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found something from the cache
non port: head/databases/phpmyadmin35/Makefile

Number of commits found: 4

Sun, 4 Aug 2013
[ 12:13 matthew ] Original commit 
324220 databases/phpmyadmin/Makefile
324220 databases/phpmyadmin/distinfo
324220 databases/phpmyadmin35/Makefile
324220 security/vuxml/vuln.xml
- Security update of databases/phpmyadmin to 4.0.5


- Deprecate databases/phpmyadmin35

This version is vulnerable to the 'clickjacking protection bypass'
problem fixed in 4.0.5, but the development team will not be
publishing a fix. "We have no solution for 3.5.x, due to the proposed
solution requiring JavaScript. We don't want to introduce a dependency
to JavaScript in the 3.5.x family."

Therefore deprecate this port and set expiry for one month.  Please
upgrade to 4.0.5 instead.

Security:	17326fd5-fcfb-11e2-9bb9-6805ca0b3d42
Sun, 28 Jul 2013
[ 15:38 matthew ] Original commit 
323835 databases/phpmyadmin/Makefile
323835 databases/phpmyadmin/distinfo
323835 databases/phpmyadmin35/Makefile
323835 databases/phpmyadmin35/distinfo
323835 security/vuxml/vuln.xml
Security update: multiple vulnerabilities in databases/phpmyadmin and

 - update phpmyadmin to


 - update phpmyadmin35 to


 - vuxml

The PMSA references shown have not been published yet, hence no CVE
numbers and a lack of detail in the descriptions.  Yes, PMSA-2013-10
is missing from the sequence.  According to the security alert e-mail:

   "For more details, see the upcoming PMASA-2013-8 to PMASA-2013-15 (minus
    PMASA-2013-10 which is reserved for a future advisory)."
Mon, 13 May 2013
[ 15:47 miwi ] Original commit 
318115 archivers/pecl-rar/Makefile
318115 databases/adodb5/Makefile
318115 databases/dalmp/Makefile
318115 databases/pear-Doctrine12/Makefile
318115 databases/pecl-dbase/Makefile
318115 databases/pecl-mongo/Makefile
318115 databases/pecl-rrd/Makefile
318115 databases/php5-pdo_cassandra/Makefile
318115 databases/phpmyadmin/Makefile
318115 databases/phpmyadmin35/Makefile
- Remove php4 reference
Sat, 4 May 2013
[ 06:24 matthew ] Original commit 
317295 MOVED
317295 databases/Makefile
317295 databases/phpmyadmin/Makefile
317295 databases/phpmyadmin/distinfo
317295 databases/phpmyadmin/pkg-descr
317295 databases/phpmyadmin35
317295 databases/phpmyadmin35/Makefile
- Copy databases/phpmyadmin to databases/phpmyadmin35
- Update databases/phpmyadmin to 4.0.0

Version 4.0.0 is the first release of a new major version, and
involves some significant changes in functionality.  In particular it
now requires Javascript in order to operate.

Provide a new phpmyadmin35 port to track the 3.5.x branch for those
not wishing to upgrade yet.  Note that you will have to adjust your
httpd.conf if you switch to this port, as it installs the application to

Number of commits found: 4

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