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non port: head/devel/gamin/Makefile

Number of commits found: 51

Fri, 7 Mar 2014
[ 09:16 miwi ] Original commit 
347349 devel/gamin/Makefile
- Stage support
Sat, 4 Jan 2014
[ 23:40 antoine ] Original commit 
338691 audio/xmms2/Makefile
338691 deskutils/recoll/Makefile
338691 deskutils/strigidaemon/Makefile
338691 devel/codeblocks/Makefile
338691 devel/fampp/Makefile
338691 devel/gamin/Makefile
338691 devel/gnome-vfs/Makefile
338691 devel/py-fam/Makefile
338691 devel/py-gamin/Makefile
338691 ftp/pureadmin/Makefile

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Convert the tree to USES=fam

Approved by:	portmgr (bapt)
Fri, 20 Sep 2013
[ 17:04 bapt ] Original commit 
327723 devel/f77flow/Makefile
327723 devel/fam/Makefile
327723 devel/fampp/Makefile
327723 devel/fastcrc/Makefile
327723 devel/fb303/Makefile
327723 devel/fc++/Makefile
327723 devel/ffcall/Makefile
327723 devel/fga/Makefile
327723 devel/fhist/Makefile
327723 devel/fib/Makefile

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Add NO_STAGE all over the place in preparation for the staging support (cat:
devel part 2)
Wed, 31 Jul 2013
[ 11:57 kwm ] Original commit 
324037 MOVED
324037 Mk/
324037 accessibility/at-spi2-atk/Makefile
324037 accessibility/at-spi2-atk/distinfo
324037 accessibility/at-spi2-atk/files
324037 accessibility/at-spi2-core/Makefile
324037 accessibility/at-spi2-core/distinfo
324037 accessibility/at-spi2-core/files
324037 accessibility/at-spi2-core/pkg-plist

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The FreeBSD GNOME team presents a Glib and Gtk+ 3 update.

This update updates Glib20 to 2.36 and Gtk+ 3.8

* The gio-fam-backend port that used gamin for the GFileMonitor API is gone.
  It is replaced by a GIO kqueue implementation developed as part of a NetBSD
  GSoC 2011 project by Dimitry Matveev.
* Fix a bug in the glib20 Makefile so it includes -lintl in the glib-2.0
  pkgconfig file [1]. This broke static linking and newer binutils.
* Add introspection USE_GNOME component which sets GI_SCANNER_DISABLE_CACHE to
  prevent creation of /  root/.cache dir. Defaults to build & run depend,
  but :build and :run switches available.
* New x11-toolkits/pangox-compat port and companion USE_GNOME component for
  pangox support which was removed from the pango port. Add it to ports still
  using pangox API.

Exp-run by:	bapt@
PR:		ports/178958 [1]
Submitted by:	emaste@ [1]
Fri, 26 Apr 2013
[ 10:44 ak ] Original commit 
316596 archivers/libcomprex/Makefile
316596 archivers/squeeze/Makefile
316596 astro/nightfall/Makefile
316596 astro/viking/Makefile
316596 audio/abraca/Makefile
316596 audio/amarok-kde4/Makefile
316596 audio/aqualung/Makefile
316596 audio/arts/Makefile
316596 audio/audex/Makefile
316596 audio/beast/Makefile

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- Convert USE_GETTEXT to USES (part 4)

Approved by:	portmgr (bapt)
Tue, 23 Apr 2013
[ 10:13 bapt ] Original commit 
316333 devel/ORBit2/Makefile
316333 devel/ace/Makefile
316333 devel/allegro-devel/Makefile
316333 devel/avro-c/Makefile
316333 devel/bufferpool/Makefile
316333 devel/clanlib/Makefile
316333 devel/clanlib1/Makefile
316333 devel/clanlib22/Makefile
316333 devel/codeblocks/Makefile
316333 devel/compiz-bcop/Makefile

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Convert devel to USES=pkgconfig
Fri, 22 Mar 2013
[ 16:30 kwm ] Original commit 
314945 devel/gamin/Makefile
314945 devel/gamin/files/patch-libgamin_gam_api.c
314945 devel/gamin/files/patch-libgamin_gam_fork.c
314945 devel/gamin/files/patch-libgamin_gam_fork.h
Add patches to gamin to enable support for effective uid/gid, add a option for
this and turn it on by default.

Current gamin uses the current real uid to determine the location of the
socket and during the security routines. It also forks off a copy of
"gam_server" as the current real uid as well.

This breaks gamin functionality with any application that uses effective an
uid/gid for privilege separation, such as samba. Samba runs as root, but
always sets the effective uid/gid to that of the connecting user. Since
gamin is only aware of the real uid, it always creates a root-owned gamin
socket that the effective user can't touch (gamin's own security checks
refuse it).

PR:		ports/176203
Submitted by:	Danny Warren <>
Reviewed by:	marcus@
Thu, 14 Feb 2013
[ 09:42 gahr ] Original commit 
312209 devel/allegro/Makefile
312209 devel/apr1/Makefile
312209 devel/apr2/Makefile
312209 devel/bennugd-core/Makefile
312209 devel/bennugd-modules/Makefile
312209 devel/boost-all/pkg-message.threads
312209 devel/boost-libs/Makefile
312209 devel/boost-python-libs/Makefile
312209 devel/bullet/Makefile
312209 devel/ccons/Makefile

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- Get rid of PTHREAD_CFLAGS and PTHREAD_LIBS (category: devel)

Approved by:	portmgr
Fri, 18 Jan 2013
[ 00:01 kwm ] Original commit 
310577 devel/gamin/Makefile
310577 devel/gamin/files/patch-server__gam_node.h
310577 devel/gamin/files/patch-server__gam_subscription.c
310577 devel/gamin/files/patch-server__gam_subscription.h
310577 devel/gamin/files/patch-server_gam_node.c
Add patches to fix the build with newer glib20.
While here pet portlint, convert to OptionsNG and trim Makefile header.

Obtained from:	GNOME staging repo
Sun, 12 Feb 2012
[ 17:03 marcus ] Original commit 
1.42 devel/gamin/Makefile
Add optional libinotify support (default disabled) and fix the build
if devel/libinotify is installed.

PR:             164756
Submitted by:   sunpoet
Fri, 23 Sep 2011
[ 22:26 amdmi3 ] Original commit 
1.11 Mk/
1.65 Mk/
1.5 Mk/
1.66 Mk/
1.82 Mk/
1.2 Mk/
1.46 Mk/
1.696 Mk/
1.28 Mk/
1.17 accessibility/accerciser/Makefile

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- Add LDFLAGS to CONFIGURE_ENV and MAKE_ENV (as it was done with LDFLAGS)
- Fix all ports that add {CPP,LD}FLAGS to *_ENV to modify flags instead

PR:             157936
Submitted by:   myself
Exp-runs by:    pav
Approved by:    pav
Sat, 4 Dec 2010
[ 07:34 ade ] Original commit 
1.164 Mk/
1.63 Mk/
1.660 Mk/
1.63 accessibility/atk/Makefile
1.58 accessibility/gnome-mag/Makefile
1.33 accessibility/kdeaccessibility/Makefile
1.34 archivers/arj/Makefile
1.17 archivers/kbackup/Makefile
1.10 archivers/kio_p7zip/Makefile

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Sync to new
Mon, 31 May 2010
[ 22:52 marcus ] Original commit 
1.140 devel/ORBit2/Makefile
1.14 devel/dbus-glib/Makefile
1.23 devel/desktop-file-utils/Makefile
1.5 devel/eggdbus/Makefile
1.39 devel/gamin/Makefile
1.94 devel/gconf2/Makefile
1.18 devel/gio-fam-backend/Makefile
1.167 devel/glib20/Makefile
1.50 devel/glibmm/Makefile
1.146 devel/gnome-vfs/Makefile

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Bump PORTREVISION and add USE_GETTEXT where missing.

PR:             147257
Tue, 11 May 2010
[ 15:22 kwm ] Original commit 
1.38 devel/gamin/Makefile
Fix fetching by adjusting master site.

PR:             ports/146494
Submitted by:   Stefan Walter <>
Sun, 2 Aug 2009
[ 19:36 mezz ] Original commit 
1.1958 MOVED
1.31 Mk/
1.58 accessibility/atk/Makefile
1.51 accessibility/gnome-mag/Makefile
1.30 accessibility/kdeaccessibility/Makefile
1.12 archivers/kbackup/Makefile
1.7 archivers/kio_p7zip/Makefile
1.33 archivers/libcomprex/Makefile
1.2 archivers/libcomprex/files/

(Only the first 10 of 1514 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
-Repocopy devel/libtool15 -> libtool22 and libltdl15 -> libltdl22.
-Update libtool and libltdl to 2.2.6a.
-Remove devel/libtool15 and devel/libltdl15.
-Fix ports build with libtool22/libltdl22.
-Bump ports that depend on libltdl22 due to shared library version change.
-Explain what to do update in the UPDATING.

It has been tested with GNOME2, XFCE4, KDE3, KDE4 and other many wm/desktop
and applications in the runtime.

With help:      marcus and kwm
Pointyhat-exp:  a few times by pav
Tested by:      pgollucci, "Romain Tartière" <>, and
                a few MarcusCom CVS users. Also, I might have missed a few.
Repocopy by:    marcus
Approved by:    portmgr
Sat, 6 Jun 2009
[ 05:55 marcus ] Original commit 
1.36 devel/gamin/Makefile
1.13 devel/gamin/files/patch-server_gam_kqueue.c
Add bug parity with SGI FAM by treating directory symlinks as directories.
Sat, 2 May 2009
[ 01:01 marcus ] Original commit 
1.35 devel/gamin/Makefile
1.12 devel/gamin/files/patch-server_gam_kqueue.c
1.7 devel/gamin/files/patch-server_gam_server.c
Further extend the previous patches to make sure that excluded paths
do not get opened (but rather they will be polled).
Thu, 16 Apr 2009
[ 17:32 marcus ] Original commit 
1.34 devel/gamin/Makefile
1.6 devel/gamin/files/patch-server_gam_server.c
1.2 devel/gamin/pkg-message
Fix a number of long-standing bugs with gamin.

* Do not use kernel notifications for paths like /mnt and /media.  This
  will allow such volumes to be unmounted.  This matches the behvaior
  of Linux.
* Allow the "poll" directive in gaminrc files to have an effect.
* Add some verbiage to pkg-message to instruct users how to configure
  gamin [1]

PR:             131121 [1]
Submitted by:   Graham Todd <> (based on) [1]
Reported by:    countless users
Approved by:    portmgr (implicit)
Sat, 10 Jan 2009
[ 05:22 marcus ] Original commit 
1.152 Mk/
1.6 accessibility/accerciser/Makefile
1.3 accessibility/accerciser/distinfo
1.3 accessibility/accerciser/pkg-plist
1.66 accessibility/at-spi/Makefile
1.37 accessibility/at-spi/distinfo
1.32 accessibility/at-spi/pkg-plist
1.55 accessibility/atk/Makefile
1.30 accessibility/atk/distinfo
1.29 accessibility/atk/pkg-plist

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Presenting GNOME 2.24 for FreeBSD.

See for the general
release notes.  On the FreeBSD front, this release introduces Fuse support
in HAL, adds multi-CPU support to libgtop, WebKit updates, and fixes some
long-standing seahorse and gnome-keyring bugs.  The documentation updates
to the website are forthcoming.

This release features commits by adamw, ahze, kwm, mezz, and myself.  It would
not have been possible without are contributors and testers:

Alexander Loginov
Craig Butler [1]
Dmitry Marakasov [6]
Eric L. Chen
(Only the first 15 lines of the commit message are shown above View all of this commit message)
Fri, 6 Jun 2008
[ 13:21 edwin ] Original commit 
1.85 devel/ORBit/Makefile
1.134 devel/ORBit2/Makefile
1.6 devel/acovea-gtk/Makefile
1.13 devel/aegis/Makefile
1.13 devel/agide/Makefile
1.7 devel/alabastra/Makefile
1.64 devel/anjuta/Makefile
1.15 devel/antlr/Makefile
1.9 devel/antlrworks/Makefile
1.48 devel/apache-ant/Makefile

(Only the first 10 of 367 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Bump portrevision due to upgrade of devel/gettext.

The affected ports are the ones with gettext as a run-dependency
according to ports/INDEX-7 (5007 of them) and the ones with USE_GETTEXT
in Makefile (29 of them).

PR:             ports/124340
Submitted by:   edwin@
Approved by:    portmgr (pav)
Mon, 24 Mar 2008
[ 03:50 marcus ] Original commit 
1.1564 MOVED
1.145 Mk/
1.40 Mk/
1.20 accessibility/Makefile
1.3 accessibility/accerciser/Makefile
1.2 accessibility/accerciser/distinfo
1.2 accessibility/accerciser/pkg-plist
1.62 accessibility/at-spi/Makefile
1.35 accessibility/at-spi/distinfo

(Only the first 10 of 712 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
The FreeBSD GNOME team is proud to annunce the release of GNOME 2.22.0 for
FreeBSD.  The official GNOME 2.22 release notes can be found at .  On the FreeBSD front,
this release features an updated hal port with support for video4linux
devices, DRM (Direct Rendering), and better support of removable media.  Work
is also underway to tie webkit more closely into GNOME.  As part of the
GNOME 2.22 upgrade, GStreamer received a rather large upgrade as well.
Be sure to consult UPDATING on the proper steps to upgrade all of your
GNOME ports.

This release would not have been possible without the contributions and
testing efforts of the following people:

Pawel Worach
Peter Ulrich Kruppa
J. W. Ballantine
Yasuda Keisuke
Andriy Gapon
Fri, 10 Aug 2007
[ 19:24 marcus ] Original commit 
1.30 devel/gamin/Makefile
1.9 devel/gamin/distinfo
1.3 devel/gamin/files/patch-server_gam_fs.c
1.11 devel/gamin/files/patch-server_gam_kqueue.c
1.2 devel/gamin/files/patch-server_gam_poll_basic.c
1.5 devel/gamin/files/patch-server_gam_server.c
Update to 0.1.9.
Thu, 24 May 2007
[ 03:58 marcus ] Original commit 
1.29 devel/gamin/Makefile
1.10 devel/gamin/files/patch-server_gam_kqueue.c
Fix gamin on 64-bit platforms.  This has been broken for a while, but is
now becoming apparent with GCC 4.2.

Approved by:    portmgr (implicit)
Mon, 19 Mar 2007
[ 05:14 marcus ] Original commit 
1.16 accessibility/Makefile
1.58 accessibility/at-spi/Makefile
1.32 accessibility/at-spi/distinfo
1.28 accessibility/at-spi/pkg-plist
1.50 accessibility/atk/Makefile
1.27 accessibility/atk/distinfo
1.26 accessibility/atk/pkg-plist
1.35 accessibility/dasher/Makefile
1.20 accessibility/dasher/distinfo
1.1 accessibility/dasher/files/patch-Src_DasherCore_BasicLog.cpp

(Only the first 10 of 461 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Presenting GNOME 2.18 for FreeBSD.  GNOME 2.18 is a departure from recent GNOME
releases in that it focuses more on stability and functionality than on
new features.  Not that it doesn't have its share of new and exciting
items.  See for all the goodies in
this release.

GNOME 2.18 for FreeBSD would not have been possible without the hard work
of the FreeBSD GNOME Team and our intrepid band of testers including
J. W. Ballantine, Pawel Worach, Yasuda Keisuke, Pascal Hofstee, miwi,
Yoshihiro Ota, Vladimir Grebenschikov, Jukka A. Ukkonen,
Phillip Neumann, Franz Klammer, and Neal Delmonico.
Sun, 28 Jan 2007
[ 09:07 kris ] Original commit 
1.31 archivers/libcomprex/Makefile
1.21 audio/ccaudio/Makefile
1.13 audio/libadplug/Makefile
1.36 audio/libao/Makefile
1.18 audio/libao/pkg-plist
1.40 audio/libaudiofile/Makefile
1.6 audio/libaudiofile/pkg-plist
1.26 audio/libcdaudio/Makefile
1.13 audio/libmad/Makefile
1.10 audio/libofa/Makefile

(Only the first 10 of 103 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Use libtool port instead of included one to avoid objformat a.out botch
Sun, 5 Nov 2006
[ 02:56 mezz ] Original commit 
1.26 devel/gamin/Makefile

Found by:       portlint (
Thu, 23 Feb 2006
[ 15:33 ade ] Original commit 
1.25 devel/gamin/Makefile

Approved by:    portmgr (implicit)
[ 10:40 ade ] Original commit 
1.49 accessibility/at-spi/Makefile
1.23 accessibility/at-spi/pkg-plist
1.44 accessibility/atk/Makefile
1.22 accessibility/atk/pkg-plist
1.29 accessibility/dasher/Makefile
1.52 accessibility/gail/Makefile
1.30 accessibility/gail/pkg-plist
1.31 accessibility/gnomemag/Makefile
1.17 accessibility/gnomemag/pkg-plist
1.17 accessibility/gnomespeech/Makefile

(Only the first 10 of 2514 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Conversion to a single libtool environment.

Approved by:    portmgr (kris)
Tue, 14 Feb 2006
[ 09:04 jylefort ] Original commit 
1.23 devel/gamin/Makefile
1.9 devel/gamin/files/patch-server_gam_kqueue.c
When the GAM_POLLER option is disabled:
  - force polling for remote file systems
  - do not initialize the vendor's poller [1]

Obtained from:  marcus [1]
Sat, 11 Feb 2006
[ 06:58 marcus ] Original commit 
1.22 devel/gamin/Makefile
1.8 devel/gamin/files/patch-server_gam_channel.c
1.2 devel/gamin/files/patch-server_gam_fs.c
* Restore the stale socket cleanup code from gamin 0.1.5 to ensure that even
  if gamin crashes or is killed with SIGKILL, a leftover socket does not
  prevent gam_server from starting.

* Revert to using the home-grown poller in gamin's kqueue backend instead
  of gamin's built-in poller.  The built-in poller can still be enabled if
  desired via OPTIONS.

* If gamin's poller is used, make sure all local file systems are handled
  by kqueue where as all remote file systems are handled by polling.

Reviewed by:    jylefort
Thu, 9 Feb 2006
[ 06:40 marcus ] Original commit 
1.21 devel/gamin/Makefile
1.7 devel/gamin/distinfo
1.7 devel/gamin/files/patch-libgamin_gam_api.c
1.2 devel/gamin/files/patch-libgamin_gam_data.c
1.3 devel/gamin/files/
1.7 devel/gamin/files/patch-server_gam_channel.c
1.1 devel/gamin/files/patch-server_gam_fs.c
1.8 devel/gamin/files/patch-server_gam_kqueue.c
1.1 devel/gamin/files/patch-server_gam_node.c
1.2 devel/gamin/files/patch-server_gam_pidname.c

(Only the first 10 of 14 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
* Update to 0.1.7, and add support for file system type detection (currently,
  only UFS file systems are handled by kqueue, but this might change in the
  future if kqueue on NFS proves stable) [1]

* Switch py-gamin to use USE_FAM+WANT_FAM_SYSTEM

* Switch test target to regression-test so that pointyhat will run tests

Submitted by:   ale [1]
Mon, 6 Feb 2006
[ 17:17 jylefort ] Original commit 
1.20 devel/gamin/Makefile
1.7 devel/gamin/files/patch-server_gam_kqueue.c
Open monitored files with the O_NONBLOCK flag: prevents gam_server
from locking up when a file for which open() blocks forever is
Wed, 16 Nov 2005
[ 19:45 ade ] Original commit 
1.19 devel/gamin/Makefile
USE_AUTOTOOLS setup got reversed by the script

Submitted by:   pointyhat/kris (no $1000 dinner though :)
Tue, 15 Nov 2005
[ 06:52 ade ] Original commit 
1.18 Mk/
1.48 accessibility/at-spi/Makefile
1.26 accessibility/dasher/Makefile
1.45 accessibility/gail/Makefile
1.29 accessibility/gnomemag/Makefile
1.16 accessibility/gnomespeech/Makefile
1.23 accessibility/gok/Makefile
1.13 arabic/katoob/Makefile
1.20 archivers/arj/Makefile
1.10 archivers/dpkg/Makefile

(Only the first 10 of 1438 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Mass-conversion to the USE_AUTOTOOLS New World Order.  The code present
in essentially makes this a no-op given that all the
old variables set a USE_AUTOTOOLS_COMPAT variable, which is parsed in
exactly the same way as USE_AUTOTOOLS itself.

Moreover, USE_AUTOTOOLS has already been extensively tested by the GNOME
team -- all GNOME 2.12.x ports use it.

Preliminary documentation can be found at:

which is in the process of being SGMLized before introduction into the
Porters Handbook.

Light blue touch-paper.  Run.
Sat, 5 Nov 2005
[ 05:22 marcus ] Original commit 
1.47 accessibility/at-spi/Makefile
1.43 accessibility/gail/Makefile
1.28 accessibility/gnomemag/Makefile
1.14 accessibility/gnomespeech/Makefile
1.22 accessibility/gok/Makefile
1.12 arabic/katoob/Makefile
1.11 archivers/rox-archive/Makefile
1.8 astro/boinc-setiathome/Makefile
1.24 astro/celestia/Makefile
1.13 astro/gdesklets-goodweather/Makefile

(Only the first 10 of 1045 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Bump PORTREVISION to chase the glib20 shared library update.
Fri, 21 Oct 2005
[ 06:04 jylefort ] Original commit 
1.16 devel/gamin/Makefile
1.6 devel/gamin/files/patch-server_gam_channel.c
If there is a leftover socket when the server starts, delete it
(otherwise the bind() call will fail and the server will not start).
Sun, 28 Aug 2005
[ 07:30 marcus ] Original commit 
1.15 devel/gamin/Makefile
1.5 devel/gamin/distinfo
1.2 devel/gamin/files/patch-server_gam_connection.c
1.2 devel/gamin/files/patch-server_gam_debug_lists.c
1.3 devel/gamin/files/patch-server_gam_server.c
Update to 0.1.5.
Sun, 17 Jul 2005
[ 20:56 marcus ] Original commit 
1.14 devel/gamin/Makefile
1.6 devel/gamin/files/patch-libgamin_gam_api.c
1.5 devel/gamin/files/patch-server_gam_channel.c
Fix alignment problems when checking socket credentials on non-i386
Sat, 16 Jul 2005
[ 22:57 marcus ] Original commit 
1.13 devel/gamin/Makefile
1.5 devel/gamin/files/patch-libgamin_gam_api.c
1.1 devel/gamin/files/patch-server_gam_debug_lists.c
Gamin was using its own, debugging, versions of the g_list glib functions.
They were written to find problems in GList usage, but were causing gamin
to segfault on 4.X.  Disable debugging by default, and only use the debugging
versions of g_list_* if debugging is enabled.

Additionally, add <string.h> to gam_api.c which would certainly fix problems
on 4.X alpha.

Reported by:    Stefan Thurner <>
Wed, 13 Jul 2005
[ 16:13 jylefort ] Original commit 
1.12 devel/gamin/Makefile
1.4 devel/gamin/distinfo
1.1 devel/gamin/files/patch-server_gam_connection.c
Update to 0.1.2
Fri, 10 Jun 2005
[ 17:38 jylefort ] Original commit 
1.11 devel/gamin/Makefile
1.3 devel/gamin/distinfo
1.6 devel/gamin/files/patch-server_gam_kqueue.c
1.4 devel/gamin/files/patch-server_gam_kqueue.h
Update to 0.1.1
Thu, 19 May 2005
[ 19:41 jylefort ] Original commit 
1.10 devel/gamin/Makefile
1.2 devel/gamin/distinfo
1.2 devel/gamin/files/
1.2 devel/gamin/files/patch-configure
1.2 devel/gamin/files/
1.4 devel/gamin/files/patch-libgamin_gam_api.c
1.1 devel/gamin/files/patch-libgamin_gam_data.c
1.2 devel/gamin/files/
1.2 devel/gamin/files/
1.4 devel/gamin/files/patch-server_gam_channel.c

(Only the first 10 of 14 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Update to 0.1.0
Mon, 9 May 2005
[ 23:54 marcus ] Original commit 
1.9 devel/gamin/Makefile
Only declare the tests and post-install targets if we aren't in a slave
port.  This fixes the py-gamin slave build.
[ 15:46 jylefort ] Original commit 
1.8 devel/gamin/Makefile
1.4 devel/gamin/files/patch-server_gam_kqueue.c
1.1 devel/gamin/pkg-message
Improve the kqueue backend:

  - also use kqueue to monitor files within a monitored directory
  - tremendously improve the scalability of the backend when
    monitoring very large directories
  - periodically attempt to switch polled files to kqueue notification
  - do not perform an extra useless lstat() when a missing file is created
  - code cleanups

Approved by:    marcus
Mon, 25 Apr 2005
[ 05:31 marcus ] Original commit 
1.7 devel/gamin/Makefile
1.3 devel/gamin/files/patch-libgamin_gam_api.c
1.3 devel/gamin/files/patch-server_gam_channel.c
Fix gamin on -CURRENT by not using LOCAL_CREDS.  While it works, it does
not provide the pid information that the cmsgcred structure gives us.
Gamin will now behave the same way on all versions of FreeBSD.
Sun, 24 Apr 2005
[ 20:43 marcus ] Original commit 
1.6 devel/gamin/Makefile
Add a ``tests'' target to run the built-in gamin regression tests.

Discussed with: jylefort
Tue, 19 Apr 2005
[ 03:10 marcus ] Original commit 
1.5 devel/gamin/Makefile
1.2 devel/py-gamin/Makefile
Only use USE_INC_LIBTOOL_VER if we're installing gamin itself.  The slave
ports don't need this.

Reported by:    pointyhat via kris
Sun, 10 Apr 2005
[ 20:34 marcus ] Original commit 
1.4 devel/gamin/Makefile
1.2 devel/gamin/pkg-plist
Have gamin install libtool archives since KDE needs them.  This is inline
with what devel/fam does.

Submitted by:   kwm
[ 17:36 marcus ] Original commit 
1.3 devel/gamin/Makefile
1.3 devel/gamin/files/patch-server_gam_kqueue.c
1.2 devel/gamin/files/patch-server_gam_kqueue.h
1.2 devel/gamin/pkg-descr
* Fallback to polling for files not supported by kqueue
* Do not send an ENDEXISTS event on NOTE_REVOKE
* Handle kevent aggregation if multiple event types are requested
* Mimic FAM's behavior of never following symbolic links
* Add exhaustive error handling
* Remove all the legacy thread-safe code since gamin is now single-threaded

PR:             79680
Submitted by:   Jean-Yves Lefort <>
Thu, 7 Apr 2005
[ 01:18 marcus ] Original commit 
1.2 devel/gamin/Makefile
1.2 devel/gamin/files/patch-server_gam_kqueue.c
* When a file monitored with kqueue is moved or removed, gamin does
  not monitor it anymore. The patch fixes the issue by adding
  moved/removed files to the exist_list, so that gamin detects when
  they are recreated
* No CHANGED event is emitted for the files contained in a monitored
  directory, because kqueue can't do that. The patch adds periodic
  polling for these files
* Instead of calling kevent() every second, the patch uses an I/O
  watch (g_io_add_watch())

PR:             79605
Submitted by:   Jean-Yves Lefort <>
Sat, 2 Apr 2005
[ 09:08 marcus ] Original commit 
1.1856 devel/Makefile
1.1 devel/gamin/Makefile
1.1 devel/gamin/distinfo
1.1 devel/gamin/files/.#patch-server_gam_kqueue.c.1.10
1.1 devel/gamin/files/
1.1 devel/gamin/files/patch-configure
1.1 devel/gamin/files/
1.1 devel/gamin/files/patch-libgamin_gam_api.c
1.1 devel/gamin/files/
1.1 devel/gamin/files/

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Add gamin, a file and directory monitoring server and API.  Gamin can be
used as a drop-in replacement for FAM.  Gamin is designed to be more secure
than FAM as itdoes not require RPC, and runs a separate instance for each
user.  While it is API and ABI compatible with FAM, it does not [yet]
support all of FAM's features.

This version of gamin comes with an optional (defaults to on) kqueue
backend for FreeBSD.  This backend can only be used with UFS file
systems.  If you need FAM-like support on non-UFS file systems, you
must build without the kqueue backend.

Number of commits found: 51

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