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I am looking for an LTO tape library. Do you have one to spare?
non port: head/net/p5-Socket/pkg-plist

Number of commits found: 4

Mon, 30 Sep 2013
[ 19:12 sunpoet ] Original commit 
328846 net-im/p5-SOAP-Transport-JABBER/Makefile
328846 net-im/p5-SOAP-Transport-JABBER/pkg-plist
328846 net/p5-IO-Socket-IP/Makefile
328846 net/p5-IO-Socket-IP/pkg-plist
328846 net/p5-Net-CLI-Interact/Makefile
328846 net/p5-Net-CLI-Interact/pkg-plist
328846 net/p5-Net-Dict/Makefile
328846 net/p5-Net-Dict/pkg-plist
328846 net/p5-Net-HTTPS-NB/Makefile
328846 net/p5-Net-HTTPS-NB/pkg-plist

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- Support STAGEDIR
Mon, 23 Jan 2012
[ 18:43 sunpoet ] Original commit 
1.2425 net/Makefile
1.3 net/p5-Socket/Makefile
1.3 net/p5-Socket/distinfo
1.3 net/p5-Socket/pkg-descr
1.3 net/p5-Socket/pkg-plist
- Re-add p5-Socket 1.97

Socket is a low-level module used by, among other things, the IO::Socket family
of modules. The following examples demonstrate some low-level uses but a
practical program would likely use the higher-level API provided by IO::Socket
or similar instead.

Thu, 25 Sep 2008
[ 11:40 garga ] Original commit 
1.2035 net/Makefile
1.2 net/p5-Socket/Makefile
1.2 net/p5-Socket/distinfo
1.2 net/p5-Socket/pkg-descr
1.2 net/p5-Socket/pkg-plist
This is the old version of Socket, that is available inside perl, so, the port
isn't needed here, i've added it by mistake.

Now it's time to clean this removing the port.

Discussed with: tobez
Fri, 30 May 2008
[ 14:12 garga ] Original commit 
1.1997 net/Makefile
1.1 net/p5-Socket/Makefile
1.1 net/p5-Socket/distinfo
1.1 net/p5-Socket/pkg-descr
1.1 net/p5-Socket/pkg-plist
This module is just a translation of the C socket.h file. Unlike the old
mechanism of requiring a translated file, this uses the h2xs program
(see the Perl source distribution) and your native C compiler. This means
that it has a far more likely chance of getting the numbers right. This includes
all of the commonly used pound-defines like AF_INET, SOCK_STREAM, etc.


PR:             ports/124132
Submitted by:   BluePex Security Solutions <freebsd-ports at>

Number of commits found: 4

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