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non port: head/mail/exim/Makefile.options

Number of commits found: 6

Tue, 18 Oct 2011
[ 08:55 rea ] Original commit 
1.260 mail/exim/Makefile
1.6 mail/exim/Makefile.options
1.105 mail/exim/distinfo
1.2 mail/exim/files/extra-patch-xclient
1.2 mail/exim/files/patch-exiqgrep.src
1.18 mail/exim/options
1.9 mail/exim/pkg-message
1.50 mail/exim/pkg-plist
mail/exim: upgrade to 4.77

New stuff (from
 1. New options for the ratelimit ACL condition: /count= and /unique=.
    The /noupdate option has been replaced by a /readonly option.

 2. The SMTP transport's protocol option may now be set to "smtps", to
    use SSL-on-connect outbound.

 3. New variable $av_failed, set true if the AV scanner deferred; ie, when
    there is a problem talking to the AV scanner, or the AV scanner running.

 4. New expansion conditions, "inlist" and "inlisti", which take simple lists
    and check if the search item is a member of the list.  This does not
    support named lists, but does subject the list part to string expansion.
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Sun, 9 Jan 2011
[ 11:19 rea ] Original commit 
1.255 mail/exim/Makefile
1.5 mail/exim/Makefile.options
1.101 mail/exim/distinfo
1.29 mail/exim/files/patch-src::EDITME
1.17 mail/exim/options
mail/exim: update to 4.73

Most notably, this version fixes local exim -> root escalation,

Port had also gained configurable knob for disabling -D option
to fine tune the behaviour of options -C and -D.

New items are documented at
Changelog is available at

Security: e4fcf020-0447-11e0-becc-0022156e8794 / CVE-2010-4345
PR: 152963 [1], 153711 [2]
Submitted by: Alexander Wittig <> [1]
Approved by: garga (mentor)
Wed, 5 May 2010
[ 18:08 krion ] Original commit 
1.250 mail/exim/Makefile
1.4 mail/exim/Makefile.options
1.99 mail/exim/distinfo
1.16 mail/exim/options
1.49 mail/exim/pkg-plist
"Spamooborona 1024" software by Yandex allows to filter up to 1024
good messages per day for any mailhost. It is to note: 1024 - it is
not the total amount of messages scanned but the only good ones,
which aren't considered as spam. Once 1024 good messages get passed
through the filter, the rest of mail traffic will be passed without
considering spam or ham until the end of the day.

The patch allows use of "Spamooborona 1024" with Exim by using
Local_scan()'s functionality provided by Yandex LLC.

PR:             ports/146215
Submitted by:   Alexey V.Degtyarev <>
Wed, 25 Nov 2009
[ 12:29 krion ] Original commit 
1.3 mail/exim/Makefile.options
1.15 mail/exim/options
Change WITH_DAEMON option description.

Submitted by:   George L. Yermulnik <>, Alexey V. Degtyarev
Sun, 15 Nov 2009
[ 18:18 krion ] Original commit 
1.247 mail/exim/Makefile
1.2 mail/exim/Makefile.options
1.97 mail/exim/distinfo
1.9 mail/exim/files/patch-OS::Makefile-FreeBSD
1.2 mail/exim/files/patch-src-daemon.c
1.28 mail/exim/files/patch-src::EDITME
1.2 mail/exim/files/patch-src_dbstuff.h
1.14 mail/exim/options
1.48 mail/exim/pkg-plist
Update to version 4.70
 - Add devel/pcre dependency
 - Add option for checking ACL in DCC
 - Add WITH_DEBUG option
 - Remove Domain Keys option
 - Remove DKIM option

Submitted by:   "Alexey V. Degtyarev" <>
Wed, 21 Oct 2009
[ 19:59 krion ] Original commit 
1.244 mail/exim/Makefile
1.1 mail/exim/Makefile.options
1.1 mail/exim/files/extra-patch-kas
1.13 mail/exim/options
- Convert existing infrastructure to OPTIONS
- Remove deprecated RCORDER, required by FreeBSD-5.x
- Remove deprecated WITH_PWCHECK
- Add option WITH_KAS, which installs mail/libspamtest to use
  Kaspersky Antispam library

Submitted by:   Alexey V. Degtyarev <>

Number of commits found: 6

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