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Sanity Test Failure
Mon, 29 Apr 2013
[ 22:27 bapt ] Original commit   Sanity Test Failure  Revision:316850
yasr 0.6.9_2 accessibility files touched by this commit General-purpose console screen reader
lha-ac 1.14i_10 archivers files touched by this commit Restricted Archive files using LZSS and Huffman compression (.lzh files)
wxguitar 1.01_4 audio files touched by this commit Simple guitar tuning assistant
gtkperf 0.40_9 benchmarks files touched by this commit Measure your system's GTK+ performance
geda-gattrib 1.4.3_7 cad  Broken Ignore files touched by this commit The gEDA's attribute editor
geda-gschem 1.4.3_5 cad  Broken Ignore files touched by this commit The gEDA's electronic schematic capture tool
kicad 2010.05.05.b2356_4 cad files touched by this commit Schematic and PCB editing software
libgeda 1.4.3_6 cad  Broken Ignore files touched by this commit The gEDA's tools base utility library
repsnapper 2.0.0b01_1 cad files touched by this commit Controller and GCode generator for RepRap 3D printers
opencc 0.3.0 chinese files touched by this commit Open Chinese Convert library and utilities

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Convert a bunch of ports from WITHOUT_NLS -> ${PORT_OPTIONS:MNLS}

While here:
- trim headers
- convert to new options framework

Sanity Test Results


This command (FreshPorts code 1):

/usr/local/bin/sudo /usr/sbin/chroot -u dan /usr/FreshPorts/ports-jail
/ dns/mydns

produced this error:

Error message is: "/usr/ports/dns/mydns/Makefile", line 29: Malformed
conditional (${PORT_OPTIONS:MALIAS})
"/usr/ports/dns/mydns/Makefile", line 31: if-less endif
"/usr/ports/dns/mydns/Makefile", line 33: Malformed conditional
"/usr/ports/dns/mydns/Makefile", line 38: if-less endif
"/usr/ports/dns/mydns/Makefile", line 40: Malformed conditional
"/usr/ports/dns/mydns/Makefile", line 46: if-less else
"/usr/ports/dns/mydns/Makefile", line 52: if-less endif
"/usr/ports/dns/mydns/Makefile", line 54: Malformed conditional
"/usr/ports/dns/mydns/Makefile", line 57: if-less else
"/usr/ports/dns/mydns/Makefile", line 60: if-less endif
"/usr/ports/dns/mydns/Makefile", line 72: Malformed conditional
"/usr/ports/dns/mydns/Makefile", line 81: if-less endif
make: fatal errors encountered -- cannot continue

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