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found something from the cache
non port: head/net-mgmt/devmon/files/

Number of commits found: 4

Mon, 5 Jan 2015
[ 13:18 marino ] Original commit 
376298 dns/bindgraph/Makefile
376298 dns/bindgraph/files/
376298 japanese/tiarra/Makefile
376298 japanese/tiarra/files/
376298 mail/couriergraph/Makefile
376298 mail/couriergraph/files/
376298 mail/exilog/Makefile
376298 mail/exilog/files/
376298 mail/ovs/Makefile
376298 mail/ovs/files/

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change command_interpreter from /usr/bin/perl to ${PREFIX}/bin/perl

Several ports had rc.d scripts with hardcoded command_interpreter string
as /usr/bin/perl.  This symlink is not guaranteed to be in place, and it
isn't even an option for perl 5.20.  For affected ports, the interpreter
was changed to localbase.

In one case, the interpreter was correct, but it wasn't surround by
quotes.  Since the rc.d script would break if a space was contained in
${PREFIX}, quotes were added in that case.
Mon, 12 May 2014
[ 18:15 feld ] Original commit 
353886 net-mgmt/devmon/Makefile
353886 net-mgmt/devmon/files/
353886 net-mgmt/devmon/pkg-plist
Support STAGE
Move pid dir creation to rc script
Clean up rc script a bit, add some consistency
change command_interpreter to /usr/local/bin/perl to avoid warnings

Sponsored by:	SupraNet Communications, Inc
Mon, 27 May 2013
[ 02:29 swills ] Original commit 
319151 GIDs
319151 UIDs
319151 net-mgmt/devmon/Makefile
319151 net-mgmt/devmon/files/
319151 net-mgmt/devmon/pkg-plist
- rc script passes rclint
- Runs as its own user
- Switch to @unexec rmdir since portlint warns about absolute path in @dirrmtry
  not working

PR:		ports/178834
Submitted by:	Mark Felder <> (maintainer)
Sat, 2 Mar 2013
[ 20:20 swills ] Original commit 
313295 net-mgmt/Makefile
313295 net-mgmt/devmon
313295 net-mgmt/devmon/Makefile
313295 net-mgmt/devmon/distinfo
313295 net-mgmt/devmon/files
313295 net-mgmt/devmon/files/
313295 net-mgmt/devmon/pkg-descr
313295 net-mgmt/devmon/pkg-plist
Devmon is a Perl daemon designed to supplement and enhance the monitoring
capabilities of a server running either the BigBrother or Hobbit monitoring


PR:		ports/176427
Submitted by:	Mark Felder <>

Number of commits found: 4

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