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qmake5 Qt Makefile generator
5.5.1_1 devel on this many watch lists=3 search for ports that depend on this port Find issues related to this port Report an issue related to this port
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Port Added: 03 Mar 2014 16:50:50
License: LGPL21
Qt is a cross-platform application and UI framework for developers
using C++ or QML, a CSS/JavaScript-like language.

With Qt, code can be reused efficiently to target multiple platforms
with one code base. The modular C++ class library and developer tools
easily enables developers to create applications for one platform and
easily build and run to deploy on another platform.

SVNWeb : Homepage : PortsMon

To install the port: cd /usr/ports/devel/qmake5/ && make install clean
To add the package: pkg install qt5-qmake

PKGNAME: qt5-qmake


SHA256 (KDE/Qt/5.5.1/qt3d-opensource-src-5.5.1.tar.xz) = e380906e2bcbd825dab45043bf063dd88b793c0d5fb050ee915bf4e2b58b1bf7
SIZE (KDE/Qt/5.5.1/qt3d-opensource-src-5.5.1.tar.xz) = 18061948
SHA256 (KDE/Qt/5.5.1/qtbase-opensource-src-5.5.1.tar.xz) = dfa4e8a4d7e4c6b69285e7e8833eeecd819987e1bdbe5baa6b6facd4420de916
SIZE (KDE/Qt/5.5.1/qtbase-opensource-src-5.5.1.tar.xz) = 46389212
SHA256 (KDE/Qt/5.5.1/qtcanvas3d-opensource-src-5.5.1.tar.xz) = 759b171030d7110751943643885c1484c7900fed7737424d202e36bdeba0b080
SIZE (KDE/Qt/5.5.1/qtcanvas3d-opensource-src-5.5.1.tar.xz) = 10409580
SHA256 (KDE/Qt/5.5.1/qtconnectivity-opensource-src-5.5.1.tar.xz) = 3637e6def8582fc0fb3684179b93650720ba2da1311a560d358296153f245023
SIZE (KDE/Qt/5.5.1/qtconnectivity-opensource-src-5.5.1.tar.xz) = 2660592
SHA256 (KDE/Qt/5.5.1/qtdeclarative-opensource-src-5.5.1.tar.xz) = 5fd14eefb83fff36fb17681693a70868f6aaf6138603d799c16466a094b26791
SIZE (KDE/Qt/5.5.1/qtdeclarative-opensource-src-5.5.1.tar.xz) = 18627840
SHA256 (KDE/Qt/5.5.1/qtdoc-opensource-src-5.5.1.tar.xz) = 9f0daf55a1765f637b5d8096a195842281a49adc5a82e7ddc75e541c62e00f86
SIZE (KDE/Qt/5.5.1/qtdoc-opensource-src-5.5.1.tar.xz) = 2669772
SHA256 (KDE/Qt/5.5.1/qtenginio-opensource-src-5.5.1.tar.xz) = a79936bd5b6a35aba28dd282291b28c8fa869b8d86652c62efe5e268d94defe2
SIZE (KDE/Qt/5.5.1/qtenginio-opensource-src-5.5.1.tar.xz) = 523788
SHA256 (KDE/Qt/5.5.1/qtgraphicaleffects-opensource-src-5.5.1.tar.xz) = 9bca0f8db3a4289eceebfa9504915440fe3fa6301d90b65705e4ece528c12d47
SIZE (KDE/Qt/5.5.1/qtgraphicaleffects-opensource-src-5.5.1.tar.xz) = 14329444
SHA256 (KDE/Qt/5.5.1/qtimageformats-opensource-src-5.5.1.tar.xz) = c97fee00c602f9f089fea480546d6e9d61a2b2297c2f163bfd9f8aba92b754a5
SIZE (KDE/Qt/5.5.1/qtimageformats-opensource-src-5.5.1.tar.xz) = 1892820
SHA256 (KDE/Qt/5.5.1/qtlocation-opensource-src-5.5.1.tar.xz) = 1fe948cb87649f4450be921cf3cdefc311595a80ef6a7a7b7484901baa0d6316
SIZE (KDE/Qt/5.5.1/qtlocation-opensource-src-5.5.1.tar.xz) = 3108096
SHA256 (KDE/Qt/5.5.1/qtmultimedia-opensource-src-5.5.1.tar.xz) = 7cc7ca99f41587c188303670499e5c75101f9a8cb6178e8f29cc941e637d957f
SIZE (KDE/Qt/5.5.1/qtmultimedia-opensource-src-5.5.1.tar.xz) = 3464340
SHA256 (KDE/Qt/5.5.1/qtquick1-opensource-src-5.5.1.tar.xz) = c812a7e59a8b9f0a87693181059933e15fef04bc875b6486cd653be1b9b51f2c
SIZE (KDE/Qt/5.5.1/qtquick1-opensource-src-5.5.1.tar.xz) = 16028732
SHA256 (KDE/Qt/5.5.1/qtquickcontrols-opensource-src-5.5.1.tar.xz) = 1b7a8389d656066c629bd2cb520b39a7eb041d184b567dd1b9639b88d841fcf0
SIZE (KDE/Qt/5.5.1/qtquickcontrols-opensource-src-5.5.1.tar.xz) = 5976316
SHA256 (KDE/Qt/5.5.1/qtscript-opensource-src-5.5.1.tar.xz) = cd46dddd998f22bcb06447e0407fef81f7052f25bc770b1c27625654cee828fd
SIZE (KDE/Qt/5.5.1/qtscript-opensource-src-5.5.1.tar.xz) = 2604884
SHA256 (KDE/Qt/5.5.1/qtsensors-opensource-src-5.5.1.tar.xz) = 5d264fc0729a5d7679bd4eb8d7a0a9b142ed38d09fa68fc7dfe57f64afc8eeea
SIZE (KDE/Qt/5.5.1/qtsensors-opensource-src-5.5.1.tar.xz) = 1989556
SHA256 (KDE/Qt/5.5.1/qtserialport-opensource-src-5.5.1.tar.xz) = a034dbfb023db1b9b9de54390f7e76a48c1d1eb12533b0ffd574505c99968f7a
SIZE (KDE/Qt/5.5.1/qtserialport-opensource-src-5.5.1.tar.xz) = 260984
SHA256 (KDE/Qt/5.5.1/qtsvg-opensource-src-5.5.1.tar.xz) = f7f588be48befd9ccab5a6086832551b8899e8bed9e603ddea979581e05a91c7
SIZE (KDE/Qt/5.5.1/qtsvg-opensource-src-5.5.1.tar.xz) = 1802880
SHA256 (KDE/Qt/5.5.1/qttools-opensource-src-5.5.1.tar.xz) = 4361f6ce49717058160908297841a18b94645cec593d1b48fb126c9d06c87bfd
SIZE (KDE/Qt/5.5.1/qttools-opensource-src-5.5.1.tar.xz) = 9327100
SHA256 (KDE/Qt/5.5.1/qttranslations-opensource-src-5.5.1.tar.xz) = 41f800710f0bc6ca263f1e54f1fa22be7043962999304e73ce9887ebefc7a4c6
SIZE (KDE/Qt/5.5.1/qttranslations-opensource-src-5.5.1.tar.xz) = 1153132
SHA256 (KDE/Qt/5.5.1/qtwebchannel-opensource-src-5.5.1.tar.xz) = 7f4295ee57cd4ecba3cb263452d2a08d501b45c9a2b8b7794b6a97d7652f15d0
SIZE (KDE/Qt/5.5.1/qtwebchannel-opensource-src-5.5.1.tar.xz) = 96684
SHA256 (KDE/Qt/5.5.1/qtwebkit-opensource-src-5.5.1.tar.xz) = 77583f9dbd3e6ad874386df71b165dc3ce88efdabbc6e5d97a959ee2187d6d69
SIZE (KDE/Qt/5.5.1/qtwebkit-opensource-src-5.5.1.tar.xz) = 33489924
SHA256 (KDE/Qt/5.5.1/qtwebkit-examples-opensource-src-5.5.1.tar.xz) = 098935b42d6d249027d1a635e4e70edc3d2969dd860f825b36aec06fc72e46c6
SIZE (KDE/Qt/5.5.1/qtwebkit-examples-opensource-src-5.5.1.tar.xz) = 3428204
SHA256 (KDE/Qt/5.5.1/qtwebsockets-opensource-src-5.5.1.tar.xz) = cf4e834a867b90337188be504ef20184c52666370f721e704952988f8cb12deb
SIZE (KDE/Qt/5.5.1/qtwebsockets-opensource-src-5.5.1.tar.xz) = 170440
SHA256 (KDE/Qt/5.5.1/qtx11extras-opensource-src-5.5.1.tar.xz) = 6387a01d972b62e1ad39e5a25e07d0492200f62fc87cf4366122085aeeebeb65
SIZE (KDE/Qt/5.5.1/qtx11extras-opensource-src-5.5.1.tar.xz) = 33416
SHA256 (KDE/Qt/5.5.1/qtxmlpatterns-opensource-src-5.5.1.tar.xz) = b537eb0252988e3805a32a16c65038973371d647baf246fdf703bde725d0e8ec
SIZE (KDE/Qt/5.5.1/qtxmlpatterns-opensource-src-5.5.1.tar.xz) = 1323560

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Build dependencies:
  1. pkgconf>=0.9.10 : devel/pkgconf

This port is required by:

for Build
  1. archivers/quazip-qt5
  2. astro/merkaartor
  3. astro/qmapshack
  4. astro/stellarium
  5. audio/cantata
  6. audio/kid3-qt5
  7. audio/musescore
  8. Expand this list (194 items)
  9. audio/quimup
  10. biology/ugene
  11. cad/fritzing
  12. comms/gqrx
  13. comms/klog
  14. comms/libsdr-gui
  15. comms/py-qt5-serialport
  16. comms/qsstv
  17. comms/qt5-connectivity
  18. comms/qt5-sensors
  19. comms/qt5-serialport
  20. comms/sdr-wspr
  21. comms/wsjtx
  22. comms/xcwcp
  23. databases/py-qt5-sql
  24. databases/qt5-sql
  25. databases/qt5-sqldrivers-ibase
  26. databases/qt5-sqldrivers-mysql
  27. databases/qt5-sqldrivers-odbc
  28. databases/qt5-sqldrivers-pgsql
  29. databases/qt5-sqldrivers-sqlite2
  30. databases/qt5-sqldrivers-sqlite3
  31. databases/qt5-sqldrivers-tds
  32. databases/sqlitestudio
  33. deskutils/calibre
  34. deskutils/copyq
  35. deskutils/owncloudclient
  36. devel/cmake-gui
  37. devel/dbus-qt5
  38. devel/grantlee5
  39. devel/injeqt
  40. devel/libdbusmenu-qt5
  41. devel/py-qt5-core
  42. devel/py-qt5-dbus
  43. devel/py-qt5-dbussupport
  44. devel/py-qt5-designer
  45. devel/py-qt5-designerplugin
  46. devel/py-qt5-help
  47. devel/py-qt5-qscintilla2
  48. devel/py-qt5-test
  49. devel/qbs
  50. devel/qca-qt5
  51. devel/qscintilla2-designerplugin-qt5
  52. devel/qscintilla2-qt5
  53. devel/qt5-assistant
  54. devel/qt5-buildtools
  55. devel/qt5-concurrent
  56. devel/qt5-core
  57. devel/qt5-designer
  58. devel/qt5-help
  59. devel/qt5-linguist
  60. devel/qt5-linguisttools
  61. devel/qt5-location
  62. devel/qt5-qdbus
  63. devel/qt5-qdbusviewer
  64. devel/qt5-qdoc
  65. devel/qt5-qmldevtools*
  66. devel/qt5-script
  67. devel/qt5-scripttools
  68. devel/qt5-testlib
  69. devel/qt5-uitools
  70. devel/qtcreator
  71. devel/zeal
  72. editors/focuswriter
  73. editors/texmaker
  74. editors/texstudio
  75. emulators/ppsspp
  76. emulators/ppsspp-devel*
  77. games/2048-qt
  78. games/Cockatrice*
  79. games/cockatrice
  80. games/colorcode
  81. games/connectagram
  82. games/dustrac
  83. games/flightgear
  84. games/gottet
  85. games/openmw
  86. games/peg-e
  87. games/simsu
  88. games/solarus
  89. games/solarus-quest-editor
  90. games/tanglet
  91. graphics/dilay
  92. graphics/djview4
  93. graphics/ipe
  94. graphics/luminance-qt5
  95. graphics/phototonic
  96. graphics/py-qt5-svg
  97. graphics/qt5-3d
  98. graphics/qt5-graphicaleffects
  99. graphics/qt5-imageformats
  100. graphics/qt5-opengl
  101. graphics/qt5-pixeltool
  102. graphics/qt5-svg
  103. graphics/tiled
  104. irc/quassel
  105. lang/basic256
  106. lang/py-qt5-qml
  107. lang/qt5-qml
  108. mail/trojita
  109. math/cgal
  110. math/mathmod
  111. misc/qt5-doc
  112. misc/qt5-l10n
  113. misc/qt5ct
  114. multimedia/baka-mplayer
  115. multimedia/obs-studio
  116. multimedia/py-qt5-multimedia
  117. multimedia/py-qt5-multimediawidgets
  118. multimedia/qmmp-plugin-pack-qt5
  119. multimedia/qmmp-qt5
  120. multimedia/qt5-multimedia
  121. multimedia/qt5-phonon4
  122. multimedia/qt5-phonon4-designerplugin
  123. multimedia/qt5-phonon4-gstreamer
  124. multimedia/qt5-phonon4-vlc
  125. net/libmaia
  126. net/py-qt5-network
  127. net/qt5-enginio*
  128. net/qt5-network
  129. net/quiterss
  130. net/spoofer
  131. net-im/cutegram
  132. net-im/diligent
  133. net-im/libaccounts-qt5
  134. net-im/libqtelegram-ae
  135. net-im/qTox
  136. net-im/ricochet
  137. net-im/ring-gnome
  138. net-im/ring-libclient
  139. net-im/sigram*
  140. net-im/teamwords
  141. net-im/telegramqml
  142. net-im/telepathy-qt5
  143. net-mgmt/seafile-gui
  144. net-p2p/retroshare
  145. polish/kadu
  146. polish/qnapi
  147. ports-mgmt/octopkg
  148. ports-mgmt/portrac
  149. print/py-qt5-printsupport
  150. print/qt5-printsupport
  151. security/qtkeychain-qt5
  152. sysutils/bsdisks
  153. sysutils/pcbsd-syscache
  154. sysutils/pcbsd-utils
  155. sysutils/pcbsd-utils-qt5
  156. sysutils/polkit-qt5
  157. sysutils/qt5-qtpaths
  158. sysutils/qtpass
  159. sysutils/tarsnap-gui
  160. textproc/clucene-qt5
  161. textproc/fcitx-qt5
  162. textproc/py-qt5-xml
  163. textproc/py-qt5-xmlpatterns
  164. textproc/qt5-xml
  165. textproc/qt5-xmlpatterns
  166. textproc/sigil
  167. www/otter-browser
  168. www/py-qt5-webkit
  169. www/py-qt5-webkitwidgets
  170. www/qt5-webchannel
  171. www/qt5-websockets
  172. www/qupzilla-qt5
  173. www/webkit-qt5
  174. x11/antimicro
  175. x11/cool-retro-term
  176. x11/lumina
  177. x11/py-qt5-opengl
  178. x11/qt5-qev
  179. x11/qt5-x11extras
  180. x11/qterminal
  181. x11-fm/ultracopier
  182. x11-themes/adwaita-qt5
  183. x11-themes/qt5-style-Kvantum
  184. x11-themes/qt5-style-plugins
  185. x11-themes/qtcurve-qt5
  186. x11-toolkits/py-qt5-gui
  187. x11-toolkits/py-qt5-widgets
  188. x11-toolkits/qt5-canvas3d
  189. x11-toolkits/qt5-declarative
  190. x11-toolkits/qt5-gui
  191. x11-toolkits/qt5-quick
  192. x11-toolkits/qt5-quickcontrols
  193. x11-toolkits/qt5-uiplugin
  194. x11-toolkits/qt5-widgets
  195. x11-toolkits/qtermwidget
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Configuration Options
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pkgconfig shebangfix tar:xz qmake:_env

Master Sites:

Number of commits found: 12

Commit History - (may be incomplete: see SVNWeb link above for full details)
24 Aug 2016 08:12:34
Original commit files touched by this commit  5.5.1_1
rakuco search for other commits by this committer
Import upstream patch to fix the detection of clang's version number.

Our clang reports itself as "FreeBSD clang version x.y.z" instead of just
"clang version x.y.z", which was preventing the sed pattern used in the
configure script from matching and thus QT_CLANG_MAJOR_VERSION and
QT_CLANG_MINOR_VERSION were never defined. One of the consequences is that
tests for those values in mkspecs later always failed, which led to some
features such as C++14 support being disabled.

PR:		210327
MFH:		2016Q3
13 Apr 2016 10:36:15
Original commit files touched by this commit  5.5.1
jbeich search for other commits by this committer
Consistently prefer ${CONFIGURE_CMD} over ./${CONFIGURE_SCRIPT}

This also fixes SET_LATE_CONFIGURE_ARGS with custom CONFIGURE_CMD.

PR:		208294
Exp-run by:	antoine
Approved by:	portmgr (antoine), perl (mat)
Differential Revision:
24 Jan 2016 18:10:14
Original commit files touched by this commit  5.5.1
rakuco search for other commits by this committer
Update Qt5 to 5.5.1.

This is the latest stable release at time of writing.

Release announcement:
New features in Qt 5.5:

As usual, huge thanks to Tobias Berner ( for all his work
on these ports in kde@'s experimental area51 repository. He's the one who
started the update and did a lot of the initial work on Qt 5.5. Ralf Nolden
( has contributed the initial version of most of our new Qt5

Also thanks to Yuri Victorovich ( for contributing PR 205805
with his own patch for the 5.5.1 update. Some of his changes there prompted
(Only the first 15 lines of the commit message are shown above View all of this commit message)
30 Dec 2015 14:03:42
Original commit files touched by this commit  5.4.1_4
rakuco search for other commits by this committer

Follow-up to r404694. When we stopped setting CPATH and LIBRARY_PATH, some
Qt5-based ports (astro/stellarium, audio/musescore, audio/cantata,
irc/quassel, deskutils/owncloudclient) broke because the QtGui headers end
up bringing in GL/gl.h, but -I/usr/local/include was no longer being passed
to the compiler.

This is generally caused by QMAKE_{INC,LIB}DIR_OPENGL being empty, which
leads to some parts of being left out when being
processed into Qt5ConfigExtras.cmake. Specifically, the bits of code that
make the directories containing GL/gl.h and a dependency of the
Qt5::Gui CMake target were not present.

Fix it by setting those two variables again like we also do in devel/qmake4.
(Only the first 15 lines of the commit message are shown above View all of this commit message)
28 Dec 2015 18:51:41
Original commit files touched by this commit  5.4.1_3
rakuco search for other commits by this committer
Make sure ${WRKSRC}/lib is passed before /usr/local/lib when linking.

This is another shot at fixing the linkage problems that have plagued our
users particularly when upgrading from Qt 5.x to 5.(x+1). Quick recap: in
Qt5, qmake will by default pass QMAKE_LIBDIR to the linker before other
directories such as ${WRKSRC}/lib, which is where the port's libraries are
built. When a user is upgrading Qt, we can end up with the following linker
  c++ -o SomeBinary -lfoo1 -L/usr/local/lib -L${WRKSRC}/lib -lfoo2 -lfoo3
If is being built by the port and an older version is currently
installed on the system, /usr/local/lib/ will be picked up instead
of the newly-built ${WRKSRC}/lib/ At best things just work, at
worst SomeBinary needs some new symbol that is not present in the old and linking fails. Case in point: bug 198720.
(Only the first 15 lines of the commit message are shown above View all of this commit message)
18 Sep 2015 17:30:20
Original commit files touched by this commit  5.4.1_2
amdmi3 search for other commits by this committer
- Fix shebangs

Approved by:	portmgr blanket
24 May 2015 17:33:15
Original commit files touched by this commit  5.4.1_1
tijl search for other commits by this committer
Fix r387281 for fmake and bump qmake5 because a spec file changes.

Reported by:	antoine
18 Mar 2015 09:37:43
Original commit files touched by this commit  5.4.1
rakuco search for other commits by this committer
Update Qt5 to 5.4.1.

This is probably the first time our Qt 5 ports are tracking the latest
upstream release :-)

There isn't much to report in this update, thanks to the effort spent in the
5.2->5.3 update: a lot of the work is just small plist and patch updates.
Thankfully, several patches have been upstreamed and are not needed on our
side anymore.

I would like to thank Alex Richardson <> and Tobias
Berner <> for their help with the plist updates and
general testing.

PR:		198585
05 Nov 2014 09:39:22
Original commit files touched by this commit  5.3.2
rakuco search for other commits by this committer
Update Qt5 ports to 5.3.2.

Proudly presented by the KDE on FreeBSD team, with several guest stars.

This update took way longer than initially expected due to us previously
accumulating assumptions and changes to Qt's build system that finally bit
us back with the 5.3 release series, so we had to do a fair amount of

New ports:
- comms/qt5-serialport: Qt functions to access serial ports, originally
                        based on work by Fernando Apesteguia. [1]
- devel/qt5-qdoc: Qt documentation generator, the Qt5 equivalent of
                  devel/qt4-qdoc3. Originally worked on by Tobias Berner.
                  It had already been half-split from devel/qt5-buildtools,
(Only the first 15 lines of the commit message are shown above View all of this commit message)
23 Oct 2014 21:35:15
Original commit files touched by this commit  5.2.1_1
rakuco search for other commits by this committer
Remove @dirrm and @dirrmtry entries from the Qt ports.
19 Jul 2014 11:09:00
Original commit files touched by this commit  5.2.1_1
tijl search for other commits by this committer
Remove libtool .la files from all Qt ports

Approvedy by:	kde (makc)
03 Mar 2014 16:50:33
Original commit files touched by this commit  5.2.1
makc search for other commits by this committer
KDE/FreeBSD team is happy to present Qt 5 in ports!

Alberto Villa (avilla@) has done all the hard work to create Qt 5 ports.
Trivial update from 5.2.0-beta1 to 5.2.1 by me.

Special thanks for Adriaan de Groot <> for his assistance for
Qt-5.2.0 update.

Approved by:	portmgr (bapt) (for Mk/

Number of commits found: 12

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