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On 4 December 2003 at about 16:30 EST, I received email which told me about This website was attempting to pass itself off as FreshPorts and asking for donations. is not associated with FreshPorts in any way.

To their credit, the contents was promptly removed upon request. I have notified Paypal to inform them of the fraud. If any of you have donated money to, please inform Paypal and get a refund.

Please let any and all FreshPorts users know about this incident.

Here a few supporting documents:

Screen shots and code



See also this FreeBSD Diary article.

DNS stops working - 8 Dec 2003

On Dec 8, I noticed the DNS had stopped working for the fraudster's domain. I saved the whois output. As you can see, the status is REGISTRAR-LOCK.

An apology arrives - 12 Dec 2003

I received an email from Gabriel Medina today. He apologized.

I also received email from the owner of the colo box on which Gabriel Medina has an account and which was the mail server for The domain is forever banned from that server. Gabriel was hosting the website from home. My first complaint was CC'd to his ISP ( but I never received a reply from them.

I have asked Gabriel Medina to transfer to me. For what it's worth, at one time I owned it. He has already relinquished the domain back to the registrar.

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