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Tue, 21 Feb 2017
[ 13:51 feld ] Original commit   Revision:434526
plexmediaserver-plexpass multimedia files touched by this commit Plex Media Server component
multimedia/plexmediaserver-plexpass: Update to 1.4.2

[ 13:48 rezny ] Original commit   Revision:434525
libdrm 2.4.75_1,1 graphics files touched by this commit Userspace interface to kernel Direct Rendering Module services
Add missing header to fix build on PPC

Submitted by:	andreast
Approved by:	swills (mentor)
Differential Revision:
[ 12:37 martymac ] Original commit   Revision:434524
gqrx 2.6.1,1 comms files touched by this commit Software defined radio receiver powered by GNU Radio and Qt
Update to v2.6.1
[ 12:25 royger ] Original commit   Revision:434523
xen-tools 4.7.1_4 sysutils  Ignore files touched by this commit  An older version of this port was marked as vulnerable. Xen management tool, based on LibXenlight
xen: XSA-209

Approved by:	bapt
Sponsored by:	Citrix Systems R&D
MFH:		2017Q1
[ 11:56 lme ] Original commit   Revision:434522
icinga2 2.6.1_1 net-mgmt files touched by this commit Monitoring and management system for hosts, services and networks
- Add $PREFIX/sbin to PATH in to fix some API issues
(icingaweb2-module-director now works!) [1]
- Remove SIGPIPE trap in which was fixed upstream

PR:		217266 [1]
Submitted by:	Philip Jocks
MFH:		2017Q1
[ 11:31 wen ] Original commit   Revision:434521
phplist 3.3.1 mail files touched by this commit  An older version of this port was marked as vulnerable. Full-featured open-source newsletter manager
- Update to 3.3.1

PR:		217111
Submitted by:
[ 11:18 amdmi3 ] Original commit   Revision:434520
vuxml 1.1_3 security files touched by this commit Vulnerability and eXposure Markup Language DTD
Document information disclosure vulnerability on fbsdmon

PR:             217099
Submitted by:   asomers
[ 11:12 amdmi3 ] Original commit   Revision:434518
fbsdmon 1.01_1 ports-mgmt  Deprecated Expiration Date Ignore files touched by this commit  This port version is marked as vulnerable. Submit system and ports statistics to
- Deprecate ports-mgmt/fbsdmon

From the PR:

"The web site used by this port,, has been taken
over by cybersquatters.  That means that users are sending their
system info to an unknown party.  The port has had no maintainer
for almost two years and the original maintainer (and previous owner
of the website) is not responding to email."

Since there's no way to force this port to be deinstalled from users'
machines, to stop data being sent to an unknown party, also do the

- Modify the port to never send data to, bump PORTREVISION
- Mark the port IGNOREd for ports users, but allow package to be built
  and set extended 6 month EXPIRATION_DATE (or should it be extended
  to a year?) to give a modified package chance to replace original one
  on users machines

PR:		217099
Submitted by:	asomers
MFH:		2017Q1
[ 10:47 amdmi3 ] Original commit   Revision:434517
cricket 1.0.5_12 net-mgmt files touched by this commit High performance, flexible monitoring system
- Properly handle p5-CGI dependency, the module was unbundled from perl in 5.21
- While here, minor style fixes

PR:		217167
Submitted by:
[ 10:45 amdmi3 ] Original commit   Revision:434516
ansiweather 1.10 misc files touched by this commit Shell script for displaying the current weather in your terminal
- Update to 1.10
- While here, minor style fixes

PR:		217155
Submitted by: (maintainer)
[ 10:42 amdmi3 ] Original commit   Revision:434515
serd 0.26.0 devel files touched by this commit C library for RDF syntax
- Update to 0.26.0
- While here, style fixes and strip binaries & libs

PR:		217169
Submitted by:
Approved by: (maintainer)
[ 10:41 amdmi3 ] Original commit   Revision:434514
lilv 0.24.2 audio files touched by this commit Lilv makes the use of LV2 plugins as simple as possible
- Update to 0.24.2

PR:		217170
Submitted by: (maintainer)
[ 09:39 amdmi3 ] Original commit   Revision:434513
yaz 5.20.2 net files touched by this commit Z39.50/SR client and API library
- Update to 5.20.2
- Pet portlint

PR:		217265
Submitted by:
[ 09:30 robak ] Original commit   Revision:434512
py-iocage 0.9.5_1 sysutils files touched by this commit FreeBSD jail manager written in Python
sysutils/py-iocage: fix dependencies

Reported by:	Jeff Hinrichs <>
MFH:		2017Q1
[ 09:01 amdmi3 ] Original commit   Revision:434511
vdr-plugin-vdrmanager 0.6_4 multimedia files touched by this commit Video Disk Recorder - VDR-Manager server plugin
- Don't install license with docs
- Switch to options helpers
- Pet portlint
[ 08:43 matthew ] Original commit   Revision:434510
pgreplay 1.3.0 databases files touched by this commit Replay SQL statements from a Postgresql Log
Update to 1.3.0

[ 07:41 araujo ] Original commit   Revision:434509
py-nomad 0.0.2 sysutils new! files touched by this commit Python client for nomad
Nomad is a tool for managing a cluster of machines and running
applications on them.
Nomad abstracts away machines and the location of applications,
and instead enables users to declare what they want to run and
Nomad handles where they should run and how to run them.


PR:		ports/215397
Submitted by:	John Hixson <>
[ 07:36 araujo ] Original commit   Revision:434508
py-consul 0.7.0 sysutils new! files touched by this commit Python client for consul
Python client for consul (WWW:


PR:		ports/215396
Submitted by:	John Hixson <>
[ 07:05 wen ] Original commit   Revision:434507
epazote 2.1.1 sysutils files touched by this commit Automated HTTP (microservices) supervisor
- Update to 2.1.1

PR:		217180
Submitted by:
[ 06:24 wen ] Original commit   Revision:434506
dehydrated 0.4.0 security files touched by this commit Pure BASH/ZSH Lets Encrypt client
- Update to 0.4.0
- Update pkg-message

PR:		217256
Submitted by:
[ 06:10 dbn ] Original commit   Revision:434504
py-mypy 0.471 devel new! files touched by this commit Optional static typing for Python
devel/py-mypy: add new port

Mypy is an optional static type checker for Python. You can add type hints to
your Python programs using the standard for type annotations introduced in
Python 3.5 (PEP 484), and use mypy to type check them statically. Find bugs in
your programs without even running them!

PR:		209871
Submitted by:	Florian Limberger (
[ 05:52 dbn ] Original commit   Revision:434502
py-typed-ast 1.0.1 devel files touched by this commit Fast version of Python's ast module with support for PEP484 typed comments
devel/py-typed-ast: update to 1.0.1

 - no change log provided
[ 02:36 wen ] Original commit   Revision:434500
clone 1.0.7 sysutils files touched by this commit File tree cloning tool
- Update to 1.0.7

PR:		217242
Submitted by:
[ 02:02 jbeich ] Original commit   Revision:434498
ca_root_nss 3.29.1 security files touched by this commit  An older version of this port was marked as vulnerable. Root certificate bundle from the Mozilla Project
nss 3.29.1 security files touched by this commit  An older version of this port was marked as vulnerable. Libraries to support development of security-enabled applications
security/nss: update to 3.29.1

MFH:		2017Q1
[ 01:40 wen ] Original commit   Revision:434497
fzf 0.16.5 textproc files touched by this commit Blazing fast command-line fuzzy finder
- Update to 0.16.5

PR:		217255
Submitted by:
[ 01:27 girgen ] Original commit   Revision:434496
beats 5.2.1 sysutils new! files touched by this commit Collect logs locally and send to remote logstash
filebeat 5.2.0 sysutils  Deleted files touched by this commit Collect logs locally and send to remote logstash
metricbeat 5.2.0 sysutils  Deleted files touched by this commit Collect metrics from your systems and services
packetbeat 5.2.0 sysutils  Deleted files touched by this commit Elasticsearch real-time network packet analytics
Update to 5.2.1

The three elasticsearch beats ports have merged into one single port
systuils/beats that installs all of the above and some more. The reason is to
make the port more maintainable and also that the new heartbeat beat would
conflict with sysutils/heartbeat.

Add heartbeat beat.

Install utilities

Fix problems with the default configurations [1]

PR:	217081 [1]
[ 00:44 wen ] Original commit   Revision:434495
prestashop finance files touched by this commit Open-Source e-Commerce Software for Web 2.0
- Update to
[ 00:43 bar ] Original commit   Revision:434494
amule-devel 10983_2 net-p2p files touched by this commit All-platform eMule p2p client
- Update to SVN-r10983
- Add graphics/png as dependency for WEBSERVER option
[ 00:41 osa ] Original commit   Revision:434493
nginx-devel 1.11.10 www files touched by this commit  An older version of this port was marked as vulnerable. Robust and small WWW server
Upgrade from 1.11.9 to 1.11.10.


*) Change: cache header format has been changed, previously cached
   responses will be invalidated.

*) Feature: support of "stale-while-revalidate" and "stale-if-error"
   extensions in the "Cache-Control" backend response header line.

*) Feature: the "proxy_cache_background_update",
   "fastcgi_cache_background_update", "scgi_cache_background_update",
   and "uwsgi_cache_background_update" directives.

*) Feature: nginx is now able to cache responses with the "Vary" header
(Only the first 15 lines of the commit message are shown above View all of this commit message)
Mon, 20 Feb 2017
[ 23:43 bar ] Original commit   Revision:434492
xpi-firebug 2.0.19,3 www files touched by this commit Lets you edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JS
Update to 2.0.19
[ 22:59 olivierd ] Original commit   Revision:434491
xfce4-taskmanager 1.2.0_1 x11 files touched by this commit Task manager for the Xfce desktop
Fix patch (it was malformed in revision r434478)
[ 21:21 olgeni ] Original commit   Revision:434490
elixir-db_connection 1.1.1 databases files touched by this commit Database connection behaviour for Elixir
Update databases/elixir-db_connection to version 1.1.1.
[ 21:03 rm ] Original commit   Revision:434489
hg-git devel files touched by this commit Mercurial extension to pull from or push to a Git repository
devel/hg-git: update past 0.8.5

Update hg-git to 0.8.5 + recent commits for compatibility with current Mercurial
Attempting to use the previous version of hg-git with current hg results
in an error stating the extension only supports version 3.6 of Mercurial.

While here, add NO_ARCH and adjust python version.

PR:		212714
Submitted by:
Approved by:	maintainer timeout (month+)
MFH:		2017Q1
[ 20:58 rm ] Original commit   Revision:434488
dulwich 0.15.0 devel files touched by this commit  An older version of this port was marked as vulnerable. Python implementation of the Git file formats and protocols
devel/dulwich: relax python version check

Current version of dulwich supports both python branches, so relax
python version check.

With hat:	python
[ 20:24 tobik ] Original commit   Revision:434487
flashrom 0.9.9_1 sysutils files touched by this commit Utility for reading, writing, verifying, and erasing flash ROM chips
Add patch to turn off the IEXTEN local flag and fix serprog hangs

PR:	214637
Submitted by:	Michael Zhiling <>
Approved by:	lme (mentor), maintainer timeout (, 3
Differential Revision:
[ 20:20 tobik ] Original commit   Revision:434486
alarm-clock-applet 0.3.4 deskutils new! files touched by this commit Fully-featured alarm clock
Fix indentation

Reported by:	danfe
Approved by:	lme (mentor)
Differential Revision:
[ 19:11 brooks ] Original commit   Revision:434485
llvm39 3.9.1_1 devel files touched by this commit LLVM and Clang
Attempt to fix build on armv6.

PR:		217145
Submitted by:	mmel via
Reported by:	Sylvain Garrigues <>
[ 18:46 beat ] Original commit   Revision:434484
elinks 0.11.7_6 www files touched by this commit  An older version of this port was marked as vulnerable. Links text WWW browser with enhancements
- Fix build with libressl-devel

PR:		216914
Submitted by:	Piotr Kubaj <>
[ 18:26 tijl ] Original commit   Revision:434483
linux-opera 12.16_3 www files touched by this commit  An older version of this port was marked as vulnerable. Blazingly fast, full-featured, standards-compliant browser
Remove unnecessary dependencies.  naslibs is not available with CentOS 7.
[ 18:23 jrm ] Original commit   Revision:434482
getmail 4.54.0 mail files touched by this commit  An older version of this port was marked as vulnerable. POP3/IMAP4 mail retriever with Maildir and command delivery
mail/getmail: Update to version 4.54.0.

Upstream change: fix error running getmail_fetch introduced in 4.53.0.

Approved by:	swills (mentor, implicit)
[ 18:12 tijl ] Original commit   Revision:434481
linux-worldofgoo-demo 1.41_4 games files touched by this commit Demo version of incredible physics based puzzle/construction game
Remove unnecessary mikmod dependency.
Test LINUX_ARCH instead of ARCH.
[ 18:00 rene ] Original commit   Revision:434480
nos-ttb 0.9.5_3 net  Deleted Deprecated Expired files touched by this commit NOS teletekst browser
Remove expired port:
2017-02-20 net/nos-ttb: does not work due to protocol changes
[ 18:00 riggs ] Original commit   Revision:434479
retroarch 1.3.6_4 games files touched by this commit Cross-platform entertainment system based on libretro API
aegisub 3.2.2_15 multimedia files touched by this commit Cross-platform subtitle editor
bino 1.4.2_8 multimedia files touched by this commit 3D video player with multi-display support
ffmpeg 3.2.4_4,1 multimedia files touched by this commit  An older version of this port was marked as vulnerable. Realtime audio/video encoder/converter and streaming server
gstreamer1-plugins-assrender 1.8.0_3 multimedia files touched by this commit GStreamer ASS/SSA text renderer plugin
handbrake 0.10.5_5 multimedia files touched by this commit  This port version is marked as vulnerable. Versatile DVD ripper and video transcoder
kodi 16.1_8 multimedia files touched by this commit  An older version of this port was marked as vulnerable. Award winning media center application
mplayer multimedia files touched by this commit  An older version of this port was marked as vulnerable. High performance media player supporting many formats
mplayer2 2.0.20130428_28 multimedia files touched by this commit Advanced general-purpose video player
mpv 0.24.0_1,1 multimedia files touched by this commit Free and open-source general-purpose video player

(Only the first 10 of 13 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Chase libass runtime fix r434477; bump PORTREVISION on consumers

PR:		216837
Reported by:	cpm
MFH:		2017Q1
[ 17:59 olivierd ] Original commit   Revision:434478
xfce4-taskmanager 1.2.0_1 x11 files touched by this commit Task manager for the Xfce desktop
- Switch to Gtk2 (otherwise xfce4-taskmanager crashes when it kills
  an application)
- Fix memory usage [1]
- Remove unneeded patch

PR:		217241
Submitted by:	<> [1]
[ 17:51 riggs ] Original commit   Revision:434477
libass 0.13.6_1 multimedia files touched by this commit Portable ASS/SSA subtitle renderer
Fix stack alignment on i386, may cause runtime crashes

PR:		216837
Submitted by:	cpm
MFH:		2017Q1
[ 17:46 tijl ] Original commit   Revision:434476
linux-uplink-demo 1.55_4 games files touched by this commit NO CDROM High tech computer crime and industrial espionage on the Internet
Remove unnecessary dependencies.  The removal of mikmod fixes make index
when CentOS 7 has been installed because there is no linux-c7-mikmod.

Reported by:	vd
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