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found something from the cache
non port: head/emulators/i386-wine-devel/Makefile.i386

Number of commits found: 13

Sun, 28 Dec 2014
[ 20:39 dbn ] Original commit 
375756 emulators/i386-wine-compholio/Makefile
375756 emulators/i386-wine-devel/Makefile.i386
375756 emulators/i386-wine-devel/files/
375756 emulators/wine-compholio/Makefile
375756 emulators/wine-devel/Makefile
Fix CONFLICTS_INSTALL for wine-devel and related ports.

 - Fix install conflicts [1] (for the "newly" added compholio port)
 - Gracefully handle a corrupt nVidia tarball
 - Provide checksum and size information for nVidia tarball
 - Bump master port [1] due to changes to and conflicts

Approved by:    gerald@ [1]
Mon, 22 Sep 2014
[ 18:25 dbn ] Original commit 
368984 emulators/i386-wine-devel/Makefile.i386
368984 emulators/i386-wine/Makefile.i386
Unbreak emulators/i386-wine(-devel) builds.

With the removal of REINPLACE_PLIST in r367153 building wine on FreeBSD/i386
broke.  This was not detected in an exp-run as i386-wine is marked IGNORE
unless WINE_CROSS_BUILD is defined (to protect the build infrastructure and
avoid confusion).

PR:	193734
Mon, 1 Sep 2014
[ 13:03 bapt ] Original commit 
366875 CHANGES
366875 Keywords/pkg_install.awk
366875 Mk/Scripts/
366875 Mk/Uses/
366875 Mk/
366875 Mk/
366875 Mk/
366875 Mk/
366875 Mk/
366875 astro/google-earth/Makefile

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Remove support for pkg_install
Merge back into
Add a note about @stopdaemon not being supported anymore

With hat:	portmgr
Differential Revision:
Sat, 30 Aug 2014
[ 08:03 dbn ] Original commit 
366593 emulators/i386-wine-devel/Makefile.i386
366593 emulators/i386-wine-devel/
366593 emulators/i386-wine-devel/distinfo
366593 emulators/i386-wine-devel/pkg-plist
Update emulators/i386-wine-devel (and -compholio) to 1.7.25.

Also, fix build of i386-wine-* on 32-bit environments (move $MKDIR to prior
the $INSTALL).
Mon, 25 Aug 2014
[ 20:02 dbn ] Original commit 
366144 emulators/i386-wine-devel/Makefile.i386
366144 emulators/i386-wine-devel/
366144 emulators/i386-wine/Makefile.i386
IGNORE emulators/i386-wine(-devel)? on ARCH=i386, fix lib bundling.

Due to the hackery things these ports do to properly work under amd64, it
results in issues for pkg.  This port - although it needs to build under
i386 - is not intended to be consumed under i386.  The normal wine(-devel)?
ports should be consumed on an i386 system and these ports should be
consumed on an amd64 system. [1]

Reorder the library detection to pick up soft dependencies first, then the
linked to libraries.  Prior to this change any libraries required by a soft
dependency wasn't bundled, for example did not have its
dependencies bundled. [2][3]

Requested by:	bdrewery [1]
Reported by:	Joseph Mingrone <> [2]
		Beeblebrox <> [3]
Mon, 18 Aug 2014
[ 19:11 dbn ] Original commit 
365342 emulators/Makefile
365342 emulators/i386-wine-compholio
365342 emulators/i386-wine-compholio/Makefile
365342 emulators/i386-wine-devel/Makefile.i386
365342 emulators/i386-wine-devel/
365342 emulators/i386-wine-devel/distinfo
Introduce emulators/i386-wine-compholio.

This is the companion port to wine-compholio: proving a means to compile,
and binaries, for FreeBSD/amd64.
Sat, 9 Aug 2014
[ 10:17 dbn ] Original commit 
364424 emulators/i386-wine-devel/Makefile.i386
364424 emulators/i386-wine-devel/
364424 emulators/i386-wine-devel/files/binbounce
364424 emulators/i386-wine-devel/files/
Various improvements for emulators/i386-wine-devel.

 * Add support for a forthcoming i386-wine-compholio port [1]
 * Fix binbounce for RPATH issues [1]

A port revision bump is not possible due to the complexities for the wine
ports.  The impact is minimised by timing these updates closely with the
underlying updates of wine-devel.

Requested by:	[1] Kris Moore <>
Reported by:	[2] Nils Beyer <>
Mon, 2 Dec 2013
[ 16:49 dbn ] Original commit 
335510 emulators/i386-wine-devel/Makefile.i386
335510 emulators/i386-wine-devel/
335510 emulators/i386-wine/Makefile
335510 emulators/i386-wine/Makefile.i386
335510 emulators/i386-wine/
335510 emulators/i386-wine/distinfo
335510 emulators/i386-wine/files/
335510 emulators/i386-wine/pkg-plist
335510 emulators/wine-devel/Makefile
335510 emulators/wine/Makefile
Update emulators/i386-wine to 1.6.1.

 * Backport changes from emulators/i386-wine-devel

Approved by:	gerald [1]
Sun, 1 Dec 2013
[ 15:30 dbn ] Original commit 
335395 emulators/i386-wine-devel/Makefile.i386
335395 emulators/i386-wine-devel/
335395 emulators/i386-wine-devel/distinfo
335395 emulators/i386-wine-devel/files/
Update emulators/i386-wine-devel to 1.7.7.

 - Fix the script's usage of getopt [1]
 - Fix the patching of the packages for installation on amd64 [2]

Reported by:	[1] Nicole Reid <>
		[2] Piotr Kubaj <>
Sun, 3 Nov 2013
[ 21:13 dbn ] Original commit 
332648 emulators/i386-wine-devel/Makefile
332648 emulators/i386-wine-devel/Makefile.i386
332648 emulators/i386-wine-devel/
332648 emulators/i386-wine-devel/distinfo
332648 emulators/i386-wine-devel/files/
332648 emulators/i386-wine-devel/pkg-plist
Update emulators/i386-wine-devel to 1.7.4 and add stage support.

Port ChangeLog:
 - Update to version 1.7.4 (for pre-built packages for amd64)
 - Add stage support for both Makefile.(i386|inc)
 - Add the -devel suffix and remove LATEST_LINK
 - Teach the script about the -devel suffix
 - Track updates for the GECKO version (2.24)
Mon, 12 Aug 2013
[ 06:07 dbn ] Original commit 
324612 emulators/i386-wine-devel/Makefile.i386
324612 emulators/i386-wine-devel/
324612 emulators/i386-wine-devel/pkg-plist
Fix emulators/i386-wine-devel when installing on -current.

Correct version detection to complain when installing outside the
supported range (8.3+ and 9.1+).

Also, exclude ldconfig data from pkg-plist.

Reported by:	Sergey V. Dyatko
Sun, 11 Aug 2013
[ 08:19 dbn ] Original commit 
324577 emulators/i386-wine-devel/Makefile.i386
324577 emulators/i386-wine-devel/
Update emulators/i386-wine-devel options with GECKO and MONO.

The binary package for amd64 systems does not bundle GECKO or MONO
however it is useful (for some) to have those files installed, so
allow the package to have a run-time dependency on the ports that
provide Gecko and Mono support.

PORTREVISION is not bumped since nothing changes in the default
(BATCH) case.
Sat, 10 Aug 2013
[ 15:44 dbn ] Original commit 
324547 emulators/i386-wine-devel/Makefile.i386
324547 emulators/i386-wine-devel/
324547 emulators/i386-wine-devel/distinfo
324547 emulators/i386-wine-devel/files/
324547 emulators/i386-wine-devel/pkg-descr
324547 emulators/i386-wine-devel/pkg-plist
Enable packaging of emulators/i386-wine-devel on amd64 (part 1/2).

Provide two ports, in one.  When compiling on i386 the port behaves
as a slave port of wine-devel, creating a package suitable for
installation on amd64.  No change here

When compiling on amd64 the port manually installs the provided
amd64 packages (see for those packages)
and thus allowing the packages to be "build" using the FreeBSD
infrastructure, and critically, to appear in the standard package
set without requiring users to manually add these packages to their
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Number of commits found: 13

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