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non port: head/security/freebsd-update/files/freebsd-update

Number of commits found: 3

Wed, 15 Oct 2003
[ 07:20 daichi ] Original commit 
1.5 security/freebsd-update/Makefile
1.3 security/freebsd-update/distinfo
1.3 security/freebsd-update/files/freebsd-update
1.2 security/freebsd-update/files/freebsd-update.8
1.2 security/freebsd-update/files/freebsd-update.conf.5
1.2 security/freebsd-update/files/patch-aa-rmverify
1.2 security/freebsd-update/files/patch-ab-path
1.3 security/freebsd-update/pkg-plist
update security/freebsd-update: 1.3 -> 1.4
  - Much cleaner code (FreeBSD Update is now a shell script, rather than a
    huge ugly makefile),
  - Better performance,
  - Reduced bandwidth usage when no updates are available,
  - Warnings about files which have been affected by security updates, but
    cannot be updated because they have been modified locally,
  - An "intrusion detection" mode which compares every file which can be
    installed as part of a RELEASE against a (signed) database of known good

PR:             58028
Submitted by:   Colin Percival <> (maintainer)
Sat, 17 May 2003
[ 20:51 nork ] Original commit 
1.2 security/freebsd-update/Makefile
1.2 security/freebsd-update/files/freebsd-update
1.1 security/freebsd-update/files/freebsd-update.8
1.1 security/freebsd-update/files/freebsd-update.conf.5
1.1 security/freebsd-update/files/pkg-message
1.2 security/freebsd-update/pkg-message
1.2 security/freebsd-update/pkg-plist
o Removes the original, out of date, README file.
o Adds (new, up to date) man pages.
o Puts the configuration file in $PREFIX/etc where it belongs.

PR:             ports/52244
Submitted by:   Colin Percival <>
Fri, 11 Apr 2003
[ 20:52 nork ] Original commit 
1.393 security/Makefile
1.1 security/freebsd-update/Makefile
1.1 security/freebsd-update/distinfo
1.1 security/freebsd-update/files/freebsd-update
1.1 security/freebsd-update/files/patch-aa-rmverify
1.1 security/freebsd-update/pkg-descr
1.1 security/freebsd-update/pkg-message
1.1 security/freebsd-update/pkg-plist
Add freebsd-update 1.2, fetches and installs binary updates
to FreeBSD.  This is the client half of the FreeBSD Update
system; it fetches and applies binary security updates.

PR:             ports/50202
Submitted by:

Number of commits found: 3

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