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found something from the cache
non port: head/comms/libimobiledevice/pkg-plist

Number of commits found: 6

Sun, 28 Sep 2014
[ 22:58 avilla ] Original commit 
369503 comms/Makefile
369503 comms/libimobiledevice/Makefile
369503 comms/libimobiledevice/distinfo
369503 comms/libimobiledevice/files/patch-configure
369503 comms/libimobiledevice/files/patch-git_62ab50f
369503 comms/libimobiledevice/pkg-plist
369503 comms/libusbmuxd
369503 comms/libusbmuxd/Makefile
369503 comms/libusbmuxd/distinfo

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- Update libplist to 1.11.
- Split into comms/libusbmuxd and update to 1.0.9.
- Update libimobiledevice to 1.1.6.
- Update usbmuxd to Git snapshot (~1.0.9).
- Document usbmuxd upgrade process.

This marks an important refactoring effort for proper iOS 7 support.
It's packed with new features, tools, speed improvements, code
refactoring, crash fixes, memory leak fixes and much more.
Mon, 11 Aug 2014
[ 16:52 tijl ] Original commit 
364626 comms/libimobiledevice/Makefile
364626 comms/libimobiledevice/pkg-plist
364626 comms/py-libimobiledevice/Makefile
- Switch back to CFLAGS/LDFLAGS to fix configure in py-libimobiledevice
  after r364564 [1]
- Convert to USES=libtool

Reported by:	antoine [1]
Thu, 31 Oct 2013
[ 03:59 danfe ] Original commit 
332199 comms/libimobiledevice/Makefile
332199 comms/libimobiledevice/pkg-plist
None of the binaries installed by comms/libimobiledevice are actually linked
to gnutls/gcrypt/tasn1, while they are explicitly listed in the LIB_DEPENDS,
remove them.  Judging from configure script, GnuTLS is used only when OpenSSL
is explicitly disabled with --disable-openssl; Gentoo ebuild agrees.  OpenSSL
is preferred, and is our standard SSL provider.  If GnuTLS is required for
some special feature of libimobiledevice, it can be introduced as an OPTION.
While here: stagify the port, use modern LIB_DEPENDS syntax.

Approved by:	maintainer (avilla; timeout since May 16th)
Tue, 7 May 2013
[ 00:35 avilla ] Original commit 
317564 comms/Makefile
317564 comms/libimobiledevice/Makefile
317564 comms/libimobiledevice/distinfo
317564 comms/libimobiledevice/files
317564 comms/libimobiledevice/files/patch-configure
317564 comms/libimobiledevice/pkg-descr
317564 comms/libimobiledevice/pkg-plist
317564 comms/py-libimobiledevice
317564 comms/py-libimobiledevice/Makefile
- Update libimobiledevice to 1.1.5.
- Add a port with its Python bindings.

The update brings important improvements:
* backup/restore support on iOS 4+;
* OpenSSL support;
* compatibility with iOS 6+.
Wed, 6 Apr 2011
[ 06:03 avilla ] Original commit 
1.2 comms/libimobiledevice/Makefile
1.2 comms/libimobiledevice/distinfo
1.2 comms/libimobiledevice/pkg-plist
- Update to 1.0.6.
Mon, 28 Feb 2011
[ 05:13 avilla ] Original commit 
1.225 comms/Makefile
1.1 comms/libimobiledevice/Makefile
1.1 comms/libimobiledevice/distinfo
1.1 comms/libimobiledevice/pkg-descr
1.1 comms/libimobiledevice/pkg-plist
libimobiledevice is a software library that talks the protocols to
support iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices on Linux. Unlike other
projects, it does not depend on using any existing proprietary
libraries and does not require jailbreaking. It allows other software
to easily access the device's filesystem, retrieve information about
the device and its internals, backup/restore the device, manage
SpringBoard icons, manage installed applications, retrieve
addressbook/calendars/notes and bookmarks and synchronize music and
video to the device.


Number of commits found: 6

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