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found NOTHING in cache
			SELECT count(DISTINCT AS count
			  FROM element_pathname EP, commit_log_elements CLE, commit_log CL
			 WHERE EP.pathname   = '/ports/head/devel/pwlib/files/patch-configureac'
			   AND EP.element_id = CLE.element_ID
			   AND         = CLE.commit_log_id
			CL.commit_date - SystemTimeAdjust()                                                                 AS commit_date_raw,                                                                                               AS commit_log_id,
			CL.encoding_losses                                                                                  AS encoding_losses,
			CL.message_id                                                                                       AS message_id,
			CL.committer                                                                                        AS committer,
			CL.description                                                                                      AS commit_description,
			to_char(CL.commit_date - SystemTimeAdjust(), 'DD Mon YYYY')                                         AS commit_date,
			to_char(CL.commit_date - SystemTimeAdjust(), 'HH24:MI')                                             AS commit_time,                                                                                                AS port,
			element_pathname(                                                                                AS pathname,
			element.status                                                                                              AS status,
			element_pathname.pathname                            as element_pathname,
			NULL AS port_id,
			0    AS needs_refresh,
			NULL AS forbidden,
			NULL AS broken,
			NULL AS deprecated,
			NULL AS ignore,
			NULL AS version,
			NULL AS epoch,
			NULL as date_added,
			NULL AS short_description,
			NULL AS category_id,
			NULL AS category,
			NULL AS watch,
			NULL AS vulnerable_current,
			NULL AS vulnerable_past,
			NULL AS restricted,
			NULL AS no_cdrom,
			NULL AS expiration_date,
			NULL AS is_interactive,
			NULL AS only_for_archs,
			NULL AS not_for_archs,
			NULL AS stf_message,
			commit_log_elements.revision_name as revision,         AS repo_name,
			R.svn_hostname AS hostname,
			R.path_to_repo AS path_to_repo 
    FROM commit_log_elements, commit_log CL LEFT OUTER JOIN repo R on  CL.repo_id =, element_pathname, element 
  FROM element_pathname EP, commit_log_elements CLE, commit_log CL
 WHERE EP.pathname   = '/ports/head/devel/pwlib/files/patch-configureac'
   AND EP.element_id = CLE.element_ID
   AND         = CLE.commit_log_id
ORDER BY CL.commit_date DESC 
LIMIT 100) AS tmp)
	    AND commit_log_elements.commit_log_id =
	    AND commit_log_elements.element_id    =
        AND element_pathname.element_id       =
   ORDER BY 1 desc,
			commit_log_id, element_pathname
That would give us 658 rows
non port: head/devel/pwlib/files/patch-configureac

Number of commits found: 10

Wed, 5 Feb 2014
[ 23:02 marino ] Original commit 
342887 devel/pwlib/Makefile
342887 devel/pwlib/files/patch-configureac
342887 devel/pwlib/files/patch-src_ptlib_unix_shmvideo.cxx
devel/pwlib: Add dragonfly support
Thu, 14 Feb 2013
[ 09:42 gahr ] Original commit 
312209 devel/allegro/Makefile
312209 devel/apr1/Makefile
312209 devel/apr2/Makefile
312209 devel/bennugd-core/Makefile
312209 devel/bennugd-modules/Makefile
312209 devel/boost-all/pkg-message.threads
312209 devel/boost-libs/Makefile
312209 devel/boost-python-libs/Makefile
312209 devel/bullet/Makefile
312209 devel/ccons/Makefile

(Only the first 10 of 133 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
- Get rid of PTHREAD_CFLAGS and PTHREAD_LIBS (category: devel)

Approved by:	portmgr
Sat, 1 Mar 2008
[ 07:24 rafan ] Original commit 
1.43 devel/pwlib/Makefile
1.10 devel/pwlib/distinfo
1.8 devel/pwlib/files/patch-configureac
1.1 devel/pwlib/files/patch-include-ptclib-dtmf-h
1.2 devel/pwlib/files/patch-plugins-configure
1.2 devel/pwlib/files/patch-plugins-sound_esd-Makefile
1.2 devel/pwlib/files/patch-plugins-sound_esd-sound_esd.h
1.1 devel/pwlib/files/patch-plugins-sound_oss-sound_oss_cxx
1.2 devel/pwlib/files/patch-plugins-vidinput_avc-Makefile
1.2 devel/pwlib/files/patch-plugins-vidinput_bsd-vidinput_bsd.cxx

(Only the first 10 of 18 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
- Update to 1.12.0

PR:             ports/119377
Submitted by:   Steve Ames <steve at> (maintainer)
Fri, 30 Nov 2007
[ 06:45 linimon ] Original commit 
1.7 devel/pwlib/files/patch-configureac
Fix build on sparc64 by ensuring it's a 64-bit build.

Discussed with: maintainer
Tested on:      pointyhat
Approved by:    portmgr (self)
Thu, 24 May 2007
[ 04:55 marcus ] Original commit 
1.37 devel/pwlib/Makefile
1.6 devel/pwlib/files/patch-configureac
1.1 devel/pwlib/files/patch-src_ptlib_common_osutils.cxx
1.1 devel/pwlib/files/patch-src_ptlib_unix_tlibthrd.cxx
Fix the build with GCC 4.2.

Approved by:    portmgr (implicit)
Fri, 8 Dec 2006
[ 07:47 marcus ] Original commit 
1.32 devel/pwlib/Makefile
1.8 devel/pwlib/distinfo
1.5 devel/pwlib/files/patch-configureac
1.10 devel/pwlib/pkg-plist
Update to 1.10.2, and fix plug-in detection on 64-bit platforms (most
notably amd64).  With this fix, ekiga will now work on amd64 (at least).

Approved by:    maintainer
Thu, 21 Sep 2006
[ 09:40 stas ] Original commit 
1.4 devel/pwlib/files/patch-configureac
1.1 devel/pwlib/files/patch-include_ptclib_vsdl.h
1.1 devel/pwlib/files/patch-src_ptclib_vsdl.cxx
- Fix the port to work with the updated SDL version (1.2.11)

PR:             ports/103448
Submitted by:   Diane Bruce <>
Approved by:    krion (portmgr), sem (mentor)
Wed, 20 Sep 2006
[ 11:21 stas ] Original commit 
1.11 Mk/
1.13 astro/stellarium/Makefile
1.11 audio/adplay/Makefile
1.56 audio/amarok/Makefile
1.6 audio/drumpiler/Makefile
1.8 audio/festalon/Makefile
1.19 audio/ksmp3play/Makefile
1.44 audio/mhwaveedit/Makefile
1.29 audio/mp3blaster/Makefile
1.41 audio/openal/Makefile

(Only the first 10 of 453 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
 - Update devel/sdl12 to version 1.2.11. Now we employ stock SDL directory
   structure (i.e. include/SDL for includes and sdl-config for configuration
 - Update graphics/sdl_ttf to version 2.0.8
 - Update graphics/sdl_image to version 1.2.5
 - Update audio/sdl_mixer to version 1.2.7
 - Update net/sdl_net to version 1.2.6
 - Update Mk/ accordingly
 - Fix dependent ports to fit the new directory structure and avoid several
   API breakages
 - Bump up portrevisions for all dependent ports to allow them to be upgraded
   by portupgrade/portmaster etc tools

Approved by:    kris (portmgr), sem (mentor)
Sun, 7 May 2006
[ 13:02 pav ] Original commit 
1.27 devel/pwlib/Makefile
1.2 devel/pwlib/files/patch-configureac
1.1 devel/pwlib/files/
1.1 devel/pwlib/files/patch-plugins-configure
1.1 devel/pwlib/files/patch-plugins-sound_esd-Makefile
1.1 devel/pwlib/files/patch-plugins-sound_esd-sound_esd.h
1.1 devel/pwlib/files/patch-plugins-vidinput_avc-Makefile
1.1 devel/pwlib/files/patch-plugins-vidinput_bsd-vidinput_bsd.cxx
1.1 devel/pwlib/files/patch-plugins-vidinput_bsd-vidinput_bsd.h
1.1 devel/pwlib/files/

(Only the first 10 of 12 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
- Use a better way to detect SDL header
- Add WITH_ESOUND knob and enable the plugin build
- Fix bsdvideo (bktr(4)) plugin and make it buildable on more archs
- Add a small error handler to detect unresolved symbols in plugins
- Add more plugins to pkg-plist
- Add experimental support for firewire(4) based video devices.
  The segment of the Makefile is intentionally commented out.

PR:             ports/95422, ports/96624
Submitted by:   Joerg Pulz <>,
                Steve Ames <> (maintainer)
Approved by:    Steve Ames <> (maintainer)
Sun, 5 Feb 2006
[ 13:39 netchild ] Original commit 
1.19 devel/pwlib/Makefile
1.5 devel/pwlib/distinfo
1.1 devel/pwlib/files/patch-configureac
1.3 devel/pwlib/files/patch-configurein
1.2 devel/pwlib/files/patch-make-common.mak
1.3 devel/pwlib/files/patch-makefile
1.2 devel/pwlib/files/patch-src-ptclib-ansper.cxx
1.2 devel/pwlib/files/patch-src_ptlib_common_getdate.y
1.3 devel/pwlib/files/patch-unix
1.3 devel/pwlib/files/patch-videoio

(Only the first 10 of 27 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
This is an initial port of newer versions of:
 - pwlib        ->      1.9.2
 - openh323     ->      1.17.3

The decission of porting the development releases instead of the stable
releases is based upon a discussion with the openh323 developers.

They serve as a start to be able to porting newer versions of e.g.
gnomemeeting et al.

Further tweaks/improvements to them may be required when other ports
start to use these versions.

Unlike the previous versions of those ports, they install a shared lib
now. So ports which depend upon them in the future should add a RUN_DEPENDS
upon them. Additionally the build time for those ports will decrease,
since they don't need to build pwlib/openh323 each time and grab them
from the build directory.

PR:                     83396
Submitted by:           Steve Ames <>
In colaboration with:   Steve Ames <>

Number of commits found: 10

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