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non port: x11-servers/XFree86-4-Server/files/patch-mga_driver.c

Number of commits found: 6

Friday, 7 Mar 2008
21:47 flz search for other commits by this committer
Remove support for XFree8-4.

From now on, X_WINDOW_SYSTEM != "xorg" is not supported anymore.

PR:             ports/119418
Submitted by:   flz
Approved by:    portmgr (pav)
Original commit
Monday, 20 Jun 2005
18:30 lesi search for other commits by this committer
- Install X server setuid root by default, and provide a switch
  NO_SUID_XSERVER to disable this. The end result is same as it was before
  with x11/wrapper installed as the code from there is included in X
  server. It is also the same as xorg-server port does (from which this
  changes were taken). This should conclude removal of dependency on
  x11/wrapper from meta port for above reasons. [1]

- (patch-bsdResource.c) Correct the ranges of the bus resource windows on
  sparc64. This makes PCI video cards work that hang off directly from
  the Host-to-PCI bridge in machines like the Blade 100. [2]

- (patch-HALlib_bindings.c patch-mga_driver.c) Revert the MGA HALlib
  MGASetDisplayStart interface back to HALSetDisplayStart (taken from
  upstream CVS) [3]

Noticed by:     (bugsgrief at [1]
Submitted by:   marius [2]
Reported and tested by: Steven Friedrich (FreeBSD at [3]
Original commit
Tuesday, 10 Aug 2004
01:29 marcus search for other commits by this committer
Update XFree86 clients to 4.4 release.  Release notes are available at

PR:             ports/67733 imake
                ports/67508 libraries
                ports/67510 clients
                ports/67513 server
                ports/67776 100dpi fonts
                ports/67777 75dpi fonts
                ports/67778 cyrillic fonts
                ports/67779 default bitmap fonts
                ports/67781 font encodings
                ports/67783 scalable fonts
                ports/67784 font server
                ports/67785 XFree86 meta-port
                ports/67775 documents
                ports/67786 manpages
                ports/67787 nest server
                ports/67788 print server
                ports/67789 virtual framebuffer server
                ports/56487 (Upgrading Xfree86-clients from ports overwrites xdm
config files)
                ports/44252 (XFree86-4-Server port removes/overwrites config
Submitted by:   Dejan Lesjak (dejan DOT lesjak AT ijs DOT si)
Additional changes by:  anholt
                        Jung-uk Kim (jkim AT niksun DOT com)
Tested by:      pointyhat
Original commit
Saturday, 15 Mar 2003
04:28 anholt search for other commits by this committer
[1] Add a fix for a hang with Radeon cards in specific apps.
[2] Fix unresolved symbols messages in mga and r128 drivers.

Approved by:    portmgr (kris)
Obtained from:  [1] DRI CVS
                [2] Leif Delgass
Original commit
Tuesday, 11 Mar 2003
23:38 anholt search for other commits by this committer
Update XFree86 ports, including linux_dri, to 4.3.0.  Set IGNORE= in dri-devel
for being outdated.  Thank you to all the testers and people who submitted
patches for this update.

Approved by:    portmgr
Original commit
Thursday, 19 Sep 2002
07:55 anholt search for other commits by this committer
Fix Matrox G550 cursor in the non-WITH_MATROX_GXX_DRIVER case.

PR:             37542
Submitted by:   Peter Johnson <>
Original commit

Number of commits found: 6