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Revision:  537150
Date:      2020-05-31
Time:      10:53:12Z
Committer: adamw

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VuXML IDDescription
a35f415d-572a-11e5-b0a4-f8b156b6dcc8vorbis-tools, opus-tools -- multiple vulnerabilities

Paris Zoumpouloglou reports:

I discovered an integer overflow issue in oggenc, related to the number of channels in the input WAV file. The issue triggers an out-of-bounds memory access which causes oggenc to crash.

Paris Zoumpouloglou reports:

A crafted WAV file with number of channels set to 0 will cause oggenc to crash due to a division by zero issue.

pengsu reports:

I discovered an buffer overflow issue in oggenc/audio.c when it tries to open invalid aiff file.

Discovery 2015-08-08
Entry 2015-09-09
Modified 2015-09-09
lt 1.4.0_10,3

lt 0.1.9_2