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found NOTHING in cache
			SELECT count(DISTINCT AS count
			  FROM element_pathname EP, commit_log_elements CLE, commit_log CL
			 WHERE EP.pathname   = '/ports/head/games/doomlegacy/distinfo'
			   AND EP.element_id = CLE.element_ID
			   AND         = CLE.commit_log_id
			CL.commit_date - SystemTimeAdjust()                                                                 AS commit_date_raw,                                                                                               AS commit_log_id,
			CL.encoding_losses                                                                                  AS encoding_losses,
			CL.message_id                                                                                       AS message_id,
			CL.committer                                                                                        AS committer,
			CL.description                                                                                      AS commit_description,
			to_char(CL.commit_date - SystemTimeAdjust(), 'DD Mon YYYY')                                         AS commit_date,
			to_char(CL.commit_date - SystemTimeAdjust(), 'HH24:MI')                                             AS commit_time,                                                                                                AS port,
			element_pathname(                                                                                AS pathname,
			element.status                                                                                              AS status,
			element_pathname.pathname                            as element_pathname,
			NULL AS port_id,
			0    AS needs_refresh,
			NULL AS forbidden,
			NULL AS broken,
			NULL AS deprecated,
			NULL AS ignore,
			NULL AS version,
			NULL AS epoch,
			NULL as date_added,
			NULL AS short_description,
			NULL AS category_id,
			NULL AS category,
			NULL AS watch,
			NULL AS vulnerable_current,
			NULL AS vulnerable_past,
			NULL AS restricted,
			NULL AS no_cdrom,
			NULL AS expiration_date,
			NULL AS is_interactive,
			NULL AS only_for_archs,
			NULL AS not_for_archs,
			NULL AS stf_message,
			commit_log_elements.revision_name as revision,         AS repo_name,
			R.svn_hostname AS hostname,
			R.path_to_repo AS path_to_repo 
    FROM commit_log_elements, commit_log CL LEFT OUTER JOIN repo R on  CL.repo_id =, element_pathname, element 
  FROM element_pathname EP, commit_log_elements CLE, commit_log CL
 WHERE EP.pathname   = '/ports/head/games/doomlegacy/distinfo'
   AND EP.element_id = CLE.element_ID
   AND         = CLE.commit_log_id
ORDER BY CL.commit_date DESC 
LIMIT 100) AS tmp)
	    AND commit_log_elements.commit_log_id =
	    AND commit_log_elements.element_id    =
        AND element_pathname.element_id       =
   ORDER BY 1 desc,
			commit_log_id, element_pathname
That would give us 972 rows
non port: head/games/doomlegacy/distinfo

Number of commits found: 10

Sun, 15 Mar 2015
[ 14:36 danfe ] Original commit 
381334 games/doomlegacy/Makefile
381334 games/doomlegacy/distinfo
381334 games/doomlegacy/files/patch-Makefile
381334 games/doomlegacy/files/patch-sdl+i_system.c
- Update to version 1.45.2 (r1139, still officially beta)
- Remove some of our patches that were integrated or reworked upstream (bugs
  603, 607, and 617; revisions r1130, r1135)
- Now, system compiler is upheld by setting CC_ENVIRONMENT variable
- Try to unbreak parallel builds by pre-generating .dep files in `pre-build'
- Take maintainership back after giving it to games@ team didn't work out
Thu, 21 Aug 2014
[ 15:54 danfe ] Original commit 
365565 games/doomlegacy/Makefile
365565 games/doomlegacy/distinfo
365565 games/doomlegacy/files/patch-Makefile
365565 games/doomlegacy/files/patch-sdl+i_system.c
- Update to version 1.45 beta1
- Transfer maintainership to games@

I've managed to push some of the patches upstream, but not all.
Fri, 17 May 2013
[ 01:02 danfe ] Original commit 
318348 games/doomlegacy/Makefile
318348 games/doomlegacy/distinfo
318348 games/doomlegacy/files/patch-Makefile
318348 games/doomlegacy/files/patch-sdl+i_system.c
- Update to version 1.44_alpha4
- Do not use hand-written assembly code by default: upstream says they do
  not currently maintain it, and it does not contain many new improvements
  made to rendering, nor fog effects (ticket #604)
- Fix memory reporting in I_GetFreeMem() on amd64 (reported by Ilya Arkhipov)
- Enable key auto repeat in the menu/console (ticket #587)
- Assume maintainership while hacking on it more than I originally intended

Most of the patches were submitted upstream (tickets 587, 602-610).
Tue, 6 Nov 2012
[ 14:55 danfe ] Original commit 
307071 games/doomlegacy/Makefile
307071 games/doomlegacy/distinfo
- Compress legacy.wad distfile (deflate 65%)
- Minor cosmetic Makefile changes

Feature safe:	yes
[ 13:15 danfe ] Original commit 
307068 games/doomlegacy/Makefile
307068 games/doomlegacy/distinfo
307068 games/doomlegacy/files/patch-Makefile
307068 games/doomlegacy/files/patch-byteptr.h
307068 games/doomlegacy/files/patch-i_sound.c
307068 games/doomlegacy/files/patch-i_tcp.c
307068 games/doomlegacy/files/patch-makefile
307068 games/doomlegacy/files/patch-sdl+i_system.c
307068 games/doomlegacy/files/patch-sndserv_Makefile
307068 games/doomlegacy/pkg-descr
Overhaul the port to make it usable and up-to-date with the reality:

- Update to version 1.44 alpha3 (unfortunately, for the sake of sane version
  number, have to bump PORTEPOCH)
- Switch to unified SDL media interface (this is what all modern systems
  should use) and stop building and installing no longer required stuff; now
  both sound and music works as expected out of the box
- Switch from kvm(3) kernel memory interface calls to obtain memory stats to
  sysctl(3) to avoid kmem group privileges (setgid bit) requirement
- Get rid of wrapper script by providing better default value of DOOMWADDIR
- Rename X86_ASM option to standard ASM (which already has nice description)
- Change USE_GL knob value from umbrella "yes" to more specific "glu"
- Adjust COMMENT and define LICENSE (GPLv2); really honor CC and CFLAGS
- Utilize PORTDOCS and PLIST_FILES and thus purge pkg-plist
- Trim Makefile header while I'm here per new world order
- Provide better and cleaner port description

Feature safe:	yes
Tested on:	i386 only :(
Sun, 3 Jul 2011
[ 14:25 ohauer ] Original commit 
1.5 games/0verkill/distinfo
1.4 games/3dc/distinfo
1.8 games/3dpong/distinfo
1.5 games/44bsd-hunt/distinfo
1.4 games/4stattack/distinfo
1.4 games/54321/distinfo
1.2 games/8kingdoms/distinfo
1.4 games/BillardGL/distinfo
1.4 games/CaribbeanStud/distinfo
1.5 games/KnightCap/distinfo

(Only the first 10 of 919 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
-remove MD5
Thu, 17 Nov 2005
[ 11:51 barner ] Original commit 
1.10 games/doomlegacy/Makefile
1.4 games/doomlegacy/distinfo
1.1 games/doomlegacy/files/
1.3 games/doomlegacy/files/patch-makefile
1.1 games/doomlegacy/files/patch-sndserv_Makefile
1.2 games/doomlegacy/files/patch-sndserver::Makefile
1.2 games/doomlegacy/files/
1.3 games/doomlegacy/pkg-message
1.5 games/doomlegacy/pkg-plist
- Integrate with "doom-data".
- Add OPTIONS (for x86 asm).
- Make wrapper script.
- Add SHA256
- Add NOPORTDOCS support and use DATADIR
- Respect CC and CFLAGS

PR:             ports/86446
Submitted by:   Alejandro Pulver <>
Tweaked by:     barner
Approved by:    Maintainer timeout (2 months)
Thu, 5 Aug 2004
[ 12:21 vs ] Original commit 
1.8 games/doomlegacy/Makefile
1.3 games/doomlegacy/distinfo
1.4 games/doomlegacy/pkg-plist
Update to 1.4.2

PR:             ports/69253
Submitted by:   Miguel Mendez
Approved by:    maintainer timeout
Sun, 28 Mar 2004
[ 17:01 pav ] Original commit 
1.6 games/doomlegacy/Makefile
1.2 games/doomlegacy/distinfo
1.2 games/doomlegacy/files/patch-doomlegacy::linux_x::i_sound.c
1.2 games/doomlegacy/files/patch-doomlegacy::linux_x::linux.c
1.2 games/doomlegacy/files/patch-doomlegacy::t_prepro.h
1.2 games/doomlegacy/files/patch-makefile
1.1 games/doomlegacy/files/
1.3 games/doomlegacy/pkg-descr
1.2 games/doomlegacy/pkg-message
1.3 games/doomlegacy/pkg-plist
- Update to 141

PR:             ports/62895 (based on)
Submitted by:   No Name <>
Approved by:    maintainer timeout (6 weeks)
Fri, 17 Jan 2003
[ 05:21 edwin ] Original commit 
1.514 games/Makefile
1.1 games/doomlegacy/Makefile
1.1 games/doomlegacy/distinfo
1.1 games/doomlegacy/pkg-comment
1.1 games/doomlegacy/pkg-descr
1.1 games/doomlegacy/pkg-message
1.1 games/doomlegacy/pkg-plist
New port: games/doomlegacy

        Doomlegacy is popular clone of Doom game.

PR:             ports/37536
Submitted by:   Alexander G. Chetirbock <>

Number of commits found: 10

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