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non port: x11/kdelibs-kde4/Makefile

Number of commits found: 14

Tue, 25 Dec 2018
[ 20:25 tcberner ] Original commit   Revision:488341
488341 CHANGES
488341 Mk/Uses/
488341 accessibility/jovie-kde4/Makefile
488341 accessibility/kaccessible-kde4/Makefile
488341 accessibility/kmag-kde4/Makefile
488341 accessibility/kmag/Makefile
488341 accessibility/kmousetool-kde4/Makefile
488341 accessibility/kmousetool/Makefile
488341 accessibility/kmouth-kde4/Makefile
488341 accessibility/kmouth/Makefile

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Change cmake default behaviour to outsource.

Ports that build out of source now simply can use "USES=cmake"
instead of "USES=cmake:outsource". Ports that fail to build
out of source now need to specify "USES=cmake:insource".

I tried to only set insource where explictely needed.

PR:		232038
Exp-run by:	antoine
Wed, 19 Dec 2018
[ 13:50 adridg ] Original commit   Revision:487798
487798 x11/kdelibs-kde4/Makefile
Mark KDE4 broken on 12- and CURRENT. It is not compatible with
base SSL (e.g. OpenSSL 1.1) and kde@ is not going to put considerable
effort into patching it when it is scheduled for removal already.
Sun, 9 Dec 2018
[ 14:09 adridg ] Original commit   Revision:487048
487048 x11/kdelibs-kde4/Makefile
Mark kdelibs4 as broken with OpenSSL 1.1.1. This shows up now that
qt4-network is fixed against the newer OpenSSL. We're not going to
spend time fixing this, with deprecation later this month.
Sat, 22 Sep 2018
[ 10:15 mandree ] Original commit   Revision:480374
480374 MOVED
480374 devel/kio-extras/Makefile
480374 devel/synfig/Makefile
480374 editors/calligra/Makefile
480374 games/pink-pony/Makefile
480374 graphics/ImageMagick/Makefile
480374 graphics/ImageMagick7/Makefile
480374 graphics/Makefile
480374 graphics/OpenEXR

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Update ilmbase and openexr to 2.3.0, rename OpenEXR to openexr.

Release notes: <>

Adjust LIB_DEPENDS of all ports that require ilmbase or openexr to chase
the new lower-case spelling of the name, and to omit the version from the
library name to ease future maintenance.

Bump PORTREVISION of all ports that depend on ilmbase or openexr directly,
so that they all get rebuilt on upgrades.

Add patches to graphics/ampasCTL to keep it alive, with (a) ilmbase now
that its Iex::BaseExc class is no longer derived from std::string,
details were given upstream through
and (b) to unwind semicolon/;-lists in cmake that stem from openexr/
ilmbase pkg-config variables.
(Note ampasCTL is unmaintained as FreeBSD port, and upstream,
and I cannot run-time test it.)

Poudriere build tests on 11.2-RELEASE-p1 amd64 of ALL ports depending
directly or indirectly on ilmbase and/or openexr have passed without
regressions.  Thus invoking due diligence, I believe I have done the
equivalent of an -exp run, and do not require approval for the dependency
chases to third-party ports.
Thu, 30 Aug 2018
[ 18:40 adridg ] Original commit   Revision:478483
478483 www/choqok-kde4/Makefile
478483 www/kdewebdev-kde4/Makefile
478483 x11-clocks/amor-kde4/Makefile
478483 x11-clocks/kdetoys-kde4/Makefile
478483 x11-clocks/kteatime-kde4/Makefile
478483 x11-clocks/ktimer-kde4/Makefile
478483 x11-clocks/ktux-kde4/Makefile
478483 x11-fm/krusader2-kde4/Makefile
478483 x11-themes/kde-base-artwork-kde4/Makefile
478483 x11-themes/kde-wallpapers-kde4/Makefile

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Deprecate KDE4 software, categories www-x11-themes

This is the last bit.

The last upstream release supporting KDE4 was 10 months ago, ,
and the kde@ team for FreeBSD has supported modern KDE (i.e.  KDE
Frameworks, Plasma 5 and KDE Applications) for 4 months. Give a 4
month deprecation period to allow users to switch over.
Thu, 23 Aug 2018
[ 21:29 adridg ] Original commit   Revision:477926
477926 x11/kdelibs-kde4/Makefile
477926 x11/kdelibs-kde4/files/patch-kdecore_localization_klocale__kde.cpp
Massage strange comparison for clang7

kdecore/localization/klocale_kde.cpp:2441:59: error: ordered comparison between
pointer and zero ('const void *' and 'int')
    if ((timeFormat().contains(QString::fromLatin1("%I")) > 0) ||
         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ^ ~

contains() returns bool or QBool, so this was weird to begin with.

PR:		230462
Reported by:	jbeich
Thu, 28 Jun 2018
[ 17:39 tcberner ] Original commit   Revision:473503
473503 CHANGES
473503 Mk/Scripts/
473503 Mk/Uses/
473503 Mk/Uses/
473503 Mk/Uses/
473503 Mk/
473503 Mk/
473503 Mk/
473503 accessibility/jovie-kde4/Makefile
473503 accessibility/kaccessible-kde4/Makefile

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Replace by Uses/ and Uses/

From now on, ports that depend on Qt4 will have to set
	USES=		qt:4
	USE_QT=		foo bar
ports depending on Qt5 will use
	USES=		qt:5
	USE_QT=		foo bar

PR:		229225
Exp-run by:	antoine
Reviewed by:	mat
Approved by:	portmgr (antoine)
Differential Revision:	-
Thu, 21 Jun 2018
[ 16:52 tcberner ] Original commit   Revision:472983
472983 MOVED
472983 Mk/
472983 accessibility/kmousetool/Makefile
472983 astro/libkgeomap-kde4/Makefile
472983 astro/marble-kde4/Makefile
472983 astro/marble/Makefile
472983 astro/stellarium-qt4/Makefile
472983 audio/amarok-kde4/Makefile
472983 audio/audiocd-kio/Makefile
472983 audio/juk/Makefile

(Only the first 10 of 105 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
multimedia/*phonon*: update and flavorize with @qt4/@qt5

Approved by:	portmgr (mat)
Differential Revision:
Mon, 28 May 2018
[ 19:34 adridg ] Original commit   Revision:471064
471064 x11/kdelibs-kde4/Makefile
Since devel/qca was flavorized, kdelibs-kde4 was still depending on
the unflavored, and now Qt5-by-default-version. Make the required
flavor explicit.

PR:		227531
Reported by:
Sat, 14 Apr 2018
[ 13:30 tcberner ] Original commit   Revision:467318
467318 MOVED
467318 devel/kf5-kauth/Makefile
467318 sysutils/Makefile
467318 sysutils/kcm-polkit-kde/Makefile
467318 sysutils/polkit-kde/Makefile
467318 sysutils/polkit-qt/Makefile
467318 sysutils/polkit-qt5
467318 x11/kdelibs-kde4/Makefile
sysutils/polkit-qt, sysutils/polkit-qt5: convert to flavor

Approved by:	portmgr (mat)
Differential Revision:
Mon, 9 Apr 2018
[ 08:57 adridg ] Original commit   Revision:466840
466840 x11/kdelibs-kde4/Makefile
466840 x11/kdelibs-kde4/files/patch-solid_solid_backends_hal_halstorageaccess.cpp
'large' is no longer a valid msdosfs mount option in head after r319735.

Removes the -o large passed to mount, when kdelibs-kde4 is built on
a recent-ish 12-CURRENT system. At the same time, fix a logic error
regarding the handling of the -L flag reported by HAL.

PR:		223125
Submitted by:	rakuco
Reported by:	avg
Approved by:	tcberner (mentor, implicit)
Mon, 12 Mar 2018
[ 18:52 tcberner ] Original commit   Revision:464272
464272 MOVED
464272 devel/Makefile
464272 devel/kf5-knotifications/Makefile
464272 devel/libdbusmenu-qt/Makefile
464272 devel/libdbusmenu-qt5
464272 irc/quassel/Makefile
464272 x11/kde-workspace-kde4/Makefile
464272 x11/kdelibs-kde4/Makefile
Create flavors for devel/libdbusmenu-qt[45]

Approved by:	portmgr (mat)
Differential Revision:
Sun, 18 Feb 2018
[ 17:40 rakuco ] Original commit   Revision:462255
462255 Mk/Uses/
462255 x11/kdelibs-kde4/Makefile
462255 x11/kdelibs-kde4/distinfo
462255 x11/kdelibs-kde4/files/patch-git_264e976_CVE-2017-8422
462255 x11/kdelibs-kde4/files/patch-git_57eaf65
Update kdelibs to 4.14.38.

According to upstream, which has stopped making new releases of Qt4-based
software, this is the last kdelibs release ever.

Thanks to antoine for the exp-run.

PR:		225991
Differential Revision:
Sat, 10 Feb 2018
[ 10:29 tcberner ] Original commit   Revision:461375
461375 MOVED
461375 Mk/Uses/
461375 accessibility/Makefile
461375 accessibility/jovie/Makefile
461375 accessibility/kaccessible/Makefile
461375 accessibility/kdeaccessibility-kde4
461375 accessibility/kdeaccessibility-kde4/Makefile
461375 accessibility/kmag/Makefile
461375 accessibility/kmousetool/Makefile
461375 accessibility/kmouth/Makefile

(Only the first 10 of 444 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Rename KDE4 meta ports

This is done for
 * consistency,
 * and to simplify the import of the newer KDE Plasma5 desktop and KDE

Bumps the dependencies.

Reviewed by:	adridg
Differential Revision:

Number of commits found: 14

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