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found something from the cache
non port: head/devel/cvsdadm/Makefile

Number of commits found: 16

Tue, 10 Dec 2013
[ 22:38 bapt ] Original commit 
336120 devel/cvsdadm/Makefile
Support stage
Fri, 20 Sep 2013
[ 17:03 bapt ] Original commit 
327722 devel/aap/Makefile
327722 devel/abi-compliance-checker/Makefile
327722 devel/ace+tao-doc/Makefile
327722 devel/ace/Makefile
327722 devel/acme/Makefile
327722 devel/activitymail/Makefile
327722 devel/adabooch-doc-html/Makefile
327722 devel/adabooch/Makefile
327722 devel/adacurses/Makefile
327722 devel/adasdl/Makefile

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Add NO_STAGE all over the place in preparation for the staging support (cat:
devel part 1)
Sat, 3 Aug 2013
[ 13:44 mat ] Original commit 
324191 audio/abcselect/Makefile
324191 audio/audiotag/Makefile
324191 audio/autozen/Makefile
324191 audio/mp3check/Makefile
324191 audio/mp3riot/Makefile
324191 benchmarks/dbs/Makefile
324191 biology/lagan/Makefile
324191 biology/wise/Makefile
324191 cad/chipvault/Makefile
324191 cad/dinotrace/Makefile

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- Convert to new perl framework
- Remove MAKE_JOBS_SAFE=yes, it's the default.
Tue, 7 May 2013
[ 09:30 ehaupt ] Original commit 
317594 devel/cvsdadm/Makefile
317594 devel/p4genpatch/Makefile
317594 devel/strace/Makefile
- Convert to use shebangfix USES flag
- Trim header
- Use new options framework for DOCS
Mon, 14 Dec 2009
[ 19:57 thierry ] Original commit 
1.29 astro/xrmap/Makefile
1.12 devel/cvsdadm/Makefile
1.31 devel/cvsgraph/Makefile
1.27 devel/plan9port/Makefile
1.4 editors/ssam/Makefile
1.36 editors/wily/Makefile
1.25 ftp/ftptool/Makefile
1.6 misc/fcalc/Makefile
1.35 x11/9menu/Makefile
Release maintainership.

Thanks Serge for maintaining these ports all these years!

PR:             (private mail)
Submitted by:   Serge Gagnon <serge.gagnon.1 (at)>
Sun, 16 Dec 2007
[ 22:59 pav ] Original commit 
1.11 devel/cvsdadm/Makefile
- Fix maintainer's address

PR:             ports/118747
Submitted by:   Serge Gagnon <> (maintainer)
[ 13:29 araujo ] Original commit 
1.10 devel/cvsdadm/Makefile
- Change MAINTAINER mail address.

PR:             ports/118577
Submitted by:   Serge Gargnon <> (maintainer)
Approved by:    stas (mentor, implicit)
Wed, 28 Jun 2006
[ 15:33 clsung ] Original commit 
1.9 devel/cvsdadm/Makefile
1.9 devel/cvsdadm/distinfo
- Distinfo (the tarball was rerolled) (maintainer is author)

PR:             99583
Submitted by:   maintainer (Serge Gagnon)
[ 06:36 clsung ] Original commit 
1.8 devel/cvsdadm/Makefile
1.8 devel/cvsdadm/distinfo
1.3 devel/cvsdadm/pkg-descr
- update to version 0.3.2
- Re-add the copyright notice of the original cvspadm author.
  It has been removed by a lack of knowledge about license stuff.

PR:             ports/99571
Submitted by:   maintainer (Serge Gagnon)
Thu, 16 Feb 2006
[ 14:54 garga ] Original commit 
1.7 devel/cvsdadm/Makefile
1.7 devel/cvsdadm/distinfo
- update to 0.3.1
- install man page


PR:             ports/93398
Submitted by:   maintainer
Thu, 9 Feb 2006
[ 15:17 garga ] Original commit 
1.6 devel/cvsdadm/Makefile
1.6 devel/cvsdadm/distinfo
Update to 0.2.4

PR:             ports/93073
Submitted by:   maintainer
Wed, 8 Feb 2006
[ 18:18 mnag ] Original commit 
1.5 devel/cvsdadm/Makefile
1.5 devel/cvsdadm/distinfo
- Update to 0.2.3

PR:             93001
Submitted by:   maintainer
Sun, 5 Feb 2006
[ 09:40 erwin ] Original commit 
1.4 devel/cvsdadm/Makefile
1.4 devel/cvsdadm/distinfo
Version 0.2.2:
- Query the repository's files if $user is already in there
  before attempting to adding him/her.
- Exit status with 0 instead of 1 in interactive mode.
- Fix a bug crash with 'disable' function. Look if user is already
  disable before attempting to disable him/her again.
- Print if user is 'enable' or 'disable' in Query mode
- Fix some others minors bugs.

I'm considering, now, that cvsdadm have passed from alpha state to
beta. It is more stable than before, but not complete.

PR:             92833
Submitted by:   Serge Gagnon <> (maintainer)
Wed, 1 Feb 2006
[ 11:47 garga ] Original commit 
1.3 devel/cvsdadm/Makefile
1.3 devel/cvsdadm/distinfo
- Update to 0.2.1

PR:             ports/92657
Submitted by:   maintainer
Tue, 31 Jan 2006
[ 13:49 barner ] Original commit 
1.2 devel/cvsdadm/Makefile
1.2 devel/cvsdadm/distinfo
- Update to 0.2

- ChangeLog:
 o If no -R are given, cvsdadm will try to check if the repository is in
   the cwd.
 o &Init_repository: Verify if the repository is in a sane state _before_
   attempting any operation. The difference between this behavior and the
   old one is that cvsdadm will not stop in the middle of an operation
   (eg: adding a user) and let the repository almost ready.
 o New command [-C]. If this command is given with -R and nothing else,
   it will create a new repository. It means CVSROOT dir, passwd, readers and
   writers files.
   If -C is given with any other flags -[adekq], it will create the repository
   file(s) if they are missing. Your repository files will not be overwritten
   if they already created. Cvsdadm is gentle for your repository...
   This option can be given with interactive [-i] mode too.
 o Better handling and logic with interactive mode.
 o Remove some redundant lines of code that do the same things

Submitted by:   Serge Gagnon <> (maintainer)
PR:             ports/92578
Mon, 23 Jan 2006
[ 20:04 pav ] Original commit 
1.2111 devel/Makefile
1.1 devel/cvsdadm/Makefile
1.1 devel/cvsdadm/distinfo
1.1 devel/cvsdadm/pkg-descr
An interface to a local CVSd repository using pserver for authentication.
This script can add, delete, suspend, or enable non-system users for read
and write access to a CVS repository.

This program is a fork of cvspadm that was originally written by
Raymond M Schneider

Change since initial import:
- Don't quit in interactive mode if user press return without choosing an
  option but reprint the menu.
- Remove trailing '\n' in a string in Query mode to make the output nicer
- Reprint the menu at the end of an operation in interactive mode

Many more bugs fix and features to do (some are listed in the TODO

PR:             ports/92129
Submitted by:   Serge Gagnon <>

Number of commits found: 16

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