to shared partial in import group (merge request)

Ensure Workhorse AWS endpoint is only used for S3 (merge request)

Use GlAvatar in design note (merge request)

Change license compliance to use warning alert (merge request)

Migrate alert to shared partial in notifications (merge request)

Change user popover avatar to supported size (merge request)

gitlab/setup_helper: Migrate Gitaly to use runtime directory (merge request)

Feat(License): update license type names (merge request) GitLab Enterprise

Add binaries folder and remove build flags in Go CI-Template (merge request)

Roadmap App with Tree View (merge request) GitLab Enterprise Edition

Remove link to content editor feedback issue (merge request)

Remove user_email_lookup_limit column (merge request)

Change container registry policy banner (merge request)

FIPS support for API keys endpoint (merge request)

Migrate diff stats view to component (merge request)

Adds status popover in runners table header (merge request)

Add labels to the 'Note on MR' webhook payload (merge request)

Update locked tooltip for project runners (merge request)

Update the translations (merge request)

Filter out project bots from user results on invite members (merge request)

Switch grad hat icon with bulb for learn gitlab (merge request)

Remove go to profile text from tooltips (merge request)

Update "locked" tooltips and text (merge request)

Add index to improve speed of vulnerabilities (merge request)

Update button text in pipeline editor (merge request)

Make the shared/groups/_dropdown Pajamas compliant (merge request)

Update help popover icon (merge request)

Support attn alias for attention (merge request)

Issue 323331 - createFlash called twice in search fetchProjects (merge request)

Update help link in UI to remove 'ee' (merge request)

Issue 351689 - Prevent autocomplete searches under X characters (merge request)

Update DAST profile summary to hide empty values (merge request) GitLab
Enterprise Edition

Updated wording for the agent token instructions (merge request)

Optimise ci_namespace_mirrors_for_group_members to search prefix (merge request)

Relocate runner IP Address to Runner column (merge request)

Redirect deprecated SSE to Web IDE (merge request)

Migrate export group alerts to be Pajamas compliant (merge request)

Adjust ProjectExportWorker urgency (merge request)

Specify that the committer email is checked (merge request) GitLab Enterprise

Use GlAvatar in project_list_item component (merge request)

Remove the jira_connect_installation_update flag (merge request)

Add stricter e-mail validation for on push notification by @lenikadali (merge

Geo migrations settings are included by default (merge request) GitLab
Enterprise Edition

Default multi_json to Oj (merge request)

Update button text for DAST On-demand scans (merge request) GitLab Enterprise

gitlab/setup_helper: Migrate Gitaly to use runtime directory (merge request)

Hide "Users in Subscription" card for Ultimate plans (merge request) GitLab
Enterprise Edition

Update copy for DAST Profile library page (merge request) GitLab Enterprise

Period limit default Insights yaml (merge request) GitLab Enterprise Edition

Change default search rate limits (merge request)

Adjust icons and button wording for license compliance (merge request)

Generalize empty array for all scanners (merge request) GitLab Enterprise

Update mutation to unassign security policy from a group (merge request) GitLab
Enterprise Edition

Force Host header rewrite in Workhorse for Geo proxying (merge request) GitLab
Enterprise Edition

Order projects by real last update by @wwwjon (merge request)

Use neutral colours for nav background (merge request)

Capture user feedback in Feedback not Meta for Google Cloud app (merge request)

Remove unnecessary html respond (merge request)

Use instrumentation classes for Service Ping metrics (merge request)

Expose membership_lock on group detail API by @jtymes (merge request) GitLab
Enterprise Edition

Remove block_namespace_serialization feature flag (merge request)

Update mutation to create and assign security policy to a group (merge request)
GitLab Enterprise Edition

This MR adds new empty state for corpus management (merge request) GitLab
Enterprise Edition

Adding upload checksum to Secure Files API (merge request)

Update tooltips for runner statuses (merge request)

Ignore format of unmatched route (merge request)

Remove feature flag ci_use_new_monthly_minutes (merge request) GitLab Enterprise

Add overage check for members and groups (merge request) GitLab Enterprise

Global Search - Enable Header Search Default (merge request)

More helpful empty states for milestones (merge request)

Remove omniauth_login_minimal_scopes feature flag (merge request)

Link to previous path when viewing blame on renamed files by @tchandelle (merge

Use gl-drawer for pipeline editor help drawer (merge request)

Limit the number of commits in push merge request emails (merge request)

Remove integration_form_sections feature flag (merge request)

Enable refactor_blob_viewer by default (merge request)

Enforce schema validation for security reports (merge request) GitLab Enterprise

Use GraphQL alias to simplify vulnerability list id property (merge request)
GitLab Enterprise Edition

Ignore search param for autosave on issue new form (merge request)

Remove reliance on Flash styling (merge request) GitLab Enterprise Edition

Add BlocksUnsafeSerialization to Namespace (merge request)

Update mutation to commit security policy to a group (merge request) GitLab
Enterprise Edition

Increase remote import URL character length limit from 512 to 2048 (merge

Migrate alert to gitlab-ui (merge request)

Add empty state for Instance OAuth app page (merge request)

Prevent encrypted fields from being serialized by default (merge request)

Added severity to issues REST API by @stingrayza (merge request)

Don't trigger a sentry error for Gitaly exceptions (merge request)

Add index to improve speed of vulnerability_reads (merge request)

Update the runner page alerts (merge request)

Alias user_email_lookup_limit to search_rate_limit (merge request)

Create about your company page for registration flow (merge request) GitLab
Enterprise Edition

Deprecated (4 changes)

Deprecate modifying notes confidentiality on API (merge request)

Deprecate updating an iteration's attributes via GraphQL (merge request) GitLab
Enterprise Edition

Deprecate manual iteration creation (merge request) GitLab Enterprise Edition

Deprecate deleting iterations via the GraphQL API (merge request) GitLab
Enterprise Edition

Removed (16 changes)

Remove the "Upgrade {rocket-emoji}" link from the user dropdown menu (merge
request) GitLab Enterprise Edition

Remove runner list in group settings (merge request)

Remove diff_settings_usage_data flag (merge request)

Remove bitmap creation housekeeping option (merge request)

Remove unused MD5 generation logic for InsecureKey (merge request)

Remove users_expanding_widgets_usage_data feature flag (merge request)

Remove mrc_api_use_raw_diffs_from_gitaly flag (merge request)

Remove usage_data_diff_searches feature flag (merge request)

Remove remove_import_data_on_failure feature flag (merge request)

Removal notice for rerequest review (merge request)

Cleanup api_kaminari_count_with_limit feature flag by @jaspreet-3911 (merge

Remove invite_team_email experiment code (merge request)

Remove new_dir_modal feature flag (merge request)

Remove feature flag gitaly_backup (merge request)

Remove Balsamiq File Preview (merge request)

Revert "Add Sbom Survey Banner" (merge request)

Security (25 changes)

Add authorization to composer package archive download by @trakos (merge

Remove ci_safe_artifact_content_type feature flag (merge request)

Fix artifact content-type raw endpoint (merge request)

Disallow login if password matches a fixed list (merge request)

Upgrade swagger-ui dependency (merge request)

Update devise-two-factor to 4.0.2 (merge request)

Fix kroki exploit (merge request)

GitLab Pages Security Updates for 14.9 (merge request)

Revert "JH need more complex passwords" (merge request)

Escape original content in reference redactor (merge request)

Fix blind SSRF when looking up SSH host keys for mirroring (merge request)

Hide features a user shouldn't be able to see in a list of forks (merge request)

Modify release link format check to avoid regex if string is too long (merge

Project import maps members' created_by_id users based on source user ID (merge

Monkey patch of RDoc to prevent Ruby segfault (merge request)

Escape user provided string to prevent XSS (merge request)

Masks variables in error messages (merge request)

Security fix for CI/CD analytics visibility (merge request)

Limit the number of tags associated with a CI runner (merge request)

Latest commit exposed through fork of a private project (merge request)

Redact InvalidURIError error messages (merge request)

Fix access for approval rules API (merge request)

Fix Asana integration restricted branch filter (merge request)

Add state param validation for Bitbucket OAuth flow (merge request)

Fix artifacts content-type (merge request)

Performance (19 changes)

Optimise Security::Finding cleanup by clearing build_id scope (merge request)
GitLab Enterprise Edition

Drop trace-inclusive artifact removal index from ci_job_artifacts (merge

Make User#ci_owned_runners to use unnest index instead of GIN (merge request)

Fix remaining N+1 queries in EnvironmentSerializer (merge request)

Remove ci_artifact_fast_removal_large_loop_limit feature flag (merge request)

Finalize asynchronously built index (merge request)

Resolve "ActionView::Template::Error: 4:Deadline Exceeded." (merge request)

Optimize the query on Environment Detail page (merge request)

Improve query performance of attention requests count (merge request)

Fix discussions N+1 queries (merge request)

Optimize User#ci_owned_runners query V3 (merge request)

Do not include highlighted_diff_email css for each note (merge request)

Schedule async index build for ci_job_artifacts (merge request)

Registry import enqueuer uses migration_plan (merge request) GitLab Enterprise

Prevent loading wiki content for destroy and diff actions (merge request)

Make the Invite Modal load conditionally (merge request)

Load highlight.js languages asynchronously (merge request)

Move updating statistics logic outside of the transaction (merge request) GitLab
Enterprise Edition

Caches the by email lookup logic for user in member creation (merge request)

Other (66 changes)

Finalize traversal_ids background migrations (merge request)

Add tests for vulnerability_report.vue (merge request) GitLab Enterprise Edition

Use StatisticsCard in usage_quotas/seats (merge request) GitLab Enterprise

Add new packages build infos finder (merge request)

Fix usage of distance_of_time_in_words_to_now by @edith007 (merge request)

Add unique index for work item type names with no namespace (merge request)

Fix Style/OpenStructUse offenses by @edith007 (merge request)

Fix Style/OpenStructUse offenses by using Struct by @edith007 (merge request)

Refactor pipeline schedule variables (merge request)

Bump Gitlab Shell version (merge request)

Refactor: Introduce BaseThirdPartyWiki by @chaomao (merge request)

Update RelationExportService to not export if recently exported (merge request)

Makes BackfillWorkItemTypeIdOnIssues migration more efficient (merge request)

Backfill dependency proxy size in namespace stats (merge request)

Use statistics card in storage app (merge request) GitLab Enterprise Edition

Set usage_activity_by_stage_monthly.create.merge_requests to removed (merge

Remove obsolete wiki notes (merge request)

Chore: remove track_editor_edit_actions FF (merge request)

Removes ci_validate_job_length ff (merge request)

Update BulkImports::PipelineWorker Ndjson perform delay (merge request)

Remove import_project_from_remote_file ff (merge request)

Add temp index for notes without discussion_id (merge request)

Document how to add a new built-in project template (merge request)

Fix Style/OpenStructUse offenses by @edith007 (merge request)

Geo: (SSF) State machine refactoring (merge request)

Run project after import when GitLab Migration is complete (merge request)

Fix Style/OpenStructUse offenses by @edith007 (merge request)

When building from source, require nodeJS >= 14.15.0 (merge request)

Remove switch editing controls feature flag (merge request)

Simplify third party container repository delete tags services by @edith007
(merge request)

Remove the unused instance variable from the controller by @edith007 (merge

Expose HTTP code during GitHub importer errors (merge request)

Workhorse: bump gitaly client (merge request)

Bump Gitlab Shell version (merge request)

Remove header_read_timeout_buffered_io featureflag (merge request)

Move compliance framework auditor to a new class (merge request) GitLab
Enterprise Edition

Cleanup secret variables refactoring in variables builder (merge request)

Resolve Performance/DeletePrefix rubocop offenses by @edith007 (merge request)
GitLab Enterprise Edition

Fix typo in milestones empty state (merge request)

Added read_usage_quotas ability to ProjectPolicy (merge request)

Update API doc to show correct return type (merge request) GitLab Enterprise

Clean up after fixing issue when admin changes email (merge request)

Remove use_model_load_balancing feature flag (merge request)

Lazy initialization for user popovers by @cyberap (merge request)

Migrate groups show page to GlTabs (merge request)

Track related epics added on usage ping (merge request) GitLab Enterprise

Remove verify_protected_tags_for_pull_mirror feature flag (merge request)

Remove feature flag spread_parallel_import (merge request)

Resolve Rails/FindById rubocop offenses by @edith007 (merge request) GitLab
Enterprise Edition

Remove admin_application_settings_service_usage_data_center feature flag (merge

Cleanup draft column data (merge request)

Resolve Rails/BelongsTo rubocop offenses by @edith007 (merge request)

Remove bulk_expire_project_artifacts feature flag (merge request)

Backfill work_item_type_id for all Issues (merge request)

Remove geo_token_user_authentication feature flag (merge request) GitLab
Enterprise Edition

Modeling for Multi Access Levels in Deployment Approval (merge request)

Update GitLab Runner Helm Chart to 0.39.0 (merge request)

Cleanup show_report_validation_warnings flag (merge request)

Add tests for vulnerability report pagination feature (merge request) GitLab
Enterprise Edition

Remove temp index on id in vulnerability_occurrences (merge request)

Fix the offences introduced by Performance/OpenStruct by @edith007 (merge

Move BASE_FILTERS from filters/constants to security_dashboard/helpers (merge
request) GitLab Enterprise Edition

Add migration_plan to container_repositories (merge request)

Bump Gitlab Shell version (merge request)

Convert ci_builds-runner_id FK to LFK (merge request)

Fix related epic links and issue links specs fixtures (merge request)

MFH:		2022Q2
commit hash: 0a21afb9691268d1160b9ed468595325cff94237 commit hash: 0a21afb9691268d1160b9ed468595325cff94237 commit hash: 0a21afb9691268d1160b9ed468595325cff94237 commit hash: 0a21afb9691268d1160b9ed468595325cff94237 0a21afb
Saturday, 26 Mar 2022
07:44 Matthias Fechner (mfechner) search for other commits by this committer
www/gitlab-ce: update to 14.9.0


14.9.0 (2022-03-21)
Added (119 changes)
- [Toggle the related_epics_widge feature
flag](gitlab-org/gitlab@8f64bbbc5c485fcdb7453f3c42949a37e030a71f) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!82333)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Add Time to Restore Service DORA
metric](gitlab-org/gitlab@0ccf5b4ae6bca2fa1ea128228e14bb63153283ce) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!82510)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Added possiblity to create new token from the
UI](gitlab-org/gitlab@8f36ef50c87ea78e33409c3ddcbbb04782fa5e15) ([merge
- [Add param to Wiki REST endpoint to retrieve different page
versions](gitlab-org/gitlab@53b8b9fe4952d7c11a80cd52f4dab8e6d8bfa7de) ([merge
- [Add Harbor
integration](gitlab-org/gitlab@bcb79d53fd54e545cf80416beb77360e06262c22) by
@prajnamas ([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!80999))
- [MR widget: update merge commit message when default
changed](gitlab-org/gitlab@b005b8e80ba8691ec24a5063e4a133d21e56532e) by @trakos
([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!77425))
- [Support agent registration without
config](gitlab-org/gitlab@388f87faad5adf5c68ba4850a82b1d4433290b0f) ([merge
- [Add `RestrictGitlabSchema` that enforces
([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!73756))
- [Enable the vsa_incremental_worker FF by
default](gitlab-org/gitlab@d04a006d125f94b34c7eef4f6b85a37292bc7500) ([merge
- [Add deployment approval comment
field](gitlab-org/gitlab@5dfb9cabb2d2aee7eff447e34021c8b7ca24eed4) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!82743)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Support iteration property for issues
api](gitlab-org/gitlab@406a79a51c6dc35cd8207a7426a8582cd20ecfc4) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!82813)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Filter archived issues / MRs from
GraphQL](gitlab-org/gitlab@a7fde3da984bc52b887203fa57998c93f9c6fc5f) ([merge
- [Purge `security_findings` records
([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!81423)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Upgrade GitLab Pages to
1.56.0](gitlab-org/gitlab@891adfa4d15e31f0d6087a6d22644cb9a06fe3e2) ([merge
- [Stream audit event on merge request
approval](gitlab-org/gitlab@39d59e2adbb92572ef077918773a9110d7924e1a) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!82471)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Use batches for pull request import
jobs](gitlab-org/gitlab@b5507c4df013a527266cb0e7914a1d525e2f30eb) ([merge
- [Verify protected tags permissions for pull
mirroring](gitlab-org/gitlab@b96fe042b134448a40e6be71dc438d74133920aa) ([merge
- [Document how to use CI `dependencies` and `parallel:matrix`
together](gitlab-org/gitlab@681db1577821d9ed4612d2d060a3413aa4ea883b) ([merge
- [Add security training
urls](gitlab-org/gitlab@942e93418c6aae0f85afd991e4cbc7a659521fba) ([merge
request]( **GitLab
Enterprise Edition**
- [Add `Enterprise` filter to members search
bar](gitlab-org/gitlab@4f1b22da7fdeecd89130954a268ba8cae585f317) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!82059)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Add VulnerabilityReadsFinder to speed up API
responses](gitlab-org/gitlab@cf39e3350372fb806e6528a63a7ec7898c83049b) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!76220)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Copy metric images from alert to new
incident](gitlab-org/gitlab@5f62b91fa1eb6e4ba593f46bdc8caf34eecc9c76) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!79703)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Expose UserInteractions for participants of a merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab@c0bcfde737e0e3a4c39f36234157e8103ef86cca) ([merge
- [Remove wiki_front_matter
FF](gitlab-org/gitlab@8045da7944102e54bb172a5ef3c5a8088459c360) ([merge
- [Add default branch to Pipelines page filter if no search term
provided](gitlab-org/gitlab@039b1145c3e477899681aeba7a27600cad9d45d5) ([merge
- [Creates asynchronously index on ci_job_artifacts
table](gitlab-org/gitlab@88112e32fff550f742e334bc5c19c4cbc947800e) ([merge
- [GraphQL: Add notificationEmail to
([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!81954))
- [Add external status checks total to
ping](gitlab-org/gitlab@0f9770573a9aba52ab3ba94c09315a5f498728f3) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!82416)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
API](gitlab-org/gitlab@dc9fb467df0c59c9632525e8753aab12a8d91457) ([merge
- [Implement GET APIs for Deploy
Tokens](gitlab-org/gitlab@fd6c86aa82c162720cca29c12ac8e33d55a5f8c0) by @tuxtimo
([merge request](
- [Add namespace to Security Policy Orchestration
([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!82013)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Add deployment approval UI
MVC](gitlab-org/gitlab@d39dff988a3efa1a082afe0ebec5be6bf6fd4939) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!80759)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Add support for failure status status
checks](gitlab-org/gitlab@37bc22744f7ecc3b6b8c3cee74ad7e45aea04b58) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!81005)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Allow to list related epics on REST
API](gitlab-org/gitlab@92d9f4329badbcc7f7db24184ae63db0d756e172) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!82332)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Add `coverage_report` keyword to CI
config](gitlab-org/gitlab@eae7dfc843783e270607d71c6db0c1ab6a52a8d1) ([merge
- [Add audit logs when unassigning CI runner from a
project](gitlab-org/gitlab@25f9eb27389dcec34f8b1b2b2003eee6c15b07d9) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!81540)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Permalink to the latest
release](gitlab-org/gitlab@4305f93ea5ba859bf4154d70dcdc83632deef2a8) ([merge
- [Allow the /merge quick action through graphql create
note](gitlab-org/gitlab@a201e850fee679ad2bc28858daf00755f87cef5a) ([merge
- [Add projects with status checks to
ping](gitlab-org/gitlab@d16eca98fa26b3bb065a2a2154b2249d41860fd8) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!82427)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Add security training
providers](gitlab-org/gitlab@562d3ab8e8cbbcc3dd2688727030052011d1954d) ([merge
- [Add OpenSSL FIPS mode detection and env
var](gitlab-org/gitlab@f3172799557172ca414cb17459e629e59e2e069c) ([merge
- [Support Vault EE
namespaces](gitlab-org/gitlab@86894deb6653ddd44111401b63107f4df7f0195a) by
@aleksanderzak ([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!80590))
- [Add free user cap feature flag and
controls](gitlab-org/gitlab@7b7114d8870dccfb74163162c3757c51da1a4df5) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!80518)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Add support stackprof in GitLab
profiler](gitlab-org/gitlab@4c42d3ac32dc3cde4b485952e4fca03de86d20a5) ([merge
- [Include invited groups into protected environments
API](gitlab-org/gitlab@6f73dec2a64989a23d24ac85a2a701a90e9067bc) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!81029)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Add wiki page render option to wiki
API](gitlab-org/gitlab@be93a263833ff42abd8b09313a6857fb83e8dcad) ([merge
- [Remove rate_limit_user_sign_up_endpoint feature
flag](gitlab-org/gitlab@2a506163fd32fc5bf4efc5273930b76f2919dd1e) ([merge
- [Expose committers on mergeRequest GraphQL
type](gitlab-org/gitlab@627a989aef6a44bc7e3c1538d276d5b115db7d33) ([merge
- [Add backend interface to look up for security
training](gitlab-org/gitlab@72812ce313a47e5385e58b4b008b7427a0fe716e) ([merge
request]( **GitLab
Enterprise Edition**
- [Show security report warnings on pipeline security
tab](gitlab-org/gitlab@22e8a70f7e573b39834384156efea65187b37a70) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!80934)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Allow to destroy related epics association on internal
API](gitlab-org/gitlab@c4dab676900eccc30c466c45dea6d154ff91a93c) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!82035)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Add frontend routing to Geo GraphQL specific
sites](gitlab-org/gitlab@cbf0218b10d37af4a3c54b7358649e484a444805) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!80106)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Add audit logs when assigning CI runner to
project](gitlab-org/gitlab@13f562bbde2e5335584d7ac235270a3f4d0e63ea) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!81508)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Merge/squash commit templates: add %{all_commits}
variable](gitlab-org/gitlab@ceb64735cbac1fc5b5a176efafd789817cdeb34a) by @trakos
([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!81097))
- [Add size to image details
heade](gitlab-org/gitlab@6d9d013cd88e7a4e1f0d775c1d432293d58e4afd) ([merge
- [Feat(Licesing): update upload to
activate](gitlab-org/gitlab@36b4b17e98ad066038b89097e23dfd00d9423d3d) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!80904)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Send a notification when a new access token is
created](gitlab-org/gitlab@8c1d3e4a7b9242ec7cabd5392ee9be0719d65fd1) by
@rpadovani ([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!81340))
- [Add audit event for project deploy
tokens](gitlab-org/gitlab@7ab7ea0d89ccd8446d864f6a5d3f4826100aed76) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!81829)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Add audit event for group deploy
tokens](gitlab-org/gitlab@eea536482d3c7b2a03baafc7ce51265ee77aff1e) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!82251)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Add suggestion to use short-living tokens to
end-users](gitlab-org/gitlab@ee2e5fd4f7f95e5426aac04e1f70a9bf652f93f9) ([merge
- [Add comment to Deployment
Approvals](gitlab-org/gitlab@31f63645ff9603ac6c1e2b282576d1daa41173f7) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!82142)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Parse pasted
markdown](gitlab-org/gitlab@42449f07567d06c41d39378036a759ba58415d05) ([merge
- [Remove rate_limit_user_by_id_endpoint feature
flag](gitlab-org/gitlab@37c0084c0a4d745e00206da6fca9c16fbc1110bf) ([merge
- [Remove rate_limit_username_exists_endpoint feature
flag](gitlab-org/gitlab@6c018f2133b0372ff6e79d4a6a60cfcea80e2d14) ([merge
- [Remove rate_limit_profile_update_username feature
flag](gitlab-org/gitlab@cf9f96bc79cf8532cb405c259030b61fde53b0ee) ([merge
- [Expose sum of weights for epic board lists on GraphQL
endpoint](gitlab-org/gitlab@32b10dfbaeea605c6ab2f726650f1034693ad465) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!76440)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Add security scan status to GraphQL
API](gitlab-org/gitlab@c1ecdd58a472608760235927b2e6f34c5ab0657b) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!81305)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Add saved
replies](gitlab-org/gitlab@832f32cc313dcdec9dbf95242213af7c1f37ce76) ([merge
- [Backfill all project
namespaces](gitlab-org/gitlab@6a08c2b64f98d8f9a19f2f215813da38fb7a3401) ([merge
- [Implement API endpoint to get single SSH key for specific
user](gitlab-org/gitlab@9e64387c0e3fafce54ff43c212443c9a195c99bc) by @tuxtimo
([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!81790))
- [Add job_variables_attributes to play build
API](gitlab-org/gitlab@b669e48a4b8e23f1913d93e738386011f478057d) ([merge
- [Use fair queueing for Loose Foreign
Keys](gitlab-org/gitlab@9738b0324e251e058fdccd3bb4ece57dbeac1479) ([merge
- [Add application setting for cleanup policy
caching](gitlab-org/gitlab@d0c1b163f8d2ef90e97a40f6b38a789696b5171c) ([merge
- [Add GraphQL Todoable interface for to-do
targets](gitlab-org/gitlab@4539cd906e27969dadcc9661d97dd60f73bc9cc5) by
@KevSlashNull ([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!73603))
- [Add circuit breaker for gitlab
([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!81834))
- [Add delete endpoint for Alert metric
images](gitlab-org/gitlab@9226d47f7c50a39bddf1b8850550dfd5a4291254) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!81107)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Enable Loose Foreign Keys partition
rotation](gitlab-org/gitlab@a424373c2557314bd1f6aac893e2c11a3fddc2b4) ([merge
- [Add scan method to dast site profile GraphQL
API](gitlab-org/gitlab@40fa9ce8d12b026d830cf914fa5478e533e7aceb) ([merge
request]( **GitLab
Enterprise Edition**
- [Filter a pipeline by
author](gitlab-org/gitlab@d704138cb32a10b2cf078d9f2bd66922bbbaf6c2) by @genctys
([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!79470))
- [Allow to pass suggestedColors to
ColorPicker](gitlab-org/gitlab@55babfe9fb03831c83dc5128efe3f635f65b87ff) by
@wwwjon ([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!81604))
- [Add security_and_compliance_access_level to Projects
API](gitlab-org/gitlab@2bd37b450c9027e3eff7451f309d5a2d45458736) by @ytans
([merge request](
- [Add user and system note filters to note_authors
association](gitlab-org/gitlab@fcea425c2849e574d9dfac3efd3a5c1ff99c33b9) ([merge
- [Add analytics to detect deployment jobs being
executed](gitlab-org/gitlab@95dd6e9eff1767ec6ffe8f7a59a04ab7d7889573) ([merge
- [Add filters and sorting to compliance violations GraphQL
type](gitlab-org/gitlab@bf343e65f31ada9cd2d8249e0574e1f2f15a149f) ([merge
request]( **GitLab
Enterprise Edition**
- [Add encoding field to wiki
API](gitlab-org/gitlab@05fd6cb19ed2dd7dade727d36eca0349948db16b) ([merge
- [Add ingestion for Finding
Evidence](gitlab-org/gitlab@855b613c0f62e6cfa67814c293151919663318d0) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!75287)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Feat(Licensing): add Offline cloud
type](gitlab-org/gitlab@aa32508aede618cc48540a162d0f00df8cc1ae9e) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!80833)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Add webhook delivery method options to
([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!80832))
- [Improve strikethrough in Markdown
editor](gitlab-org/gitlab@103a129e63677818ffc9c3c0eac160c9c3f564aa) by @smokris
([merge request](
- [Created compliance violation GraphQL type and added to Group
type](gitlab-org/gitlab@7e69ac7f6f90209e364b5c46a4c927857b36013e) ([merge
request]( **GitLab
Enterprise Edition**
- [Implement colour attribute for
epics](gitlab-org/gitlab@c428bacd9c61ab4387423586253d8f1a7ca5744c) by @espadav8
([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!79940))
- [Add basic FIPS
class](gitlab-org/gitlab@360940b1e162c7b10e18de46bade2a81b80629ae) ([merge
- [Add Dark Mode support to the image_tag
helper](gitlab-org/gitlab@c6fde03a5158a9f42d8c00082766c767f22a5551) ([merge
- [Add upload & update endpoints for alert
metrics](gitlab-org/gitlab@829f9695ae7ded05c276f9ae3b6f6d3ea6fc3c53) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!80982)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [API: Add endpoint to reset runner token with old
token](gitlab-org/gitlab@f027a6f2f1db7c91e2823f3400892b730ecc0a67) by
@KyleFromKitware ([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!74336))
- [Added updated_state_by_user to reviewers and
assignees](gitlab-org/gitlab@d2cacb034a5b21ce02a1441905bc54aa9869ca3c) ([merge
- [Swapable cleaner/raw diffs for
Notebooks](gitlab-org/gitlab@4677ac06d61e19f0f64a6b0559df72f809996b7f) ([merge
- [Upgrade GitLab Pages to
1.55.0](gitlab-org/gitlab@e2cde448a6180d2bb91900c2ce3aa7a0d1dfc14f) ([merge
- [Enable pending builds table queuing
strategy](gitlab-org/gitlab@65e3bb48e1dd06235ef435f8318ca1787053831a) ([merge
- [Add a timeline event pipeline filter to
([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!79852)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Add read API for Alert Metric
Images](gitlab-org/gitlab@8adf04476edf0895406e0b3a3c9e0d75a0b083bd) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!80442)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Support scoped iteration
report](gitlab-org/gitlab@5267e55682c71ff60ad818a54123d53d868b7313) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!81216)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Add mutation to promote timeline event from a
note](gitlab-org/gitlab@72201bf665c68b0c1bd864068d5cd387eec50f5b) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!80633)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Add active and passive
profiles](gitlab-org/gitlab@7907d2f76d4cb7274fbf4e6252a938e9d5cc17a2) ([merge
request]( **GitLab
Enterprise Edition**
- [Support scoping for timebox report via
GraphQL](gitlab-org/gitlab@00c656261a7bbb23913947366be3aab7641d4083) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!79327)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Add aggregated VSA consistency check
service](gitlab-org/gitlab@19fecb63b6492ca434199ada710c619b6d973689) ([merge
- [Return runner editUrl via GraphQL
API](gitlab-org/gitlab@4f27ed7c775586a2618f9b301343262406c0f8c9) ([merge
- [Add the total time chart to each VSA
stage](gitlab-org/gitlab@9c048ea7b6b8034f9ade0209eb69553a1aee5a01) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!80255)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Workhorse: Allow HTTPS for
backends](gitlab-org/gitlab@24fbcde50729bd9a58634b0aceb5d3756e5d3302) ([merge
- [Adds cross_project_pipeline_available  to
([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!80381))
- [Add readme in repo creation for reg
flow](gitlab-org/gitlab@d51b0c899f14c5ea2fdbb0387f9311d2de8753f4) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!79770)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Hide markdown preview tab if editing non-markdown
formats](gitlab-org/gitlab@596d3f204316790ea2ac19a11be0a0b14ceeaa34) by
@espadav8 ([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!80178))
- [Log CI runner unregistration audit
events](gitlab-org/gitlab@aa9612f1bb8ea820a7490e80290ce2bc77a05200) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!79754)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Add a consolidated button to edit
blobs](gitlab-org/gitlab@02314fd77728f731dc55b22033fa6c8a5b766613) ([merge
- [Calculate storage statistics for dependency
proxy](gitlab-org/gitlab@b8c1f4d851aa72ed144bed44fc233dde43e1be4a) ([merge
- [Latest release badge documentation
inclusion](gitlab-org/gitlab@8572186d5a8b192edf218bb2c266a1d0fc0adbf8) ([merge
- [Add slash command to page
incident](gitlab-org/gitlab@f0a8c6f5c5f1835dd8ec97de9fb72156e947cde2) ([merge
request]( **GitLab
Enterprise Edition**
- [Expose container repository
sizes](gitlab-org/gitlab@d964a1d7acaf7a851d9ffeac5cf4373ccc52fde9) ([merge
- [Create RelatedEpic table and
model](gitlab-org/gitlab@f2a49bb242f103503011bad7c8acfb77375298ff) ([merge

Fixed (132 changes)

- [Cleaned up clusters_helper and cluster index
haml](gitlab-org/gitlab@02e3bcc76b763124ce50ce869978e1011ffd43bd) ([merge
- [Update holder name column to 50 limit
constraint](gitlab-org/gitlab@5901bc8701c3bb2ca6f7fc21487013d59302a517) ([merge
- [Improve wording for
([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!82742)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Add missing input box for search rate limiting
([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!82944))
- [Handle Jira Connect installation
updates](gitlab-org/gitlab@19722d41355992ee56a3f045f70b93b957249658) ([merge
- [Return a 422 error for Changelog::Error
exception](gitlab-org/gitlab@896a7c1de30abb1329d4e6bcb92ceebad6317632) ([merge
- [Fix empty state pipelines
page](gitlab-org/gitlab@a638ee1aa98d05b2cc5d63c19a4aff8061c1f609) ([merge
- [Update attribute
indirection](gitlab-org/gitlab@9bf63a5b2bab3d8c93a967a13348bc9853870fa9) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!82932)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Fixed incorrect minimum number of users on subscription purchase
flow](gitlab-org/gitlab@db461b03c91a6c6a8f32724dff19cb74933572ad) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!82480)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Refactor remove topic
avatar](gitlab-org/gitlab@136b739fcc5b04ed76f4c94d2305c77af0cc8ba5) ([merge
- [Fix default Ci config
path](gitlab-org/gitlab@03dd150afcb7353fd4d4903a9ca59705b2b109d9) ([merge
- [Fix ci.json: Remove Nesting from Secrets
Rule](gitlab-org/gitlab@ee33d4da70cc300335192cdaaca3a20260d4cca3) ([merge
- [Fix DevopsAdoption usage metric
gathering](gitlab-org/gitlab@47676bd58f6463bcb265ead7eaf737fb921d5c66) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!82904)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Fix Epic and Label != filtered search suggestions not
showing](gitlab-org/gitlab@c9b18202657080149c72fc317be64dfe10f11ca1) ([merge
- [Handle recursion when creating
([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!82930))
- [Fall back to avaiable scope if scope is
invalid](gitlab-org/gitlab@b9da1851edf685a39e58c6b5bfbd6a169cad1378) ([merge
- [Fix sourcegraph breaking on
([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!82447))
- [Find or initialize Scanners using
project_id](gitlab-org/gitlab@8090f3da0944805673ac8189c3fcfe43591573cc) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!82923)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Add responsive property to area charts in CI
minutes](gitlab-org/gitlab@a97e275af9ba3405862792ad1ab252e5fe980b98) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!82741)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Additional spec to capture bug in latest release permalink and fix
same](gitlab-org/gitlab@f9f9f8300d8565e4315bb4c0cb4d54dccf522d60) ([merge
- [Global Search - Fix ref based
searches](gitlab-org/gitlab@08e0800ee2cc9ee85709f1689b212b4d028cd822) ([merge
- [Remove duplicate new cluster
button](gitlab-org/gitlab@e43022603d6c7bb7243d7444816c8cb190559192) ([merge
- [Increase token preview length in runner audit
logs](gitlab-org/gitlab@68acf3dbd2705bc8a640643a97254e25c6059316) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!82523)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Fix unexpected height stretch of CI job duration
badge](gitlab-org/gitlab@0b9adf4ae7c163bf0ab691306e4f068562231b66) by @nanmu42
([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!82670))
- [Allow setting push events branch filter for group
hooks](gitlab-org/gitlab@9f3ad7d9753a989ad5b532ffd947687b6c647eef) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!82531)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Support CRM contacts only in root
groups](gitlab-org/gitlab@227c3221888c925d21d8a7d17f8d552384e07e1d) by
@leetickett ([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!78959))
- [UI Bug Fix: Expand the early checks when using /merge quick
action](gitlab-org/gitlab@513a636c4327658243c64e1380babb565f8259d9) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!82170)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Fix an inaccurate help page
link](gitlab-org/gitlab@4cbaffb4f06699ba295af31a4c0d7a11d5a71d30) ([merge
- [Add validation for rule/yaml modes
switch](gitlab-org/gitlab@1a87f7fbe9544c9bd17abc82fa3f84acfa2a95cd) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!82451)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Fix namespace usage quotas storage
pagination](gitlab-org/gitlab@bd5c66fcfa06c7ebd74937efea3b14cb339d9082) ([merge
- [Replace applications destroy alert with
GlModal](gitlab-org/gitlab@6b4cd07d9724821d20c8e546926703ad97030394) ([merge
- [Don't allow filtering by `in` alone on issue/MR
dashboard](gitlab-org/gitlab@138f3d1a76ab05f9e73db667eafd3e94bbe70e19) ([merge
- [Allow invite group modal to render when membership is
locked](gitlab-org/gitlab@8d2ebd4d78459c48cf95a6b597886aaf0756e9e5) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!82636)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Scan MR description when syncing builds with
Jira](gitlab-org/gitlab@9db551e82528eaac1645f2acc7561441473b4c17) ([merge
- [Set resoure_iteration_events to ghost
user](gitlab-org/gitlab@004f78ac56a0f3a4303f6b93fc44059902c5343a) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!82060)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Update BulkImports Export to handle unexpected
failure](gitlab-org/gitlab@3fba81a5bf6cc47722a5d8f2e63b4026b81a4d30) ([merge
- [Fix UsageDataQueries API not returning a
query](gitlab-org/gitlab@7467adf89b4f5ef47eb9054a40e19b3de1eb7117) ([merge
request]( **GitLab
Enterprise Edition**
- [Fixed user cap evaluation for all OAuth
login](gitlab-org/gitlab@0938f9f1c9b5a19cf107aa9e198505dc8cfb9fd2) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!81272)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Fix retrying of batched background
migrations](gitlab-org/gitlab@80c517ffc5f2a9724e2614d70f1540a95718955f) ([merge
- [Allow merge commits for
SD](gitlab-org/gitlab@ce04cea13b325aa7f0399b721f96842d93bb0ea0) ([merge
- [Fix startup crash in Puma single
mode](gitlab-org/gitlab@076ac5bba2eda70f13bccd892549f40a6e09d380) ([merge
- [Decouple policy name update from yaml/rule
modes](gitlab-org/gitlab@b98c6a483022199e8f3927726bca893c79ac72c6) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!82337)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Poll folder for changes in new environments
page](gitlab-org/gitlab@0ac66e447cb52f0228d67fbf58dda419f4b01fda) ([merge
- [Remove empty approvers in regards
to](gitlab-org/gitlab@7b9b2ddc71543f932750279bb8c052fb5614dc3a) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!82338)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Check authorization to view
([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!82479)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Refactor repo deletion existence
checking](gitlab-org/gitlab@86e7d744aa5cd08a9e8312b4c464ac19bcb20fa6) ([merge
- [Make hr in markdown visible in
darkmode](gitlab-org/gitlab@78d9d3c983e670f6832916e1749ce3e2fb7cbc99) by
@dianapaula19 ([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!81559))
- [Fix filters presence check to take value into
([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!82462))
- [Param requires_python is optional for
pypi](gitlab-org/gitlab@22a7e20d06e2ab32bf3c947763ea8b1fa03a1417) ([merge
- [Ensure that the spaces between frontmatter are
kept](gitlab-org/gitlab@aa1c697b288e4205301f0d3e7dec04533cba49f0) by @tchandelle
([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!81470))
- [Fix sourcemap recovery error in Content
Editor](gitlab-org/gitlab@2e46ff7fa3332bec0fc7a7f9053904b34762bf89) ([merge
- [Users who can read group should read group
token](gitlab-org/gitlab@7fa729107e73f0a80de96afbd356372a36ce06a0) ([merge
- [Fix bot token name in
issues](gitlab-org/gitlab@86a01c368b981ac8848f211a90b9d479e79985e7) ([merge
- [Allow inherited members of groups to deploy protected
([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!82415))
- [Update group bulk edit issues user
docs](gitlab-org/gitlab@eb943abc5618acedd482edc31da655b5a2e72831) ([merge
- [Fix variable in _prometheus.html.haml so it shows as a code
block](gitlab-org/gitlab@3c8716d9c4e0edd10b808837934a0fe0a0f8b1f0) ([merge
- [Project settings: fix semi-linear merge
description](gitlab-org/gitlab@7e2b13257ec62cb41324c3c0835f7a201f897a9f) by
@trakos ([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!82261))
- [Fix rake task to seed Geo tracking
database](gitlab-org/gitlab@7b55621331c7c42b9bf460a9e83ada9a908db714) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!82340)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Fix remove button overlap with other
components](gitlab-org/gitlab@4974a54bb041930f9b7a8c5fc1124d87abdf1519) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!82346)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Include merge-requests in
([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!82326))
- [Pass issue ID to merge request creation
form](gitlab-org/gitlab@1e72978788cc1a439c54c070f2f64101b642957b) ([merge
- [Apply omniauth defaults when no arguments are
given](gitlab-org/gitlab@07fba40d80f502ac1aa7adaa99e8dcbac603dccc) ([merge
- [Fix `Verify SAML Configuration`
button](gitlab-org/gitlab@910f9a47af94165c587d19c83e55ca97df2316ac) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!80978)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Replace success variant with the
confirm](gitlab-org/gitlab@0b3828cdbd96a4a2159ef1f95abf257dac16f9c3) ([merge
request]( **GitLab
Enterprise Edition**
- [Modify Union sql
([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!82077))
- [Restart Action Cable server when Redis
disconnects](gitlab-org/gitlab@12b8a5635b97629ccab4ac6529747e418e975c42) ([merge
- [Cache namespace first Auto DevOps
config](gitlab-org/gitlab@9579939d83b350e06129b4501dc87e944a32bc07) ([merge
- [Global Search - Header Search
Snippets](gitlab-org/gitlab@2e9739f18020efa33a5bec6b2e818b5c120c67de) ([merge
- [Fix NoMethodError when visiting repo
analytics](gitlab-org/gitlab@afcedad0eaca6cfb3a3878e24af3c9d488286b3b) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!81988)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Skip navigation modal for cancel
button](gitlab-org/gitlab@554492fd1323a1da69f890828a2db167be777efb) ([merge
- [Handle not existing training ID for securityTrainingUpdate
mutation](gitlab-org/gitlab@af4ec86a05cbef3991af0c787177b7ff204d54c7) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!81023)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Fix VSA error with scoped
labels](gitlab-org/gitlab@565294145c7b2864fdc169e383973e85ee42938e) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!82083)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Fix markdown serialization in content
editor](gitlab-org/gitlab@b9713c00a9bf76fb1eebc22b5a57a629063fc7ad) ([merge
- [Fix the month view on CI usage by minutes bar
chart](gitlab-org/gitlab@c45a93a7654eb2473b3557a3a8f075763084c69e) by
@parkourkarthik ([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!81185))
- [Hard delete bulk
snippets](gitlab-org/gitlab@2e739ceeac54f28092b9520aa7022e51f6359c1f) ([merge
- [Allow popups and links within mermaid
diagrams](gitlab-org/gitlab@2dd16c32ddde176ee6dda228cd88f4df770b01b7) ([merge
- [Fixed bug preventing agent creation from agent
tab](gitlab-org/gitlab@bfb1a0030de1724b75fcd5b5bf085524ee802029) ([merge
- [Prevent database deadlocks when deleting
projects](gitlab-org/gitlab@b8c771578a6592f698cef25a8770ea3539f3f18b) ([merge
- [Fix mermaid background in dark
mode](gitlab-org/gitlab@68cb78b22268fada1f9f2a8c96793dd347130612) ([merge
- [Change Edit to Open in Blob view to maintain
consistency](gitlab-org/gitlab@a02c14952dc6069a5ff8e6be395318f15cfbcf26) by
@rajanamistry ([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!81759))
- [Fix loading spinner for legacy Filtered search
dropdown](gitlab-org/gitlab@ebf450dac0b54bffb836bf9afcf7a4ab9520bad2) ([merge
- [Replace RegistrySearch component with 
PersistedSearch](gitlab-org/gitlab@ec1ee3e62af68ff5d2bdc992b1a2756d4ede261a) by
@orozot ([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!80994))
- [Fix sending BlobContent query with empty
variables](gitlab-org/gitlab@91a808af620b1d6101312e19a83b7740ec648952) ([merge
- [Add container to qrtly reconciliation
banner](gitlab-org/gitlab@4b01e28713a34d780a83ef11df574bded2b8d48d) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!81517)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Add container for manual renewal
banner](gitlab-org/gitlab@20b95750bfed341e801ff6c8552a36417a2778f5) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!81517)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Make loading spinner Pajamas
compliant](gitlab-org/gitlab@6010b760f886993f808b846add835d8354eeaba4) ([merge
- [Reset paging when sort is changed on vulnerability
report](gitlab-org/gitlab@8e98a4469d7ddad22acb35af8d0644195617ec83) ([merge
request]( **GitLab
Enterprise Edition**
- [Fix job page copy source branch
button](gitlab-org/gitlab@6aa1d555c347d5d73b4cdb9d56ce7fa6c5d512a3) by
@leetickett ([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!76022))
- [Raise error when diff note import
fails](gitlab-org/gitlab@9490ef6ead244cc457975c1bb9e8afcd5dc6d2d1) ([merge
- [Fix group members tooltip
label](gitlab-org/gitlab@01969906f1f7cc158167d3734768324a8e51437d) by @ali_o_kan
([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!81210))
- [Fix loading icon in activity
calendar](gitlab-org/gitlab@4c63009b296e536cc281b79bc0f0195267a2f91a) ([merge
- [Fix rendering vulnerability markdown
description](gitlab-org/gitlab@5c3ee8d41673c80f25834d475da23b4b6a38f00a) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!77958)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Filter commented_approvers for user note
authors](gitlab-org/gitlab@5ce58821fc246927747faa0f76f6ac7e632d9c15) ([merge
- [Remove fix_comment_scroll feature
flag](gitlab-org/gitlab@af6bf959fd86a248f093c7399b9764e3111bb6ed) ([merge
- [Fix error from invalid sha for `include`
files](gitlab-org/gitlab@32fe798699dd18681ac9cb6ad5348e2fe50909c1) ([merge
- [Fix GRPC 500 from
([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!80747))
- [Add error for cross pipeline
([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!80513))
- [Handle received header fallback for missing
([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!81489))
- [Fix erroneous all warning from race
condition](gitlab-org/gitlab@3e4134e69afe27c3c820a0fe7c32b2cb9e3956e4) ([merge
- [Remove unnecessary margin to the right of the Show comment only
dropdown](gitlab-org/gitlab@b5ae5cce465f9cd653a5f240a29c997f47301ce7) by
@rajanamistry ([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!81449))
- [Expose merge request flag as boolean in the pipeline
entity](gitlab-org/gitlab@c27f9a675dc567726c49fb10fe9446f36682b071) ([merge
- [Fix pull/push mirror authentication
fields](gitlab-org/gitlab@c8ce96c6d6126ab591d0e598efb1993e39eb77dc) ([merge
- [Allow admin to register group runners at all
times](gitlab-org/gitlab@71ba4d375cfb322e968cc4ceaeaa591f50d2531d) ([merge
- [Fix cross-database modification when resetting CI
minutes](gitlab-org/gitlab@5f21e7cc3d0bfc52ff82bbce1d1f47ee0dd8a84b) ([merge
- [Ensures audit events are visible to
auditor](gitlab-org/gitlab@0afc16252ce6b95af2464e59d278db9ffcba9f1b) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!81497)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Enable removing import data on failure by
default](gitlab-org/gitlab@440e3962fd4d44097a104602d540bc54d5e02aae) ([merge
- [Fix flash color when there is an
error](gitlab-org/gitlab@cf6420d41734cee464cb0fd549169cf0a32fa682) by @ali_o_kan
([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!81052))
- [Allow assigning users with private
profiles](gitlab-org/gitlab@f13ca808192ef98097c0fee739ad38cc555cad7d) ([merge
- [Fix multiple modals showing when canceling
note](gitlab-org/gitlab@30fb9b9699b84b57550a4758b882d65b1fd8fc0b) ([merge
- [Allow admin to register project runners at all
times](gitlab-org/gitlab@3d8c4f488b08fdab1908031b4b9546e8b67fc1f9) ([merge
- [Block execution of cyclical
pipelines](gitlab-org/gitlab@12f9e6dbc07baaa297e80b5562bc5612a0589bb4) ([merge
- [Ensures audit events are visible to
auditor](gitlab-org/gitlab@662a01dcb9d26d916b8186957e3a4c9dd8640075) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!81267)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Truncate Jira app key to be no longer than
64](gitlab-org/gitlab@084ec2d644f453f2bae0970c9fe2d1642d0e1835) ([merge
- [Ensure cleanup job artifacts task does not include pipeline
artifacts](gitlab-org/gitlab@1a36a02ce63d4001b105705690ee8da77ee892bb) ([merge
- [Avoid idling in transaction when fetching source for merge
requests](gitlab-org/gitlab@1349b8cf09bdc0396522ff10aee04124ec86fa40) ([merge
- [Fix response of `securityTrainingUpdate`
mutation](gitlab-org/gitlab@a9fcbb72f1449357a5692b04818b8b983ce287e4) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!80731)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Remove CachingArrayResolver from epic
issues](gitlab-org/gitlab@ba02cfd09d56bdc87e42c7c6cfaa0a9ddf0a37e2) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!80635)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Do not mirror protected tags restricted for a
creation](gitlab-org/gitlab@e72300fca11097a0c244795b06e43130348eb3b7) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!80388)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Hide white box at bottom of MR diff
page](gitlab-org/gitlab@7dc62567ce0d6ec5e650e0538a39e8bde1bece27) ([merge
- [Stop backup files from requiring directories to exist when
skipped](gitlab-org/gitlab@e2541c622021b709013d915a283920ec4173691c) ([merge
- [Fix the Content Editor strikethrough shortcut
docs](gitlab-org/gitlab@bd689aafcd91ea64742b4a25d0528b8ab602397a) by @smokris
([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!81091))
- [Fix TypeError from
([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!80845))
- [Fix copy button in Enable Review App
modal](gitlab-org/gitlab@11d275b36d9c7da44946365bfa51e7ebaf319640) by @aeboyaci
([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!80561))
- [Pass all options from member
entity](gitlab-org/gitlab@d8b7136c5f930b7db6d261d462df46b48db93fdc) ([merge
- [Automatically adapt the CSP when snowplow is
enabled](gitlab-org/gitlab@7f73ea342359eb628117f332e59263bb79bc617c) ([merge
- [Fix toolbar buttons in Markdown
field](gitlab-org/gitlab@bd6522df2cb9019276204da7e6ccc1f052b2678f) ([merge
- [Fix Replace button form
path](gitlab-org/gitlab@5c6ac77fad63912a2254aba9b2c48f8aeabe5c5a) ([merge
- [Allow project admin to read project
approvals](gitlab-org/gitlab@b103c49e3c200bc9cce0615a1a55427501bd0dd7) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!80652)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Dynamically add AWS URLs to CSP on EKS auth
page](gitlab-org/gitlab@6f448c0396315ddda967ed55dd9feefd11c6011e) ([merge
- [Do not count group bot users from shared group towards seat
usage](gitlab-org/gitlab@dabae884b2f1afaa37213689568811c4bdd0d79d) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!80889)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Make contribution graph email grouping ignore
case](gitlab-org/gitlab@c524cfacbd2a3be25d303c503e34a7be4bf8a9b1) ([merge
- [Don't return 500 error in Commits API when repository is
missing](gitlab-org/gitlab@95177859a3421535adc36fa5bb190069d7fbd233) ([merge

Changed (194 changes)
- [Add iteration selector to board
scope](gitlab-org/gitlab@ed7049fb25e7d4bebc6d74a980d2bd58255c6666) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!69052)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Block limited broadcast address ( in
UrlBlocker](gitlab-org/gitlab@9ba2dfbeb1e21540e9350859eec6823e73700468) ([merge
- [Migrate to unique indices in projects runners
tokens](gitlab-org/gitlab@66c9c3b9e1f1828431119ab3f282495c058d4b1f) ([merge
- [Track git blame clicks from code search
results](gitlab-org/gitlab@cbf4c4c64a68e5e8a65e5bc4d46ae7a5bf44adf5) ([merge
- [Split cluster creation page into two
pages](gitlab-org/gitlab@d6e1b58f7547f40db9b53f1c27c7eb12d7b178e0) ([merge
- [Prevent group owners from deleting certain project
runners](gitlab-org/gitlab@4b488c3049ac9318bdf58ce424a405acc14c99b7) ([merge
- [Remove unnecessary Edit tab in
WebIDE](gitlab-org/gitlab@578ef1438606d0e3c2b8e7e288f4fea744361756) by @Bisht13
([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!81366))
- [Switch AWS "easy button" icons with radio
buttons](gitlab-org/gitlab@5e1115f55e58e059af361c097aaad71bbba8d953) ([merge
- [Update error message with importing container
repository](gitlab-org/gitlab@fbe5608fae60004a06e0a2855988dbe769cd3948) ([merge
- [Update runner Pause/Resume button
labels](gitlab-org/gitlab@6963d4a34f79d659b05a7235c0d655d1ae0f9a51) ([merge
- [Update Jira integration form to have
sections](gitlab-org/gitlab@fc40199266c55b6c50ba3a6af5995ad8803dca7f) ([merge
- [Set geo_job_artifact_replication default to
true](gitlab-org/gitlab@4bc1a37e76291b5b84eae9243b3ee35fe5c3e650) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!82906)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Use checkboxes to select target roles for broadcast
messages](gitlab-org/gitlab@bb22d0083401a8d3964924194b3e3b812ccc502b) ([merge
- [Add frontend validation to avoid duplicate asset link
names](gitlab-org/gitlab@965d07d9966853d3f95905af134932ba0d0b60ae) by
@emanuelfarias ([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!81591))
- [Adding Secure Files upload
limit](gitlab-org/gitlab@3710372c3530bea064640204e57fdc7562d19c65) ([merge
- [Promote exp:
([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!80906))
- [Move two-factor authentication callout to the todo-list
page](gitlab-org/gitlab@16f27135ede22584735d57fe9f1d32c6a485808d) ([merge
- [Use new vulnerability report for pipeline security
tab](gitlab-org/gitlab@b4551ff88a5eef51c653554f9c4aee621ff5ebc2) ([merge
request]( **GitLab
Enterprise Edition**
- [Update job page for blocked
deployments](gitlab-org/gitlab@e56c04cb5db42f4b43f716b91ff71192308f5b75) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!82456)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Remove block_project_serialization feature
flag](gitlab-org/gitlab@2912ac093f963107630ba4e7b1788d9a473bafa1) ([merge
- [Migrate two-factor auth error message to shared HAML
partial](gitlab-org/gitlab@65604eaf0ce4be6ee88316d6cd013dded62a994c) ([merge
- [Enable the `geo_token_user_authentication` FF by
default](gitlab-org/gitlab@33378ee41d6c487eb688aaf438c0e04dfd070a45) ([merge
- [Do not ensure HEAD is default_branch on
snippets](gitlab-org/gitlab@81f2238ec2d21bfa8d6e34214474d0b5f9fd2feb) ([merge
- [Project authorization is unique per user,
project](gitlab-org/gitlab@7fc54b1ca86c382662c389ddece169c7cbb0a407) ([merge
- [Change CI lint primary button
style](gitlab-org/gitlab@186169740baf93a12bf9bff4ba78496fd18adbfe) by @gtsiolis
([merge request](
- [Add pipeline editor walkthrough feature
permanently](gitlab-org/gitlab@4efb2b11021600a0f895c59d78f9bb0584933717) ([merge
- [Add error when acccess denied due to credit
card](gitlab-org/gitlab@f2344f3820cf62ab475598c61041d56903a7ab7e) ([merge
request]( **GitLab
Enterprise Edition**
- [Turn the subscribable banner into an
alert](gitlab-org/gitlab@2e1ea8ecd8963778cfe84334bca000f1ad127ac6) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!81236)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Add configurable search rate
limits](gitlab-org/gitlab@803ba15846843113f7eda03dd6d062f413074f9d) ([merge
- [Improve email notification
styling](gitlab-org/gitlab@5e88a2bcedc112c83fe6f7321f7c67fd3008432c) by @smokris
([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!78604))
- [Enable API kaminari count with
limit](gitlab-org/gitlab@2b8dcb45a380ee40c2a3760ec89afa03c4fa8cc4) by
@jaspreet-3911 ([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!82003))
14.9.0](gitlab-org/gitlab@4f09d013774b45590f3dab71faba2e0fb3b79aef) ([merge
- [Revise merge-conflict modal
text](gitlab-org/gitlab@b6fa39a018486ee93bf450e21d257bba6eeba8dd) ([merge
- [Rename remove user
action](gitlab-org/gitlab@af0a2866bddb68f56ef2812ac00f87e6a296ead5) ([merge
- [Search presenter is a noop when given empty
results](gitlab-org/gitlab@2b309e390b2474358908d6799ada2fee0b5969ae) ([merge
- [Restyle project deletion and restoration
containers](gitlab-org/gitlab@05503faf43544769f53497b9e2f0effa0dfb11a6) ([merge
request]( **GitLab
Enterprise Edition**
- [Remove new environments table feature
flag](gitlab-org/gitlab@2a7690c59e83439f1133d7c34f63578deb5e8771) ([merge
- [Add link to incident
title](gitlab-org/gitlab@32642d5e4cbb3a564df265791e1ba7a2f7553ef3) ([merge
- [Remove type from ruby
template](gitlab-org/gitlab@5c928b128332cbd18e1e4fef3af2bf05bb374681) ([merge
- [Enable feature flags to resume artifact
removal](gitlab-org/gitlab@818e748f7e56f56cba0f13ebc8a3b8a64643af61) ([merge
- [Validate urls before attempting to
download](gitlab-org/gitlab@bf1443c0bc54a0b2fff8f8594eeb35cedb28cc7a) ([merge
- [Parse Snowplow value as
Number](gitlab-org/gitlab@da274cf499696aa40bcfec54e4f30ba5148fdf40) ([merge
- [Remove placeholder and move error message in the
form](gitlab-org/gitlab@6eb7350a58ec89904db0442ed5606a908d8471ab) ([merge
- [Update auto-build-image to
v1.9.1](gitlab-org/gitlab@b0f44e42e5b6593317cd7083619b8b4412d42e00) ([merge
- [Remove feature flag to read finding evidence
model](gitlab-org/gitlab@73b17f4fdeccefecef074d2026279d0c89e8d1bf) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!82450)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Removed compliance_violations_graphql_type feature
flag](gitlab-org/gitlab@085a7f27317fdb41eabfad27e6483388c2ddb909) ([merge
request]( **GitLab
Enterprise Edition**
- [Enable show_report_validation_warnings by
default](gitlab-org/gitlab@94a9eb8f03d636b79c0629752f1ac335c1e9ba47) ([merge
- [Use follow redirects middleware in the Container Registry
clients](gitlab-org/gitlab@ffb7697483299fc496affc694e9a0884051a64f5) ([merge
- [Use SAX parser for cobertura coverage
reports](gitlab-org/gitlab@6dc4483658c6183db12877fe34ab2014b8322343) ([merge
- [Migrate spinners in approver suggestion
partial](gitlab-org/gitlab@e65ad1e60e1975cf7706d6f5477024820bd1c418) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!82503)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Release chat notification branch filter for
deployments](gitlab-org/gitlab@ad9573df04405d5577cf68dd7df52a52f34fb1ee) ([merge
- [Add no-sort-reset prop to vulnerability
list](gitlab-org/gitlab@43e72012072b081bdde47af1729c077daa6bac05) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!82588)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Update placeholder text in import projects
table](gitlab-org/gitlab@80c5f0dce139cb17347379078667849685a54096) ([merge
- [Reduce the number of buckets in Sidekiq
histograms](gitlab-org/gitlab@7c912e143b6ea039ce58ee023cc9991e8d52136b) ([merge
- [Wrap alert in a
DIV](gitlab-org/gitlab@eddeceff21fa85221d0b8b4deb3f00a582586cfe) by
@gitlab-dependency-update-bot ([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!81282))
**GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Remove vulnerability_finding_replace_metadata
flag](gitlab-org/gitlab@0a84a07e9c995f60cef7e6bc0e0687105dae1727) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!82440)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Update group-level compliance framework to match project
settings](gitlab-org/gitlab@7f68de064f68e9e9e0c4b7c420d8cce2ac43c1e9) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!82492)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Merge injected KUBECONFIGs for clusters and
agents](gitlab-org/gitlab@bc2b67cf6e88f6afb241dd9861c60795c38fccc5) ([merge
- [Fallback to basic search on archived
projects](gitlab-org/gitlab@5ba09f808887fc96b91d18aac18341d5353d0885) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!82517)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Added cluster Actions menu to group and admin
view](gitlab-org/gitlab@cfe32c2fe7e9c119cfc3b392adbb8778521ce57c) ([merge
- [Remove feature flags for runner token
prefix](gitlab-org/gitlab@29bbf97e2bc9b22ef35cc92fb076c14cf2f3fb57) ([merge
- [Fix RSpec/TimecopTravel offenses (Part
2/2)](gitlab-org/gitlab@6a092c053c6195c187afe6589ea52ee6152ee2d4) by
@KevSlashNull ([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!76034))
- [Disallow integrated error tracking by
default](gitlab-org/gitlab@99ebbe65a746cf04c0eeccc7b93a815f87b4ba64) ([merge
- [Improve and internationalize Deployment Approval error
messages](gitlab-org/gitlab@3dbac553b737cee798eaec5f3394661fb7a890fa) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!82454)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Update new issue form to match Pajamas
specs](gitlab-org/gitlab@8832a74998ba32b3be15e2bef8ba4a5b157540c7) ([merge
- [Refactor(Groups SSO): migrate to
gl-tabs](gitlab-org/gitlab@bde7a342ac79b1c9d0490677cbad7996a8930f42) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!82512)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Enable cleanup policies throttling by
default](gitlab-org/gitlab@3cd38afaf2cb736d424e0dec41d481ceeb6109ee) ([merge
- [Global Search - Support non-js
searches](gitlab-org/gitlab@65317192013f24f8374e9ba06720cdad00265208) ([merge
- [Update icon, remove text, and
switch](gitlab-org/gitlab@f46ec577443c20f1267838234af83e565743cc22) ([merge
- [Allow to hide deployment target on New Project
page](gitlab-org/gitlab@31e632190cb09ca72392a731601ff20ad3714d6f) by @wwwjon
([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!82485))
- [Support GraphQL authentication with project
tokens](gitlab-org/gitlab@16913601c1852fd09fc6bdc89cd4263fc1e6b1e8) ([merge
- [Migrate Epic Tabs to use Button
Group](gitlab-org/gitlab@5f12034bb14cdb1968c3636f4f0db4a388859e82) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!81978)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Extend billable members count to accept requested hosted plan
parameter](gitlab-org/gitlab@7703838094e42a16a950aaa3674fe31544bbd0a7) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!82049)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Bump Auto Deploy Image verion to
v2.22.0](gitlab-org/gitlab@28e8783ce990ddf443c25e8ab39c38f75a08c6d9) ([merge
- [Consider non-default config files for Security
UI](gitlab-org/gitlab@9a74d9ba9bf2a68dde0149aaa3c8c4992b409e5f) ([merge
- [Migrate loading
spinners](gitlab-org/gitlab@0e22efabb4ca4ffa3077130c9d0fb4ccc310eefd) ([merge
- [Update project compliance frameworks
settings](gitlab-org/gitlab@c1aec2f8a65f1d012cfc2e9aae429eab38d4c3a1) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!81889)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Issue 349398 - Update search field in Global
Search](gitlab-org/gitlab@c7720cb353ff473821a5cf17500fe7bc72531822) ([merge
- [Header Search Refactor - Handle Errors in the
component](gitlab-org/gitlab@f0d356994a99ad4bb6ad938bcb085fd17be7b714) ([merge
- [Migrate spinners in archived projects
partial](gitlab-org/gitlab@223b665a5985429409fa2d229ca925eeb65b3167) ([merge
- [Migrate spinners in user's
overview](gitlab-org/gitlab@9a365876efc4bd00e195833667c3736249cdf6ab) ([merge
- [Migrate spinners in explore groups
partial](gitlab-org/gitlab@b3e58fccee2018a3326c3ea4e16ea8bd0eb1fa47) ([merge
- [Creates audit event when approval rule is
deleted](gitlab-org/gitlab@1f1d3801c8648ba4e5491364bcb9f924a05dc155) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!82297)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Creates audit event on approval rule
creation](gitlab-org/gitlab@adcddf4419f946b1f31449300149f919508efd2a) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!81973)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Update Auto DevOps docker versions to
20.x](gitlab-org/gitlab@f71efa773512bda0430400817ff0f22fd906a156) ([merge
- [Remove constraints from sprints
table](gitlab-org/gitlab@444a02c30a39a844e40bcc0ab9b00fde2c835013) ([merge
- [Move Geo repository updated event creation into a
worker](gitlab-org/gitlab@d12d94cc3e35d6e0593e5639d2628a6f1d8b4f5d) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!80971)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Migrate loading icon to be Pajamas
compliant](gitlab-org/gitlab@9b70879b5dd948fdcacddb91a720658995cab83c) ([merge
- [Migrate loading
spinners](gitlab-org/gitlab@0382386fc0c5eb3f67bcd4ffc3c21ca85a5cb6b3) ([merge
- [Move default branch protection to repository
settings](gitlab-org/gitlab@1a8206261fbda415a12792893cf6e6277fd84bae) ([merge
- [Migrate loading
spinners](gitlab-org/gitlab@dc0024941f8766631a88768c206ccc19c51658d7) ([merge
- [Update registration enabled
callout](gitlab-org/gitlab@bb5253b2516dc17578d9bb05cf5e04d44028a547) ([merge
- [Migrate loading
spinners](gitlab-org/gitlab@a14c08ae439075b20874fdaa874812bfda4f2198) ([merge
- [Iteration search uses cadence and iteration
titles](gitlab-org/gitlab@2ef936654487e08fe3944bb5548302e3867253d5) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!81615)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Display license ID retrieved from
([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!82112)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Re-introduce role-targeted broadcast
messages](gitlab-org/gitlab@c7a8a89c7513b0951f6b0994fe7505b3a9100810) ([merge
- [Use GlAvatar in security
dashboard](gitlab-org/gitlab@c5ac6e5ea076ab5451c6a62cf9a3cc30fc0c665e) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!82172)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Remove personal_project_owner_with_owner_access feature
flag](gitlab-org/gitlab@ad3f27b2a70e29c026d5a92e834ec72462a1182a) ([merge
- [Use the environment tier for jira connect deployment environment
type](gitlab-org/gitlab@87a9dfa80b339fa71db4838fc76696b420c4dbff) by
@alanandrade ([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!80539))
- [Add unique index for security training
providers](gitlab-org/gitlab@8cfba7dbb1a7203de0b4998b14976e67e7753e75) ([merge
- [Allow tags as target of pipeline
scheduled](gitlab-org/gitlab@f6e9762d39ab883f33853a107057b5ed370e630b) by
@KevSlashNull ([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!81476))
- [Migrate group/project member
spinners](gitlab-org/gitlab@bfa13484ec47ece14aff14f0e3fba4b7c5f478a0) ([merge
- [Migrate legacy
spinner](gitlab-org/gitlab@02e6cb553e7338ca40d5e05f3c49593a201e5d4e) ([merge
- [Disable multi-project viz for free
users](gitlab-org/gitlab@d362c451cfeeca06ec04ba6f5d8c731a9a391f89) ([merge
- [Update Import object persistence
approach](gitlab-org/gitlab@489555c94e0e24467e12b5a2ef5b9375800d2e78) ([merge
- [Correct text of Banner message
label](gitlab-org/gitlab@24ed46db54b5196442e3742f91485d0ebc3c8437) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!81221)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Remove non-human created tokens from PAT
list](gitlab-org/gitlab@7b893669b389b340759877d11c329dbff305759c) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!80716)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Remove non-human created tokens from PAT
list](gitlab-org/gitlab@34ded80954ee5e3c966c6602bb24b6feb00d0555) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!80716)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Update maximum allowable lifetime message for
PAT](gitlab-org/gitlab@5c71c8adc2c36c47fbc4303e9a89d95c27a85807) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!81949)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Disable the PA commit button when there are no
changes](gitlab-org/gitlab@632aefed5070daeb034e127c2df5edf27d59e633) ([merge
- [Add the "Support Ukraine"
tanuki](gitlab-org/gitlab@72585cf30f5ef613bb3056e93e12985a69f82e3b) ([merge
- [Link new issue to original via
checkbox](gitlab-org/gitlab@4c30e09e1b3b8b84bce36770ce59a351bd87fedb) by
@smokris ([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!80556))
- [Migrate gfm loading
spinner](gitlab-org/gitlab@f79d23fc39b1e83211ae426d28c10ac40dc5b743) ([merge
- [Use report-declared version of the
schema](gitlab-org/gitlab@0ecb51dee1eae742f8c0e294f1ef68468fb37324) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!81907)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Migrate MAINTAINER access memberships to
OWNER](gitlab-org/gitlab@0ff770b001fe3c6f3766a8fd32bbdcac17c70439) ([merge
- [Surface validation errors as
warnings](gitlab-org/gitlab@855c036adebba757cdbc928259288d6b66521867) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!80930)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Migrate loading
icon](gitlab-org/gitlab@a66ddd653a41b6e549a590218d004b7f1399e744) ([merge
- [Geo secondary proxying: serve assets
locally](gitlab-org/gitlab@c350122401906ee1c74066b96f71b721b72dd222) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!79761)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Replace n/a with a hyphen in the runners
table](gitlab-org/gitlab@69ac20935dd4ed56e8b9a5fedd56f2d013bf7fa7) ([merge
- [Update Secret Detection
template](gitlab-org/gitlab@ef2904cd4e61c386fc6c8a040e6a806e23c7a9f8) ([merge
- [Add alert and disable active
checkbox](gitlab-org/gitlab@fd5388c670b38f483d9458cf9a9300b60f6c072a) ([merge
- [Improve UI text of sign-in
([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!81776))
- [Put deprecated serverless features behind feature
flag](gitlab-org/gitlab@ef88f5c53871d6c7ad795887751381f0276de1ea) ([merge
- [Add BlocksUnsafeSerialization to
Project](gitlab-org/gitlab@9b3f3d30f385f6fe1c972a5b91b8d6bda9dc7426) ([merge
- [Add default_branch to KAS
responses](gitlab-org/gitlab@73788fa265be7c6bcc2852e64ee07f4e7f3b06af) ([merge
- [Use GlButtonGroup instead of
([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!81278)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Change loading state jobs
tab](gitlab-org/gitlab@a1dcec6771d3d65c477b94e7fa8d9425e40db8c7) ([merge
- [Increase pipeline editor debounce to
500ms](gitlab-org/gitlab@c6de5d893856852b8ea23c38199eb6e63c42a3e1) ([merge
- [Set danger variant and label to delete WA
Device](gitlab-org/gitlab@5a2e927aed0c8ad2d30d1b02fee19dceec5dd850) ([merge
- [Set danger variant and label to destroy oauth
app](gitlab-org/gitlab@45ced1f5836302b14801af57624058ed71c241d0) ([merge
- [Set variants and labels to abuse report
buttons](gitlab-org/gitlab@fce6201af9a961ecafa023b07b21665bfbde3228) ([merge
- [Set danger variant to delete artifact
button](gitlab-org/gitlab@94a283f6447149ed9bae4c81f7d21966f86959c5) ([merge
- [Set danger variant & labels for appearance
buttons](gitlab-org/gitlab@8c3b077aee8e6f1270a07f8f721d44b3dde21cf8) ([merge
- [Improve Sourcegraph settings
text](gitlab-org/gitlab@da795bdf58234910ce2c3a1339cf1dfe863292d6) ([merge
- [Remove pipeline editor button from blob
view](gitlab-org/gitlab@932a7de395f0ed97d2e9545677e591040aad99a4) ([merge
- [Refine copy for Jira
integration](gitlab-org/gitlab@c9e336f4811de2e32ca79f3bf2ada1996a1fb259) ([merge
- [Project quality summary: add test runs empty
state](gitlab-org/gitlab@bbe504d8f0b499f1b21e22ed60e112078141465f) ([merge
- [Backfill `member_namespace_id` for
([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!78715))
- [Merge branch 'user-validation-failed-message' into
'master'](gitlab-org/gitlab@6d582ea07e7b560945f4d89b56802f62920d5657) ([merge
- [Improve user validation failed
message](gitlab-org/gitlab@8a37bdae51be4f7c283bf37e2d984f948e020c3c) ([merge
- [Remove releases with NULL tags and add not-NULL
constraint](gitlab-org/gitlab@9896cafbbcbb9ca8dc8febe96d1ad14d636d1279) ([merge
- [Replace success with confim
variant](gitlab-org/gitlab@3f0c7a8e2a5f7c1580cbbcb34e7deb274572fdab) ([merge
- [Suggest backend reviewer for erb and haml
files](gitlab-org/gitlab@0ef97f29b696626cdd380e56f67a52d35878c9e3) ([merge
- [Add Gitlab.revision to Gitlab::JsonCache cache_key by
default](gitlab-org/gitlab@5cd29114c5846471e053577198cb9ad5942a3e1a) ([merge
- [Replace window.confirm with GlModa in environment
actions](gitlab-org/gitlab@94ec1ed345e5db641956a33b2cc97bb618f38203) ([merge
- [Use instrumentation classes for Service Ping
generation](gitlab-org/gitlab@22174f888e7cc8853bf698d413a9585b81d151ad) ([merge
- [Remove null constraint from security_scan_succeeded
column](gitlab-org/gitlab@cc442d0ddbb132fe2b7ac52105ac7e54379b9bd0) by @svdj
([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!81322))
- [Improve the labels on Kubernetes Agent
UI](gitlab-org/gitlab@7a78b512e7f825dd31cef0e429669c93e7fb4584) ([merge
- [Expose created_at when serializing Deployment
Approvals](gitlab-org/gitlab@428038a04d30bf048b10de1a2acae4e913a1069a) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!81487)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Split rebase action buttons into two separate
buttons](gitlab-org/gitlab@696f7462255c2604f97a46ab6472b895aadd4465) by
@KevSlashNull ([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!81335))
- [Reword 'build' to 'pipeline' in
todos](gitlab-org/gitlab@fee372c20e83539ae5e9b41ce03181eb87a9fc9f) by
@KevSlashNull ([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!75901))
- [Update pipeline
labels](gitlab-org/gitlab@ad48c74a8b0542b0db3f74aeff1eb32c9e48df89) ([merge
- [Re-position the erase log
button](gitlab-org/gitlab@54003d98518906d74c9b0f3484f695a631a78f19) ([merge
- [Adjust incident list column widths and truncation
](gitlab-org/gitlab@b1b639c986813bfe9ee8e819156671c1a1ab6fdf) ([merge
- [Replace the gitlab import haml modal with a
GlModal](gitlab-org/gitlab@42bcf23bdcc38cfbc14ae1296aff949721df6689) ([merge
- [Adds a notification for a future dated
license](gitlab-org/gitlab@7fa25e26d01c92b7af3c731e4d494dc80ee4d2ab) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!77304)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Use strong params for ProjectsController by
default](gitlab-org/gitlab@8dc1b646fe9da7a95f74cfb2d9d51b72bdbed619) ([merge
- [Update iteration
lists](gitlab-org/gitlab@d72a96bf2bb35dd8a80bc674f1770500bcc84c20) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!78039)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Improve accessibility on empty project
page](gitlab-org/gitlab@747130b16d92231a506c86b1b7d46eac7f5dafa1) ([merge
- [Use GlAvatar in operations
dashboard](gitlab-org/gitlab@22b275427d636ae0b5ff3333ec5a660e62e02454) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!81233)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Update trial status reminder
design](gitlab-org/gitlab@2ef8e7b8049bf059241280b3906814a56120acd8) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!80611)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Hide issue header dropdown button if there are no
actions](gitlab-org/gitlab@e09446bbd1179cf7b9ad6d316d065e23a4bc2c77) by
@KevSlashNull ([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!76055))
- [Use groups API for Approvals form by
default](gitlab-org/gitlab@1722e7adc88ff3abe51fcf287f91dc293aa2dcd3) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!80933)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Remove the VSA duration chart stage
dropdown](gitlab-org/gitlab@a5a58e7e7aeb329ed261897c999817cc77b47816) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!80365)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Introduce new jobs
tab](gitlab-org/gitlab@573741bcde8a1e62231c820f8fe992f5ca01363a) ([merge
- [Rate limit epic create
service](gitlab-org/gitlab@de97dfabebb77f1cbcccc28f2217e92a9e8fbe55) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!80909)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Use sentence case for trigger
events](gitlab-org/gitlab@73c8339829e3004dcd7e951ebdf7f8e188a2002f) ([merge
- [Remove GlAlert contained
prop](gitlab-org/gitlab@4d4ae050480e41cc796908879c08bd02f53e8c7b) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!81167)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Switched title to h1 on
issues](gitlab-org/gitlab@62fe29f4c160b8b439503b1acc26fe44a2e17ad4) ([merge
- [Improve Amazon EKS settings
text](gitlab-org/gitlab@111b8f2c031b6bebd348682641112b02698960b3) ([merge
- [Stop using type, and use type_new
instead](gitlab-org/gitlab@3e6da3aaa23204f45b35b3698d07b984b9ed76ce) ([merge
- [Drop show_diff_preview_in_email
column](gitlab-org/gitlab@8395ee778260fa68fd4e6f956b4bcb3e9e064d55) ([merge
- [Add aria-label and tooltip to the emoji
picker](gitlab-org/gitlab@a59272bceca5f866fbb43dd02da1daa01b8c7d42) ([merge
- [Update cleanup policy
parameters](gitlab-org/gitlab@40398dffd2b17b93f8dca1807de08e12b9049f51) ([merge
- [Increase text limit of maintainer_note
field](gitlab-org/gitlab@9e754ee50718ccc95f4e28ec1f8509a20088e27e) ([merge
- [Clear future subscriptions info on license
destroy](gitlab-org/gitlab@80b5526d8fb38198773f41e9afc7d1f6b5714822) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!80330)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Change button variant to confirm in Web IDE
modals](gitlab-org/gitlab@b4603317985e5ec556bbd92f66f1f47f3418e0ee) ([merge
- [Allow only topic names that are case insensitive
unique](gitlab-org/gitlab@c98cb46f3378ebf7405a3e99f434ed8fb0fba271) by @wwwjon
([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!79826))
- [Return project delete
errors](gitlab-org/gitlab@72d3dcf6c382c060ec0ac0cf376ff05eda8d355c) ([merge
- [Replace GlSegmentedControl with
GlDropdown](gitlab-org/gitlab@6d20f713f7a37fddc869b486ca0e543f71470441) ([merge
- [Change the order column of topics to
by @wwwjon ([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!80478))
- [Removed rate_limited_service_issues_create
flag](gitlab-org/gitlab@e2e94cce73d89d27f11403eaa5bdce6f90ed59a4) ([merge
- [Migrate create protected branch form to
GlToggle](gitlab-org/gitlab@66ed251bb9dbe7defbec50f600a82855b084b6b1) ([merge
- [Deprecate test reports relationship with
([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!78120)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Update registry regex to allow 4
levels](gitlab-org/gitlab@410c970974170522ba87fc5b0cd52f00ce72863c) ([merge
- [Validate NOT NULL on security_findings.uuid
column](gitlab-org/gitlab@e0e968681363a80e1e17146aa6f073643d72eafc) ([merge
- [Migrate edit protected branch form to
GlToggle](gitlab-org/gitlab@1648af2459591cb3f86b4a2862feb4b94bc70b3c) ([merge
- [Clean up feature flag publish_project_deleted_event to enable by
default](gitlab-org/gitlab@4d49dff5001aa842e250bb42aa55dfd16154e63b) ([merge
- [Default to delayed deletion for projects not in personal
namespace](gitlab-org/gitlab@b420e180be529965e6e6111aa06be187d46d4cec) ([merge
- [Enable scan_result_policy by
default](gitlab-org/gitlab@d39e2c8a0756d2fc520e668137267aa021bde65e) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!80831)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Append URL issue description to
template](gitlab-org/gitlab@3a6ed05de16d6e5e0d705973785db400750dbd4e) by
@smokris ([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!80554))
- [Remove fork_project_form feature
flag](gitlab-org/gitlab@9e2d32da4ae18da3b441583c0b36e04726e536ae) ([merge
([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!80498))
- [Update documentation for Usage
quota](gitlab-org/gitlab@e039019fc82f899cb950dc7d12d398f17adceb93) ([merge

Deprecated (3 changes)
- [Deprecate VALIDATE_SCHEMA configuration
variable](gitlab-org/gitlab@959c1422f429f8e7411a89eaff9119ffdd3b7159) ([merge
- [Add deprecation notice to
([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!82441)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [feat: Update SECURE_ANALYZER_PREFIX in all Sec Section
templates](gitlab-org/gitlab@382bd94d9ef13b07603f29ce39b54b4699cf8f77) ([merge

Removed (10 changes)

- [Clean up import and other invite members modal rollout
pieces](gitlab-org/gitlab@20f015094137ad2703d5116afbd55e7bf3cbb500) ([merge
- [Untrack external_pull_requests row
deletions](gitlab-org/gitlab@75ac2ecd0935b2969650bbff52c7fbc8eb343364) ([merge
- [Remove support for unsafe regular
expressions](gitlab-org/gitlab@4c75b10e3c9c7a0740d99dae0d4fea20bf48868e) ([merge
- [Drop unused partitioned_foreign_keys
table](gitlab-org/gitlab@42913c5ab28e980c244bbd42bfba4dd34bb4c2b1) ([merge
- [Cleanup Code Quality Walkthrough
experiment](gitlab-org/gitlab@2333b6ecc57cbdd95e69a7c30b254e7ba3ac44c0) ([merge
- [Cleanup Ci Runner Templates
experiment](gitlab-org/gitlab@6634d3a35dfd7bd3d5220de859f50b06e5a99f19) ([merge
- [Remove :cluster_vulnerabilities feature
flag](gitlab-org/gitlab@e7b5b39bbb1ebfe8012de88222c88b1fef4aa00a) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!81462)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Clean up forcibly_show_trial_status_popover
experiment](gitlab-org/gitlab@1b93b0c39b65422c07807b4f849778cbd0834efb) ([merge
- [Remove `security_report_ingestion_framework` feature
flag](gitlab-org/gitlab@db93cc96fe2ef4478531f7f27b212500b0b98df1) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!81021)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Remove cache_shared_runners_enabled
FF](gitlab-org/gitlab@ed2cd31564381453db86800027e5ff823fd53602) ([merge

Security (16 changes)

- [Set nosniff header on assets
requests](gitlab-org/gitlab@72b2cb327beba926ad3a62af525521820d79f7a7) ([merge
- [Default enable
([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!81910))
- [Escape branch names in push
([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!82448))
- [Create Error.rb, update
by @FacVain ([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!79667)) **GitLab Enterprise
- [Add
([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!80219))
- [Warn when snippet contains unretrievable
- [Change runners_token prefix for Group and
- [Add runners_token prefix to Group and
- [Only expose `id` and `name` attributes when serializing deploy
token](gitlab-org/gitlab@b893d583b15e68ed8065148773165d79c5fce7ec) ([merge
- [Prevent DOS when rendering math
- [Limit commands_changes to certain
- [Reset password field on page
- [Check permission when creating members through
- [Check for unsafe characters in email addresses before
- [Anonymous user can enumerate all users through GraphQL
- [Exif metadata not stripped when uploading image attachments via
Emails](gitlab-org/gitlab@5dd9cc8fe85e0435db0891e22b22dc58ebb824d7) ([merge

Performance (10 changes)

- [Improve performance of group releases
endpoints](gitlab-org/gitlab@c259d6af344b1016cb332f1683d24fcba4353125) ([merge
- [Load highlight.js languages
([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!82638))
- [Add index on releases table to resolve cicd settings page
timeout](gitlab-org/gitlab@74e0a1394f144ed0e4cf2c2000574ee8a0f3cfc9) ([merge
- [Fix slow query for "All" tabs in "Your projects" activity
page](gitlab-org/gitlab@c12eb806b05da2abfd282e3c9fd5bf7058b4e7cf) ([merge
- [Drop old index for security ci builds on name and id
parser](gitlab-org/gitlab@7e03d6ad1bbbcc861f8e5e4a6ec815db7c1c5c3f) ([merge
- [Create new index for security ci builds with new
features](gitlab-org/gitlab@fdd7c1db3d5b1086a72e29b0f5bd1b202d121637) ([merge
- [Recreate index for security builds to include fuzzing
jobs](gitlab-org/gitlab@c49556695136d525f05bc4eef0c9af1146d9d958) ([merge
- [Schedule async weekend build of index for job
traces](gitlab-org/gitlab@1487cf22f9cc62cd872b4f34584fe5feba6daca3) ([merge
- [Decrease the default fast statement
timeout](gitlab-org/gitlab@f4590fd25760f9a2faa3f83b8d8364b85404a1a3) ([merge
- [GlTableLite in favor of GlTable for runners
list](gitlab-org/gitlab@eff40efc7d434ae03a57b348a8cd8b4d78591750) ([merge

Other (82 changes)

- [Adjust NullifyOrphanRunnerIdOnCiBuilds batch
parameters](gitlab-org/gitlab@4c0efcd32868b6bdb156f3d692a3ed9bf2388a72) ([merge
- [Remove duplicate releases from
projects](gitlab-org/gitlab@81a5a6f417922316a4a9d45fe8f6d22b34be3ae3) ([merge
- [Pass formats explicitly when rendering .html
format](gitlab-org/gitlab@0481fdffaa0f0b591f4c4513976ab9b5350e7e92) by @edith007
([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!75784))
- [Complete environments `GET` API
docs](gitlab-org/gitlab@dd75643207db136116dce6d969710e4f6adf95cc) by @tuxtimo
([merge request](
- [Add statistics seats
card](gitlab-org/gitlab@b7e33581018e9ffa955a250a77a9d43394c1b069) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!80260)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Remove `maxlength` limit from the project description
textarea](gitlab-org/gitlab@8089d69fd4dcab624b39e5c05b35de37c0834f62) ([merge
- [Add support for relating
epics](gitlab-org/gitlab@0a36bbc54b9db652e4f9a3d2b6d770936371f6b8) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!82128)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Revert changes about moving methods to base
class](gitlab-org/gitlab@88ad6814dfd0c17c1ea78609de30fd6897957e9a) ([merge
request]( **GitLab
Enterprise Edition**
- [Add list related epic links API
([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!82628))
- [Remove restrict_special_characters_in_project_path feature
flag](gitlab-org/gitlab@9aa12e3b7d5e485fd94fcec3b06cbb4906b52480) ([merge
- [Update import manifest
alert](gitlab-org/gitlab@a15c7181b47acdc661a29e34690d9908ba2ae440) ([merge
- [Update gcp signup offer to alert
partial](gitlab-org/gitlab@f05cb91d5142b1d699e8e0f9bb5876fb8e61100e) ([merge
- [Update runner edit alert to use
partial](gitlab-org/gitlab@b661d85b502b634f331d9175b2b5d40737abe90d) ([merge
- [Fix GraphQL/FieldMethod offense (Part
1/2)](gitlab-org/gitlab@ff8b0e5be942f5b8d1de67e19ac28d2180d10c3e) by
@KevSlashNull ([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!76020))
- [Remove dependency list usage data from
Redis](gitlab-org/gitlab@91b4a64615b667331cc1ee8407e623c2e520103e) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!82604)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Remove corpus management feature
flags](gitlab-org/gitlab@b504880a7f839d48025938fe632269a1be926cc8) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!82463)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Fix artifacts with wrong expire_at
date](gitlab-org/gitlab@bbc5329a58bd25c629ac9f318b92e3b37c16db08) ([merge
- [Update data in batches while deleting a
user](gitlab-org/gitlab@049a428c8e008f822d79011cbd978456a40a9751) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!81429)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Document performance implication of the feature
flags](gitlab-org/gitlab@bfce1da9a755c3a62844cc62022a27d65be23464) ([merge
- [Remove real-time feature
flags](gitlab-org/gitlab@ea7853ac062b234a13444b0a92da773ce1b2f0b4) ([merge
- [Move reactive cache methods to base
class](gitlab-org/gitlab@0e91a796b8ca11be25284a12cfceb8f19ade63e9) ([merge
request]( **GitLab
Enterprise Edition**
- [This enables the pipeline_schedules_with_tags feature
flag](gitlab-org/gitlab@ed19925c1b86a58044047fe721e7aedd5ec95171) ([merge
- [Remove the invite members modal feature
flag](gitlab-org/gitlab@f953bfffaa7c46aa0cb0d3d7ed1b63df0f2e7be3) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!81940)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Remove feature flag
([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!82372)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Update Web IDE
copy](gitlab-org/gitlab@0b8d1bae9702cc0be39ccb4715f31c5c0585a050) ([merge
- [Add dispensable_render
methods](gitlab-org/gitlab@1780145c511648bd7811e0f617a14d98f1e37be9) ([merge
- [Remove ci_pipeline_merge_request_presence_check feature
flag](gitlab-org/gitlab@3b06ee0014336480b7c180a1821b2b964db9250b) ([merge
- [Remove default_merge_ref_for_diffs feature
fflag](gitlab-org/gitlab@2608f81c4d52d751c4390b33fd7042292d622765) ([merge
- [Remove rearrange_pipeline_table feature
flag](gitlab-org/gitlab@6ace75f59f3c42abdfdf8a9078e02308a097a914) ([merge
- [Add
([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!81610)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Ignore requirements_management_test_reports.requirement_id
column](gitlab-org/gitlab@778ffb36ec8eaa10ec9791aadc7806b707dcdb5d) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!82134)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Add nullify job for orphan runner_id columns of
ci_builds](gitlab-org/gitlab@b44fac47468e79efb2ec92a4dd0326ef9a489d11) ([merge
- [Rerun ConvertStringifiedRawMetadataHashToJson
inline](gitlab-org/gitlab@1e4c6529f3d862b830e5ce524ba27ffee80e4617) ([merge
- [Update GlAlert in security dashboard
table](gitlab-org/gitlab@f9211802661ed7de62113dfb7cc3983dee402975) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!82014)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Fix GraphQL/OrderedFields
offenses](gitlab-org/gitlab@321b3ca23e7efb069ecd6346da6e0684b1f68de7) by
@edith007 ([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!81469))
- [Remove context_commits feature
flag](gitlab-org/gitlab@960ccee0fc4962bb2c0cfb88fd94313366b5b710) ([merge
- [Remove deprecated package application
setting](gitlab-org/gitlab@e3e1cdd682037dd65b34e7ef84b42332510a2adc) ([merge
- [Remove feature flag for bulk inserting job
tags](gitlab-org/gitlab@f78b53e0fb59848b54b89cce8025963a1d5cca87) ([merge
- [Cleanup back-filling CI queuing tables
migration](gitlab-org/gitlab@af8fa00f4ceb2fb2e02658a2715c059136a5a3f7) ([merge
- [Fix GraphQL/OrderedFields
offenses](gitlab-org/gitlab@868a9d2575c2883f32e2ae5cf419ace538cc7bec) by
@edith007 ([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!81474))
- [Fix GraphQL/OrderedFields
offenses](gitlab-org/gitlab@0ec8ab44613d558ead33856d283d2d902ccf0eb0) by
@edith007 ([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!81466))
- [Fix GraphQL/OrderedFields
offenses](gitlab-org/gitlab@def8caf919ad9712b43d2047e74934f821624db2) by
@edith007 ([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!81478))
- [Remove snippets_binary_blob
FF](gitlab-org/gitlab@ca06b30a7eaa1629a87535084d3a8759c55e9c91) ([merge
- [Remove usage_data_i_snippets_show
FF](gitlab-org/gitlab@32ae392e789989f35f30b8288b51ca5d6b5ade61) ([merge
- [Implement Gitlab mirror scheduling
tracker](gitlab-org/gitlab@b1194aa8a9af09e9eb6e6f0bc84d3654754232e8) ([merge
- [Add certificate_based_clusters FF to Service
Ping](gitlab-org/gitlab@33601c638476cbb671f46dde724939dda85c20e6) ([merge
- [danger: Use changelog rule from
([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!81290))
- [Resolve Rails/LinkToBlank rubocop
offenses](gitlab-org/gitlab@04fd3292dfdd8764e8503639ddb09572b5a321ec) by
@edith007 ([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!81397)) **GitLab Enterprise
- [Resolve Rails/IndexBy rubocop
offenses](gitlab-org/gitlab@6ad4f10a77aa5b3c422f6dc38278125b37f08641) by
@edith007 ([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!81391)) **GitLab Enterprise
- [Fix Rails/SaveBang
offenses](gitlab-org/gitlab@36fc826acad51070955162828969bcd39a058f60) by
@edith007 ([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!81246)) **GitLab Enterprise
- [Remove feature flag
([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!81252)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Move shared code for related epic
links](gitlab-org/gitlab@1881821dbcccac5eecd9ea7f3c57d5dedfb03fca) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!81320)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Remove the `container_expiration_policies_historic_entry` feature
flag](gitlab-org/gitlab@2a1259f2137db65b3e068cccafa9c8c182fe1dcc) ([merge
- [Fix GraphQL/OrderedFields
offenses](gitlab-org/gitlab@1c211096525e7bde3f65e2cace007e2ec47d00ca) by
@edith007 ([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!81481))
- [Fix GraphQL/OrderedFields
offenses](gitlab-org/gitlab@a39986e8dda55b1ee8c7c797245b60eb07a02974) by
@edith007 ([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!81471))
- [Fix GraphQL/OrderedFields
offenses](gitlab-org/gitlab@5f9d3afd383f43e9870b3943371e41c0c65e540c) by
@edith007 ([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!81467))
- [Fix GraphQL/OrderedFields
offenses](gitlab-org/gitlab@aea3aec7de86702e490a7e3a2acbdc7c35bbbfe7) by
@edith007 ([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!81414)) **GitLab Enterprise
- [Fix GraphQL/OrderedFields
offenses](gitlab-org/gitlab@a7b989d814f7851aec719ace35665dbd9c63c06a) by
@edith007 ([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!81428))
- [Fix GraphQL/OrderedFields
offenses](gitlab-org/gitlab@85c0032cbb3f94370d4498814f177d7224838bef) by
@edith007 ([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!81425)) **GitLab Enterprise
- [Support load timings for non-Chromium
browsers](gitlab-org/gitlab@fdbde7c998b42d8622c0dfe7ce3c5f1da2c09600) by
@davebarr ([merge
- [Resolve Rails/ShortI18n rubocop
offenses](gitlab-org/gitlab@481b3bc0b13ca8e7d50cc142de4186aa572dff2c) by
@edith007 ([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!81399))
- [Migrate projects create from template page to
GlTabs](gitlab-org/gitlab@a607d8131003415c479e74ec2ded124ea2d252b8) ([merge
- [Memoize group secret variables on the variables
builder](gitlab-org/gitlab@669cedbbd7e4d0f6e55ca4dc5ed30767db35b065) ([merge
- [Resolve Performance/Sum rubocop
offenses](gitlab-org/gitlab@c223a6021f565fea96b3fbae4ee7c59b2b1738b5) by
@edith007 ([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!81350)) **GitLab Enterprise
- [Resolve Performance/DeleteSuffix rubocop
offenses](gitlab-org/gitlab@fd5987e7ff762dacc6a78f8b025635bd9058ae4c) by
@edith007 ([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!81344))
- [Remove feature flag for Group Projects API Plan
Preloading](gitlab-org/gitlab@79469788adb49b64cc6bcb09c1f3ac8aac7b3e67) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!81324)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Show an IPv6 sample in placeholder
text](gitlab-org/gitlab@3f626453daca70c0df3a2b28708545c93302f61e) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!80792)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Fix GraphQL/OrderedArguments offense (Part
6/6)](gitlab-org/gitlab@8d7a0608a4be68f3f650c9ea986427d869f4cb40) by
@KevSlashNull ([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!76028))
- [Add advanced_search metrics to the
dictionary](gitlab-org/gitlab@66057046f073a33b9f9c618e6fc5dee7dbb4af53) ([merge
request](gitlab-org/gitlab!81003)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Rename usage column in storage
([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!81144)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition**
- [Set worker resource boundary for
by @edith007 ([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!81229)) **GitLab Enterprise
- [Clean up roadmap_settings feature
flag](gitlab-org/gitlab@fb7bd832a5c9bdbd6318c744a1d6618b209e6481) ([merge
- [Fix GraphQL/FieldDefinitions offense (Part
4/4)](gitlab-org/gitlab@f06a2c460efb3cebf087be61c8393b8e49c05137) by
@KevSlashNull ([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!76017))
- [Fix GraphQL/OrderedArguments offense (Part
5/6)](gitlab-org/gitlab@210baf44a6eb8c254261119b30022d3f30f5734c) by
@KevSlashNull ([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!76027))
- [Simplify container repository delete tags
services](gitlab-org/gitlab@67e8cf3f8308b14615d1f30d8afdca973f4f8b9b) by
@edith007 ([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!81187))
- [Make labels sort dropdown pajamas
compliant](gitlab-org/gitlab@47dee9f25e1e7cb23fb0fb4863465a8fc35ac81c) ([merge
- [Fix Style/OpenStructUse offenses in auth provider
specs](gitlab-org/gitlab@cad9f4cccf016bbabcbbef18d042ee4a0bb079f8) by @edith007
([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!75277))
- [Remove the generic_packages feature
flag](gitlab-org/gitlab@a6b06521df3d9beffdfbdb02146990c4c813da0e) ([merge
- [Remove delegate as it's redundant due to
SimpleDelegator](gitlab-org/gitlab@46d5c76e0b953bc004cb6a4656a8e0f8dd8842ee) by
@edith007 ([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!75883))
- [Remove unneeded override in
by @edith007 ([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!75854))
- [Clean up issue_boards_filtered_search feature
flag](gitlab-org/gitlab@a97ed09ffb0d88007b21a314ab48b2e50d7c4bfa) ([merge
- [Add table for storing issue
tsvector](gitlab-org/gitlab@ceabf5a8ad0d67768b05a58a84b242495645a57c) ([merge
commit hash: c617954a6bbee45b93954a1374a57b55e4a5e0b5 commit hash: c617954a6bbee45b93954a1374a57b55e4a5e0b5 commit hash: c617954a6bbee45b93954a1374a57b55e4a5e0b5 commit hash: c617954a6bbee45b93954a1374a57b55e4a5e0b5 c617954
Wednesday, 9 Mar 2022
10:07 Matthias Fechner (mfechner) search for other commits by this committer
www/gitlab-ce: Update to 14.8.0


GitLab chart improvements (self-managed only): Cloud Native Installation

Omnibus improvements (self-managed only): Omnibus Package

Invite members and groups by using a modal: Authentication and Authorization


Delete groups at the parent group level: Subgroups

Support for ecdsa-sk and ed25519-sk SSH keys: Authentication and Authorization


Add default issue and merge request templates in a project's repository: Team


Improved cleanup of gitconfig file: Gitaly


View read-only runner details in the Admin Area (self-managed only): GitLab

Use the CI Lint API with other branches or tags: Pipeline Authoring

Improve pipeline index page layout: Continuous Integration (CI)

GitLab Runner 14.8: GitLab Runner

Auto-completion of keywords in the Pipeline Editor: Pipeline Authoring


Static Analysis analyzer updates: SAST, Secret Detection

SAST severities now available for .NET: SAST


Set custom rate limiting for GitLab Pages: Pages

Latest Release badge for the project: Release Orchestration


The agent server for Kubernetes is enabled by default (self-managed only):
Infrastructure as Code
commit hash: d45ce823b33f09815dd6549a1b974e31e6c1d77c commit hash: d45ce823b33f09815dd6549a1b974e31e6c1d77c commit hash: d45ce823b33f09815dd6549a1b974e31e6c1d77c commit hash: d45ce823b33f09815dd6549a1b974e31e6c1d77c d45ce82
Wednesday, 26 Jan 2022
10:43 Matthias Fechner (mfechner) search for other commits by this committer
www/gitlab-ce: major update to 14.7.0

commit hash: 7f5c1fd58ab53af05129c4dbeb96a6a6e6fffe38 commit hash: 7f5c1fd58ab53af05129c4dbeb96a6a6e6fffe38 commit hash: 7f5c1fd58ab53af05129c4dbeb96a6a6e6fffe38 commit hash: 7f5c1fd58ab53af05129c4dbeb96a6a6e6fffe38 7f5c1fd
Wednesday, 22 Dec 2021
17:04 Matthias Fechner (mfechner) search for other commits by this committer
www/gitlab-ce: update to 14.6.0

commit hash: a59c3bf8a31f17d91f05b0ef628ba3e0f78e912f commit hash: a59c3bf8a31f17d91f05b0ef628ba3e0f78e912f commit hash: a59c3bf8a31f17d91f05b0ef628ba3e0f78e912f commit hash: a59c3bf8a31f17d91f05b0ef628ba3e0f78e912f a59c3bf
Saturday, 4 Dec 2021
12:07 Matthias Fechner (mfechner) search for other commits by this committer
www/gitlab-ce: update to 14.5.1

commit hash: 59c3b95df7f36c76360bcbf889e040df9260702f commit hash: 59c3b95df7f36c76360bcbf889e040df9260702f commit hash: 59c3b95df7f36c76360bcbf889e040df9260702f commit hash: 59c3b95df7f36c76360bcbf889e040df9260702f 59c3b95
Wednesday, 27 Oct 2021
06:20 Matthias Fechner (mfechner) search for other commits by this committer
www/gitlab-ce: Update to 14.4.0


I included the following patch to fix a problem with
sidekiq-cron gem version 1.2.0:
commit hash: 46b95c05501c643fada4e953533f5eb9ff3caba6 commit hash: 46b95c05501c643fada4e953533f5eb9ff3caba6 commit hash: 46b95c05501c643fada4e953533f5eb9ff3caba6 commit hash: 46b95c05501c643fada4e953533f5eb9ff3caba6 46b95c05
Thursday, 23 Sep 2021
19:42 Matthias Fechner (mfechner) search for other commits by this committer
www/gitlab-ce: Update to 14.3.0

commit hash: fa814a6e9e3d770ffec356a07b3ed381a2e385b0 commit hash: fa814a6e9e3d770ffec356a07b3ed381a2e385b0 commit hash: fa814a6e9e3d770ffec356a07b3ed381a2e385b0 commit hash: fa814a6e9e3d770ffec356a07b3ed381a2e385b0 fa814a6
Tuesday, 31 Aug 2021
09:54 Matthias Fechner (mfechner) search for other commits by this committer
www/gitlab-ce: Update to 14.2.1

commit hash: 2f757d6c4401f88ceef7ed05d9583de44159fb62 commit hash: 2f757d6c4401f88ceef7ed05d9583de44159fb62 commit hash: 2f757d6c4401f88ceef7ed05d9583de44159fb62 commit hash: 2f757d6c4401f88ceef7ed05d9583de44159fb62 2f757d6
Saturday, 24 Jul 2021
07:08 Matthias Fechner (mfechner) search for other commits by this committer
www/gitlab-ce: Update to 14.1.0

commit hash: 3729fba860ebf1802b3883e7ca7e32ac9d35a210 commit hash: 3729fba860ebf1802b3883e7ca7e32ac9d35a210 commit hash: 3729fba860ebf1802b3883e7ca7e32ac9d35a210 commit hash: 3729fba860ebf1802b3883e7ca7e32ac9d35a210 3729fba
Saturday, 3 Jul 2021
06:03 Matthias Fechner (mfechner) search for other commits by this committer
www/gitlab-ce: Major upgrade to 14.0.0.

Make sure you upgrade first to 13.12.2, otherwise you will lose your
advanced search index.
Upgrade instructions as usual:

commit hash: ef4b2158071b50bec91852efdca886d5c35bd72c commit hash: ef4b2158071b50bec91852efdca886d5c35bd72c commit hash: ef4b2158071b50bec91852efdca886d5c35bd72c commit hash: ef4b2158071b50bec91852efdca886d5c35bd72c ef4b215
Saturday, 29 May 2021
16:23 Matthias Fechner (mfechner) search for other commits by this committer
www/gitlab-ce: Update to 13.12.1.

commit hash: c23015d41328121309efe741d70bdf0e653d08d1 commit hash: c23015d41328121309efe741d70bdf0e653d08d1 commit hash: c23015d41328121309efe741d70bdf0e653d08d1 commit hash: c23015d41328121309efe741d70bdf0e653d08d1 c23015d
Friday, 23 Apr 2021
19:06 Matthias Fechner (mfechner) search for other commits by this committer
www/gitlab-ce: Major upgrade to 13.11.1.

commit hash: b838d9b5daf4897d9952cb41f277a801c858776d commit hash: b838d9b5daf4897d9952cb41f277a801c858776d commit hash: b838d9b5daf4897d9952cb41f277a801c858776d commit hash: b838d9b5daf4897d9952cb41f277a801c858776d b838d9b
Tuesday, 6 Apr 2021
07:51 Matthias Fechner (mfechner) search for other commits by this committer
Major upgrade to 13.10 which includes security related upgrade to 13.10.1.
commit hash: 9b79896e8f150befb82aa29e57c0713c17199345 commit hash: 9b79896e8f150befb82aa29e57c0713c17199345 commit hash: 9b79896e8f150befb82aa29e57c0713c17199345 commit hash: 9b79896e8f150befb82aa29e57c0713c17199345 9b79896
Wednesday, 3 Mar 2021
09:50 mfechner search for other commits by this committer
Major upgrade to 13.9.1.
Original commitRevision:567055 
Wednesday, 27 Jan 2021
12:52 mfechner search for other commits by this committer
Major upgrade to gitlab-ce 13.8.
Original commitRevision:563070 
Tuesday, 22 Dec 2020
16:51 mfechner search for other commits by this committer
Major update to 13.7.
Original commitRevision:558926 
Saturday, 28 Nov 2020
15:09 mfechner search for other commits by this committer
Major upgrade to 13.6.0.

Please note, this version requires ruby 2.7 so do not change the default version
of ruby.
Original commitRevision:556511 
Friday, 23 Oct 2020
04:57 mfechner search for other commits by this committer
Major upgrade to 13.5.0.
Original commitRevision:553082 
Saturday, 26 Sep 2020
07:36 mfechner search for other commits by this committer
Major upgrade to 13.4.
Original commitRevision:550131 
Friday, 24 Jul 2020
09:18 mfechner search for other commits by this committer
Update to 13.2.
Original commitRevision:543231 
Monday, 22 Jun 2020
18:36 mfechner search for other commits by this committer
Update to 13.1.
Original commitRevision:539901 
Thursday, 4 Jun 2020
20:37 mfechner search for other commits by this committer
Make sure the installation message points to the current manual.
Original commitRevision:537958 
Wednesday, 20 May 2020
06:14 mfechner search for other commits by this committer
Update to 12.10.6.
Original commitRevision:535982 
Monday, 6 Apr 2020
18:14 mfechner search for other commits by this committer
Bugfix update to 12.9.2.
Original commitRevision:530916 
Saturday, 28 Mar 2020
09:10 mfechner search for other commits by this committer
Update to 12.9.1.
Original commitRevision:529323 
Tuesday, 25 Feb 2020
15:54 mfechner search for other commits by this committer
Update to 12.8.1.
Original commitRevision:527094 
Sunday, 2 Feb 2020
08:33 mfechner search for other commits by this committer
Update to 12.7.5.
Original commitRevision:524831 
Friday, 27 Dec 2019
15:41 mfechner search for other commits by this committer
Update to 12.6.0.
Original commitRevision:521005 
Saturday, 23 Nov 2019
08:53 mfechner search for other commits by this committer
Update to 12.5.0.
Original commitRevision:518204 
Thursday, 24 Oct 2019
17:05 mfechner search for other commits by this committer
www/gitlab-ce: upgrade to 12.4.0.
Original commitRevision:515492 
Monday, 30 Sep 2019
22:47 mfechner search for other commits by this committer
www/gitlab-ce: upgrade to 12.3.1.

Original commitRevision:513440 
Friday, 30 Aug 2019
07:50 mfechner search for other commits by this committer
www/gitlab-ce: Upgrade to next major version 12.1

It requires PostgreSQL version 10.7, so make sure you upgrade PostgreSQL first.
I recommand to go to version 11 as described in UPDATING entry 20190829.

MySQL support was now completely removed upstream.

Original commitRevision:510253 
Tuesday, 30 Jul 2019
15:48 mfechner search for other commits by this committer
Security update to 12.0.4.

Security:	1cd89254-b2db-11e9-8001-001b217b3468
Original commitRevision:507650 
Sunday, 7 Jul 2019
10:03 mfechner search for other commits by this committer
Upgrade to www/gitlab-ce version 12.0.3.
This is a major upgrade at required version 11.11.5 to be installed before.

Make sure you follow the UPDATING entry.

Original commitRevision:506124 
Tuesday, 28 May 2019
10:50 mfechner search for other commits by this committer
Gitlab upgrade to 11.11.
Original commitRevision:502884 
Tuesday, 23 Apr 2019
08:59 mfechner search for other commits by this committer
Updated the links to the current manuals.
Original commitRevision:499734 
08:27 mfechner search for other commits by this committer
Upgrade to 11.10.
For full log see:

WARNING, this release switches the path were the repositories are
stored back to the default git home dir. Make sure you read the
UPDATING 20190423 entry and follow the update maual very carefully!
Original commitRevision:499731 
Saturday, 23 Mar 2019
17:47 mfechner search for other commits by this committer
Upgrade to 11.9.0.
Original commitRevision:496676 
Tuesday, 5 Mar 2019
12:04 mfechner search for other commits by this committer
Security update to 11.8.1.
For more details please see here:

This release will not be MFHed to 2019Q1 due to breaking other ports and
therefor to many commits have to be MFHed.

Security:	11292460-3f2f-11e9-adcb-001b217b3468
Original commitRevision:494692 
Thursday, 31 Jan 2019
14:28 mfechner search for other commits by this committer
Upgrade to 11.7.0.
For detailed changelog see:
Original commitRevision:491734 
Sunday, 23 Dec 2018
12:49 mfechner search for other commits by this committer
Upgrade to 11.6.0.

Approved by:	mentors (implicit)
Original commitRevision:488215 
Friday, 23 Nov 2018
15:04 mfechner search for other commits by this committer
Upgrade to version 11.5.
For details see here please:

Approved by:	mentors (implicit)
Original commitRevision:485672 
Tuesday, 30 Oct 2018
16:20 mfechner search for other commits by this committer
Upgrade to 11.4.3.
For detailed changelog please see here:

Approved by:	mentors (implicit)
Original commitRevision:483501 
Sunday, 23 Sep 2018
18:25 mfechner search for other commits by this committer
Update www/gitlab-ce to version 11.3.0.

Approved by:	mentors (implicit)
Original commitRevision:480522 
Thursday, 6 Sep 2018
19:09 mfechner search for other commits by this committer
Update www/gitlab-ce to 11.2.3.
For a detailed changelog please see here:

Approved by:	mentors (implicit)
Original commitRevision:479140 
Thursday, 26 Jul 2018
13:56 mfechner search for other commits by this committer
- Update to 11.1.1, for more details please check:
- Fixed a typo in config/gitlab.yml.example that was introduced by the prefix

Approved by:	mentors (implicit)
Original commitRevision:475377 
Wednesday, 4 Jul 2018
17:38 mfechner search for other commits by this committer
Updated gitlab to 11.0.2.
For detailed list of changes please see here:
Please make sure before you upgrade you read the entry in UPDATING.

Reviewed by:	swills (mentor)
Approved by:	swills (mentor)
Differential Revision:
Original commitRevision:473910 

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