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found something from the cache
non port: head/Tools/scripts/

Number of commits found: 8

Wed, 9 Oct 2013
[ 23:01 bdrewery ] Original commit 
329935 Mk/Scripts/
329935 Mk/
329935 Tools/scripts/
- Move to more appropriate new directory Mk/Scripts as
  it is related to infrastructure/framework and a required portmgr-
  maintained script

With hat:	portmgr
Sun, 7 Jul 2013
[ 15:36 bdrewery ] Original commit 
322445 Tools/scripts/
Re-add helper. This is critical for dialog4ports usage.

Pointyhat to:	eadler
[ 15:32 eadler ] Original commit 
322444 Tools/scripts/README
322444 Tools/scripts/
Remove dialogwrapper now that dialog4ports exists
Thu, 28 Mar 2013
[ 11:05 bdrewery ] Original commit 
315456 Tools/scripts/
315456 ports-mgmt/dialog4ports/Makefile
315456 ports-mgmt/dialog4ports/distinfo
- Update to 0.1.3 which only brings a -v option to allow
  supporting older versions for the stdout/stderr switching

Approved by:	Ilya A. Arkhipov <> (maintainer)
With hat:	portmgr
Mon, 25 Mar 2013
[ 15:58 bdrewery ] Original commit 
315235 Tools/scripts/
Revert to sending both stdout and stderr to the OPTIONSFILE for now
as this change was not backwards compatible. A more robust solution
checking the installed version and auto updating is needed.

Pointyhat to:	bdrewery
With hat:	portmgr
[ 11:33 bdrewery ] Original commit 
315215 Tools/scripts/
315215 ports-mgmt/dialog4ports/Makefile
315215 ports-mgmt/dialog4ports/distinfo
- Update to 0.1.2

  - Use stderr as the old dialog did, which fixes usage inside
    of jails
  - Add D4PMINHEIGHT and D4PALIGNCENTER (see dialog4ports(1))

Approved by:	Ilya A. Arkhipov <> (maintainer)
With hat:	portmgr
Thu, 21 Mar 2013
[ 11:13 bdrewery ] Original commit 
314836 Mk/
314836 Tools/scripts/
- Fix dialog4ports missing when PREFIX!=LOCALBASE

PR:		ports/177174
Reported by:	Hirohisa Yamaguchi <>
With hat:	portmgr
[ 02:55 bdrewery ] Original commit 
314799 Mk/
314799 Tools/scripts/
314799 ports-mgmt/dialog4ports/Makefile
- Remove prompt for dialog4ports. Dialog4Ports is a
  required part of ports 'make config' now. This is seen
  as not much different than any other dependency.
- Allow dialog4ports to work with INSTALL_AS_USER
  by building and using the port's WRKDIR version
  through a Tools/scripts wrapper
- Add NO_DIALOG for 'config' as well.
- Fix D4P environment variables not passing to dialog4ports:

Reviewed by:	miwi, bapt,
Tested by:	miwi, bapt,
Tested by:	bdrewery (small exp-run)
Requested by:	many

Number of commits found: 8

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