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I am looking for an LTO tape library. Do you have one to spare?
non port: head/audio/gx2osd/files/patch-src-wscript

Number of commits found: 2

Sat, 3 Sep 2011
[ 09:38 dougb ] Original commit 
1.2583 MOVED
1.1187 audio/Makefile
1.21 audio/gx2osd/Makefile
1.5 audio/gx2osd/distinfo
1.2 audio/gx2osd/files/patch-src-wscript
1.3 audio/gx2osd/pkg-descr
1.3 audio/gx2osd/pkg-plist
1.4534 devel/Makefile
1.8 devel/p5-Getopt-Mixed/Makefile
1.8 devel/p5-Getopt-Mixed/distinfo

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Remove various ports that have been DEPRECATED for varying periods,
but never had EXPIRATION_DATE set, and therefore never removed.

audio/gx2osd                    No more distfiles
devel/p5-Getopt-Mixed           Use devel/p5-Getopt-Long instead
net/AquaGatekeeper2             Binary port of software abandoned by the vendor
net/xwhois                      Unmaintained upstream for several years
www/p5-Catalyst-Engine-HTTP-POE Use p5-Catalyst-Engine-HTTP-Prefork instead
www/p5-Catalyst-Model-DBIC      Obsoleted by www/p5-Catalyst-Model-DBIC-Schema
www/p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Cache-Store-FastMmap Deprecated, not depended on
www/p5-HTTP-MobileAttribute     Use www/p5-HTTP-MobileAgent instead
Tue, 7 Apr 2009
[ 12:15 lwhsu ] Original commit 
1.8 audio/gx2osd/Makefile
1.1 audio/gx2osd/files/patch-src-wscript
Fix building with boost 1.37:
- Add -I${LOCALBASE}/include to CPPFLAGS, so boost headers can be found by waf
- Remove single header test from wscript, as it won't succeed without linking to
boost_filesystem library

While here, minor fixes:
- Install manpages relative to PREFIX, not LOCALBASE
- Some whitespace/identation nits

PR:             ports/132891
Submitted by:   amdmi3
Approved by:    maintainer timeout

Number of commits found: 2

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