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I am looking for an LTO tape library. Do you have one to spare?
found something from the cache
non port: head/security/Makefile

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Wed, 2 Aug 2006
[ 17:22 rafan ] Original commit 
1.799 security/Makefile
1.1 security/p5-Crypt-OICQ/Makefile
1.1 security/p5-Crypt-OICQ/distinfo
1.1 security/p5-Crypt-OICQ/pkg-descr
1.1 security/p5-Crypt-OICQ/pkg-plist
Add p5-Crypt-OICQ, cryptographic algorithm used by OICQ protocol.
This is for chinese/oicq.
Tue, 1 Aug 2006
[ 13:42 clsung ] Original commit 
1.798 security/Makefile
1.1 security/pecl-tcpwrap/Makefile
1.1 security/pecl-tcpwrap/distinfo
1.1 security/pecl-tcpwrap/pkg-descr
Add pecl-tcpwrap 1.0, a PECL extension which provides tcpwrappers

PR:             ports/101136
Submitted by:   chinsan < at>
[ 13:06 rafan ] Original commit 
1.797 security/Makefile
1.1 security/httprint/Makefile
1.1 security/httprint/distinfo
1.1 security/httprint/pkg-descr
1.1 security/httprint/pkg-plist
Add httprint 301, web server fingerprinting tool.

PR:             ports/101004
Submitted by:   Yonatan <onatan at>
[ 11:12 acm ] Original commit 
1.796 security/Makefile
1.1 security/gpass/Makefile
1.1 security/gpass/distinfo
1.1 security/gpass/pkg-descr
1.1 security/gpass/pkg-plist
New port: security/gpass

The GNOME Password Manager - GPass for short - is a simple
application, written for the GNOME 2 desktop, that lets you manage a
collection of passwords.  The password collection is stored in an
encrypted file, protected by a master-password.

GPass is released under the GNU GPL2 licence.


    * Clean and easy-to-use user interface.
    * Quick-search facility.
    * Username and password may easily be copied to the clipboard.
    * Encryption is done using the OpenSSL cryptographics library.
    * The built-in password generator helps you generate secure passwords.
    * You can launch a website and the associated username/passwords
      direct from GPass

Author: Kouji TAKAO <kouji -at->

PR:             ports/100845
Submitted by: <ports at>
Approved by:    garga (mentor)
Sun, 30 Jul 2006
[ 18:15 rafan ] Original commit 
1.795 security/Makefile
1.1 security/isnprober/Makefile
1.1 security/isnprober/distinfo
1.1 security/isnprober/pkg-descr
Add isnprober 1.02, penTest tool for TCP Initial Sequence Numbers

PR:             ports/101005
Submitted by:   Yonatan <onatan at>
Thu, 27 Jul 2006
[ 08:07 clsung ] Original commit 
1.794 security/Makefile
1.1 security/courieruserinfo/Makefile
1.1 security/courieruserinfo/distinfo
1.1 security/courieruserinfo/pkg-descr
1.1 security/courieruserinfo/pkg-message
1.1 security/courieruserinfo/pkg-plist
Add courieruserinfo 1.1.2, user account information retrieval utility.

PR:             ports/100900
Submitted by:   Andrew St. Jean <andrew at>
Sat, 22 Jul 2006
[ 09:56 miwi ] Original commit 
1.793 security/Makefile
1.1 security/trans-proxy-tor/Makefile
1.1 security/trans-proxy-tor/distinfo
1.1 security/trans-proxy-tor/files/patch-lazy-day
1.1 security/trans-proxy-tor/files/
1.1 security/trans-proxy-tor/files/
1.1 security/trans-proxy-tor/pkg-deinstall
1.1 security/trans-proxy-tor/pkg-descr
1.1 security/trans-proxy-tor/pkg-install
1.1 security/trans-proxy-tor/pkg-plist
Add trans-proxy-tor,  transparent proxy used to redirect TCP
connections into Tor.

trans-proxy-tor is a transparent proxy
that uses PF to redirect TCP connections
through Tor (

Programs that aren't aware of Tor
will use it without their knowledge,
and their traffic no longer leaves the
system unencrypted.

PR:             ports/99034
Submitted by:   Fabian Keil <fk at>
[ 09:47 miwi ] Original commit 
1.792 security/Makefile
1.1 security/dns-proxy-tor/Makefile
1.1 security/dns-proxy-tor/distinfo
1.1 security/dns-proxy-tor/files/
1.1 security/dns-proxy-tor/files/
1.1 security/dns-proxy-tor/pkg-deinstall
1.1 security/dns-proxy-tor/pkg-descr
1.1 security/dns-proxy-tor/pkg-install
1.1 security/dns-proxy-tor/pkg-plist
Add dns-proxy-tor, resolves DNS requests through Tor.

dns-proxy-tor is a DNS server that stops
DNS leaks with applications that don't support
or aren't configured to use socks4a or Tor's DNS

WWW: http://http://p56soo2ibjkx23xo.onion/

PR:             ports/99033
Submitted by:   Fabian Keil <fk at>
Thu, 20 Jul 2006
[ 01:21 clsung ] Original commit 
1.791 security/Makefile
1.1 security/p5-Data-Entropy/Makefile
1.1 security/p5-Data-Entropy/distinfo
1.1 security/p5-Data-Entropy/pkg-descr
1.1 security/p5-Data-Entropy/pkg-plist
Add p5-Data-Entropy 0.000, entropy (randomness) management.

PR:             ports/100547
Submitted by:   Gea-Suan Lin <gslin at>
Fri, 14 Jul 2006
[ 15:45 erwin ] Original commit 
1.790 security/Makefile
1.1 security/p5-Crypt-Rijndael_PP/Makefile
1.1 security/p5-Crypt-Rijndael_PP/distinfo
1.1 security/p5-Crypt-Rijndael_PP/pkg-descr
1.1 security/p5-Crypt-Rijndael_PP/pkg-plist
This is a pure perl implementation of the new AES Rijndael. You want
to use Crypt::Rijndael where available. This implementation is really
slow, but I am working on it.


PR:             ports/100262
Submitted by:   Gea-Suan Lin <gslin at>
Wed, 12 Jul 2006
[ 18:03 shaun ] Original commit 
1.789 security/Makefile
1.1 security/knock/Makefile
1.1 security/knock/distinfo
1.1 security/knock/files/
1.1 security/knock/files/patch-knockd.conf
1.1 security/knock/pkg-descr
Add a port of "knock" - a flexible port-knocking server and client.

PR:             ports/94626
Submitted by:   shaun (me)
Approved by:    ahze (mentor, implicit)
Tue, 11 Jul 2006
[ 15:41 garga ] Original commit 
1.788 security/Makefile
1.1 security/pecl-crack/Makefile
1.1 security/pecl-crack/distinfo
1.1 security/pecl-crack/pkg-descr
1.1 security/pecl-crack/pkg-plist
This package provides an interface to the cracklib (libcrack) libraries that
come standard on most unix-like distributions. This allows you to check
passwords against dictionaries of words to ensure some minimal level of
password security.

From the cracklib README
CrackLib makes literally hundreds of tests to determine whether you've
chosen a bad password.

* It tries to generate words from your username and gecos entry to tries
to match them against what you've chosen.

* It checks for simplistic patterns.

* It then tries to reverse-engineer your password into a dictionary
word, and searches for it in your dictionary.

- after all that, it's PROBABLY a safe(-ish) password. 8-)


PR:             ports/94244
Submitted by:   Bill Moran <wmoran at>
Thu, 6 Jul 2006
[ 19:21 novel ] Original commit 
1.1088 MOVED
1.787 security/Makefile
1.34 security/gnutls-devel/Makefile
1.4 security/gnutls-devel/
1.14 security/gnutls-devel/distinfo
1.4 security/gnutls-devel/pkg-descr
1.14 security/gnutls-devel/pkg-plist
Remove gnutls-devel since the development version of gnutls is not
active yet.
Tue, 4 Jul 2006
[ 14:04 vd ] Original commit 
1.15499 /CVSROOT/modules
1.1086 MOVED
1.192 emulators/Makefile
1.12 emulators/linux_base-fc3/Makefile
1.6 emulators/linux_base-fc3/distinfo.i386
1.2 emulators/linux_base-fc3/files/yp.conf.sample
1.3 emulators/linux_base-fc3/pkg-deinstall
1.2 emulators/linux_base-fc3/pkg-descr
1.3 emulators/linux_base-fc3/pkg-install
1.2 emulators/linux_base-fc3/pkg-message

(Only the first 10 of 58 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Remove expired leaf ports:
2006-07-01 emulators/linux_base-fc3
2006-06-15 misc/linux-opengroupware
2006-07-01 net/opengk
2006-07-01 security/p5-Crypt-OpenPGP
2006-07-01 textproc/sed_inplace
2006-07-01 textproc/xml4j
2006-07-01 x11-wm/aewm++
Mon, 3 Jul 2006
[ 21:08 itetcu ] Original commit 
1.785 security/Makefile
1.1 security/kovpn/Makefile
1.1 security/kovpn/distinfo
1.1 security/kovpn/files/README
1.1 security/kovpn/files/patch-src-openvpnmanager.cpp
1.1 security/kovpn/pkg-descr
1.1 security/kovpn/pkg-plist
Kovpn is a really simple OpenVPN GUI for everyday use. It is a client only GUI,
meaning that you cannot administrate an OpenVPN server with it (Look for kvpnc
if you want such a program). You can use it to connect and disconnect without
needing to open a console. You can also input username and/or password that
might be needed.
In Short: It can do everything an end-user want's for his everyday work with


--Anderson S. Ferreira <>

PR:             ports/95709
Submitted by:
Wed, 28 Jun 2006
[ 12:52 erwin ] Original commit 
1.784 security/Makefile
1.1 security/p5-openxpki/.keep
1.1 security/p5-openxpki/Makefile
1.1 security/p5-openxpki/distinfo
1.1 security/p5-openxpki/pkg-descr
1.1 security/p5-openxpki/pkg-install
1.1 security/p5-openxpki/pkg-plist
Add p5-openxpki 0.9.342, perl based enterprise class trastcenter
software for PKI.

PR:             ports/99317
Submitted by:   Sergei Vyshenski <>
Fri, 23 Jun 2006
[ 05:00 aaron ] Original commit 
1.783 security/Makefile
1.1 security/p5-Authen-PAAS/Makefile
1.1 security/p5-Authen-PAAS/distinfo
1.1 security/p5-Authen-PAAS/pkg-descr
1.1 security/p5-Authen-PAAS/pkg-plist
Adding port security/p5-Authen-PAAS, Perl Authentication & Authorization

Approved by:    tobez (implicit)
Wed, 14 Jun 2006
[ 11:51 flz ] Original commit 
1.782 security/Makefile
1.1 security/openbsm/Makefile
1.1 security/openbsm/distinfo
1.1 security/openbsm/pkg-descr
1.1 security/openbsm/pkg-plist
Add OpenBSM 1.0a6, the Open Source Basic Security Module (BSM) Audit
Mon, 12 Jun 2006
[ 17:04 ale ] Original commit 
1.781 security/Makefile
1.1 security/engine_pkcs11/Makefile
1.1 security/engine_pkcs11/distinfo
1.1 security/engine_pkcs11/pkg-descr
1.1 security/engine_pkcs11/pkg-plist
Engine_pkcs11 is an implementation of an engine for OpenSSL.
It can be loaded using code, config file or command line and
will pass any function call by openssl to a PKCS#11 module.
Engine_pkcs11 is meant to be used with smart cards and software
for using smart cards in PKCS#11 format, such as OpenSC.


Note: the port requires the OpenSSL installed from ports,
since dynamic engine loading is disabled in base system.
See PR bin/79570 for details.
[ 17:00 ale ] Original commit 
1.780 security/Makefile
1.1 security/pam_p11/Makefile
1.1 security/pam_p11/distinfo
1.1 security/pam_p11/files/patch-configure
1.1 security/pam_p11/files/patch-src_pam_p11.c
1.1 security/pam_p11/files/patch-src_test.c
1.1 security/pam_p11/pkg-descr
1.1 security/pam_p11/pkg-plist
Pam_p11 is a plugable authentication module (pam) package
for using crpytographic tokens such as smart cards and
usb crypto tokens for authentication.

Pam_p11 uses libp11 to access any PKCS#11 module.
It should be compatible with any implementation, but it
is primarely developed using OpenSC.

Pam_p11 implements two authentication modules:
 * pam_p11_openssh authenticates the user using his
   openssh ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file.
 * pam_p11_opensc authenticates the user using
   certificates found in ~/.eid/authorized_certificates.

Pam_p11 is very simple, it has no config file, no options
other than the PKCS#11 module file, does not know about
certificate chains, certificate authorities, revocation
lists or OCSP. Perfect for the small installation with no

[ 16:58 ale ] Original commit 
1.779 security/Makefile
1.1 security/libp11/Makefile
1.1 security/libp11/distinfo
1.1 security/libp11/pkg-descr
1.1 security/libp11/pkg-plist
Libp11 is a library implementing a small layer
on top of PKCS#11 API to make using PKCS#11
implementations easier.

Thu, 8 Jun 2006
[ 09:44 erwin ] Original commit 
1.778 security/Makefile
1.1 security/p5-Authen-NTLM/Makefile
1.1 security/p5-Authen-NTLM/distinfo
1.1 security/p5-Authen-NTLM/pkg-descr
1.1 security/p5-Authen-NTLM/pkg-plist
The NTLM (Windows NT LAN Manager) authentication scheme is the
authentication algorithm used by Microsoft.

NTLM authentication scheme is used in DCOM and HTTP environment. It is
used to authenticate DCE RPC packets in DCOM. It is also used to
authenticate HTTP packets to MS Web Proxy or MS Web Server.

Currently, it is the authentication scheme Internet Explorer chooses to
authenticate itself to proxies/web servers that supports NTLM.


PR:             ports/98684
Submitted by:   James Thomason <>
Tue, 6 Jun 2006
[ 08:49 clsung ] Original commit 
1.777 security/Makefile
1.1 security/p5-Nmap-Parser/Makefile
1.1 security/p5-Nmap-Parser/distinfo
1.1 security/p5-Nmap-Parser/pkg-descr
1.1 security/p5-Nmap-Parser/pkg-plist
Add p5-Nmap-Parser 1.05, parse nmap scan data with perl.

PR:             ports/98576
Submitted by:   Joshua D. Abraham <>
Mon, 5 Jun 2006
[ 13:00 garga ] Original commit 
1.776 security/Makefile
1.1 security/pam_authsrv/Makefile
1.1 security/pam_authsrv/distinfo
1.1 security/pam_authsrv/pkg-descr
1.1 security/pam_authsrv/pkg-plist
PAM module for TIS authsrv authentication

The pam_authsrv module provides TIS authsrv authentication to PAM-aware
applications. It has been tested under AIX 4.3.3 (using the Linux-PAM for
AIX patch) and 5.1, Solaris 8 and 9, RedHat Linux 7.2, and HP-UX 11.00.

The pam_authsrv source code is available from:

Binaries of pam_authsrv are available as Encap packages for a variety of

For further information, please see the enclosed README file.


PR:             ports/97157
Submitted by:   Jim Pirzyk <>
[ 10:09 itetcu ] Original commit 
1.775 security/Makefile
1.1 security/nmap-i18n-man/Makefile
1.1 security/nmap-i18n-man/distinfo
1.1 security/nmap-i18n-man/pkg-descr
1.1 security/nmap-i18n-man/pkg-plist
Translated manual pages for security/nmap.  Current list of
translations includes Spanish, French, Croatian, Japanese,
Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak and Chinese.


PR:             ports/93598
Submitted by:   Daniel Roethlisberger <>
Approved by:    lawrance (mentor, implicit)
Wed, 31 May 2006
[ 21:33 jmelo ] Original commit 
1.774 security/Makefile
1.7 security/hostapd/Makefile
1.4 security/hostapd/distinfo
1.2 security/hostapd/pkg-descr
- Remove this port, the version was included in base system.

Approved by:    mnag (mentor)
Sun, 28 May 2006
[ 15:22 pav ] Original commit 
1.15141 /CVSROOT/modules
1.1029 MOVED
1.773 security/Makefile
1.9 security/gnome-keyring-manager/Makefile
1.22 security/gnome-keyring/Makefile
1.22 security/gnomekeyring/Makefile
1.12 security/gnomekeyring/distinfo
1.6 security/gnomekeyring/files/patch-gnome-keyring-daemon-io.c
1.2 security/gnomekeyring/files/patch-gnome-keyring-daemon.c
1.6 security/gnomekeyring/files/patch-gnome-keyring.c

(Only the first 10 of 21 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
- Rename ports

  security/gnomekeyring -> security/gnome-keyring
  security/gnomekeyringmanager -> security/gnome-keyring-manager
Fri, 26 May 2006
[ 14:26 johans ] Original commit 
1.772 security/Makefile
Let's not forget to update Makefile when adding new port (reminded by flz)

Approved by:    flz (mentor)
Thu, 25 May 2006
[ 20:05 aaron ] Original commit 
1.771 security/Makefile
1.1 security/p5-Crypt-Dining/Makefile
1.1 security/p5-Crypt-Dining/distinfo
1.1 security/p5-Crypt-Dining/pkg-descr
1.1 security/p5-Crypt-Dining/pkg-plist
Adding port security/p5-Crypt-Dining, The Dining Cryptographers' ProtocoAdding
port security/p5-Crypt-Dining, The Dining Cryptographers' Protocoll

Approved by:    tobez (implicit)
Wed, 24 May 2006
[ 18:04 sem ] Original commit 
1.770 security/Makefile
1.1 security/pam_require/Makefile
1.1 security/pam_require/distinfo
1.1 security/pam_require/files/
1.1 security/pam_require/files/patch-pam_require.c
1.1 security/pam_require/pkg-descr
A PAM module that allows you to require a special group or
user to access a service.


PR:             ports/95187
Submitted by:   Chris Cowart <>
Mon, 22 May 2006
[ 18:20 aaron ] Original commit 
1.769 security/Makefile
1.1 security/p5-Tree-Authz/Makefile
1.1 security/p5-Tree-Authz/distinfo
1.1 security/p5-Tree-Authz/pkg-descr
1.1 security/p5-Tree-Authz/pkg-plist
Adding port security/p5-Tree-Authz, a library implementing a Role-Based Access
Control authorization scheme.

Approved by:    tobez (implicit)
[ 17:30 aaron ] Original commit 
1.768 security/Makefile
1.1 security/p5-Authen-Simple-RADIUS/Makefile
1.1 security/p5-Authen-Simple-RADIUS/distinfo
1.1 security/p5-Authen-Simple-RADIUS/pkg-descr
1.1 security/p5-Authen-Simple-RADIUS/pkg-plist
Adding port security/p5-Authen-Simple-RADIUS, RADIUS extension for

Approved by:    tobez (implicit)
[ 17:24 aaron ] Original commit 
1.767 security/Makefile
1.1 security/p5-Authen-Simple-PAM/Makefile
1.1 security/p5-Authen-Simple-PAM/distinfo
1.1 security/p5-Authen-Simple-PAM/pkg-descr
1.1 security/p5-Authen-Simple-PAM/pkg-plist
Adding port security/p5-Authen-Simple-PAM, PAM extension for

Approved by:    tobez (implicit)
[ 17:20 aaron ] Original commit 
1.766 security/Makefile
1.1 security/p5-Authen-Simple-DBM/Makefile
1.1 security/p5-Authen-Simple-DBM/distinfo
1.1 security/p5-Authen-Simple-DBM/pkg-descr
1.1 security/p5-Authen-Simple-DBM/pkg-plist
Adding port security/p5-Authen-Simple-DBM, DBM extension for

Approved by:    tobez (implicit)
[ 17:15 aaron ] Original commit 
1.765 security/Makefile
1.1 security/p5-Authen-Simple-SMB/Makefile
1.1 security/p5-Authen-Simple-SMB/distinfo
1.1 security/p5-Authen-Simple-SMB/pkg-descr
1.1 security/p5-Authen-Simple-SMB/pkg-plist
Adding port security/p5-Authen-Simple-SMB, SMB extension for

Approved by:    tobez (implicit)
[ 17:09 aaron ] Original commit 
1.764 security/Makefile
1.1 security/p5-Authen-Simple-SSH/Makefile
1.1 security/p5-Authen-Simple-SSH/distinfo
1.1 security/p5-Authen-Simple-SSH/pkg-descr
1.1 security/p5-Authen-Simple-SSH/pkg-plist
Adding port security/p5-Authen-Simple-SSH, SSH protocol extension for

Approved by:    tobez (implicit)
[ 11:50 garga ] Original commit 
1.763 security/Makefile
1.1 security/pam_pseudo/Makefile
1.1 security/pam_pseudo/distinfo
1.1 security/pam_pseudo/pkg-descr
1.1 security/pam_pseudo/pkg-plist
PAM module for pseudouser authentication

PR:             ports/97159
Submitted by:   Jim Pirzyk <>
[ 05:37 aaron ] Original commit 
1.762 security/Makefile
1.1 security/p5-Authen-Simple-Passwd/Makefile
1.1 security/p5-Authen-Simple-Passwd/distinfo
1.1 security/p5-Authen-Simple-Passwd/pkg-descr
1.1 security/p5-Authen-Simple-Passwd/pkg-plist
Adding port security/p5-Authen-Simple-Passwd, Passwd extension for

Approved by:    tobez (implicit)
[ 05:27 aaron ] Original commit 
1.761 security/Makefile
1.1 security/p5-Authen-Simple-HTTP/Makefile
1.1 security/p5-Authen-Simple-HTTP/distinfo
1.1 security/p5-Authen-Simple-HTTP/pkg-descr
1.1 security/p5-Authen-Simple-HTTP/pkg-plist
Adding port security/p5-Authen-Simple-HTTP, HTTP extension for

Approved by:    tobez (implicit)
[ 05:19 aaron ] Original commit 
1.760 security/Makefile
1.1 security/p5-Authen-Simple-Net/Makefile
1.1 security/p5-Authen-Simple-Net/distinfo
1.1 security/p5-Authen-Simple-Net/pkg-descr
1.1 security/p5-Authen-Simple-Net/pkg-plist
Adding port security/p5-Authen-Simple-Net, extension for
security/p5-Authen-Simple allowing authentication via FTP, POP3, or SMTP.

Approved by:    tobez (implicit)
[ 05:07 aaron ] Original commit 
1.759 security/Makefile
1.1 security/p5-Authen-Simple-DBI/Makefile
1.1 security/p5-Authen-Simple-DBI/distinfo
1.1 security/p5-Authen-Simple-DBI/pkg-descr
1.1 security/p5-Authen-Simple-DBI/pkg-plist
Adding port security/p5-Authen-Simple-DBI, DBI extension for security/p5-Authen-

Approved by:    tobez (implicit)
[ 01:10 aaron ] Original commit 
1.758 security/Makefile
1.1 security/p5-Authen-Simple-LDAP/Makefile
1.1 security/p5-Authen-Simple-LDAP/distinfo
1.1 security/p5-Authen-Simple-LDAP/pkg-descr
1.1 security/p5-Authen-Simple-LDAP/pkg-plist
Adding port security/p5-Authen-Simple-LDAP, LDAP and ActiveDirectory extension
to security/p5-Authen-Simple.

Approved by:    tobez (implicit)
[ 00:52 aaron ] Original commit 
1.757 security/Makefile
1.1 security/p5-Authen-Simple/Makefile
1.1 security/p5-Authen-Simple/distinfo
1.1 security/p5-Authen-Simple/pkg-descr
1.1 security/p5-Authen-Simple/pkg-plist
Adding port security/p5-Authen-Simple, a consistent and simple framework for

Approved by:    tobez (implicit)
Wed, 17 May 2006
[ 10:44 sat ] Original commit 
1.756 security/Makefile
1.1 security/py-cerealizer/Makefile
1.1 security/py-cerealizer/distinfo
1.1 security/py-cerealizer/pkg-descr
1.1 security/py-cerealizer/pkg-plist
Add py-cerealizer: Secure pickle-like module

PR:             ports/96944
Submitted by:   Jose Alonso Cardenas Marquez <>
Approved by:    krion (mentor)
Tue, 16 May 2006
[ 15:34 garga ] Original commit 
1.755 security/Makefile
1.1 security/pam_per_user/Makefile
1.1 security/pam_per_user/distinfo
1.1 security/pam_per_user/pkg-descr
1.1 security/pam_per_user/pkg-plist
PAM module for per-user authentication

PR:             ports/97158
Submitted by:   Jim Pirzyk <>
Sat, 13 May 2006
[ 16:33 aaron ] Original commit 
1.754 security/Makefile
1.1 security/ipfwcount/Makefile
1.1 security/ipfwcount/distinfo
1.1 security/ipfwcount/files/
1.1 security/ipfwcount/pkg-descr
Add ipfwcount 0.2.1, summarise ipfw logs by counting and sorting the

PR:             ports/92454
Submitted by:   Robert Archer <>
Approved by:    tobez
Tue, 9 May 2006
[ 12:08 jeh ] Original commit 
1.753 security/Makefile
1.36 security/vscan/Makefile
1.1 security/vscan/files/update_dat
1.1 security/vscan/pkg-message
1.12 security/vscan/pkg-plist
Since the DAT files are so short lived on the server, have this port
automatically fetch the current DAT file.  The uvscan-dat port will
be removed shortly.
[ 11:46 itetcu ] Original commit 
1.752 security/Makefile
1.1 security/py-trustedpickle/Makefile
1.1 security/py-trustedpickle/distinfo
1.1 security/py-trustedpickle/files/
1.1 security/py-trustedpickle/pkg-descr
TrustedPickle is a Python module that can save most any arbitrary Python object
in a signed pickle file. There are two big differences between this module and
the standard pickle module. First, TrustedPickle can pickle a module, but the
standard pickle module cannot. Second, TrustedPickle includes a signature that
can verify the data's origin before the data is unpickled.


PR:             ports/96691
Submitted by:   Alexander Botero-Lowry <>
Approved by:    lawrance (mentor)
Mon, 8 May 2006
[ 14:06 sat ] Original commit 
1.751 security/Makefile
1.1 security/parano/Makefile
1.1 security/parano/distinfo
1.1 security/parano/pkg-descr
1.1 security/parano/pkg-plist
Add parano: A Gnome program to deal with hashfiles

PR:             ports/96710
Submitted by:   sat
Approved by:    krion (mentor)
[ 00:52 ehaupt ] Original commit 
1.750 security/Makefile
1.1 security/rainbowcrack/Makefile
1.1 security/rainbowcrack/distinfo
1.1 security/rainbowcrack/pkg-descr
1.1 security/rainbowcrack/pkg-plist
Add rainbowcrack 1.2, a hash cracker that precomputes plaintext -
ciphertext pairs in advance.

PR:             96664
Submitted by:
Tue, 2 May 2006
[ 07:36 clsung ] Original commit 
1.749 security/Makefile
1.1 security/medusa/Makefile
1.1 security/medusa/distinfo
1.1 security/medusa/pkg-descr
1.1 security/medusa/pkg-plist
Add medusa 1.0, a speedy, massively parallel, modular, login

PR:             ports/96641
Submitted by:   David Thiel <>
Mon, 1 May 2006
[ 20:46 pav ] Original commit 
1.748 security/Makefile
1.1 security/courierpasswd/Makefile
1.1 security/courierpasswd/distinfo
1.1 security/courierpasswd/pkg-descr
courierpasswd is an authentication and password changing utility
that uses the courier-authlib authentication library to find user credentials.

Its interface follows that of Daniel J. Bernstein's checkpassword program.


PR:             ports/96572
Submitted by:   Andrew St. Jean <>
[ 04:04 ijliao ] Original commit 
1.747 security/Makefile
1.1 security/p5-Authen-TypeKey/Makefile
1.1 security/p5-Authen-TypeKey/distinfo
1.1 security/p5-Authen-TypeKey/pkg-descr
1.1 security/p5-Authen-TypeKey/pkg-plist
add p5-Authen-TypeKey 0.05
TypeKey authentication verification

PR:             94679
Submitted by:   Gea-Suan Lin <>
Sat, 29 Apr 2006
[ 15:55 pav ] Original commit 
1.746 security/Makefile
1.1 security/tclsasl/Makefile
1.1 security/tclsasl/distinfo
1.1 security/tclsasl/files/
1.1 security/tclsasl/files/patch-configure
1.1 security/tclsasl/pkg-descr
1.1 security/tclsasl/pkg-plist
Tcl SASL provides a Tcl interface to the Cyrus SASLv2 library.


PR:             ports/96359
Submitted by:   Denis Shaposhnikov <>
[ 15:44 pav ] Original commit 
1.745 security/Makefile
1.1 security/kedpm/Makefile
1.1 security/kedpm/distinfo
1.1 security/kedpm/pkg-descr
1.1 security/kedpm/pkg-plist
Password Manager helps to manage large numbers of passwords and related
information and simplifies the tasks of searching and entering password data.

KedPM is written as an extensible framework, which allows users to plug in
custom password database back-ends and custom user interface front-ends.
Currently, only the Figaro PM back-end supported. To control KedPM user can
choose between CLI and GTK2 based GUI front-ends.


PR:             ports/96321
Submitted by:   Tim Welch <>
Tue, 25 Apr 2006
[ 01:55 jmelo ] Original commit 
1.744 security/Makefile
1.1 security/fswatch/Makefile
1.1 security/fswatch/distinfo
1.1 security/fswatch/files/
1.1 security/fswatch/pkg-descr
- New port:
fswatch is a utility to guard changes in a file system. fswatch is composed
of three simple programs: fswbuild, fswcmp, fswshow. fswbuild builds file
system information database. fswcmp compairs two database files and returns
what changes a in file system have been introduced. fswshow shows contents of
database file. a file information database is platform independend.

fswatch can collect the following information about files (and directories):
inode, links, uid, gid, mode, size, flags, ctime, checksum (sha1) ; and can
show which files were added, deleted or changed.

PR:             ports/95973
Submitted by:   dominik karczmarski <> (maintainer)
Reworked by:    jmelo
Approved by:    mnag (mentor)
Mon, 17 Apr 2006
[ 07:19 vd ] Original commit 
1.14657 /CVSROOT/modules
1.967 MOVED
1.743 security/Makefile
1.86 security/nessus-devel/Makefile
1.51 security/nessus-devel/distinfo
1.2 security/nessus-devel/files/nessusd.conf
1.2 security/nessus-devel/files/nessusd.rules
1.4 security/nessus-devel/files/
1.2 security/nessus-devel/files/patch-Makefile
1.3 security/nessus-devel/files/patch-aa

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Remove expired ports:
2006-04-17 security/nessus-devel
2006-04-17 security/nessus-libnasl-devel
2006-04-17 security/nessus-libraries-devel
2006-04-17 security/nessus-plugins-devel
Thu, 6 Apr 2006
[ 13:54 archie ] Original commit 
1.742 security/Makefile
1.29 security/skip/Makefile
1.4 security/skip/distinfo
1.4 security/skip/files/patch-aa
1.4 security/skip/files/patch-ab
1.4 security/skip/files/patch-ac
1.4 security/skip/files/patch-ad
1.4 security/skip/files/patch-ae
1.4 security/skip/files/patch-af
1.4 security/skip/files/patch-ag

(Only the first 10 of 95 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Remove the skip port. Created before there was an IPSec implementation on
FreeBSD, it is now extremely obsolete. In any case it doesn't compile. Earlier
version of this port can still be used on older versions of FreeBSD of course.
Tue, 28 Mar 2006
[ 17:07 sem ] Original commit 
1.741 security/Makefile
1.1 security/bsp_upektfmess/Makefile
1.1 security/bsp_upektfmess/distinfo
1.1 security/bsp_upektfmess/pkg-deinstall
1.1 security/bsp_upektfmess/pkg-descr
1.1 security/bsp_upektfmess/pkg-req
UPEK TouchChip TFM/ESS Fingerprint BSP is a (binary only) BioAPI BSP which
provides support for UPEKs fingerprint sensors.

PR:             ports/93035
Submitted by:   Fredrik Lindberg <>
[ 09:57 tobez ] Original commit 
1.740 security/Makefile
1.1 security/p5-GSSAPI/Makefile
1.1 security/p5-GSSAPI/distinfo
1.1 security/p5-GSSAPI/pkg-descr
1.1 security/p5-GSSAPI/pkg-plist
Add security/p5-GSSAPI 0.20, a Perl extension providing access to the
GSSAPIv2 library.
Sun, 26 Mar 2006
[ 12:32 sem ] Original commit 
1.739 security/Makefile
1.1 security/pam_af/Makefile
1.1 security/pam_af/distinfo
1.1 security/pam_af/pkg-descr
1.1 security/pam_af/pkg-plist
Anti-bruteforce PAM module for authentification services. It can be used to
prevent brute-force attacks on services like SSH or Telnet. It's highly
configurable and very fast.


PR:             ports/94113
Submitted by:   Stanislav Sedov <>
Mon, 20 Mar 2006
[ 19:20 pav ] Original commit 
1.738 security/Makefile
1.1 security/gorilla/Makefile
1.1 security/gorilla/distinfo
1.1 security/gorilla/files/
1.1 security/gorilla/pkg-descr
1.1 security/gorilla/pkg-plist
Password Gorilla is cross-platform Password Manager.
It uses TCL/Tk and runs on most platforms supported by Tcl/Tk.


PR:             ports/93179
Submitted by:   Kay Lehmann <>
Sun, 19 Mar 2006
[ 23:11 jylefort ] Original commit 
1.737 security/Makefile
1.1 security/silktools/Makefile
1.1 security/silktools/distinfo
1.1 security/silktools/files/patch-src_rw_rwpmatch_rwpdedupe.c
1.1 security/silktools/pkg-descr
1.1 security/silktools/pkg-plist
Add silktools.

SiLK, the System for Internet-Level Knowledge, is a collection of
netflow tools developed by the CERT/NetSA (Network Situational
Awareness) Team to facilitate security analysis in large networks.

SiLK consists of a suite of tools which collect and examine netflow
data, allowing analysts to rapidly query large sets of data.


PR:             ports/94623
Submitted by:   David Thiel <>
Fri, 17 Mar 2006
[ 15:54 arved ] Original commit 
1.736 security/Makefile
1.1 security/matrixssl/Makefile
1.1 security/matrixssl/distinfo
1.1 security/matrixssl/files/patch-Makefile
1.1 security/matrixssl/files/patch-examples-sslSocket.h
1.1 security/matrixssl/files/patch-os-linux-linux.c
1.1 security/matrixssl/files/patch-os-osLayer.h
1.1 security/matrixssl/pkg-descr
1.1 security/matrixssl/pkg-plist
Add matrixssl, a small GPL'd SSL implementation.
Thu, 16 Mar 2006
[ 21:40 mnag ] Original commit 
1.735 security/Makefile
1.1 security/pecl-gnupg/Makefile
1.1 security/pecl-gnupg/distinfo
1.1 security/pecl-gnupg/pkg-descr
- Add port security/pecl-gnupg

This extension provides methods to PHP interact with gnupg.

Wed, 15 Mar 2006
[ 20:00 linimon ] Original commit 
1.734 security/Makefile
Remove hpn-ssh; the functionality is now an option when building the
openssh-portable port.

Pointy hat to:  brooks
Mon, 6 Feb 2006
[ 11:37 garga ] Original commit 
1.733 security/Makefile
1.1 security/p5-Authen-Libwrap/Makefile
1.1 security/p5-Authen-Libwrap/distinfo
1.1 security/p5-Authen-Libwrap/files/patch-Build-PL
1.1 security/p5-Authen-Libwrap/pkg-descr
1.1 security/p5-Authen-Libwrap/pkg-plist
The Authen::Libwrap module allows you to access the hosts_ctl()
function from the popular TCP Wrappers security package.  This
allows validation of network access from perl programs against
the system-wide hosts.allow file.


PR:             ports/92855
Submitted by:   Zach Thompson <>
Thu, 26 Jan 2006
[ 10:56 pav ] Original commit 
1.732 security/Makefile
1.1 security/barnyard-sguil6/Makefile
1.1 security/barnyard-sguil6/files/
1.1 security/barnyard-sguil6/files/patch-op-sguil.c
1.1 security/barnyard-sguil6/files/patch-op_plugbase.c
1.1 security/barnyard-sguil6/files/patch-op_sguil.h
New slave port to security/barnyard - adds patches for sguil6

PR:             ports/92241
Submitted by:   Paul Schmehl <>
Tue, 24 Jan 2006
[ 17:09 garga ] Original commit 
1.731 security/Makefile
1.1 security/pecl-filter/Makefile
1.1 security/pecl-filter/distinfo
1.1 security/pecl-filter/pkg-descr
We all know that you should always check input variables, but PHP does not
offer really good functionality for doing this in a safe way.
The Input Filter extension is meant to address this issue by implementing
a set of filters and mechanisms that users can use to safely access their
input data.


PR:             ports/92198
Submitted by:   Alexander Zhuravlev <>
Wed, 18 Jan 2006
[ 07:27 pav ] Original commit 
1.730 security/Makefile
1.1 security/rubygem-net-sftp/Makefile
1.1 security/rubygem-net-sftp/distinfo
1.1 security/rubygem-net-sftp/pkg-descr
1.1 security/rubygem-net-sftp/pkg-plist
Net::SFTP is a pure Ruby implementation of the SFTP client protocol
(versions 1 through 5).

PR:             ports/91829
Submitted by:   Roderick van Domburg <>
[ 07:20 pav ] Original commit 
1.729 security/Makefile
1.1 security/rubygem-net-ssh/Makefile
1.1 security/rubygem-net-ssh/distinfo
1.1 security/rubygem-net-ssh/pkg-descr
1.1 security/rubygem-net-ssh/pkg-plist
Net::SSH is a pure-Ruby implementation of the SSH2 client protocol. It
supports the following features:

 - User authentication via explicit username/password, or using a
public-key/private-key pair.
 - Port forwarding, both from the local host to a remote computer via
the remote host, and from the remote host to the local host.
 - Execute processes on the remote machine, both interactively and
non-interactively ("batch").

PR:             ports/91828
Submitted by:   Roderick van Domburg <>
Tue, 17 Jan 2006
[ 23:19 brooks ] Original commit 
1.728 security/Makefile
1.1 security/drupal-ldap_integration/Makefile
1.1 security/drupal-ldap_integration/distinfo
1.1 security/drupal-ldap_integration/files/
1.1 security/drupal-ldap_integration/ldap_integration/CHANGES.txt
1.1 security/drupal-ldap_integration/ldap_integration/LICENSE.txt
1.1 security/drupal-ldap_integration/ldap_integration/README.txt
1.1 security/drupal-ldap_integration/ldap_integration/ldap_integration.module
1.1 security/drupal-ldap_integration/ldap_integration/ldap_integration/LDAPInterface.php
1.1 security/drupal-ldap_integration/ldap_integration/ldap_integration/conf.php

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Add drupal-ldap_integration.

The ldap_integration Drupal module allows users to authenticate against
a LDAP directory.  Additionally, users can read and modify their data in
the LDAP directory subject to administrative restrictions.
Sun, 15 Jan 2006
[ 15:24 pav ] Original commit 
1.727 security/Makefile
1.1 security/clamcour/Makefile
1.1 security/clamcour/distinfo
1.1 security/clamcour/pkg-descr
ClamCour is a filter for courier MTA using ClamAV for scanning mails for

PR:             ports/91740
Submitted by:   Milan Obuch <>
[ 10:12 pav ] Original commit 
1.726 security/Makefile
1.1 security/pam_bsdbioapi/Makefile
1.1 security/pam_bsdbioapi/distinfo
1.1 security/pam_bsdbioapi/pkg-descr
1.1 security/pam_bsdbioapi/pkg-plist
The (BSD) BioAPI service module for PAM provides authentication management
through BioAPI BSPs.

PR:             ports/91750
Submitted by:   Fredrik Lindberg <>
[ 10:11 pav ] Original commit 
1.725 security/Makefile
1.1 security/bioapitool/Makefile
1.1 security/bioapitool/distinfo
1.1 security/bioapitool/pkg-descr
bioapitool is a small BioAPI management utility which allows enrollment and
verification of BIR entries.  It only implements a subset of the BioAPI
specification but should provide enough functionallity for basic account

PR:             ports/91749
Submitted by:   Fredrik Lindberg <>
[ 09:29 pav ] Original commit 
1.724 security/Makefile
1.1 security/bioapi/Makefile
1.1 security/bioapi/distinfo
1.1 security/bioapi/files/
1.1 security/bioapi/files/patch-apps-mod_install-install.c
1.1 security/bioapi/files/patch-framework-bioapi_util-memfuncs.c
1.1 security/bioapi/files/patch-framework-port-portmutx.c
1.1 security/bioapi/files/
1.1 security/bioapi/files/patch-imports-cdsa-v2_0-inc-cssmtype.h
1.1 security/bioapi/files/patch-imports-cdsa-v2_0-inc-port-cssmport.h

(Only the first 10 of 15 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
BioAPI (Biometric Application Programming Interface) brings platform and device
independence to application programmers and biometric service providers.

PR:             ports/91734
Submitted by:   Fredrik Lindberg <>
Fri, 13 Jan 2006
[ 08:31 pav ] Original commit 
1.872 MOVED
1.482 databases/Makefile
1.2 databases/pecl-hash/Makefile
1.2 databases/pecl-hash/distinfo
1.2 databases/pecl-hash/pkg-descr
1.723 security/Makefile
1.2 security/pecl-hash/Makefile
- Move databases/pecl-hash to security/pecl-hash

PR:             ports/91680
Submitted by:   Alexander Zhuravlev <> (maintainer)
Repocopies by:  marcus
Sun, 8 Jan 2006
[ 12:33 edwin ] Original commit 
1.722 security/Makefile
1.1 security/expiretable/Makefile
1.1 security/expiretable/distinfo
1.1 security/expiretable/pkg-descr
1.1 security/expiretable/pkg-plist
New port: security/expiretable Utility used to remove entries from the pf(4)
table based on their age

        Expiretable is a utility used to remove entries from the pf(4) table
        based on their age.

        The age in question being the amount of time that has passed since
        the statistics for each entry in the target table was last cleared.


PR:             ports/91481
Submitted by:   cris <>
Sat, 7 Jan 2006
[ 07:57 edwin ] Original commit 
1.721 security/Makefile
1.1 security/samhain-server/Makefile
Update: security/samhain 2.0.10 -> 2.1.0

        Updating the Samhain integrity checking system to 2.1.0, a
        bugfix release.

        It's been requested by several people to break Samhain out
        into separate client and server ports. This PR does that,
        with a samhain-client and samhain-server port, as slave
        ports off of samhain. I'm not sure the best way to submit
        a PR to do this kind of action, but here is a shar of all
        three ports. If another format is desired, please let me
        know.  I'm also interested in feedback on the approach used
        for splitting these out.

PR:             ports/90305
Submitted by:   David Thiel <>
[ 07:56 edwin ] Original commit 
1.720 security/Makefile
1.1 security/samhain-client/Makefile
Update: security/samhain 2.0.10 -> 2.1.0

        Updating the Samhain integrity checking system to 2.1.0, a
        bugfix release.

        It's been requested by several people to break Samhain out
        into separate client and server ports. This PR does that,
        with a samhain-client and samhain-server port, as slave
        ports off of samhain. I'm not sure the best way to submit
        a PR to do this kind of action, but here is a shar of all
        three ports. If another format is desired, please let me
        know.  I'm also interested in feedback on the approach used
        for splitting these out.

PR:             ports/90305
Submitted by:   David Thiel <>
Fri, 30 Dec 2005
[ 04:38 edwin ] Original commit 
1.719 security/Makefile
1.1 security/cutlass/Makefile
1.1 security/cutlass/distinfo
1.1 security/cutlass/pkg-descr
1.1 security/cutlass/pkg-plist
[NEW PORT]: security/cutlass

        The attached shar is for security/cutlass - an encrypted
        peer-to-peer voice, text, and file transmission protocol
        entended to bring encrypted Internet use to the masses.
        Also included is a sample application using the protocol.

Please note that the patch ommited from the PR will have to be added
when ports/91035 : [UPDATE]: security/botan is commited.

PR:             ports/91072
Submitted by:   Wesley Shields <>
Thu, 22 Dec 2005
[ 15:52 foxfair ] Original commit 
1.718 security/Makefile
1.1 security/ipfcount/Makefile
1.1 security/ipfcount/distinfo
1.1 security/ipfcount/files/
1.1 security/ipfcount/pkg-descr
Add ipfcount 0.1, summarise ipf logs by counting and sorting the fields.

PR:             ports/90811
Submitted by:   Robert Archer <>
[ 09:58 garga ] Original commit 
1.717 security/Makefile
1.1 security/openvpn-admin/Makefile
1.1 security/openvpn-admin/distinfo
1.1 security/openvpn-admin/pkg-descr
1.1 security/openvpn-admin/pkg-plist
Add openvpn-admin 1.9.2, GUI frontend to openvpn.

PR:             ports/90176
Submitted by:   Remington Lang <>
[ 09:27 erwin ] Original commit 
1.716 security/Makefile
1.1 security/p5-Digest-Perl-MD4/Makefile
1.1 security/p5-Digest-Perl-MD4/distinfo
1.1 security/p5-Digest-Perl-MD4/pkg-descr
1.1 security/p5-Digest-Perl-MD4/pkg-plist
This is not C-code interface (like `Digest::MD5') but a Perl-only
implementation of MD4 (like `Digest::Perl::MD5'). Because of this, it is
slow but avoids platform specific complications. For efficiency you
should use `Digest::MD4' instead of this module if it is available.


PR:             ports/90771
Submitted by:   Gabor Kovesdan
[ 09:25 erwin ] Original commit 
1.715 security/Makefile
1.1 security/p5-Digest-SHA-PurePerl/Makefile
1.1 security/p5-Digest-SHA-PurePerl/distinfo
1.1 security/p5-Digest-SHA-PurePerl/pkg-descr
1.1 security/p5-Digest-SHA-PurePerl/pkg-plist
Digest::SHA::PurePerl is a complete implementation of the NIST
Secure Hash Standard.  It gives Perl programmers a convenient way
to calculate SHA-1, SHA-224, SHA-256, SHA-384, and SHA-512 message
digests.  The module can handle all types of input, including
partial-byte data.
Digest::SHA::PurePerl is written entirely in Perl.  If your platform
has a C compiler, you should install the functionally-equivalent
(but much faster) Digest::SHA module.


PR:             ports/90773
Submitted by:   Gabor Kovesdan
[ 09:24 erwin ] Original commit 
1.714 security/Makefile
1.1 security/p5-Digest-Perl-MD5/Makefile
1.1 security/p5-Digest-Perl-MD5/distinfo
1.1 security/p5-Digest-Perl-MD5/pkg-descr
1.1 security/p5-Digest-Perl-MD5/pkg-plist
This is not an interface (like "Digest::MD5") but a Perl implementation
of MD5. It is written in perl only and because of this it is slow but it
works without C-Code. You should use "Digest::MD5" instead of this
module if it is available. This module is only usefull for
computers where you cannot install "Digest::MD5" (e.g. lack of a


PR:             ports/90772
Submitted by:   Gabor Kovesdan
[ 09:19 erwin ] Original commit 
1.713 security/Makefile
1.1 security/p5-Digest-Pearson-PurePerl/Makefile
1.1 security/p5-Digest-Pearson-PurePerl/distinfo
1.1 security/p5-Digest-Pearson-PurePerl/pkg-descr
1.1 security/p5-Digest-Pearson-PurePerl/pkg-plist
Digest::Pearson::PurePerl is an implementation of Peter K. Pearson's hash
algorithm presented in "Fast Hashing of Variable Length Text Strings"
- ACM 1990. This hashing technique yields good distribution of hashed results
for variable length input strings on the range 0-255, and thus, it is well
suited for data load balancing.
If you prefer a fast implementation, you might want to
consider Digest::Pearson instead.


PR:             ports/90770
Submitted by:   Gabor Kovesdan
Wed, 21 Dec 2005
[ 17:39 erwin ] Original commit 
1.712 security/Makefile
1.1 security/p5-Crypt-TEA/Makefile
1.1 security/p5-Crypt-TEA/distinfo
1.1 security/p5-Crypt-TEA/pkg-descr
1.1 security/p5-Crypt-TEA/pkg-plist
TEA is a 64-bit symmetric block cipher with a 128-bit key and a variable number
of rounds (32 is recommended). It has a low setup time, and depends on a
large number of rounds for security, rather than a complex algorithm. It was
developed by David J. Wheeler and Roger M. Needham, and is described at .


PR:             ports/90717
Submitted by:   Gabor Kovesdan
[ 17:38 erwin ] Original commit 
1.711 security/Makefile
1.1 security/p5-Crypt-X509/Makefile
1.1 security/p5-Crypt-X509/distinfo
1.1 security/p5-Crypt-X509/pkg-descr
1.1 security/p5-Crypt-X509/pkg-plist
Crypt::X509 parses X.509 certificates. Methods are provided for accessing most
certificate elements. It is based on the generic ASN.1 module by Graham Barr,
on the x509decode example by Norbert Klasen and contributions on the
perl-ldap-dev-Mailinglist by Chriss Ridd.


PR:             ports/90716
Submitted by:   Gabor Kovesdan
[ 16:37 erwin ] Original commit 
1.710 security/Makefile
1.1 security/p5-Crypt-SaltedHash/Makefile
1.1 security/p5-Crypt-SaltedHash/distinfo
1.1 security/p5-Crypt-SaltedHash/pkg-descr
1.1 security/p5-Crypt-SaltedHash/pkg-plist
The Crypt::SaltedHash module provides an object oriented interface to create
salted (or seeded) hashes of clear text data. The original formalization of
this concept comes from RFC-3112 and is extended by the use of different
digital agorithms.


PR:             ports/90698
Submitted by:   Gabor Kovesdan
[ 16:35 erwin ] Original commit 
1.709 security/Makefile
1.1 security/p5-Crypt-Shark/Makefile
1.1 security/p5-Crypt-Shark/distinfo
1.1 security/p5-Crypt-Shark/pkg-descr
1.1 security/p5-Crypt-Shark/pkg-plist
Shark is 64-bit block cipher that accepts a 128-bit key. It was
designed by Vincent Rijmen, Joan Daemen, Bart Preneel, Antoon
Bosselaers, and Erik De Win.


PR:             ports/90699
Submitted by:   Gabor Kovesdan
[ 16:31 erwin ] Original commit 
1.708 security/Makefile
1.1 security/p5-Crypt-Salt/Makefile
1.1 security/p5-Crypt-Salt/distinfo
1.1 security/p5-Crypt-Salt/pkg-descr
1.1 security/p5-Crypt-Salt/pkg-plist
The single exported subroutine in this module is for generating a salt
suitable for being fed to crypt() and other similar functions.


PR:             ports/90696
Submitted by:   Gabor Kovesdan
[ 15:40 erwin ] Original commit 
1.707 security/Makefile
1.1 security/p5-Crypt-SKey/Makefile
1.1 security/p5-Crypt-SKey/distinfo
1.1 security/p5-Crypt-SKey/pkg-descr
1.1 security/p5-Crypt-SKey/pkg-plist
This module contains a simple S/Key calculator (as described in RFC
1760) implemented in Perl. It exports the function `key' by default, and
may optionally export the function `compute'.
`compute_md4', `compute_md5', `key_md4', and `key_md5' are provided as
convenience functions for selecting either MD4 or MD5 hashes. The
default is MD4; this may be changed with with the `$Crypt::SKey::HASH'
variable, assigning it the value of `MD4' or `MD5'. You can access any
of these functions by exporting them in the same manner as `compute' in
the above example.
Most S/Key systems use MD4 hashing, but a few (notably OPIE) use MD5.


PR:             ports/90695
Submitted by:   Gabor Kovesdan
[ 15:39 erwin ] Original commit 
1.706 security/Makefile
1.1 security/p5-Crypt-Loki97/Makefile
1.1 security/p5-Crypt-Loki97/distinfo
1.1 security/p5-Crypt-Loki97/pkg-descr
1.1 security/p5-Crypt-Loki97/pkg-plist
Loki97 is 128-bit block cipher that accepts a variable-length key. It was
designed by Lawrie Brown, Josef Pieprzyk, and Jennifer Seberry. The default
key length in this implementation is 128 bits. Loki97 was one of the 15
candidates for the AES.


PR:             ports/90694
Submitted by:   Gabor Kovesdan
[ 15:37 erwin ] Original commit 
1.705 security/Makefile
1.1 security/p5-Crypt-License/Makefile
1.1 security/p5-Crypt-License/distinfo
1.1 security/p5-Crypt-License/pkg-descr
1.1 security/p5-Crypt-License/pkg-plist
Crypt::License decodes an encrypted file and attempts to decrypt it by first,
looking for a hash pointer in the caller program called $ptr2_License. The
hash contains the path to the License file and an optional 'private' key list
of modules which will decrypt only with the 'private' key. OR, a hash key of
'next' with no particular value that indicates to look to the next caller on
the stack for the License pointer. If the pointer is not present or the
License file is not found successfully, then no further action is taken. If the
License file is successfully opened, and the contents validated then the
attached encrypted module is loaded and the seconds remaining until License
expiration are returned or now() in the case of no expiration. Undef is
returned for an expired license (module fails to load).


PR:             ports/90693
Submitted by:   Gabor Kovesdan
[ 15:30 erwin ] Original commit 
1.704 security/Makefile
1.1 security/p5-Crypt-Khazad/Makefile
1.1 security/p5-Crypt-Khazad/distinfo
1.1 security/p5-Crypt-Khazad/pkg-descr
1.1 security/p5-Crypt-Khazad/pkg-plist
Khazad is a 128-bit key, 64-bit block cipher. Designed by Vincent Rijmen and
Paulo S. L. M. Barreto, Khazad is a NESSIE finalist for legacy-level block
ciphers. Khazad has many similarities with Rijndael, and has an extremely
high rate of diffusion.


PR:             ports/90692
Submitted by:   Gabor Kovesdan
[ 08:35 erwin ] Original commit 
1.703 security/Makefile
1.1 security/p5-Crypt-Enigma/Makefile
1.1 security/p5-Crypt-Enigma/distinfo
1.1 security/p5-Crypt-Enigma/pkg-descr
1.1 security/p5-Crypt-Enigma/pkg-plist
This module is a complete working Perl implementation of the Enigma Machine
used during World War II. The cipher calculations are based on actual Enigma
values and the resulting ciphered values are as would be expected from an
Enigma Machine.
The implementation allows for all of the Rotors and Reflectors available to the
real world Enigma to be used. A Steckerboard has also been implemented,
allowing letter substitutions to be made.


PR:             ports/90683
Submitted by:   Gabor Kovesdan
Tue, 20 Dec 2005
[ 20:47 edwin ] Original commit 
1.702 security/Makefile
1.1 security/chroot_safe/Makefile
1.1 security/chroot_safe/distinfo
1.1 security/chroot_safe/pkg-descr
[new port] security/chroot_safe

        chroot_safe, a tool to chroot any application in a sane
        manner without requring binaries, shared libraries etc
        within the chroot or any support from the application. Works
        with any dynamically linked application.


PR:             ports/90341
Submitted by:   Gabor Kovesdan <>
[ 15:51 erwin ] Original commit 
1.701 security/Makefile
1.1 security/p5-Crypt-Imail/Makefile
1.1 security/p5-Crypt-Imail/distinfo
1.1 security/p5-Crypt-Imail/pkg-descr
1.1 security/p5-Crypt-Imail/pkg-plist
This package is used to encrypt and decrypt passwords generated by IMail.


PR:             ports/90686
Submitted by:   Gabor Kovesdan
[ 15:51 erwin ] Original commit 
1.700 security/Makefile
1.1 security/p5-Crypt-GOST_PP/Makefile
1.1 security/p5-Crypt-GOST_PP/distinfo
1.1 security/p5-Crypt-GOST_PP/pkg-descr
1.1 security/p5-Crypt-GOST_PP/pkg-plist
Crypt::GOST_PP is a pure perl implementation of GOST, a 64-bit
symmetrical block cipher with a 256-bit key from the former Soviet
Union. Please read the Pod documentation contained in the module
itself for additional information, including the rationale behind
the writing of this module.


PR:             ports/90685
Submitted by:   Gabor Kovesdan

Number of commits found: 1223 (showing only 100 on this page)

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