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non port: head/Mk/Uses/

Number of commits found: 31

Sun, 28 Dec 2014
[ 21:46 antoine ] Original commit 
375758 Mk/Uses/
Set CHOSEN_COMPILER_TYPE for USES=compiler:gcc-c++11-lib

PR:		ports/196111
Submitted by:	Jan Beich
With hat:	portmgr
Fri, 21 Nov 2014
[ 17:22 antoine ] Original commit 
373004 Mk/Uses/
373004 Mk/Uses/
373004 Mk/
373004 devel/gnustep-make/Makefile
373004 lang/libobjc2/Makefile
Enforce clang 3.4 in USES=c*11*,objc,gnustep as clang 3.3 has some bugs

Requested by:	bapt
PR:		ports/195122
Differential Revision:
Exp-run by:	self
With hat:	portmgr
Sat, 18 Oct 2014
[ 18:13 antoine ] Original commit 
371153 Mk/Uses/
371153 Mk/Uses/
371153 Mk/
371153 lang/libobjc2/Makefile
371153 net/belle-sip/Makefile
Switch from clang33 to clang34 for ports using compiler:*11*, objc or
gnustep on freebsd 8.4 and 9.1

PR:		ports/193555
Differential Revision:
Reviewed by:	bapt
Exp-run:	self
Sun, 28 Sep 2014
[ 16:36 tijl ] Original commit 
369465 Mk/Uses/
369465 Mk/Uses/
369465 Mk/Uses/
369465 Mk/Uses/
369465 Mk/Uses/
369465 Mk/Uses/
369465 Mk/Uses/
369465 Mk/Uses/
369465 Mk/Uses/
369465 Mk/Uses/

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Change the way USES is handled:
- Loop over USES twice, once to define all *_ARGS variables and once to
  include Uses/*.mk.  This allows all Uses/*.mk to examine arguments given
  to other USES entries.
- Always define *_ARGS (possibly empty) and replace commas with spaces.

Similar for _USES_POST.

Adjust all Uses/*.mk:
- defined(u_ARGS) becomes !empty(u_ARGS)
- Eliminate helper variables like _*_ARGS=${*_ARGS:C/,/ /g}
- Some Uses/*.mk used ":" as argument separator instead of ",", but no port
  used this form
- Uses/ remove unused variable VALID_ARGS and USES+=fortran which
  has no effect
- Uses/ simplify handling of the case where neither "build" nor
  "run" arguments have been specified

PR:		193931
Exp-run by:	antoine
Approved by:	portmgr (antoine)
Sun, 29 Jun 2014
[ 20:35 nwhitehorn ] Original commit 
359791 Mk/Uses/
Avoid using clang as a fallback compiler on Tier-2 systems for C++0x
or C11 features on platforms where it is not known to work.
Fri, 27 Jun 2014
[ 03:23 bdrewery ] Original commit 
359440 Mk/Uses/
- Fix logic from r359424 to not always apply - only apply on tier2 archs.

With hat:	portmgr
Thu, 26 Jun 2014
[ 22:16 nwhitehorn ] Original commit 
359424 Mk/Uses/
On some Tier-2 platforms (e.g. PowerPC), clang kind of works and so is
installed but is not cc. On such platforms, clang is usually not default
for a reason and so using it for C++11 is unwise. Instead, fall back to
newer GCC. On i386 and amd64, clang works even if it isn't the default,
so continue using it there.

This fixes the build for Boost, among other software, on PowerPC.

Approved by:	bapt
Tue, 8 Apr 2014
[ 15:16 bapt ] Original commit 
350623 Mk/Uses/
Add compiler:gcc-c++11-lib to instrument gcc linking with libc++ on system where
default stl is libc++
Sat, 15 Mar 2014
[ 10:31 gerald ] Original commit 
348308 Mk/Uses/
348308 Mk/Uses/
348308 Mk/Uses/
348308 Mk/Uses/
348308 Mk/Uses/
348308 Mk/Uses/
348308 Mk/Uses/
348308 Mk/Uses/
348308 Mk/Uses/
348308 Mk/Uses/

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Move MAINTAINER lines to the end of the initial comment block and
make things a bit more consistent.

Approved by:	portmgr (bapt)
Wed, 12 Mar 2014
[ 17:45 bapt ] Original commit 
347992 Mk/Uses/
Now that default gcc is 4.7 switch back to USE_GCC=yes where appropriate
Fri, 10 Jan 2014
[ 22:09 rene ] Original commit 
339386 Mk/Uses/
Mention the new c++0x argument.

Approved by:	portmgr (bdrewery)
Thu, 9 Jan 2014
[ 07:10 bapt ] Original commit 
339202 Mk/Uses/
Fix test
[ 06:56 bapt ] Original commit 
339200 Mk/Uses/
Make gcc 4.6 is sufficient for c++0x
[ 06:55 bapt ] Original commit 
339199 Mk/Uses/
Allow to choose clang from base on 9.2 when looking for a C11 compiler
Add compiler:c++0x modeled over compiler:c++11-lang [1]

Requested by:	delphij [1]
Sun, 15 Dec 2013
[ 23:45 rene ] Original commit 
336597 Mk/Uses/
Spell out "nestedfct"

Approved by:	portmgr (bapt)
[ 23:22 rene ] Original commit 
336594 Mk/Uses/
Mention nestedfct parameter.

Perform some language fixes while here.

Approved by:	portmgr (bapt)
Fri, 13 Dec 2013
[ 14:14 bapt ] Original commit 
336347 Mk/Uses/
Add compiler:nestedfct which will automatically probe USE_GCC=any
Wed, 20 Nov 2013
[ 21:48 bapt ] Original commit 
334460 Mk/Uses/
Fix a typo

Reported by:	Rainer Hurling <>
[ 21:47 bapt ] Original commit 
334459 Mk/Uses/
Swap to use gcc 4.7 when requesting a C++11/C11 compiler and clang
does not fit or the user explicitly want GCC.
[ 12:41 bapt ] Original commit 
334410 Mk/Uses/
Add CHOSEN_COMPILER_TYPE which can be clang or gcc

It value correspond to the type of compiler chosen by the famework depending on
the options

Requested by:	rene
Fri, 15 Nov 2013
[ 22:25 bapt ] Original commit 
333945 Mk/Uses/
Make sure clang uses ports ld on FreeBSD 8
Tue, 12 Nov 2013
[ 09:25 bapt ] Original commit 
333554 Mk/Uses/
On FreeBSD 8 clang will need a newer version of binutils.

Reported by:	dbn
Thu, 7 Nov 2013
[ 17:35 bapt ] Original commit 
333142 Mk/Uses/
Allow base clang to be used if version is >= 3.3
This gives 2 new variables to the porters:
ALT_COMPILER_TYPE which can be empty, clang or cc depending on what ${CC} is
ALT_COMPILER_VERSION which will give the porter a 2 digit version of the
alternative compiler

Requested by:	many
Thu, 17 Oct 2013
[ 09:50 rene ] Original commit 
330622 Mk/Uses/
Document "openmp" as a valid argument.

Approved by:	portmgr (bapt)
Mon, 14 Oct 2013
[ 16:46 marino ] Original commit 
330336 Mk/Uses/
Mk/Uses/ Ensure COMPILER_TYPE can only be clang or gcc

The comments and code state that COMPILER_TYPE can only be
of the value "clang" or "gcc".  However, the code that determines this
allows for a possible undefined third state (empty string).  BMake
will emit a lot of errors about badly formatted conditionals if

Since, by definition, if the COMPILER_TYPE is not clang, it must be
gcc, so skip the conditional gcc check and just set it.  The entire
file must be updated if support for additional compilers is desired.

This bug was discovered because the gcc detection code failed to
identify the DragonFly base compiler (GCC 4.7.3) as gcc.

Approved by:	portmgr (bapt)
Sat, 12 Oct 2013
[ 05:42 bapt ] Original commit 
330120 Mk/Uses/
Always use a recent version of gcc in case a port needs openmp support

Submitted by:	gerald
Wed, 9 Oct 2013
[ 05:52 bapt ] Original commit 
329860 Mk/Uses/
Add a new argument openmp to make sure that only gcc is used (for now) is the
port requires openmp

Requested by:	brooks
[ 05:45 bapt ] Original commit 
329859 Mk/Uses/
Really really commit the right version

Pointyhat to:	bapt
[ 00:46 bdrewery ] Original commit 
329852 Mk/Uses/
Revert r329829 to restore
Tue, 8 Oct 2013
[ 19:41 bapt ] Original commit 
329829 Mk/Uses/
Actually commit the right version
[ 18:55 bapt ] Original commit 
329823 CHANGES
329823 Mk/Uses/
New USES=compiler

Supported arguments are:
  - c++11-lang: the port needs a c++11 aware compiler what ever standard
  library it uses, implies features
  - c++11-lib: the port needs a c++11 standard library, implies features
  - c11: the ports needs a c11 aware compiler implies features
  - features: this will create a COMPILER_FEATURES variable which contains
  the list of features ${CC} do support, implies env.
  - env: the COMPILER_TYPE will be set to either gcc or clang.

  By default the uses will try to use clang33 from ports when nothing in
  base is relevant except if the user explicitly defines
  FAVORITE_COMPILER=gcc in his make.conf

Please note that testing tinderbox prior to version: 4.0.1_1 is not able to
properly figure out the dependencies implied by this USES.

Number of commits found: 31

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