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non port: head/math/Makefile

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Tue, 4 Jul 2017
[ 11:44 kwm ] Original commit   Revision:445014
445014 MOVED
445014 Mk/Uses/
445014 archivers/engrampa/Makefile
445014 archivers/engrampa/distinfo
445014 archivers/engrampa/pkg-plist
445014 audio/libmatemixer/Makefile
445014 audio/libmatemixer/distinfo
445014 audio/libmatemixer/pkg-plist
445014 audio/mate-media/Makefile
445014 audio/mate-media/distinfo

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Update the mate desktop to 1.18.

* The MATE DE is now GTK+3 based
* mate-calc has come back.
* New USE_MATE=mixer macro

* Add license
* Review dependancies
* Swich to USES=localbase
* atril/eom options reworked into option helper

Thanks to Eric Turgeon for submitting the bulk of this MATE update.

Obtained from:	gnome devel repo
Tue, 27 Jun 2017
[ 08:03 tota ] Original commit   Revision:444445
444445 math/Makefile
444445 math/R-cran-sf
444445 math/R-cran-sf/Makefile
444445 math/R-cran-sf/distinfo
444445 math/R-cran-sf/pkg-descr
- Add new port math/R-cran-sf

  Support for simple features, a standardized way to encode spatial
  vector data. Binds to GDAL for reading and writing data, to GEOS
  for geometrical operations, and to Proj.4 for projection conversions
  and datum transformations.


Submitted by:	Rainer Hurling <rhurlin_AT_gwdg_DOT_de> (via private e-mail)
[ 06:31 tota ] Original commit   Revision:444441
444441 math/Makefile
444441 math/R-cran-units
444441 math/R-cran-units/Makefile
444441 math/R-cran-units/distinfo
444441 math/R-cran-units/pkg-descr
- Add new port: math/R-cran-units

  Support for measurement units in R vectors; automatic propagation,
  conversion, derivation and simplification of units; raising errors
  in case of unit incompatibility. Compatible with the difftime class.
  Uses the UNIDATA udunits library and unit database for unit conversion
  and compatibility checking.

Thu, 22 Jun 2017
[ 21:53 stephen ] Original commit   Revision:444131
444131 math/Makefile
444131 math/octave-forge-bsltl
444131 math/octave-forge-bsltl/Makefile
444131 math/octave-forge-bsltl/distinfo
444131 math/octave-forge-bsltl/pkg-descr
- New port math/octave-forge-bsltl.

The octave-forge package is the result of The GNU Octave Repositry project,
which is intended to be a central location for custom scripts, functions and
extensions for GNU Octave. contains the source for all the functions plus
build and install scripts.

This is bsltl.

 The BSLTL package is a free collection of OCTAVE/MATLAB routines for working
 with the biospeckle laser technique.
Sat, 3 Jun 2017
[ 14:18 cpm ] Original commit   Revision:442495
442495 math/Makefile
442495 math/viennacl
442495 math/viennacl/Makefile
442495 math/viennacl/distinfo
442495 math/viennacl/pkg-descr
442495 math/viennacl/pkg-plist
Add new port math/viennacl

ViennaCL is a free open-source linear algebra library for computations on
architectures (GPUs, MIC) and multi-core CPUs. The library is written in C++ and
supports CUDA, OpenCL, and OpenMP (including switches at runtime).

PR:		219714
Submitted by:	pfg
Fri, 2 Jun 2017
[ 00:14 jmd ] Original commit   Revision:442360
442360 math/Makefile
442360 math/clblast
442360 math/clblast/Makefile
442360 math/clblast/distinfo
442360 math/clblast/pkg-descr
442360 math/clblast/pkg-plist
new port: math/clblast. This adds clblast (notice the t!) another BLAS library
for GPUs, with the distinct difference that clblast targets portable performance
across AMD, Intel, and NVIDIA accelerators.

Reported by:	swills (mentor)
Reviewed by:	swills (mentor)
Differential Revision:
Sat, 20 May 2017
[ 23:09 jmd ] Original commit   Revision:441353
441353 math/Makefile
441353 math/blis
441353 math/blis/Makefile
441353 math/blis/distinfo
441353 math/blis/pkg-descr
441353 math/blis/pkg-plist
new port: math/blis

BLIS is a portable software framework for instantiating high-performance
BLAS-like dense linear algebra libraries. The framework was designed to isolate
essential kernels of computation that, when optimized, immediately enable
optimized implementations of most of its commonly used and computationally
intensive operations. BLIS is written in ISO C99 and available under a
BSD3CLAUSE. While BLIS exports a new BLAS-like API, it also includes a BLAS
compatibility layer which gives application developers access to BLIS
implementations via traditional BLAS routine calls. (from their github)

Reviewed by:	swills (mentor)
Approved by:	swills (mentor)
Differential Revision:
Sun, 7 May 2017
[ 09:03 tota ] Original commit   Revision:440318
440318 math/Makefile
440318 math/R-cran-expm
440318 math/R-cran-expm/Makefile
440318 math/R-cran-expm/distinfo
440318 math/R-cran-expm/pkg-descr
- Add new port: math/R-cran-expm

  Computation of the matrix exponential, logarithm, sqrt, and related

Sat, 6 May 2017
[ 15:15 miwi ] Original commit   Revision:440271
440271 math/Makefile
440271 math/R-cran-Rsolnp
440271 math/R-cran-Rsolnp/Makefile
440271 math/R-cran-Rsolnp/distinfo
440271 math/R-cran-Rsolnp/pkg-descr
Rsolnp: General Non-Linear Optimization

General Non-linear Optimization Using Augmented Lagrange Multiplier


PR:		213102
Submitted by:	Pedro Giffuni
[ 15:12 miwi ] Original commit   Revision:440270
440270 math/Makefile
440270 math/R-cran-qualityTools
440270 math/R-cran-qualityTools/Makefile
440270 math/R-cran-qualityTools/distinfo
440270 math/R-cran-qualityTools/pkg-descr
qualityTools: Statistical Methods for Quality Science

Contains methods associated with the Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and
Control (i.e. DMAIC) cycle of the Six Sigma Quality Management
methodology.It covers distribution fitting, normal and non-normal process
capability indices, techniques for Measurement Systems Analysis especially
gage capability indices and Gage Repeatability (i.e Gage RR) and
Reproducibility studies, factorial and fractional factorial designs as
well as response surface methods including the use of desirability


PR:		213104
Submitted by:	Pedro Giffuni
Sun, 30 Apr 2017
[ 15:47 ler ] Original commit   Revision:439826
439826 MOVED
439826 audio/Makefile
439826 audio/last-cmus
439826 audio/logitechmediaserver-superdatetime
439826 audio/mehdiaplayer
439826 audio/pidgin-musictracker
439826 audio/xpi-musicpm
439826 biology/Makefile
439826 biology/treeviewx
439826 chinese/Makefile

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2017-04-30 devel/stormlib-ghost++: Unfetchable for more than six months (google
code has gone away)
2017-04-30 devel/py-coil: Unfetchable for more than six months (google code has
gone away)
2017-04-30 devel/py-cmdln: Unfetchable for more than six months (google code has
gone away)
2017-04-30 devel/privman: Unfetchable for more than six months (google code has
gone away)
2017-04-30 devel/c-unit: Unfetchable for more than six months (google code has
gone away)
2017-04-30 devel/py-px: Unfetchable for more than six months (google code has
gone away)
2017-04-30 devel/nglogc: Unfetchable for more than six months (google code has
gone away)
2017-04-30 devel/bncsutil-ghost++: Unfetchable for more than six months (google
code has gone away)
2017-04-30 devel/liblouisxml: Unfetchable for more than six months (google code
has gone away)
2017-04-30 devel/nxt-python: Unfetchable for more than six months (google code
has gone away)
2017-04-30 devel/spdict: Unfetchable for more than six months (google code has
gone away)
2017-04-30 devel/guiloader-c++: Unfetchable for more than six months (google
code has gone away)
2017-04-30 devel/streamhtmlparser: Unfetchable for more than six months (google
code has gone away)
2017-04-30 devel/winpdb: Unfetchable for more than six months (google code has
gone away)
2017-04-30 net/opendpi: Unfetchable for more than six months (google code has
gone away)
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Tue, 25 Apr 2017
[ 07:12 wen ] Original commit   Revision:439362
439362 math/Makefile
439362 math/R-cran-Matching
439362 math/R-cran-Matching/Makefile
439362 math/R-cran-Matching/distinfo
439362 math/R-cran-Matching/pkg-descr
Provides functions for multivariate and propensity score matching and
for finding optimal balance based on a genetic search algorithm. A
variety of univariate and multivariate metrics to determine if balance
has been obtained are also provided.

[ 07:10 wen ] Original commit   Revision:439361
439361 math/Makefile
439361 math/R-cran-rgenoud
439361 math/R-cran-rgenoud/Makefile
439361 math/R-cran-rgenoud/distinfo
439361 math/R-cran-rgenoud/pkg-descr
A genetic algorithm plus derivative optimizer.

Thu, 20 Apr 2017
[ 09:16 bapt ] Original commit   Revision:438935
438935 math/Makefile
438935 math/libxlsxwriter
438935 math/libxlsxwriter/Makefile
438935 math/libxlsxwriter/distinfo
438935 math/libxlsxwriter/files
438935 math/libxlsxwriter/files/patch-Makefile
438935 math/libxlsxwriter/files/patch-src_Makefile
438935 math/libxlsxwriter/pkg-descr
438935 math/libxlsxwriter/pkg-plist
libxlsxwriter is a C library that can be used to write text, numbers, formulas
and hyperlinks to multiple worksheets in an Excel 2007+ XLSX file. It supports
features such as:

* 100% compatible Excel XLSX files.
* Full Excel formatting.
* Merged cells.
* Defined names.
* Autofilters.
* Charts.
* Worksheet PNG/JPEG images.
* Memory optimization mode for writing large files.
* Source code available on GitHub.
* FreeBSD License.
* Compiles for 32 and 64 bit.
* The only dependency is on zlib.

Wed, 29 Mar 2017
[ 05:18 danfe ] Original commit   Revision:437181
437181 MOVED
437181 math/Makefile
437181 math/mprime
437181 math/mprime/Makefile
437181 math/mprime/distinfo
437181 math/mprime/pkg-descr
437181 math/mprime/pkg-plist
- Resurrect `math/mprime' and unbreak (stagify)
- Update to version 26.6, the latest for the i386 binary
- Do not mangle version with `0.0.'-prefix, use official one
- Add missing LIB_DEPENDS against `misc/compat9x'
- Define DOCS option and use target helper target to install
- Make installation commands vocal (unmute them)
- Update and tidy up port description text while here
- Drop deprecated @dirrm entry from pkg-plist

TIMESTAMP (mprime266-FreeBSD.tar.gz) = 1302303090
Fri, 10 Mar 2017
[ 01:28 wen ] Original commit   Revision:435813
435813 math/Makefile
435813 math/py-PyWavelets
435813 math/py-PyWavelets/Makefile
435813 math/py-PyWavelets/distinfo
435813 math/py-PyWavelets/pkg-descr
PyWavelets is a free Open Source library for wavelet transforms in Python.
Wavelets are mathematical basis functions that are localized in both time and
frequency. Wavelet transforms are time-frequency transforms employing wavelets.
They are similar to Fourier transforms, the difference being that Fourier
transforms are localized only in frequency instead of in time and frequency.


PR:		217426
Submitted by:
Tue, 28 Feb 2017
[ 08:44 danfe ] Original commit   Revision:435007
435007 math/Makefile
435007 math/acalc
435007 math/acalc/Makefile
435007 math/acalc/distinfo
435007 math/acalc/pkg-descr
`math/acalc' is a simple and pretty Qt4-based expression calculator.

Because GitHub releases (tarballs) are not fetched with correct modification
time, set TIMESTAMP to 1481206796 which corresponds to commit 6c032ba tagged
as this release.

PR:		215158
Submitted by:	Andrey Ponomarenko
Wed, 8 Feb 2017
[ 18:52 rene ] Original commit   Revision:433665
433665 MOVED
433665 devel/Makefile
433665 devel/libdict
433665 devel/py-re2
433665 math/Makefile
433665 math/R-cran-SuppDists
433665 misc/Makefile
433665 misc/teslams
433665 net-p2p/Makefile
433665 net-p2p/digitalcoin
Remove expired ports:
2017-02-08 misc/teslams: Broken for more than 6 months
2017-02-08 devel/libdict: Broken for more than 6 months
2017-02-08 math/R-cran-SuppDists: Broken for more than 6 months
2017-02-08 devel/py-re2: Broken for more than 6 months
2017-02-08 net-p2p/digitalcoin: Broken for more than 6 months
Sat, 28 Jan 2017
[ 11:18 rene ] Original commit   Revision:432620
432620 LEGAL
432620 MOVED
432620 archivers/Makefile
432620 archivers/ruby-lha
432620 audio/Makefile
432620 audio/ruby-audiofile
432620 audio/ruby-mp3tag
432620 converters/Makefile
432620 converters/ruby-dump.rb
432620 databases/Makefile

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Remove expired ports:
2017-01-28 databases/ruby-rdbc1: Upstream no longer active
2017-01-28 databases/ruby-sybct: Upstream no longer active
2017-01-28 databases/ruby-o_dbm: Upstream no longer active
2017-01-28 databases/ruby-cdb: Upstream no longer active
2017-01-28 devel/ruby-rbison: Does not work on modern ruby
2017-01-28 devel/ruby-property: Upstream no longer exists
2017-01-28 devel/ruby-dialogs: Upstream no longer active
2017-01-28 devel/ruby-byaccr: Upstream no longer active
2017-01-28 devel/ruby-aspectr: Use rubygem-aspectr instead
2017-01-28 devel/ruby-locale: No longer useful
2017-01-28 devel/ruby-wirble: Upstream no longer active
2017-01-28 devel/ruby-tzfile: Upstream no longer exists
2017-01-28 devel/ruby-rreadline: Upstream no longer exists
2017-01-28 devel/ruby-intl: Use devel/rubygem-gettext instead
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Fri, 27 Jan 2017
[ 00:16 bapt ] Original commit   Revision:432542
432542 math/Makefile
432542 math/sc-im
432542 math/sc-im/Makefile
432542 math/sc-im/distinfo
432542 math/sc-im/files
432542 math/sc-im/files/patch-Makefile
432542 math/sc-im/files/patch-xls.c
432542 math/sc-im/pkg-descr
SC-IM is a spreadsheet program that is based on SC

Some of the features of SC-IM
 * 65.536 rows and 702 columns supported. (The number of rows can be expanded
  to 1.048.576 if wished).
 * CSV / TAB delimited file import and export.
 * XLS / XLSX file import.
 * Key-mappings.
 * Sort of rows.
 * Filter of rows.
 * Cell shifting.
 * 256 color support - screen colors can be customized by user, even at runtime.
 * Colorize cells or give them format such as bold or underline.
 * Wide character support. The following alphabets are supported: English,
   Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Russian, Ukrainian, Greek,
   Turkish, Czech, Japanese, Chinese.
 * Implement external functions in the language you prefer and use them in SC-IM
 * Use SC-IM as a non-interactive calculator, reading its input from a external
 * More movements commands implemented !
 * Input and Output was completely rewritten

[ 00:14 bapt ] Original commit   Revision:432541
432541 math/Makefile
432541 math/libxls
432541 math/libxls/Makefile
432541 math/libxls/distinfo
432541 math/libxls/pkg-descr
432541 math/libxls/pkg-plist
Library for parsing Excel (XLS) files, with a sample program for converting
Excel files into CSV.

Tue, 24 Jan 2017
[ 21:01 marino ] Original commit   Revision:432389
432389 math/Makefile
432389 math/opensolaris-libm
432389 math/opensolaris-libm/Makefile
432389 math/opensolaris-libm/distinfo
432389 math/opensolaris-libm/pkg-descr
432389 math/opensolaris-libm/pkg-plist
Add new port math/opensolaris-libm

In 2006, Sun Microsystems released math and vector math libraries as
part of their effort to open-source Solaris:

libmvec - vector math library
  This library contains function to evaluate common mathematical functions
  for several arguments at once. The argument values are specified by one
  or more vectors (arrays) of data, and the corresponding result values
  are stored in another vector.

libm - C99 math library
  Functions  in  this  library provide common elementary mathematical
  functions and floating point environment routines defined by System V,
  ANSI C, POSIX, and so on.  Additional functions in this library provide
  extended support for handling floating point exceptions.

The original source has been modified to build on FreeBSD and DragonFly
using GCC or clang and the GNU assembler.  All fixes introduced by Nexenta
and Illumos projects have also been incorporated.  Missing x86_64 variants
of lrint and lround have added.  The floating-point exception logging
including address->symbol tranlation has also been implemented.
[ 12:56 tz ] Original commit   Revision:432336
432336 archivers/Makefile
432336 converters/Makefile
432336 databases/Makefile
432336 devel/Makefile
432336 ftp/Makefile
432336 graphics/Makefile
432336 mail/Makefile
432336 math/Makefile
432336 misc/Makefile
432336 net-mgmt/Makefile

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Connect PHP 7.1 ports (r432324)
Mon, 23 Jan 2017
[ 16:48 olivierd ] Original commit   Revision:432251
432251 math/Makefile
432251 math/pantheon-calculator
432251 math/pantheon-calculator/Makefile
432251 math/pantheon-calculator/distinfo
432251 math/pantheon-calculator/files
432251 math/pantheon-calculator/files/patch-cmake_Translations.cmake
432251 math/pantheon-calculator/files/patch-data_CMakeLists.txt
432251 math/pantheon-calculator/files/patch-src_HistoryDialog.vala
432251 math/pantheon-calculator/files/patch-src_MainWindow.vala
432251 math/pantheon-calculator/files/patch-src_PantheonCalculator.vala

(Only the first 10 of 12 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Pantheon-calculator is a tiny, simple calculator designed for the Pantheon

Sun, 8 Jan 2017
[ 00:06 thierry ] Original commit   Revision:430847
430847 MOVED
430847 math/Makefile
430847 math/proj.4
430847 science/gnudatalanguage/Makefile
Remove math/proj.4.

math/libproj was already duplicated as graphics/proj.

Reported by:	sunpoet and cmt
Sat, 7 Jan 2017
[ 19:23 thierry ] Original commit   Revision:430826
430826 MOVED
430826 math/Makefile
430826 math/libproj4
430826 math/proj.4
430826 math/proj.4/Makefile
430826 math/proj.4/distinfo
430826 math/proj.4/files/patch-Makefile
430826 math/proj.4/files/patch-proj_ftmerc.c
430826 math/proj.4/files/patch-src_pj__mutex.c
430826 math/proj.4/pkg-descr

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Upgrade libproj4 to proj.4 4.9.3.
Tue, 27 Dec 2016
[ 21:20 swills ] Original commit   Revision:429664
429664 math/Makefile
429664 math/rubygem-algebra
429664 math/rubygem-algebra/Makefile
429664 math/rubygem-algebra/distinfo
429664 math/rubygem-algebra/pkg-descr
math/rubygem-algebra: create port

This is a library for mathematical computations. Our purpose is to express the
mathematical object naturally in Ruby. Though it is not operated fast, we can
see the algorithm of the mathematical processing not in black box but in
scripts. This library is in development stage.

[ 06:35 wen ] Original commit   Revision:429583
429583 math/Makefile
429583 math/py-yt
429583 math/py-yt/Makefile
429583 math/py-yt/distinfo
429583 math/py-yt/files
429583 math/py-yt/files/
429583 math/py-yt/pkg-descr
yt supports structured, variable-resolution meshes, unstructured meshes,
and discrete or sampled data such as particles. Focused on driving
physically-meaningful inquiry, yt has been applied in domains such as
astrophysics, seismology, nuclear engineering, molecular dynamics, and


PR:		214565
Submitted by:
Sat, 17 Dec 2016
[ 06:52 tota ] Original commit   Revision:428705
428705 math/Makefile
428705 math/R-cran-backports
428705 math/R-cran-backports/Makefile
428705 math/R-cran-backports/distinfo
428705 math/R-cran-backports/pkg-descr
- Add new port: math/R-cran-backports

  Implementations of functions which have been introduced in R since
  version 3.0.0. The backports are conditionally exported which results
  in R resolving the function names to the version shipped with R (if
  available) and uses the implemented backports as fallback. This way
  package developers can make use of the new functions without worrying
  about the minimum required R version.

Mon, 12 Dec 2016
[ 20:57 sunpoet ] Original commit   Revision:428431
428431 math/Makefile
428431 math/p5-Math-BigInt-Lite
428431 math/p5-Math-BigInt-Lite/Makefile
428431 math/p5-Math-BigInt-Lite/distinfo
428431 math/p5-Math-BigInt-Lite/pkg-descr
428431 math/p5-Math-BigInt-Lite/pkg-plist
- Add p5-Math-BigInt-Lite 0.16

Math::BigInt is not very good suited to work with small (read: typical less than
10 digits) numbers, since it has a quite high per-operation overhead and is thus
much slower than normal Perl for operations.

But for some applications, you want fast speed for small numbers without the
risk of overflowing. This is were Math::BigInt::Lite comes into play.

Math::BigInt::Lite objects should behave in every way like Math::BigInt objects,
that is apart from the different label, you should not be able to tell the
difference. Since Math::BigInt::Lite is designed with speed in mind, there are
certain limitations build-in. In praxis, however, you will not feel them,
because everytime something gets to big to pass as Lite (literally), it will
upgrade the objects and operation in question to Math::BigInt.

Tue, 1 Nov 2016
[ 22:25 rene ] Original commit   Revision:425097
425097 MOVED
425097 math/Makefile
425097 math/octave-forge-dicom
Remove expired port:
2016-11-01 math/octave-forge-dicom: Broken for more than 6 months
[ 22:15 rene ] Original commit   Revision:425096
425096 MOVED
425096 archivers/Makefile
425096 archivers/ruby-zip
425096 devel/Makefile
425096 devel/py-snack
425096 devel/py-snackwich
425096 devel/ruby-langscan
425096 math/Makefile
425096 math/octave-forge-ad
425096 math/octave-forge-octgpr

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Remove expired ports:
2016-11-01 math/octave-forge-octgpr: Broken for more than 6 months
2016-11-01 math/octave-forge-spline-gcvspl: Broken for more than 6 months
2016-11-01 www/pear-Services_SharedBook: Broken for more than 6 months
2016-11-01 devel/py-snackwich: Depends on broken and expiring devel/py-snack
2016-11-01 math/octave-forge-ad: Broken for more than 6 months
2016-11-01 math/octave-forge-xraylib: Broken for more than 6 months
2016-11-01 x11-toolkits/py-traitsbackendwx: Broken for more than 6 months
2016-11-01 x11-toolkits/py-traitsgui: Depends on broken and expiring
2016-11-01 security/lsh: Broken for more than 6 months
2016-11-01 devel/py-snack: Broken for more than 6 months
2016-11-01 security/massh: Broken for more than 6 months
2016-11-01 www/hydra: Broken for more than 6 months
2016-11-01 math/py-pyfst: Broken for more than 6 months
2016-11-01 archivers/ruby-zip: Broken will all supported versions of Ruby
2016-11-01 devel/ruby-langscan: Broken will all supported versions of Ruby
[ 20:26 jrm ] Original commit   Revision:425086
425086 math/Makefile
425086 math/amath
425086 math/amath/Makefile
425086 math/amath/distinfo
425086 math/amath/pkg-descr
New port, math/amath: simple command line calculator

Features a case sensitive command line interface, internal IEEE 754
calculations with 15 significant digits, calculations with real and complex
numbers, variables and user defined functions, logarithmic and exponential
functions, trigonometric and hyperbolic function and selected mathematical
constants and rounding functions.

PR:		209905
Submitted by: (maintainer)
Reviewed by:	mat
Approved by:	swills (mentor)
Differential Revision:
Fri, 21 Oct 2016
[ 07:29 rene ] Original commit   Revision:424381
424381 archivers/Makefile
424381 converters/Makefile
424381 databases/Makefile
424381 devel/Makefile
424381 ftp/Makefile
424381 graphics/Makefile
424381 lang/Makefile
424381 mail/Makefile
424381 math/Makefile
424381 misc/Makefile

(Only the first 10 of 16 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Unlink expired PHP5.5 ports.
Sun, 16 Oct 2016
[ 21:43 jrm ] Original commit   Revision:424082
424082 MOVED
424082 math/Makefile
424082 math/libR
Remove math/libR

- The libR option in math/R has been turned on by default since 2016-06-26.
- A request for comments regarding the removal, posted to ports@ on
  2016-07-16, did not result in any requests for it to remain in the tree.
- After a restructuring of math/R, math/libR has been marked BROKEN since
  2016-07-09 without any complaints.
- No ports depend on it.

Approved by:	swills (mentor)
Differential Revision:
Sat, 15 Oct 2016
[ 23:53 jbeich ] Original commit   Revision:424034
424034 math/Makefile
424034 math/ceres-solver
424034 math/ceres-solver/Makefile
424034 math/ceres-solver/distinfo
424034 math/ceres-solver/pkg-descr
424034 math/ceres-solver/pkg-plist
math/ceres-solver: add new port

Based on:	Gentoo (1.11.0 ebuild)
Tested on:	graphics/openmvg from @outpaddling's repo (build on 10.3 amd64)

Ceres Solver is an open source C++ library for modeling and solving
large, complicated optimization problems. It is a feature rich, mature
and performant library which has been used in production at Google
since 2010. Ceres Solver can solve two kinds of problems.

1. Non-linear Least Squares problems with bounds constraints.
2. General unconstrained optimization problems.
Mon, 10 Oct 2016
[ 20:11 rm ] Original commit   Revision:423697
423697 math/Makefile
423697 math/pecl-stats2
423697 math/pecl-stats2/Makefile
423697 math/pecl-stats2/distinfo
423697 math/pecl-stats2/pkg-descr
Extension for PHP that provides few dozens routines for statistical


PR:		212767
Submitted by:
[ 12:49 tota ] Original commit   Revision:423659
423659 math/Makefile
423659 math/R-cran-numDeriv
423659 math/R-cran-numDeriv/Makefile
423659 math/R-cran-numDeriv/distinfo
423659 math/R-cran-numDeriv/pkg-descr
- Add new port: math/R-cran-numDeriv

  Methods for calculating (usually) accurate numerical first and
  second order derivatives. Accurate calculations are done using
  'Richardson"s' extrapolation or, when applicable, a complex step
  derivative is available. A simple difference method is also provided.
  Simple difference is (usually) less accurate but is much quicker
  than 'Richardson"s' extrapolation and provides a useful cross-check.
  Methods are provided for real scalar and vector valued functions.

Fri, 30 Sep 2016
[ 20:31 rene ] Original commit   Revision:423021
423021 MOVED
423021 lang/Makefile
423021 lang/spark
423021 math/Makefile
423021 math/alt-ergo-spark
423021 math/why3-spark
423021 security/Makefile
423021 security/nessus
423021 security/nessus-libnasl
423021 security/nessus-libraries

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Remove expired ports:
2016-09-30 math/why3-spark: Only useful for deprecated lang/spark
2016-09-30 lang/spark: Broken for more than 6 months
2016-09-30 math/alt-ergo-spark: Only useful for deprecate lang/spark
2016-09-30 security/nessus-libnasl: Abandoned, consider using OpenVAS
2016-09-30 security/nessus: Abandoned, consider using OpenVAS
2016-09-30 security/nessus-libraries: Abandoned, consider using OpenVAS
2016-09-30 security/nessus-plugins: Abandoned, consider using OpenVAS
[ 07:08 wen ] Original commit   Revision:422961
422961 math/Makefile
422961 math/R-cran-nortest
422961 math/R-cran-nortest/Makefile
422961 math/R-cran-nortest/distinfo
422961 math/R-cran-nortest/pkg-descr
Five omnibus tests for testing the composite hypothesis of normality.


PR:		213089
Submitted by:	pfg@
[ 06:24 wen ] Original commit   Revision:422959
422959 math/Makefile
422959 math/R-cran-truncnorm
422959 math/R-cran-truncnorm/Makefile
422959 math/R-cran-truncnorm/distinfo
422959 math/R-cran-truncnorm/pkg-descr
Density, distribution function, quantile function, random generation
and expected value function for the truncated normal distribution
with mean equal to 'mean' and standard deviation equal to 'sd'.


PR:		213091
Submitted by:	pfg@
Sun, 14 Aug 2016
[ 18:36 stephen ] Original commit   Revision:420195
420195 LEGAL
420195 MOVED
420195 math/Makefile
420195 math/bamg
- Remove the port math/bamg, as it is no longer supported upstream.
Fri, 22 Jul 2016
[ 23:42 tota ] Original commit   Revision:418937
418937 math/Makefile
418937 math/R-cran-influenceR
418937 math/R-cran-influenceR/Makefile
418937 math/R-cran-influenceR/distinfo
418937 math/R-cran-influenceR/pkg-descr
- Add new port: math/R-cran-influenceR

  influenceR: Software Tools to Quantify Structural Importance of
  Nodes in a Network

  Provides functionality to compute various node centrality measures
  on networks. Included are functions to compute betweenness centrality
  (by utilizing Madduri and Bader's SNAP library), implementations
  of Burt's constraint and effective network size (ENS) metrics,
  Borgatti's algorithm to identify key players, and Valente's bridging
  metric. On Unix systems, the betweenness, Key Players, and bridging
  implementations are parallelized with OpenMP, which may run faster
  on systems which have OpenMP configured.

Thu, 14 Jul 2016
[ 09:26 tota ] Original commit   Revision:418525
418525 math/Makefile
418525 math/R-cran-mcmc
418525 math/R-cran-mcmc/Makefile
418525 math/R-cran-mcmc/distinfo
418525 math/R-cran-mcmc/pkg-descr
- Add new port: math/R-cran-mcmc

  Simulates continuous distributions of random vectors using Markov
  chain Monte Carlo (MCMC). Users specify the distribution by an R
  function that evaluates the log unnormalized density. Algorithms
  are random walk Metropolis algorithm (function metrop), simulated
  tempering (function temper), and morphometric random walk Metropolis
  (Johnson and Geyer, Annals of Statistics, 2012, function morph.metrop),
  which achieves geometric ergodicity by change of variable.

Sun, 10 Jul 2016
[ 07:42 pi ] Original commit   Revision:418304
418304 math/Makefile
418304 math/cadabra2
418304 math/cadabra2/Makefile
418304 math/cadabra2/distinfo
418304 math/cadabra2/files
418304 math/cadabra2/files/patch-CMakeLists.txt
418304 math/cadabra2/files/patch-client__server_CMakeLists.txt
418304 math/cadabra2/pkg-descr
418304 math/cadabra2/pkg-plist
New port: math/cadabra2

Cadabra is a symbolic computer algebra system (CAS) designed
specifically for the solution of problems encountered in field
theory. It has extensive functionality for tensor computer algebra,
tensor polynomial simplification including multi-term symmetries,
fermions and anti-commuting variables, Clifford algebras and Fierz
transformations, component computations, implicit coordinate
dependence, multiple index types and many more. The input format
is a subset of TeX.


PR:		210476
Submitted by:	Yuri Victorovich <>
Sat, 9 Jul 2016
[ 17:11 jbeich ] Original commit   Revision:418286
418286 math/Makefile
418286 math/py-pysparse
418286 math/py-pysparse/Makefile
418286 math/py-pysparse/distinfo
418286 math/py-pysparse/files
418286 math/py-pysparse/files/
418286 math/py-pysparse/pkg-descr
math/py-pysparse: add new port

PR:		210595
Submitted by:

PySparse extends the Python interpreter by a set of sparse matrix
types holding double precision values. PySparse also includes modules
that implement:

- iterative methods for solving linear systems of equations
- a set of standard preconditioners
- an interface to a direct solver for sparse linear systems of
  equations (SuperLU)
- a Jacobi-Davidson eigenvalue solver for the symmetric, generalised
  matrix eigenvalue problem (JDSYM)
Mon, 4 Jul 2016
[ 20:48 rene ] Original commit   Revision:418057
418057 LEGAL
418057 MOVED
418057 archivers/Makefile
418057 archivers/epkg
418057 audio/Makefile
418057 audio/alac
418057 audio/hawkvoice
418057 audio/mangler
418057 audio/streamtuner
418057 biology/Makefile

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Remove expired ports without open PRs:
2016-07-04 security/openpgpsdk: Broken for more than 6 months
2016-07-04 security/radiusniff: Broken for more than 6 months
2016-07-04 security/pear-Auth_OpenID: Broken for more than 6 months
2016-07-04 security/sshit: Broken for more than 6 months
2016-07-04 security/ifd-slb_rf60: Broken for more than 6 months
2016-07-04 security/rainbowcrack: Broken for more than 6 months
2016-07-04 security/vlog: Broken for more than 6 months
2016-07-04 security/cryptstring: Broken for more than 6 months
2016-07-04 x11/libdnd: Broken for more than 6 months
2016-07-04 x11/xlupe: Broken for more than 6 months
2016-07-04 x11/xco: Broken for more than 6 months
2016-07-04 x11/xclick: Broken for more than 6 months
2016-07-04 devel/ocfpcsc: Broken for more than 6 months
2016-07-04 devel/dits: Broken for more than 6 months
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Wed, 22 Jun 2016
[ 17:14 pawel ] Original commit   Revision:417325
417325 math/Makefile
417325 math/py-keras
417325 math/py-keras/Makefile
417325 math/py-keras/distinfo
417325 math/py-keras/pkg-descr
Deep Learning library for Python. Convnets, recurrent neural networks, and
more. Runs on Theano and TensorFlow.


PR:		210119
Submitted by:	Neel Chauhan <>
Tue, 14 Jun 2016
[ 08:21 wen ] Original commit   Revision:416879
416879 math/Makefile
416879 math/py-gmpy2
416879 math/py-gmpy2/Makefile
416879 math/py-gmpy2/distinfo
416879 math/py-gmpy2/pkg-descr
C-coded Python extension module that supports multiple-precision arithmetic.
In addition to supporting GMP or MPIR for multiple-precision integer and
rational arithmetic, gmpy2 adds support for the MPFR (correctly rounded real
floating-point arithmetic) and MPC (correctly rounded complex floating-point
arithmetic) libraries.


PR:		210127
Submitted by:
Mon, 16 May 2016
[ 01:40 feld ] Original commit   Revision:415293
415293 math/Makefile
415293 math/py-intspan
415293 math/py-intspan/Makefile
415293 math/py-intspan/distinfo
415293 math/py-intspan/pkg-descr
intspan is a set subclass that conveniently stores sets of integers.
Sets can be created from and displayed as integer spans such as
1-3,14,29,92-97 rather than exhaustive member listings.

Fri, 29 Apr 2016
[ 07:04 tota ] Original commit   Revision:414259
414259 math/Makefile
414259 math/R-cran-Rmpfr
414259 math/R-cran-Rmpfr/Makefile
414259 math/R-cran-Rmpfr/distinfo
414259 math/R-cran-Rmpfr/pkg-descr
- Add new port: math/R-cran-Rmpfr

  Arithmetic (via S4 classes and methods) for arbitrary precision
  floating point numbers, including transcendental ("special")
  functions. To this end, Rmpfr interfaces to the LGPL'ed MPFR (Multiple
  Precision Floating-Point Reliable) Library which itself is based
  on the GMP (GNU Multiple Precision) Library.


  Submitted by:	Jukka A. Ukkonen <jau_AT_iki_DOT_fi> (via private e-mail)
[ 06:56 tota ] Original commit   Revision:414258
414258 math/Makefile
414258 math/R-cran-gmp
414258 math/R-cran-gmp/Makefile
414258 math/R-cran-gmp/distinfo
414258 math/R-cran-gmp/pkg-descr
- Add new port: math/R-cran-gmp

  Multiple Precision Arithmetic (big integers and rationals, prime
  number tests, matrix computation), "arithmetic without limitations"
  using the C library GMP (GNU Multiple Precision Arithmetic).

Tue, 19 Apr 2016
[ 05:44 araujo ] Original commit   Revision:413625
413625 benchmarks/Makefile
413625 math/Makefile
Hook new ports on its categories Makefile.

Reported by:	antoine
Fri, 25 Mar 2016
[ 06:16 wen ] Original commit   Revision:411817
411817 math/Makefile
411817 math/R-cran-survey
411817 math/R-cran-survey/Makefile
411817 math/R-cran-survey/distinfo
411817 math/R-cran-survey/pkg-descr
Summary statistics, two-sample tests, rank tests, generalised linear models,
cumulative link models, Cox models, loglinear models, and general maximum
pseudolikelihood estimation for multistage stratified, cluster-sampled,
unequally weighted survey samples. Variances by Taylor series linearisation
or replicate weights. Post-stratification, calibration, and raking. Two-phase
subsampling designs. Graphics. PPS sampling without replacement. Principal
components, factor analysis.

Mon, 7 Mar 2016
[ 20:12 sunpoet ] Original commit   Revision:410545
410545 math/Makefile
410545 math/pecl-bitset2
410545 math/pecl-bitset2/Makefile
410545 math/pecl-bitset2/distinfo
- Add pecl-bitset2 2.0.3 (copied from pecl-bitset)

Sun, 6 Mar 2016
[ 18:38 antoine ] Original commit   Revision:410476
410476 math/Makefile
Unbreak INDEX
Fri, 4 Mar 2016
[ 22:54 thierry ] Original commit   Revision:410155
410155 MOVED
410155 math/Makefile
410155 math/mathmod
410155 math/mathmod/Makefile
410155 math/mathmod/distinfo
410155 math/mathmod/files/patch-Makefile
410155 math/mathmod/files/
410155 math/mathmod/files/patch-src_Makefile
410155 math/mathmod/pkg-descr
MathMod is the new K3DSurf, now based on Qt 5.
Sat, 27 Feb 2016
[ 23:39 stephen ] Original commit   Revision:409699
409699 math/Makefile
409699 math/octave-forge-zeromq
409699 math/octave-forge-zeromq/Makefile
409699 math/octave-forge-zeromq/distinfo
409699 math/octave-forge-zeromq/pkg-descr
- New port math/octave-forge-zeromq.

The octave-forge package is the result of The GNU Octave Repositry project,
which is intended to be a central location for custom scripts, functions and
extensions for GNU Octave. contains the source for all the functions plus
build and install scripts.

This is zeromq.

 ZeroMQ bindings for GNU Octave.
Mon, 22 Feb 2016
[ 08:12 se ] Original commit   Revision:409318
409318 math/Makefile
409318 math/sound-of-sorting
409318 math/sound-of-sorting/Makefile
409318 math/sound-of-sorting/distinfo
409318 math/sound-of-sorting/pkg-descr
Add math/sound-of-sorting:

This program demonstrates the working principles of some 20 sorting
algorithms and is very easy to use. Select the algorithm, the speed
of the visualisation and whether you want to get sound output (that
reflects the values being moved and is characteristic for each kind
of algorithm).

Approved by:	antoine (mentor)
Mon, 15 Feb 2016
[ 14:34 miwi ] Original commit   Revision:408932
408932 Mk/
408932 archivers/Makefile
408932 archivers/php70-bz2
408932 archivers/php70-bz2/Makefile
408932 archivers/php70-phar
408932 archivers/php70-phar/files/patch-config.m4
408932 archivers/php70-phar/files/patch-phar.c
408932 archivers/php70-zip
408932 archivers/php70-zip/Makefile
408932 archivers/php70-zlib

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Welcome php 7.0.3


I'd like to thanks:
  Kurt Jaeger
  Matthias Breddin
  Rainer Duffner
  Victor van Vlaardingen
  Torsten Zuehlsdorff
  Franco Fichtner
  and all helpers and testers from ports@.
Sun, 14 Feb 2016
[ 19:21 rene ] Original commit   Revision:408884
408884 MOVED
408884 Mk/
408884 archivers/Makefile
408884 archivers/php5-bz2
408884 archivers/php5-phar
408884 archivers/php5-zip
408884 archivers/php5-zlib
408884 converters/Makefile
408884 converters/php5-iconv
408884 converters/php5-mbstring

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Remove PHP 5.4 from the Ports Tree, it expired upstream in 2015-Q3 and the
ports expired last month.

Adjust Mk/

Reviewed by:	antoine, marino
Approved by:	portmgr (antoine)
Differential Revision:
Sat, 30 Jan 2016
[ 06:09 olivierd ] Original commit   Revision:407514
407514 math/Makefile
407514 math/xfce4-calculator-plugin
407514 math/xfce4-calculator-plugin/Makefile
407514 math/xfce4-calculator-plugin/distinfo
407514 math/xfce4-calculator-plugin/pkg-descr
407514 math/xfce4-calculator-plugin/pkg-plist
It is a calculator plugin for the Xfce4 panel. The plugin supports common
mathematical operators, constants (pi) and functions.


Obtained from:	Xfce devel repository
Fri, 29 Jan 2016
[ 13:52 lwhsu ] Original commit   Revision:407468
407468 math/Makefile
407468 math/openlibm
407468 math/openlibm/Makefile
407468 math/openlibm/distinfo
407468 math/openlibm/files
407468 math/openlibm/files/
407468 math/openlibm/files/patch-Makefile
407468 math/openlibm/pkg-descr
407468 math/openlibm/pkg-message
407468 math/openlibm/pkg-plist
Add openlibm, high quality system independent, portable, open source libm

PR:		206676
Submitted by:	Iblis Lin <>
Sat, 23 Jan 2016
[ 02:58 sobomax ] Original commit   Revision:406959
406959 math/Makefile
406959 math/py-cdecimal
406959 math/py-cdecimal/Makefile
406959 math/py-cdecimal/distinfo
406959 math/py-cdecimal/pkg-descr
Add py-cdecimal, a fast drop-in replacement for the Decimal module
in python < 3.3.
Wed, 13 Jan 2016
[ 03:47 stephen ] Original commit   Revision:406003
406003 math/Makefile
406003 math/octave-forge-tisean
406003 math/octave-forge-tisean/Makefile
406003 math/octave-forge-tisean/distinfo
406003 math/octave-forge-tisean/pkg-descr
406003 math/octave-forge-tisean/pkg-plist
- New port math/octave-forge-tisean.

The octave-forge package is the result of The GNU Octave Repositry project,
which is intended to be a central location for custom scripts, functions and
extensions for GNU Octave. contains the source for all the functions plus
build and install scripts.
[ 03:24 stephen ] Original commit   Revision:406002
406002 math/Makefile
406002 math/octave-forge-sparsersb
406002 math/octave-forge-sparsersb/Makefile
406002 math/octave-forge-sparsersb/distinfo
406002 math/octave-forge-sparsersb/pkg-descr
406002 math/octave-forge-sparsersb/pkg-plist
- New port math/octave-forge-sparsersb.

The octave-forge package is the result of The GNU Octave Repositry project,
which is intended to be a central location for custom scripts, functions and
extensions for GNU Octave. contains the source for all the functions plus
build and install scripts.

This port uses math/librsb, which is quite difficult to install.  Therefore
this port will not be installed as part of the math/octave-forge meta-port.
Thu, 31 Dec 2015
[ 03:12 miwi ] Original commit   Revision:404902
404902 math/Makefile
404902 math/py-pyvtk
404902 math/py-pyvtk/Makefile
404902 math/py-pyvtk/distinfo
404902 math/py-pyvtk/pkg-descr
Tools for manipulating VTK (Visualization Toolkit) files in Python.


PR:		205644
Submitted by:	Yuri Victorovich <>
Wed, 30 Dec 2015
[ 23:20 rene ] Original commit   Revision:404882
404882 MOVED
404882 audio/Makefile
404882 audio/py-fastaudio
404882 devel/Makefile
404882 devel/jgoodies-common
404882 devel/monodevelop-database
404882 editors/Makefile
404882 editors/bless
404882 games/Makefile
404882 games/kanatest

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Remove expired ports:
2015-12-30 www/ocsigen: Broken for more than 6 months
2015-12-30 devel/monodevelop-database: Broken for more than 6 months
2015-12-30 lang/cduce: Broken for more than 6 months
2015-12-30 science/hdf-java: Broken for more than 6 months
2015-12-30 math/p5-Math-Geometry-Planar-GPC-Polygon: Broken for more than 6
2015-12-30 www/eliom: Depends on broken and expiring www/ocsigen
2015-12-30 audio/py-fastaudio: Broken for more than 6 months
2015-12-30 devel/jgoodies-common: Broken for more than 6 months
2015-12-30 graphics/pinta: Broken for more than 6 months
2015-12-30 games/kanatest: Broken for more than 6 months
2015-12-30 editors/bless: Broken for more than 6 months
2015-12-30 security/burpsuite: Broken for more than 6 months
Fri, 25 Dec 2015
[ 09:20 vanilla ] Original commit   Revision:404409
404409 math/Makefile
404409 math/py-pyhull
404409 math/py-pyhull/Makefile
404409 math/py-pyhull/distinfo
404409 math/py-pyhull/pkg-descr
Add py-pyhull 1.5.6, computation of convex hull, Delaunay triangulation
and Voronoi diagram.

PR:		205593
Submitted by:	Yuri Victorovich <>
Fri, 18 Dec 2015
[ 02:17 wen ] Original commit   Revision:403950
403950 math/Makefile
403950 math/R-cran-MatchIt
403950 math/R-cran-MatchIt/Makefile
403950 math/R-cran-MatchIt/distinfo
403950 math/R-cran-MatchIt/pkg-descr
MatchIt selects matched samples of the the original treated and
control groups with similar covariate distributions - can be used
to match exactly on covariates, to match on propensity scores, or
perform a variety of other matching procedures.

[ 02:03 wen ] Original commit   Revision:403949
403949 math/Makefile
403949 math/R-cran-geepack
403949 math/R-cran-geepack/Makefile
403949 math/R-cran-geepack/distinfo
403949 math/R-cran-geepack/pkg-descr
Generalized estimating equations solver for parameters in
mean, scale, and correlation structures, through mean link,
scale link, and correlation link. Can also handle clustered
categorical responses.

[ 00:28 wen ] Original commit   Revision:403943
403943 math/Makefile
403943 math/R-cran-dplyr
403943 math/R-cran-dplyr/Makefile
403943 math/R-cran-dplyr/distinfo
403943 math/R-cran-dplyr/pkg-descr
A fast, consistent tool for working with data frame like
objects, both in memory and out of memory.

Wed, 16 Dec 2015
[ 07:58 wen ] Original commit   Revision:403846
403846 math/Makefile
403846 math/R-cran-assertthat
403846 math/R-cran-assertthat/Makefile
403846 math/R-cran-assertthat/distinfo
403846 math/R-cran-assertthat/pkg-descr
assertthat is an extension to stopifnot() that makes it easy to
declare the pre and post conditions that you code should satisfy,
while also producing friendly error messages so that your users
know what they've done wrong.

[ 07:44 wen ] Original commit   Revision:403845
403845 math/Makefile
403845 math/R-cran-lazyeval
403845 math/R-cran-lazyeval/Makefile
403845 math/R-cran-lazyeval/distinfo
403845 math/R-cran-lazyeval/pkg-descr
A disciplined approach to non-standard evaluation.

[ 07:12 wen ] Original commit   Revision:403844
403844 math/Makefile
403844 math/R-cran-Amelia
403844 math/R-cran-Amelia/Makefile
403844 math/R-cran-Amelia/distinfo
403844 math/R-cran-Amelia/pkg-descr
A tool that "multiply imputes" missing data in a single cross-section
(such as a survey), from a time series (like variables collected for
each year in a country), or from a time-series-cross-sectional data set
(such as collected by years for each of several countries).

Thu, 10 Dec 2015
[ 20:20 marino ] Original commit   Revision:403466
403466 MOVED
403466 lang/spark/Makefile
403466 math/Makefile
403466 math/why3-gpl
403466 math/why3-spark
403466 math/why3-spark/Makefile
Move math/why3-gpl => math/why3-spark

There are two reasons to rename this port.
1) Upstream never liked it and requested -spark be the suffix instead
2) An ongoing attempt to fix lang/spark may result in a number of slave
   ports with a -spark suffix, so this keeps up consistency as all of
   these ports only exist to support that port.
Sun, 6 Dec 2015
[ 04:38 tota ] Original commit   Revision:403087
403087 math/Makefile
403087 math/R-cran-MSwM
403087 math/R-cran-MSwM/Makefile
403087 math/R-cran-MSwM/distinfo
403087 math/R-cran-MSwM/pkg-descr
- Add new port: math/R-cran-MSwM

  Univariate Autoregressive Markov Switching Models for Linear and
  Generalized Models

Tue, 1 Dec 2015
[ 14:04 wen ] Original commit   Revision:402738
402738 math/Makefile
402738 math/R-cran-maxLik
402738 math/R-cran-maxLik/Makefile
402738 math/R-cran-maxLik/distinfo
402738 math/R-cran-maxLik/pkg-descr
Functions for Maximum Likelihood (ML) estimation and non-linear
optimization, and related tools. It includes a unified way to
call different optimizers, and classes and methods to handle the
results from the ML viewpoint. It also includes a number of
convenience tools for testing and developing your own models.

[ 06:20 wen ] Original commit   Revision:402721
402721 math/Makefile
402721 math/R-cran-miscTools
402721 math/R-cran-miscTools/Makefile
402721 math/R-cran-miscTools/distinfo
402721 math/R-cran-miscTools/pkg-descr
R-cran-miscTools is miscellaneous tools and utilities for R.

Tue, 24 Nov 2015
[ 06:22 wen ] Original commit   Revision:402348
402348 math/Makefile
402348 math/R-cran-VGAM
402348 math/R-cran-VGAM/Makefile
402348 math/R-cran-VGAM/distinfo
402348 math/R-cran-VGAM/pkg-descr
An implementation of about 6 major classes of statistical regression
models.At the heart of it are the vector generalized linear and
additive model (VGLM/VGAM) classes, and the book "Vector Generalized
Linear and Additive Models: With an Implementation in R" (Yee, 2015)
gives details of the statistical framework and VGAM package. Currently
only fixed-effects models are implemented, i.e., no random-effects models.

Sat, 21 Nov 2015
[ 14:09 thierry ] Original commit   Revision:402161
402161 MOVED
402161 math/Makefile
402161 math/rkward-kde4
402161 math/rkward-kde4/Makefile
Resurrect math/rkward-kde4, which had been removed because math/R-cran-car
might gbe removed, but this dependency is recommended, not mandatory.
Sun, 15 Nov 2015
[ 16:28 tota ] Original commit   Revision:401714
401714 math/Makefile
401714 math/R-cran-quantreg
401714 math/R-cran-quantreg/Makefile
401714 math/R-cran-quantreg/distinfo
401714 math/R-cran-quantreg/pkg-descr
- Add new port: math/R-cran-quantreg

  Estimation and inference methods for models of conditional quantiles:
  Linear and nonlinear parametric and non-parametric (total variation
  penalized) models for conditional quantiles of a univariate response
  and several methods for handling censored survival data. Portfolio
  selection methods based on expected shortfall risk are also included.

[ 15:45 tota ] Original commit   Revision:401712
401712 math/Makefile
401712 math/R-cran-SparseM
401712 math/R-cran-SparseM/Makefile
401712 math/R-cran-SparseM/distinfo
401712 math/R-cran-SparseM/pkg-descr
- Add new port: math/R-cran-SparseM

  Some basic linear algebra functionality for sparse matrices is
  provided: including Cholesky decomposition and backsolving as well
  as standard R subsetting and Kronecker products.

[ 15:35 tota ] Original commit   Revision:401711
401711 math/Makefile
401711 math/R-cran-MatrixModels
401711 math/R-cran-MatrixModels/Makefile
401711 math/R-cran-MatrixModels/distinfo
401711 math/R-cran-MatrixModels/pkg-descr
- Add new port: math/R-cran-MatrixModels

  Modelling with sparse and dense 'Matrix' matrices, using modular
  prediction and response module classes.

[ 15:07 tota ] Original commit   Revision:401708
401708 math/Makefile
401708 math/R-cran-pbkrtest
401708 math/R-cran-pbkrtest/Makefile
401708 math/R-cran-pbkrtest/distinfo
401708 math/R-cran-pbkrtest/pkg-descr
- Add new port: math/R-cran-pbkrtest

  Test in linear mixed effects models. Attention is on linear mixed
  effects models as implemented in the lme4 package. The package
  implements a parametric bootstrap test. The package implements a
  Kenward-Roger modification of F-tests.

[ 12:07 tota ] Original commit   Revision:401698
401698 math/Makefile
401698 math/R-cran-lme4
401698 math/R-cran-lme4/Makefile
401698 math/R-cran-lme4/distinfo
401698 math/R-cran-lme4/pkg-descr
- Add new port: math/R-cran-lme4

  Fit linear and generalized linear mixed-effects models. The models
  and their components are represented using S4 classes and methods.
  The core computational algorithms are implemented using the Eigen
  C++ library for numerical linear algebra and RcppEigen "glue".

[ 10:43 tota ] Original commit   Revision:401685
401685 math/Makefile
- Connect math/R-cran-RcppEigen to the build
[ 03:57 tota ] Original commit   Revision:401681
401681 math/Makefile
401681 math/R-cran-nloptr
401681 math/R-cran-nloptr/Makefile
401681 math/R-cran-nloptr/distinfo
401681 math/R-cran-nloptr/pkg-descr
- Add new port: math/R-cran-nloptr

  nloptr is an R interface to NLopt. NLopt is a free/open-source
  library for nonlinear optimization, providing a common interface
  for a number of different free optimization routines available
  online as well as original implementations of various other algorithms.

Sun, 1 Nov 2015
[ 16:02 rene ] Original commit   Revision:400622
400622 LEGAL
400622 MOVED
400622 audio/Makefile
400622 audio/
400622 devel/Makefile
400622 devel/libphish
400622 devel/rubygem-debugger
400622 games/Makefile
400622 games/linux-ningpo-demo
400622 graphics/Makefile

(Only the first 10 of 35 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Remove expired ports:
2015-10-31 audio/ Broken for more than 6 months
2015-10-31 devel/libphish: Broken for more than 6 months
2015-10-31 devel/rubygem-debugger: This port is for Ruby 1.9 only. Upstream
stopped maintenance.
2015-10-31 games/linux-ningpo-demo: Broken for more than 6 months
2015-10-30 graphics/gdal-grass: Superseded by gdal-2.0.0
2015-10-31 graphics/picviz: Broken for more than 6 months
2015-10-31 irc/weechat-devel: far behind stable irc/weechat (use it instead)
2015-10-31 mail/cucipop: Broken for more than 6 months
2015-10-31 math/rkward-kde4: Depends on deprecated math/R-cran-car
2015-10-31 multimedia/streamanalyze: Broken for more than 6 months
2015-10-31 net-mgmt/collectd: Please move to collectd5 - collect4 is not
2015-10-31 sysutils/sdd: Broken for more than 6 months
2015-10-31 sysutils/xfce4-minicmd-plugin: Broken for more than 6 months
2015-10-31 www/linux-libgtkembedmoz: Broken for more than 6 months
2015-10-31 www/py-feedfinder: Broken for more than 6 months
2015-10-31 www/py-openssl-proxy: Broken for more than 6 months
2015-10-31 www/py-webware: Broken for more than 6 months
2015-10-31 www/py-webware-component: Depends on deprecated www/py-webware
2015-10-31 x11-fonts/code2001: Broken for more than 6 months
2015-10-31 x11-wm/e-module-diskio: Broken for more than 7 months
Thu, 15 Oct 2015
[ 20:15 sunpoet ] Original commit   Revision:399363
399363 math/Makefile
399363 math/p5-Math-Utils
399363 math/p5-Math-Utils/Makefile
399363 math/p5-Math-Utils/distinfo
399363 math/p5-Math-Utils/pkg-descr
399363 math/p5-Math-Utils/pkg-plist
- Add p5-Math-Utils 1.06

Math::Utils provides ueful mathematical functions not in Perl.

Sat, 10 Oct 2015
[ 12:55 pawel ] Original commit   Revision:398992
398992 math/Makefile
398992 math/math77
398992 math/math77/Makefile
398992 math/math77/distinfo
398992 math/math77/files
398992 math/math77/files/patch-makefile
398992 math/math77/pkg-descr
Mathematical subprogram libraries for Fortran 77.
Created by CalTech.


PR:		201918
Submitted by:
Tue, 22 Sep 2015
[ 15:43 feld ] Original commit   Revision:397543
397543 math/Makefile
397543 math/z3
397543 math/z3/Makefile
397543 math/z3/distinfo
397543 math/z3/files
397543 math/z3/files/
397543 math/z3/pkg-descr
397543 math/z3/pkg-plist
Z3 is a high-performance theorem prover developed
at Microsoft Research.


PR:		202136
Submitted by:
Thu, 17 Sep 2015
[ 18:07 kwm ] Original commit   Revision:397198
397198 devel/Makefile
397198 devel/clinfo
397198 devel/clinfo/Makefile
397198 devel/clinfo/distinfo
397198 devel/clinfo/pkg-descr
397198 graphics/dri/Makefile
397198 graphics/dri/pkg-plist
397198 graphics/dri/pkg-plist-old
397198 graphics/gbm/Makefile
397198 graphics/gbm/pkg-descr

(Only the first 10 of 83 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Update Mesa port to 10.6.6 and add Clover.
Add beignet 1.1.0.
Add clinfo, clblas, clfft and clrng.

The major change is that all Mesa ports are now configured the same way.
This fixes several problems and enables new features.  The details
are described in this blog post:

The second important change is the OpenCL support.  Mesa's
implementation, Clover, is enabled as well as Beignet.  Clover
targets all Gallium drivers, only Radeon GPUs in our case.  Beignet
is for Intel GPUs starting with Ivy Bridge.  Thanks to Johannes
Dieterich, O. Hartman, and Koop Mast for their work on OpenCL!  As a
bonus, there are several OpenCL-based math ports added (clblas,
(Only the first 15 lines of the commit message are shown above View all of this commit message)
Sat, 29 Aug 2015
[ 10:59 pgj ] Original commit   Revision:395545
395545 math/Makefile
- Hook math/hs-Agda-stdlib into the build that was missed during the latest
  global Haskell update

Reported by:	antoine
Thu, 20 Aug 2015
[ 23:02 pgj ] Original commit   Revision:394918
394918 MOVED
394918 archivers/hs-tar/Makefile
394918 archivers/hs-tar/distinfo
394918 archivers/hs-zip-archive/Makefile
394918 archivers/hs-zip-archive/distinfo
394918 archivers/hs-zlib-bindings/Makefile
394918 archivers/hs-zlib-bindings/distinfo
394918 archivers/hs-zlib-enum/Makefile
394918 archivers/hs-zlib/Makefile

(Only the first 10 of 1153 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
- Update The Glorious Glasgow Haskell Compiler to version 7.10.2
- Include a patch for addressing timer issues [1]
- Add support for building both GHC and Haskell ports with Clang, either from
  ports or the base system
- Discontinue supporting Haskell Platform, use Stackage instead as a
- Drop support for FreeBSD 8.x, optimize bootstrap compiler tarballs
- Update Gtk2Hs to version 0.13 [2]
- Update Pandoc to version
- Update git-annex to version 5.20150727
- Update Darcs to 2.10 [3]
- Unbreak wxHaskell ports

Please note that port revisions for all the Haskell ports without version
changes are bumped.
(Only the first 15 lines of the commit message are shown above View all of this commit message)
Tue, 11 Aug 2015
[ 20:41 tota ] Original commit   Revision:393972
393972 math/Makefile
393972 math/R-cran-irlba
393972 math/R-cran-irlba/Makefile
393972 math/R-cran-irlba/distinfo
393972 math/R-cran-irlba/pkg-descr
- Add new port: math/R-cran-irlba

  A fast and memory-efficient method for computing a few approximate
  singular values and singular vectors of large matrices.

[ 19:50 tota ] Original commit   Revision:393969
393969 math/Makefile
393969 math/R-cran-NMF
393969 math/R-cran-NMF/Makefile
393969 math/R-cran-NMF/distinfo
393969 math/R-cran-NMF/pkg-descr
- Add new port: math/R-cran-NMF

  Provides a framework to perform Non-negative Matrix Factorization
  (NMF). The package implements a set of already published algorithms
  and seeding methods, and provides a framework to test, develop and
  plug new/custom algorithms. Most of the built-in algorithms have
  been optimized in C++, and the main interface function provides an
  easy way of performing parallel computations on multicore machines.

Mon, 27 Jul 2015
[ 20:19 kwm ] Original commit   Revision:393031
393031 MOVED
393031 Mk/
393031 archivers/engrampa/Makefile
393031 archivers/engrampa/distinfo
393031 archivers/engrampa/files/patch-src_fr-command-tar.c
393031 archivers/engrampa/pkg-plist
393031 audio/Makefile
393031 audio/libmatemixer
393031 audio/libmatemixer/Makefile
393031 audio/libmatemixer/distinfo

(Only the first 10 of 130 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Update MATE DE to 1.10.0.

This MATE is still build agains GTK+2.
Sort USES here and there.
Replace mate-dialogs with zenity and mate-calc with galculator.

This update fixes the following PR's:
PR:		193942, 191885
Submitted by:	Gustau Perez <> via Gnome devel repo
Obtained from:	gnome devel repo.
Tue, 21 Jul 2015
[ 09:57 kuriyama ] Original commit   Revision:392616
392616 math/Makefile
392616 math/p5-Number-Misc
392616 math/p5-Number-Misc/Makefile
392616 math/p5-Number-Misc/distinfo
392616 math/p5-Number-Misc/pkg-descr
392616 math/p5-Number-Misc/pkg-plist
Number::Misc provides some miscellaneous handy utilities for handling
numbers.  These utilities handle processing numbers as strings,
determining basic properties of numbers, or selecting a random number
from a range.

Wed, 15 Jul 2015
[ 17:35 skreuzer ] Original commit   Revision:392173
392173 math/Makefile
392173 math/py-colormath
392173 math/py-colormath/Makefile
392173 math/py-colormath/distinfo
392173 math/py-colormath/pkg-descr
colormath is a simple Python module that spares the user from directly dealing
with color math.

Some features include:

 * Support for a wide range of color spaces. A good chunk of the CIE spaces,
   RGB, HSL/HSV, CMY/CMYK, and many more.
 * Conversions between the various color spaces. For example, XYZ to sRGB,
   Spectral to XYZ, CIE Lab to Adobe RGB.
 * Calculation of color difference. All CIE Delta E functions, plus CMC.
 * Chromatic adaptations (changing illuminants).
 * RGB to hex and vice-versa.
 * 16-bit RGB support.


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