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I am looking for an LTO tape library. Do you have one to spare?
non port: head/graphics/kdegraphics3/files/patch-post-3.5.8-kdegraphics-kpdf.diff

Number of commits found: 2

Mon, 18 Aug 2008
[ 09:22 miwi ] Original commit 
1.78 Mk/
1.26 accessibility/kdeaccessibility/Makefile
1.22 accessibility/kdeaccessibility/distinfo
1.49 arabic/kde3-i18n/Makefile
1.39 arabic/kde3-i18n/distinfo
1.2 audio/akode-plugins-ffmpeg/Makefile
1.21 audio/akode-plugins-jack/Makefile
1.20 audio/akode-plugins-mpc/Makefile
1.20 audio/akode-plugins-mpeg/Makefile
1.20 audio/akode-plugins-oss/Makefile

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The KDE FreeBSD team is proud to announce the release
of KDE 3.5.9 for FreeBSD. The official KDE 3.5.9 release
notes can be found at:

After the KDE 4.1.0 import the team found time to make
KDE 3.5.9 ready for the Ports tree.

KDE 3.5.9 was released six months ago and 3.5.10 is coming
soon. We are not sure we have time to get 3.5.10 for FreeBSD
7.1/6.4 release, but we would have minimum 3.5.9 for those
people who prefer to stay with KDE3.

Of course Thanks to all Testers.
Thu, 8 Nov 2007
[ 17:17 lofi ] Original commit 
1.105 editors/koffice-kde3/Makefile
1.1 editors/koffice-kde3/files/patch-koffice-1.6.3-xpdf2-CVE-2007-4352-5392-5393.diff
1.120 graphics/kdegraphics3/Makefile
1.1 graphics/kdegraphics3/files/patch-post-3.5.8-kdegraphics-kpdf.diff
Fix multiple vulnerabilities from imported xpdf code in KOffice and

Approved by:    portmgr (mcl)

Number of commits found: 2

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