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non port: head/dns/dnsmasq-devel/pkg-plist

Number of commits found: 5

Fri, 12 Jun 2015
[ 06:17 mandree ] Original commit 
389262 dns/dnsmasq-devel/Makefile
389262 dns/dnsmasq-devel/distinfo
389262 dns/dnsmasq-devel/pkg-plist
Update to new upstream release candidate #10.

Git shortlog since rc #9:

Neil Jerram (6):
      Fix logging of unknown interface in --bridge-interface, DHPCv4.
      Extend --bridge-interface aliasing to DHCPv6.
      Allow router advertisements to have the "off-link" bit set.
      Upply --bridge-interface aliasing to solicited router advertisements.
      Apply --bridge-interfaces to unsolicited router advertisements.
      Documenation updates for --bridge-interface and "off-link".

Nicolas Cavallari (1):
      Add Dbus methods to create and delete DHCP leases.

Simon Kelley (2):
      Add a couple of missed logging strings to the catalogue.
      Merge messages and fix makefile process to do this.
Thu, 25 Sep 2014
[ 18:27 mandree ] Original commit 
369281 dns/dnsmasq-devel/Makefile
369281 dns/dnsmasq-devel/pkg-plist
369281 dns/dnsmasq/Makefile
369281 dns/dnsmasq/distinfo
369281 dns/dnsmasq/pkg-plist
Update to new upstream version 2.72, disabling dnsmasq-devel again.

Remove @dir* stuff from pkg-plist.  @sample isn't documented properly
and isn't up to handling files with non-.sample suffix, so stay
away from that part of pkg-plist.

Wed, 10 Sep 2014
[ 21:12 mandree ] Original commit 
367894 dns/dnsmasq-devel/Makefile
367894 dns/dnsmasq-devel/pkg-plist
Forward port dnsmasq changes from previous versions, to update the port and fix
10/11 build issues.
Wed, 5 Feb 2014
[ 01:49 mandree ] Original commit 
342621 dns/dnsmasq-devel/Makefile
342621 dns/dnsmasq-devel/distinfo
342621 dns/dnsmasq-devel/files/patch-dnsmasq.conf.example
342621 dns/dnsmasq-devel/pkg-plist
Upgrade to test6, which adds DNSSEC validation and caching support.

Note that this requires configuration (see dnsmasq.conf.example for
hints) and has a few rough edges with regard to caching.
Sun, 6 Oct 2013
[ 21:56 mandree ] Original commit 
329632 dns/dnsmasq-devel/Makefile
329632 dns/dnsmasq-devel/distinfo
329632 dns/dnsmasq-devel/pkg-plist
Update to 2.67 release candidate #3.
While here, support staging.

Changelog for RC1:

Git commit log with newer rc2/rc3 tags:

Number of commits found: 5

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