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Fri, 30 Oct 2020
[ 14:05 jrm ] Original commit   Revision:553693
hyphy 2.5.21 biology files touched by this commit Hypothesis testing using Phylogenies
biology/hyphy: Update to version 2.5.21
[ 13:58 linimon ] Original commit   Revision:553692
libmicrodns 0.2.0 dns new! files touched by this commit DNS library focused on being simple and cross-platform
Add compiler:c11 to USES to fix build on GCC-based systems:

  ../src/mdns.c:838: error: 'struct mdns_svc' has no member named

Approved by:	portmgr (tier-2 blanket)
[ 13:37 mat ] Original commit   Revision:553691
munin-common 2.0.65 sysutils files touched by this commit Common components between a munin node and server
munin-node 2.0.65 sysutils files touched by this commit Node-specific part of Munin
Update to 2.0.65.
[ 13:36 mat ] Original commit   Revision:553690
tmux 3.1c sysutils files touched by this commit Terminal Multiplexer
Update to 3.1c.
[ 13:34 jwb ] Original commit   Revision:553689
auto-admin 0.6.8 sysutils files touched by this commit Portable tools for automating systems management
sysutils/auto-admin: Upgrade to 0.6.8

    New script to add packages checked for availability by auto-update-system

    Make sure installed packages designated as critical are available before
    running pkg upgrade.  Rebuild pkg from source if package behind ports

    Better interface detection, automatically clean up rc.conf

Other minor fixes and enhancements
[ 12:40 danfe ] Original commit   Revision:553688
py-httpretty 1.0.2 www new! files touched by this commit HTTP client mocking tool for Python
HTTP client mocking tool for Python.  It is used by the test suite of
the `net/cloud-init' port.

[ 12:06 tota ] Original commit   Revision:553687
R-cran-R6 2.5.0 devel files touched by this commit Classes with reference semantics
- Update to 2.5.0
[ 11:56 pkubaj ] Original commit   Revision:553686
py-ssh-audit 2.3.1 security files touched by this commit SSH server auditing
security/py-ssh-audit: update to 2.3.1

- Now parses public key sizes for and host key types.
- Flag as a failure due to SHA-1 hash.
- Fixed bug in recommendation output which suppressed some algorithms
- Built-in policies now include CA key requirements (if certificates are in
- Lookup function (--lookup) now performs case-insensitive lookups of similar
algorithms; credit Adam Russell.
- Migrated pre-made policies from external files to internal database.
- Split single 3,500 line script into many files (by class).
- Added support; credit Ganden Schaffner.
- Added 1 new cipher:
[ 11:53 pkubaj ] Original commit   Revision:553685
dropbear 2020.81 security files touched by this commit  An older version of this port was marked as vulnerable. SSH 2 server, designed to be usable in small memory environments
security/dropbear: update to 2020.81

- Fix regression in 2020.79 which prevented connecting with some SSH
  implementations. Increase MAX_PROPOSED_ALGO to 50, and print a log
  message if the limit is hit. This fixes interoperability with sshj
  library (used by PyCharm), and GoAnywhere.
  Reported by Pirmin Walthert and Piotr Jurkiewicz

- Fix building with non-GCC compilers, reported by Kazuo Kuroi

- Fix potential long delay in dbclient, found by OSS Fuzz

- Fix null pointer dereference crash, found by OSS Fuzz

- libtommath now uses the same random source as Dropbear (in 2020.79
  and 2020.80 used getrandom() separately)

- Some fuzzing improvements, start of a dbclient fuzzer
[ 11:33 pkubaj ] Original commit   Revision:553684
jna 5.5.0 devel files touched by this commit Java access to native shared libraries
devel/jna: fix build on powerpc64 elfv2

Use GCC:
error: changed section flags for .eh_frame, expected: 0x2
[ 11:32 pkubaj ] Original commit   Revision:553683
openjdk8 java files touched by this commit  An older version of this port was marked as vulnerable. Java Development Kit 8
java/openjdk8: fix build on powerpc64 elfv2

Build with jfr fails on powerpc64 elfv2.
[ 11:30 jhale ] Original commit   Revision:553682
aqbanking 6.2.5 finance files touched by this commit Online banking interface and financial data framework
finance/aqbanking: Update to 6.2.5
[ 11:29 amdmi3 ] Original commit   Revision:553681
mkgmap r4588 astro files touched by this commit Convert OpenStreetMap data into a Garmin format
- Update to r4588
[ 11:29 jhale ] Original commit   Revision:553680
gwenhywfar 5.4.1 devel files touched by this commit Multi-platform helper library for networking and security applications
gwenhywfar-fox16 5.4.1 devel files touched by this commit Gwenhywfar FOX-1.6 support library
gwenhywfar-gtk2 5.4.1 devel files touched by this commit Gwenhywfar GTK2+ support library
gwenhywfar-gtk3 5.4.1 devel files touched by this commit Gwenhywfar GTK3+ support library
gwenhywfar-qt5 5.4.1 devel files touched by this commit Gwenhywfar Qt5 support library
devel/gwenhywfar: Update to 5.4.1
[ 11:28 fernape ] Original commit   Revision:553679
yoshimi 1.7.3 audio files touched by this commit Sophisticated software synthesizer
audio/yoshimi: update to 1.7.3

Reported by:	portscout
[ 10:32 ehaupt ] Original commit   Revision:553678
fasttracker2 1.37 audio files touched by this commit Fasttracker II clone
Update to 1.37
[ 10:32 jhale ] Original commit   Revision:553677
libmusicbrainz5 audio files touched by this commit MusicBrainz client library for audio metadata lookup
audio/libmusicbrainz5: Update to snapshot from 2015-07-06 (e29cc9a)

- The main purpose of this intermediate update is to eliminate unwanted debug
  information emitted when running console applications.
- Backport commit 36262d6 to eliminate wildcards for dependencies in
  CMakeLists.txt which CMake complains about (CMP0058). As a result, we can
  switch to an outsource build.

While here:
- Update LICENSE (LGPL21+) and add LICENSE_FILE
- Remake/rename patches with 'make makepatch'

PR:		250567
Submitted by:	Daniel Engberg <>
[ 09:58 danfe ] Original commit   Revision:553676
cloud-init 20.3_1 net files touched by this commit Init scripts for use on cloud images
- Amend the list of recognized newfs(8) options
- Fix mounting of VFAT which FreeBSD calls "msdos[fs]"
- GC `devel/py-six' dependency, unused since v20.2

PR:	250496
[ 09:31 0mp ] Original commit   Revision:553675
up 0.4 textproc files touched by this commit Ultimate plumber, a tool for writing pipes with instant live preview
Update to 0.4

Release notes:
[ 09:06 danilo ] Original commit   Revision:553674
foomatic-db 20201029 print files touched by this commit Database for integrating printer drivers with common spoolers
print/foomatic-db: Update to 20201029
[ 09:01 danilo ] Original commit   Revision:553673
vips 8.10.2 graphics files touched by this commit  An older version of this port was marked as vulnerable. Free image processing system
graphics/vips: Update to 8.10.2
[ 08:08 fernape ] Original commit   Revision:553672
lilypond-devel 2.21.7 print files touched by this commit GNU music typesetter
print/lilypond-devel:  update to 2.21.7

PR:	250697
Submitted by: (maintainer)
[ 07:32 kai ] Original commit   Revision:553671
py-networkx1 1.11_1 math  Deprecated Expiration Date files touched by this commit Tools for complex networks / Backported version
math/py-networkx1: Deprecate port

* The port was repo-copied from math/py-networkx to retain compatibility
  with Python 2.7.  Deprecate and set an expiration as it's no longer the
  case and the port has no consumers left.
[ 07:30 kai ] Original commit   Revision:553670
py-backports.os 0.1.1 devel  Deprecated Expiration Date files touched by this commit Backport of new features in Python's os module
devel/py-backports.os: Deprecate port

* Deprecate and set an expiration date as the port is only useful in
  conjunction with Python 2.7 which will be removed to the end of 2020.

PR:		249626
Submitted by:	swills
[ 07:28 kai ] Original commit   Revision:553669
py-ocrmypdf 11.3.1 textproc files touched by this commit Adds an OCR text layer to scanned PDF files
textproc/py-ocrmypdf: Update to 11.3.1

* The license was changed by upstream with the 11.0.0 release.
  Adapt LICENSE accordingly.

Changelog since 10.3.1:
[ 07:25 kai ] Original commit   Revision:553668
py-pikepdf 1.19.3 textproc files touched by this commit Read and write PDFs with Python, powered by qpdf
textproc/py-pikepdf: Update to 1.19.3

Changelogs since 1.17.3:
[ 05:56 jbeich ] Original commit   Revision:553666
veloren 0.7.0_2 games files touched by this commit Multiplayer voxel RPG written in Rust
games/veloren: chase GitLab providing LFS files

=> Fetched file size mismatch (expected 1125711, actual 135167598)
=> SHA256 Checksum mismatch for
[ 05:56 jbeich ] Original commit   Revision:553665
iridium 2020.04.81 www  Deprecated Expiration Date files touched by this commit Iridium browser
www/iridium: unbreak with libglvnd (like r545308)

[188/188] LINK gn
ERROR at //build/config/linux/pkg_config.gni:103:17: Script returned non-zero
exit code.
    pkgresult = exec_script(pkg_config_script, args, "value")
Package gbm was not found in the pkg-config search path.
Perhaps you should add the directory containing `gbm.pc'
to the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable
Package 'gbm', required by 'virtual:world', not found
Could not run pkg-config.

See //third_party/minigbm/ whence it was called.
  pkg_config("libgbm") {
See //ui/gfx/linux/ which caused the file to be included.
[ 05:30 lwhsu ] Original commit   Revision:553664
scintilla 4.4.5 x11-toolkits files touched by this commit Full-featured free source code editing component for GTK+
x11-toolkits/scintilla: Add/delete files under files/

PR:		250663
[ 03:26 kevans ] Original commit   Revision:553663
qemu-user-static 3.1.0_3 emulators files touched by this commit  An older version of this port was marked as vulnerable. QEMU CPU Emulator (github bsd-user branch)
emulators/qemu-user-static: update to latest bsd-user-rebase-3.1

This fixes the recent ELF fix by properly initializing the extension to the
PT_LOAD segment rather than filling it with file garbage.

While here, disable capstone -- this part of the build is subject to
external pollution (= death), and we don't use it in qemu-user-static
[ 02:59 jrm ] Original commit   Revision:553662
doctl 1.49.0 sysutils files touched by this commit Command line tool for DigitalOcean services
sysctl/doctl: Update to version 1.49.0

Upstream changes:

Sponsored by:	DigitalOcean (VM credit)
[ 01:55 glewis ] Original commit   Revision:553661
beats6 6.8.13 sysutils files touched by this commit Collect logs locally and send to remote logstash
Update to 6.8.13

PR:		250599
Submitted by:	Juraj Lutter <>
[ 01:49 glewis ] Original commit   Revision:553660
logstash6 6.8.13 sysutils files touched by this commit Server-side data ingest and transfomation tool
Update to 6.8.13

PR:		250600
Submitted by:	Juraj Lutter <>
[ 01:06 jhale ] Original commit   Revision:553659
picard 2.5.1 audio files touched by this commit Next generation MusicBrainz Tagger
audio/picard: Update to 2.5.1

- Raise required version of audio/py-mutagen to 1.37
- Use DISTVERSION in WRKSRC to make it easier to test pre-release versions
[ 00:00 glewis ] Original commit   Revision:553658
kibana6 6.8.13 textproc files touched by this commit Browser based analytics and search interface to ElasticSearch
Update to 6.8.13

PR:		250598
Submitted by:	Juraj Lutter <>
Thu, 29 Oct 2020
[ 23:53 kevans ] Original commit   Revision:553656
luajit 2.0.5_5 lang files touched by this commit Just-In-Time Compiler for Lua
lang/luajit: switch to LLVM10 from ports for 12.1/amd64

12.1 shipped with LLVM 8.0.1 which links libluajit with a bogus (improperly
aligned) TLS segment offset. Notably, this breaks under 12.2 rtld and causes
a SIGBUS when an error is raised.

Since the issue is technically a broken binary, the attached patch pins
12.1/amd64 builds of luajit to devel/llvm10 so that they can be rebuilt with
a linker that will handle this properly and stop breaking luajit-dependant
applications on 12.2 while the packages are still built on 12.1. This will
naturally fall away when portmgr goes to axe conditionals solely for FreeBSD
12.1 after it goes EOL.

The src/Makefile patch has been dropped in this version in favor of just
supplying the variables it was unsetting via Make arguments as a minor

PR:		250707, 250726
Reported by:	many
Investigation by:	Andrew Gierth <andrew tao11 riddles org uk>
Confirmation from:	kib
Approved by:	osa (maintainer)
MFH:		2020Q4 (blanket: runtime fix)
[ 23:49 glewis ] Original commit   Revision:553655
elasticsearch6 6.8.13 textproc files touched by this commit  An older version of this port was marked as vulnerable. Full-text search engine for Java
Update to 6.8.13

PR:		250597
Submitted by:	Juraj Lutter <>
[ 23:01 danilo ] Original commit   Revision:553654
xcircuit 3.10.29,1 cad files touched by this commit X11 circuit schematics drawing program
cad/xcircuit: Update to 3.10.29
[ 22:30 danilo ] Original commit   Revision:553653
armadillo 10.1.1 math files touched by this commit C++ linear algebra library
ensmallen 2.14.2_1 math files touched by this commit Flexible C++ library for efficient mathematical optimization
mlpack 3.4.1_1 math files touched by this commit Fast, flexible machine learning library
erkale g20200426_5 science files touched by this commit Quantum chemistry program to solve the electronic structure of atoms
math/armadillo: Update to 10.1.1
[ 22:29 danilo ] Original commit   Revision:553652
istio 1.7.4 sysutils files touched by this commit  An older version of this port was marked as vulnerable. Open platform to connect, manage, and secure microservices
sysutils/istio: Update to 1.7.4
[ 22:27 danilo ] Original commit   Revision:553651
egroupware 20.1.20201028 deskutils files touched by this commit Web-based GroupWare system
deskutils/egroupware: Update to 20.1.20201028
[ 22:25 bhughes ] Original commit   Revision:553650
node 15.0.1 www files touched by this commit  An older version of this port was marked as vulnerable. V8 JavaScript for client and server
www/node: Update 15.0.0 -> 15.0.1

Sponsored by:	Miles AS
[ 22:21 pkubaj ] Original commit   Revision:553649
java3d 1.5.2_5 java files touched by this commit Provides API for creating and manipulation of 3D geometry
java/java3d: fix build on GCC architectures

Use C11 compiler:
     [exec]                  from
     [exec] /usr/local/include/GL/glext.h:469: error: redefinition of typedef
error: previous declaration of 'GLsizeiptr' was here
[ 22:20 danilo ] Original commit   Revision:553648
wcslib 7.3.1 astro files touched by this commit Library for parsing/generating FITS headers
astro/wcslib: Update to 7.3.1
[ 22:05 danilo ] Original commit   Revision:553647
minikube 1.14.2 sysutils files touched by this commit Run Kubernetes locally
sysutils/minikube: Update to 1.14.2
[ 22:00 danilo ] Original commit   Revision:553646
nano 5.3 editors files touched by this commit Nano's ANOther editor, an enhanced free Pico clone
editors/nano: Update to 5.3
[ 21:32 bhughes ] Original commit   Revision:553645
node 15.0.0 www files touched by this commit  An older version of this port was marked as vulnerable. V8 JavaScript for client and server
www/node: Update 14.14.0 -> 15.0.0

Update to the latest major release of Node.js, which includes many
significant changes. Users are encouraged to read the release notes
before upgrading.

While here, refresh existing patches with `make makepatch`, removing
some powerpc* related patches that have been adopted/reworked upstream
in V8.

Remove the dependency on dns/c-ares and use the bundled version
instead, since Node.js has adopted a change to c-ares that has not yet
been released. The dependency will be re-added once dns/c-ares has
been updated to a release that contains support for CAA DNS records.

An UPDATING entry has also been added to include a notice about this
major version upgrade, and steps users can take to continue using the
v14.x line, which is now LTS.

Sponsored by:	Miles AS
[ 21:28 bofh ] Original commit   Revision:553644
snort3,1 security files touched by this commit Lightweight network intrusion detection system
security/snort3: Update version 3.0.3-3=>3.0.3-4

[ 21:22 bofh ] Original commit   Revision:553643
py-reportlab 3.5.54 print files touched by this commit Library to create PDF documents using the Python language
print/py-reportlab: Update version 3.5.53=>3.5.54

[ 21:21 brooks ] Original commit   Revision:553642
llvm-devel 12.0.d20201027 devel files touched by this commit LLVM and Clang
Update to a new snapshot.

Add a missing dependency on lua for lldb.
[ 20:56 flo ] Original commit   Revision:553641
phpmyfaq 3.0.5 www files touched by this commit  An older version of this port was marked as vulnerable. Multilingual, completely database-driven FAQ-system
Update to 3.0.5
[ 20:37 flo ] Original commit   Revision:553640
percona-pam-for-mysql databases files touched by this commit PAM plugin for MySQL
- add -fcommon to fix the build with newer clang/gcc
- fixup pkg-plist
[ 20:06 lwhsu ] Original commit   Revision:553639
scite 4.4.5 editors files touched by this commit Full-featured SCIntilla based text editor for GTK/GNOME
editors/scite: Updaet to 4.4.5

PR:		250663
Submitted by:	Naram Qashat <> (maintainer)
MFH:		2020Q4
[ 20:05 lwhsu ] Original commit   Revision:553638
scintilla 4.4.5 x11-toolkits files touched by this commit Full-featured free source code editing component for GTK+
x11-toolkits/scintilla: Update to 4.4.5

* Update Makefile (add PATCH_WRKSRC because I needed to patch some files
  outside of WRKSRC, add some GNOME Uses that poudriere complained about,
  remove the pseudo-versioning because it was never being done in the actual
  compilation anyways, add a way to get a debug build)
* Update distinfo
* Correct URL in pkg-descr
* Remove patch-makefile (due to the PATCH_WRKSRC change)
* Add patch-gtk_makefile (due to the PATCH_WRKSRC change) and
* Add patch-src_PositionCache.h, patch-src_Style.cxx and patch-src_Style.h,
  temporary patches for this version until 4.4.6 comes out to fix compilation
  with newer compilers
* Update pkg-plist
(Only the first 15 lines of the commit message are shown above View all of this commit message)
[ 20:04 thierry ] Original commit   Revision:553637
threejs 122 www files touched by this commit JavaScript 3D library
Upgrade to r122.

Release notes at <>.
[ 20:00 lwhsu ] Original commit   Revision:553636
php-pHash 0.9.6_5 multimedia files touched by this commit PHP extension for the pHash perceptual hash library
multimedia/php-pHash: Ignore with PHP 8

PR:		250674
Submitted by:	Naram Qashat <> (maintainer)
[ 19:39 flo ] Original commit   Revision:553635
pecl-proctitle 0.1.2_1 sysutils files touched by this commit PECL extension that allows changing the current process' name
Ignore with PHP 8.0

Reported by:	pkg-fallout
[ 19:03 lwhsu ] Original commit   Revision:553634
qjail 5.5 sysutils files touched by this commit Utility to quickly deploy and manage jails
sysutils/qjail: Updaet to 5.5

1.  Change default ftp site to ftp from ftp12.
2.  Remove config -w and -W [Set vnet.interface NIC]
3.  Add -f flag to unmount command when releasing memory disc.
4.  Change so this version of qjail only runs on 12.0 and newer
    because pf is vimage aware now.
5.  If local install [-f] jump around stable, current check logic.
6.  Change/add logic & code to implement bridge/epair method for vnet jails.
7.  Change qjail.8 about vimage no longer having to be compiled into kernel 12.0
8.  Change "config -v logic to setup vnet jail with pf, ipf, ipf firewall.
9.  Add start vnet code to qjail script to check for host/vnet jail
    firewall mis-match.
10. Add start vnet code to boottime script to check for host/vnet jail
    firewall mis-match.
(Only the first 15 lines of the commit message are shown above View all of this commit message)
[ 19:00 lwhsu ] Original commit   Revision:553633
qjail54 5.4 sysutils new! files touched by this commit Utility to quickly deploy and manage jails
Copy sysutils/qjail to sysutils/qjail54

This is preparing for qjail 5.5 update, keep 5.4 for 11.x jails.

PR:		250696
Submitted by:	Joe Barbish <> (maintainer)
[ 18:10 zi ] Original commit   Revision:553631
varnish-libvmod-dynamic 20201026 www files touched by this commit Varnish Module (vmod) for dynamic backends
- Update to 20201026 to chase www/varnish6 update
[ 17:57 zi ] Original commit   Revision:553630
varnish-libvmod-querystring v2.0.2 www new! files touched by this commit Varnish Module (vmod) for querystring manipulation
New port: www/varnish-libvmod-querystring:

The purpose of this module is to give you a fine-grained control over a URL's
query-string in Varnish Cache. It's possible to remove the query-string,
clean it, sort its parameters or filter it to only keep a subset of them.

This can greatly improve your hit ratio and efficiency with Varnish, because
by default two URLs with the same path but different query-strings are also
different. This is what the RFCs mandate but probably not what you usually
want for your web site or application.

[ 17:28 pkubaj ] Original commit   Revision:553629
s2 0.9.0 graphics files touched by this commit S2 Geometry Library
graphics/s2: fix build on powerpc64

Specifically optimize for POWER7 or later:
error: this builtin is only valid on POWER7 or later CPUs
  uint64 result = __builtin_bpermd(0x3f3e3d3c3b3a3938, temp);
[ 16:57 pkubaj ] Original commit   Revision:553628
cython 0.29.21 lang files touched by this commit Compiler for Writing C Extensions for the Python Language
lang/cython: fix build on GCC architectures

Use newer GCC:
cc1: error: unrecognized command line option "-Wno-unused-result"
[ 16:51 mi ] Original commit   Revision:553627
quantlib 1.20 finance files touched by this commit C++ library for quantitative finance
Upgrade from 1.18 to 1.20.

Change to prefer C++11 classes over those in Boost.

Change to run tests sequentially -- they use OpenMP internally,
which lead to severe load-spikes at test-time -- well beyond the
number of available processing cores.

Sort the numerous header-files in pkg-plist.

Sponsored by:	Association for Advancement of Marsupial Species
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