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qt5 Cross-platform application and UI framework (metaport)
5.3.2_1 devel on this many watch lists=3 search for ports that depend on this port Find issues related to this port Report an issue related to this port
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Port Added: 03 Mar 2014 16:50:50
License: not specified in port
Qt is a cross-platform application and UI framework for developers
using C++ or QML, a CSS/JavaScript-like language.

With Qt, code can be reused efficiently to target multiple platforms
with one code base. The modular C++ class library and developer tools
easily enables developers to create applications for one platform and
easily build and run to deploy on another platform.

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NOTE: FreshPorts displays only information on required and default dependencies. Optional dependencies are not covered.

Runtime dependencies:
  1. /usr/local/lib/qt5/bin/assistant : devel/qt5-assistant
  2. /usr/local/lib/qt5/bin/moc : devel/qt5-buildtools
  3. /usr/local/lib/ : textproc/clucene-qt5
  4. /usr/local/lib/ : devel/qt5-concurrent
  5. /usr/local/lib/ : devel/qt5-core
  6. /usr/local/lib/ : devel/dbus-qt5
  7. /usr/local/lib/ : x11-toolkits/qt5-declarative
  8. /usr/local/lib/qt5/bin/designer : devel/qt5-designer
  9. /usr/local/lib/qt5/qml/QtGraphicalEffects/qmldir : graphics/qt5-graphicaleffects
  10. /usr/local/lib/ : x11-toolkits/qt5-gui
  11. /usr/local/lib/ : devel/qt5-help
  12. /usr/local/lib/qt5/plugins/imageformats/ : graphics/qt5-imageformats
  13. /usr/local/lib/qt5/bin/linguist : devel/qt5-linguist
  14. /usr/local/lib/qt5/bin/lrelease : devel/qt5-linguisttools
  15. /usr/local/lib/ : multimedia/qt5-multimedia
  16. /usr/local/lib/ : net/qt5-network
  17. /usr/local/lib/ : graphics/qt5-opengl
  18. /usr/local/lib/qt5/bin/qtpaths : sysutils/qt5-qtpaths
  19. /usr/local/lib/qt5/bin/pixeltool : graphics/qt5-pixeltool
  20. /usr/local/lib/ : print/qt5-printsupport
  21. /usr/local/lib/qt5/bin/qdbus : devel/qt5-qdbus
  22. /usr/local/lib/qt5/bin/qdbusviewer : devel/qt5-qdbusviewer
  23. /usr/local/lib/qt5/bin/qdoc : devel/qt5-qdoc
  24. /usr/local/lib/qt5/bin/qev : x11/qt5-qev
  25. /usr/local/lib/qt5/bin/qmake : devel/qmake5
  26. /usr/local/lib/ : lang/qt5-qml
  27. /usr/local/lib/ : x11-toolkits/qt5-quick
  28. /usr/local/lib/qt5/qml/QtQuick/Controls/qmldir : x11-toolkits/qt5-quickcontrols
  29. /usr/local/lib/ : devel/qt5-script
  30. /usr/local/lib/ : devel/qt5-scripttools
  31. /usr/local/lib/ : comms/qt5-serialport
  32. /usr/local/lib/qt5/plugins/sqldrivers/ : databases/qt5-sqldrivers-ibase
  33. /usr/local/lib/qt5/plugins/sqldrivers/ : databases/qt5-sqldrivers-mysql
  34. /usr/local/lib/qt5/plugins/sqldrivers/ : databases/qt5-sqldrivers-odbc
  35. /usr/local/lib/qt5/plugins/sqldrivers/ : databases/qt5-sqldrivers-pgsql
  36. /usr/local/lib/qt5/plugins/sqldrivers/ : databases/qt5-sqldrivers-sqlite2
  37. /usr/local/lib/qt5/plugins/sqldrivers/ : databases/qt5-sqldrivers-sqlite3
  38. /usr/local/lib/ : databases/qt5-sql
  39. /usr/local/lib/ : graphics/qt5-svg
  40. /usr/local/lib/ : devel/qt5-testlib
  41. /usr/local/lib/ : www/webkit-qt5
  42. /usr/local/lib/ : x11-toolkits/qt5-widgets
  43. /usr/local/lib/ : x11/qt5-x11extras
  44. /usr/local/lib/ : textproc/qt5-xml
  45. /usr/local/lib/ : textproc/qt5-xmlpatterns
There are no ports dependent upon this port

To install the port: cd /usr/ports/devel/qt5/ && make install clean
To add the package: pkg install devel/qt5

Configuration Options
===> The following configuration options are available for qt5-5.3.2_1:
     SQL_PLUGINS=on: Install database plugins for QtSql
     TOOLS=on: Install Qt tools (qmake, moc, etc.)
===> Use 'make config' to modify these settings


Master Sites:

Number of commits found: 8

Commit History - (may be incomplete: see SVNWeb link above for full details)
28 Jan 2015 01:15:23
Original commit files touched by this commit  5.3.2_1
rakuco search for other commits by this committer
Add sysutils/qt5-qtpaths.

This is a command-line interface to QStandardPaths, part of qttools. It is
used by the KDE Frameworks 5 ports, which will be added in the future.

While here, also add x11-toolkits/qt5-quickcontrols to devel/qt5 which I had
forgotten to do before.

Submitted by:	Tobias Berner <>
05 Nov 2014 09:39:22
Original commit files touched by this commit  5.3.2
rakuco search for other commits by this committer
Update Qt5 ports to 5.3.2.

Proudly presented by the KDE on FreeBSD team, with several guest stars.

This update took way longer than initially expected due to us previously
accumulating assumptions and changes to Qt's build system that finally bit
us back with the 5.3 release series, so we had to do a fair amount of

New ports:
- comms/qt5-serialport: Qt functions to access serial ports, originally
                        based on work by Fernando Apesteguia. [1]
- devel/qt5-qdoc: Qt documentation generator, the Qt5 equivalent of
                  devel/qt4-qdoc3. Originally worked on by Tobias Berner.
                  It had already been half-split from devel/qt5-buildtools,
(Only the first 15 lines of the commit message are shown above View all of this commit message)
10 Sep 2014 20:50:37
Original commit files touched by this commit  5.2.1_1
gerald search for other commits by this committer
Update the default version of GCC in the Ports Collection from GCC 4.7.4
to GCC 4.8.3.


PR:		192025
Tested by:	antoine (-exp runs)
Approved by:	portmgr (implicit)
19 Jul 2014 11:09:00
Original commit files touched by this commit  5.2.1
tijl search for other commits by this committer
Remove libtool .la files from all Qt ports

Approvedy by:	kde (makc)
05 May 2014 09:45:37
Original commit files touched by this commit  5.2.1
bapt search for other commits by this committer
Convert all :U to :tu and :L to :tl

Since FreeBSD 8.4 and FreeBSD 9.1 make(1) do support :tu and :tl as a
replacement for :U and :L (which has been marked as deprecated)

bmake which is the default on FreeBSD 10+ only support by default
:tu/:tl a hack has been added at the time to support :U and :L to ease
migration. This hack is now not necessary anymore

Note that this makes the ports tree incompatible with make(1) from
FreeBSD 8.3 or earlier

With hat:	portmgr
23 Mar 2014 19:58:33
Original commit files touched by this commit  5.2.1
tijl search for other commits by this committer
- Make Qt4 and Qt5 respect CXXFLAGS during configure so they pick up
  -DLIBICONV_PLUG from USES=iconv and always use libc iconv when it is
- Remove the iconv dependency from Qt5.  It uses icu instead.

PR:		ports/186707
Approved by:	kde (makc)
10 Mar 2014 07:48:41
Original commit files touched by this commit  5.2.1
bapt search for other commits by this committer
Make it work properly on FreeBSD 8.3 which make(1) doesn't know about :tu/:tl,
8.3 is still supported
until April 30 and it is the version on which 8.x packages are built on, it is
important to keep
having it properly building
03 Mar 2014 16:50:33
Original commit files touched by this commit  5.2.1
makc search for other commits by this committer
KDE/FreeBSD team is happy to present Qt 5 in ports!

Alberto Villa (avilla@) has done all the hard work to create Qt 5 ports.
Trivial update from 5.2.0-beta1 to 5.2.1 by me.

Special thanks for Adriaan de Groot <> for his assistance for
Qt-5.2.0 update.

Approved by:	portmgr (bapt) (for Mk/

Number of commits found: 8

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