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found something from the cache
non port: head/devel/gprbuild/Makefile

Number of commits found: 10

Thu, 16 Oct 2014
[ 10:36 marino ] Original commit 
370993 devel/adabooch/pkg-plist
370993 devel/adacurses/Makefile
370993 devel/adacurses/pkg-plist
370993 devel/afay/Makefile
370993 devel/afay/pkg-descr
370993 devel/afay/pkg-plist
370993 devel/ahven/Makefile
370993 devel/ahven/pkg-plist
370993 devel/alog/pkg-plist
370993 devel/florist-gpl/pkg-plist

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marino 12 devel ports: Remove @dirrm, tend install commands, plus

The main purpose of this commit is to remove @dirrm from the pkg-plist of
some of my ports in devel category.  While here, also:
  * Unmask some commands
  * Use parenthesis on compound commands for multi-job support
  * Add a license in one case
  * USES=python conversion in one case
  * Add WWW and reformat description in one case
  * Respect 80-columns
Fri, 16 May 2014
[ 09:06 marino ] Original commit 
354203 devel/gprbuild/Makefile
354203 devel/gprbuild/distinfo
354203 devel/gprbuild/files/
354203 devel/gprbuild/files/patch-gprbuild.gpr
354203 devel/gprbuild/files/patch-share_gprconfig_compilers.xml
354203 devel/gprbuild/files/patch-share_gprconfig_gnat.xml
354203 devel/gprbuild/files/patch-share_gprconfig_linker.xml
354203 devel/gprbuild/files/patch-share_gprconfig_targetset.xml
354203 devel/gprbuild/files/patch-src_gpr__version.adb
354203 devel/gprbuild/files/patch-src_gprbuild-compilation-protocol.adb

(Only the first 10 of 16 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
devel/gprbuild: Upgrade version 20130416 (2013) => 20140417 (2014)

Adacore provides annual releases for its major GPL-licensed products.
GPRBuild is an important tool, but it's source is only exposed once
per year, in May.  The 2014 release of GPRBuild relies on features in
Adacore's commercial product, GNAT Pro, that has not yet been migrated
to FSF GNAT.  I had to patch 2014 to get it to build with FSF GNAT 4.9,
losing minor new functionality in the process.

My first decision was to simply skip GPRBuild 2014 stay on the 2013
version, but it turns out packages are already using the new features
in gprinstall, one of the tools in the GPRBuild package.

Tests on adabooch, aws, asis and opentoken indicate they build fine
with GPRBuild 2014.
Thu, 1 May 2014
[ 18:36 marino ] Original commit 
352764 devel/gprbuild/Makefile
devel/gprbuild: Pet Jenkins by fixing PORTEXAMPLES definition

I could have sworn that "." was a legitimate value for PORTEXAMPLES,
which accepts directories.  I believe I tested it, but it's not working
now.  Change it from "." to "*" (which is common), and bump the port
to please Jenkins.

Reported by:	swills
[ 08:18 marino ] Original commit 
352736 devel/gprbuild/Makefile
devel/gprbuild: Fix build bug that prevented parallel building

The BUILD and PROCESSOR definitions were supposed to be part of
MAKE_ARGS, but they somehow ended up in CONFIGURE_ARGS.  This prevented
parallel building and building with the "production" profile.  The
latter causes binary changes, hence the revbump.
Fri, 14 Mar 2014
[ 13:05 marino ] Original commit 
348223 devel/gprbuild/Makefile
348223 devel/gprbuild/files/patch-share_gprconfig_targetset.xml
devel/gprbuild: Fix automatic detection for AMD64

The standard target is amd64, not x86_64.
Support both though.
[ 08:37 marino ] Original commit 
348172 devel/gprbuild/Makefile
348172 devel/gprbuild/distinfo
348172 devel/gprbuild/files/
348172 devel/gprbuild/files/patch-gprbuild.gpr
348172 devel/gprbuild/files/patch-share_gprconfig_compilers.xml
348172 devel/gprbuild/files/patch-share_gprconfig_gnat.xml
348172 devel/gprbuild/files/patch-share_gprconfig_linker.xml
348172 devel/gprbuild/files/patch-share_gprconfig_targetset.xml
348172 devel/gprbuild/files/patch-src_gpr__version.adb
348172 devel/gprbuild/files/patch-src_gprlib.adb

(Only the first 10 of 11 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
devel/gprbuild: New version as result of gcc-aux upgrade to gcc49

GPRBuild was previously based on the 2012 release, but it never should
have gone past the 2011 issue.  GPRBuild needs to use the same sources as
the GNAT that builds it, but it was built with the embedded sources
instead.  These "GPL" sources were ahead of the "FSF" sources, and
GPRBuild only worked by chance.  Using the proper GNAT Sources (gnat_util)
resulted in build failure!  Now gcc-aux has been updated and now
GPRBuild 2013 can be properly built with FSF GNAT 4.9 sources.
Sun, 10 Nov 2013
[ 17:32 marino ] Original commit 
333414 devel/gprbuild/Makefile
devel/gprbuild: Convert to staging

Also convert USE_GMAKE to USES
Fri, 20 Sep 2013
[ 17:04 bapt ] Original commit 
327723 devel/f77flow/Makefile
327723 devel/fam/Makefile
327723 devel/fampp/Makefile
327723 devel/fastcrc/Makefile
327723 devel/fb303/Makefile
327723 devel/fc++/Makefile
327723 devel/ffcall/Makefile
327723 devel/fga/Makefile
327723 devel/fhist/Makefile
327723 devel/fib/Makefile

(Only the first 10 of 482 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Add NO_STAGE all over the place in preparation for the staging support (cat:
devel part 2)
Fri, 12 Jul 2013
[ 13:40 marino ] Original commit 
322832 Mk/Uses/
322832 devel/gnatpython/Makefile
322832 devel/gprbuild/Makefile
322832 devel/gps/Makefile
322832 devel/matreshka/Makefile
322832 lang/gcc-aux/Makefile
322832 lang/gnat-aux/Makefile
322832 lang/gnatdroid-armv5/Makefile
322832 lang/gnatdroid-armv7/Makefile
322832 lang/gnatdroid-binutils/Makefile

(Only the first 10 of 16 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Replace John Marino email address with FreeBSD version

While I'm here, also trim the headers on a couple of ports and remove
a reference to the Dragonlace mirror which is down indefinitely.

Approved by:	bapt (mentor)
Tue, 30 Apr 2013
[ 12:03 bapt ] Original commit 
316921 devel/Makefile
316921 devel/gprbuild
316921 devel/gprbuild/Makefile
316921 devel/gprbuild/distinfo
316921 devel/gprbuild/files
316921 devel/gprbuild/files/
316921 devel/gprbuild/files/patch-gprbuild.gpr
316921 devel/gprbuild/files/patch-share_gprconfig_compilers.xml
316921 devel/gprbuild/files/patch-share_gprconfig_gnat.xml
316921 devel/gprbuild/files/patch-share_gprconfig_linker.xml

(Only the first 10 of 14 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
The devel/gprbuild-aux is heavily tied with lang/gnat-aux. No other gnat
compiler can use it (e.g. lang/gnat).

This new port intends to be more versatile although the only verified compiler
atm is lang/gcc-aux. Once the two port that depend on gprbuild are updated,
devel/gprbuild-aux should be removed

main points:
1) supports new USES+= ada
2) Updated to GNAT GPL 2012 source
3) supports DESTDIR (tested on pkgsrc)
4) improved targetsets
5) Includes custom support for -R RPATH support (only found here, I created it)

PR:		ports/178146
Submitted by:	John Marino <>

Number of commits found: 10

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