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non port: head/sysutils/Makefile

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Sun, 16 Jul 2017
[ 00:47 sunpoet ] Original commit   Revision:445978
445978 sysutils/Makefile
445978 sysutils/rubygem-syslog-logger
445978 sysutils/rubygem-syslog-logger/Makefile
445978 sysutils/rubygem-syslog-logger/distinfo
445978 sysutils/rubygem-syslog-logger/pkg-descr
Add rubygem-syslog-logger 1.6.8

Logger::Syslog is a Logger replacement that logs to syslog. It is almost drop-in
with a few caveats. You can add Logger::Syslog to your Rails production
environment to aggregate logs between multiple machines.

Fri, 14 Jul 2017
[ 22:22 dvl ] Original commit   Revision:445832
445832 sysutils/Makefile
445832 sysutils/anvil
445832 sysutils/anvil/Makefile
445832 sysutils/anvil/distinfo
445832 sysutils/anvil/files
445832 sysutils/anvil/files/
445832 sysutils/anvil/files/
445832 sysutils/anvil/files/
445832 sysutils/anvil/files/
445832 sysutils/anvil/pkg-descr

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Tools for distributing ssl certificates
Mon, 10 Jul 2017
[ 19:27 rene ] Original commit   Revision:445459
445459 MOVED
445459 sysutils/Makefile
445459 sysutils/py-iocage
445459 www/Makefile
445459 www/mediawiki126
Remove expired ports:
2017-07-07 sysutils/py-iocage: obsoleted by sysutils/py3-iocage port using
Python 3 instead of Python 2
2017-07-08 www/mediawiki126: Upstream support EoL
Sat, 8 Jul 2017
[ 22:24 lme ] Original commit   Revision:445346
445346 sysutils/Makefile
445346 sysutils/powermon
445346 sysutils/powermon/Makefile
445346 sysutils/powermon/distinfo
445346 sysutils/powermon/pkg-descr
Add new port: sysutils/powermon

Powermon is a small utility that reads the CPU internal power counters,
calculates the current power consumption and displays it together with
some nice statistics on an interactive curses interface.

All Intel CPUs starting with Sandy Bridge are supported. Older Intel
CPUs and CPUs from other vendors don't expose the necessary performance
counters. Additionally some server CPUs like those based on Haswell and
Broadwell do not provide the necessary data.


PR:		220450
Submitted by:
Sponsored by:	Essen Hackathon 2017
[ 02:56 swills ] Original commit   Revision:445296
445296 sysutils/Makefile
445296 sysutils/rubygem-serverspec
445296 sysutils/rubygem-serverspec/Makefile
445296 sysutils/rubygem-serverspec/distinfo
445296 sysutils/rubygem-serverspec/pkg-descr
sysutils/rubygem-serverspec: create port

Serverspec tests your servers' actual state by executing command local,
via SSH, via WinRM, via Docker API and so on.
So you don't need to install any agent software on your serves
and can use any configuration management tools,
Puppet, Ansible, CFEngine, Itamae and so on.


PR:		219978
Submitted by:
[ 00:24 swills ] Original commit   Revision:445289
445289 sysutils/Makefile
445289 sysutils/rubygem-hiera-eyaml
445289 sysutils/rubygem-hiera-eyaml/Makefile
445289 sysutils/rubygem-hiera-eyaml/distinfo
445289 sysutils/rubygem-hiera-eyaml/files
445289 sysutils/rubygem-hiera-eyaml/files/patch-hiera-eyaml.gemspec
445289 sysutils/rubygem-hiera-eyaml/pkg-descr
sysutils/rubygem-hiera-eyaml: create port

hiera-eyaml is a backend for Hiera that provides per-value encryption of
sensitive data within yaml files to be used by Puppet. The Hiera eyaml
backend uses yaml formatted files with the .eyaml extension.  The encrypted
strings are prefixed with the encryption method, wrapped with ENC[] and
placed in an eyaml file. You can mix your plain values in as well or
separate them into different files.


PR:		206280
Submitted by:	Paul <> (with slight modifications due to
Thu, 6 Jul 2017
[ 15:18 tcberner ] Original commit   Revision:445159
445159 net-im/Makefile
445159 net-im/libsignon-glib
445159 net-im/libsignon-glib/Makefile
445159 net-im/libsignon-glib/distinfo
445159 net-im/libsignon-glib/pkg-descr
445159 net-im/libsignon-glib/pkg-plist
445159 net-im/telepathy-accounts-signon
445159 net-im/telepathy-accounts-signon/Makefile
445159 net-im/telepathy-accounts-signon/distinfo
445159 net-im/telepathy-accounts-signon/pkg-descr

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Add ports for future KDE Telepathy versions

The current relases of KDE Telepathy require some more helper libraries to work.
Import them from kde@'s development repository into the ports tree in

PR:		220494
Reviewed by:, rakuco
Differential Revision:
Thu, 29 Jun 2017
[ 06:13 antoine ] Original commit   Revision:444624
444624 sysutils/Makefile
Fix a typo
[ 01:11 cy ] Original commit   Revision:444618
444618 MOVED
444618 sysutils/Makefile
444618 sysutils/syslog-ng-devel
444618 sysutils/syslog-ng/Makefile
444618 sysutils/syslog-ng310
444618 sysutils/syslog-ng310/Makefile
444618 sysutils/syslog-ng36/Makefile
444618 sysutils/syslog-ng37/Makefile
444618 sysutils/syslog-ng39/Makefile
Move sysutils/syslog-ng-devel to sysutils/syslog-ng310. The syslog-ng
development team at Balabit has adopted a rolling release model for now.

Discussed with:		Peter Czanik (CzP) <>
			Balabit / syslog-ng upstream
Wed, 28 Jun 2017
[ 23:53 cy ] Original commit   Revision:444607
444607 sysutils/Makefile
444607 sysutils/syslog-ng39
444607 sysutils/syslog-ng39/Makefile
Syslog-ng 3.9 is no longer in development status. It has gone GA.
Sun, 25 Jun 2017
[ 23:47 linimon ] Original commit   Revision:444329
444329 sysutils/Makefile
444329 sysutils/u-boot-orangepi-plus-2e
444329 sysutils/u-boot-orangepi-plus-2e/Makefile
444329 sysutils/u-boot-orangepi-plus-2e/pkg-descr
Add slave port for u-bootorangepi-plus2e ARM SoC board u-boot support.

PR:		214729
Submitted by:
[ 22:51 linimon ] Original commit   Revision:444326
444326 sysutils/Makefile
444326 sysutils/u-boot-chip
444326 sysutils/u-boot-chip/Makefile
444326 sysutils/u-boot-chip/pkg-descr
Add u-boot-chip, uboot port customized for the CHIP $9 computer.

PR:		213251
Submitted by:	manu
[ 20:02 linimon ] Original commit   Revision:444322
444322 sysutils/Makefile
444322 sysutils/u-boot-imx-serial-loader
444322 sysutils/u-boot-imx-serial-loader/Makefile
444322 sysutils/u-boot-imx-serial-loader/distinfo
444322 sysutils/u-boot-imx-serial-loader/pkg-descr
444322 sysutils/u-boot-imx-serial-loader/pkg-plist
This program boots an i.MX or Vybrid system using a copy of U-Boot
transferred to the system over an OTG or UART connection.  It can be
used to "unbrick" a system which has a corrupted or missing copy of
U-Boot in nonvolatile media such as nand flash or eeprom.  i.MX systems
use the OTG port, Vybrid systems use the UART port.

To use this, connect the OTG port of your i.MX board to a USB host
port on your computer, power on the board, then run imx_usb <filename>
where filename is the board-specific u-boot.imx file to boot with.


PR:		220260
Submitted by:	ian
Sat, 24 Jun 2017
[ 16:16 dbaio ] Original commit   Revision:444214
444214 sysutils/Makefile
444214 sysutils/dsbmc-cli
444214 sysutils/dsbmc-cli/Makefile
444214 sysutils/dsbmc-cli/distinfo
444214 sysutils/dsbmc-cli/pkg-descr
New port: sysutils/dsbmc-cli

dsbmc-cli is a command-line client for DSBMD that provides a simple interface
to query information about storage devices, and to send requests to mount,
unmount and eject these. Furthermore, it can be used as automounter and


PR:		220197
Submitted by:	Marcel Kaiser <>
Approved by:	garga (mentor)
Differential Revision:
Wed, 21 Jun 2017
[ 18:07 tcberner ] Original commit   Revision:444046
444046 Mk/
444046 sysutils/Makefile
444046 sysutils/qt5-qtdiag
444046 sysutils/qt5-qtdiag/Makefile
444046 sysutils/qt5-qtplugininfo
444046 sysutils/qt5-qtplugininfo/Makefile
Add two new ports: sysutils/qt5-qtdiag and sysutils/qt5-qtplugininfo

* qtdiag outputs diagnostics on the current Qt installation and can be helpful
to find issues.
* qtpluginfo is useful while writing plugins for Qt5/KDE Plasma

Reviewed by:	rakuco, mat
Differential Revision:
[ 16:26 tobik ] Original commit   Revision:444037
444037 sysutils/Makefile
444037 sysutils/flowgger
444037 sysutils/flowgger/Makefile
444037 sysutils/flowgger/distinfo
444037 sysutils/flowgger/pkg-descr
New port: sysutils/flowgger

Flowgger is a fast, simple and lightweight data collector.  It reads
log entries over a given protocol, extracts them, decodes them using a
given format, re-encodes them into a different format, and
asynchronously pushes the result into a remote data store.

Flowgger is designed to be:

- Paranoid: it carefully validates input data to prevent injection of
  malformed/incomplete records down the chain.
- Safe: written in Rust, without any unsafe code.
- Fast: even though messages are systematically parsed and validated,
  Flowgger is orders of magnitude faster than Logstash and Fluentd.
- Standalone: it comes as a single executable file, and doesn't require a JVM.
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[ 16:25 tobik ] Original commit   Revision:444036
444036 sysutils/Makefile
444036 sysutils/exa
444036 sysutils/exa/Makefile
444036 sysutils/exa/distinfo
444036 sysutils/exa/pkg-descr
New port: sysutils/exa

Exa is a modern replacement for ls.  It uses colours for information
by default, helping you distinguish between many types of files, such
as whether you are the owner, or in the owning group.  It also has
extra features not present in the original ls, such as viewing the Git
status for a directory, or recursing into directories with a tree
view.  Exa is written in Rust, so it's small, fast, and portable.


Approved by:	mat (mentor)
Differential Revision:
Sun, 18 Jun 2017
[ 10:10 danfe ] Original commit   Revision:443823
443823 sysutils/Makefile
443823 sysutils/rex
443823 sysutils/rex/Makefile
443823 sysutils/rex/distinfo
443823 sysutils/rex/pkg-descr
REX is a remote execution utility that runs a supplied command or shell
script on several hosts in succession; it's written in Tcl and provides
extensive scripting facilities.


Submitted by:	Zeus Panchenko
Tue, 13 Jun 2017
[ 16:29 ultima ] Original commit   Revision:443510
443510 sysutils/Makefile
443510 sysutils/modman
443510 sysutils/modman/Makefile
443510 sysutils/modman/distinfo
443510 sysutils/modman/pkg-descr
Developing extensions for software that doesn't allow you to separate
your files from core files, and keeping that extension under version
control and making it easy to deploy is now much, much easier.
Development of this script was inspired by Magento which forces you
to mix your extension files all throughout the core code directories.
With modman, you can specify in a text file where you want your
directories and files to be mapped to, and it will maintain symlinks
for you so that your code is easy to hack and deploy.


PR:		208147
Submitted by:	Lukasz Wasikowski <> (maintainer)
Reviewed by:	lifanov (mentor), matthew (mentor)
Approved by:	lifanov (mentor), matthew (mentor)
Differential Revision:
Fri, 9 Jun 2017
[ 07:04 araujo ] Original commit   Revision:442972
442972 sysutils/Makefile
442972 sysutils/ndmpd
442972 sysutils/ndmpd/Makefile
442972 sysutils/ndmpd/distinfo
442972 sysutils/ndmpd/pkg-descr
The ndmpd daemon handles client Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP)

NDMP is an open, enterprise-wide, network-based data management protocol
used for backup and recovery. The ndmpd daemon enables users to manage
data backup and recovery using Data Management Application (DMA) clients.

The NDMP protocol is used to coordinate data movement and control
between a DMA and an NDMP server or between two NDMP servers.

Wed, 7 Jun 2017
[ 15:39 woodsb02 ] Original commit   Revision:442848
442848 sysutils/Makefile
442848 sysutils/py-ptyprocess/Makefile
442848 sysutils/py3-ptyprocess
442848 sysutils/py3-ptyprocess/Makefile
[NEW] sysutils/py3-ptyprocess: Create Python 3.x version of port

The latest www/py-requests update [1] unbundled its dependencies, now
requiring chardet, idna, urllib3 and certifi from ports.

www/py3-requests port was not tested during QA, which would have highlighted
the need for many new py3-* ports (and their dependencies).

This change creates one of those ports.


PR:		219833
[ 15:21 woodsb02 ] Original commit   Revision:442846
442846 sysutils/Makefile
442846 sysutils/py-execnet/Makefile
442846 sysutils/py3-execnet
442846 sysutils/py3-execnet/Makefile
[NEW] sysutils/py3-execnet: Create Python 3.x version of port

The latest www/py-requests update [1] unbundled its dependencies, now
requiring chardet, idna, urllib3 and certifi from ports.

www/py3-requests port was not tested during QA, which would have highlighted
the need for many new py3-* ports (and their dependencies).

This change creates one of those ports.


PR:		219833
Sun, 4 Jun 2017
[ 20:14 sunpoet ] Original commit   Revision:442583
442583 sysutils/Makefile
Wed, 31 May 2017
[ 15:20 mmokhi ] Original commit   Revision:442220
442220 sysutils/Makefile
442220 sysutils/py-gmailfs-fuse
442220 sysutils/py-gmailfs-fuse/Makefile
442220 sysutils/py-gmailfs-fuse/distinfo
442220 sysutils/py-gmailfs-fuse/pkg-descr
sysutils/py-gmailfs-fuse: Add port to tree
gmailfs-fuse is a FUSE filesystem that mounts your gmail storage
like a local filesystem for use.

Reviewed by:	koobs (python team), mat (mentor)
Approved by:	mat (mentor)
Differential Revision:
Sat, 27 May 2017
[ 19:30 sunpoet ] Original commit   Revision:441866
441866 sysutils/Makefile
441866 sysutils/py-pkginfo/Makefile
441866 sysutils/py3-pkginfo
441866 sysutils/py3-pkginfo/Makefile
Add py3-pkginfo 1.2.1

- While I'm here, add NO_ARCH

PR:		219540
Submitted by:	Rudolf Siegel <>
Approved by:	Maxim Filimonov <> (maintainer)
Wed, 17 May 2017
[ 09:24 kami ] Original commit   Revision:441068
441068 MOVED
441068 ports-mgmt/Makefile
441068 ports-mgmt/bsdadminscripts
441068 ports-mgmt/bsdadminscripts/Makefile
441068 ports-mgmt/bsdadminscripts2
441068 ports-mgmt/bsdadminscripts2/Makefile
441068 ports-mgmt/bsdadminscripts2/distinfo
441068 ports-mgmt/bsdadminscripts2/files
441068 ports-mgmt/bsdadminscripts2/pkg-descr
441068 ports-mgmt/bsdadminscripts2/pkg-plist

(Only the first 10 of 12 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
ports-mgmt/bsdadminscripts2: new port

- Move sysutils/bsdadminscripts to ports-mgmt/bsdadminscripts
- Copy ports-mgmt/bsdadminscripts to ports-mgmt/bsdadminscripts2
- Update bsdadminscripts2 to the bsda2 project 0.2.0 release

Reviewed by:	miwi
Approved by:	miwi
Differential Revision:
Sat, 13 May 2017
[ 12:40 danfe ] Original commit   Revision:440834
440834 sysutils/Makefile
440834 sysutils/pxattr
440834 sysutils/pxattr/Makefile
440834 sysutils/pxattr/distinfo
440834 sysutils/pxattr/files
440834 sysutils/pxattr/files/patch-pxattr.cpp
440834 sysutils/pxattr/pkg-descr
New port: `sysutils/pxattr', command-line utility to manage filesystem
extended attributes in a uniform and cross-platform way.


TIMESTAMP (pxattr-2.1.0.tar.gz) = 1359827271
Sun, 7 May 2017
[ 15:04 rene ] Original commit   Revision:440339
440339 MOVED
440339 benchmarks/Makefile
440339 benchmarks/gobench
440339 chinese/Makefile
440339 chinese/fortune
440339 devel/Makefile
440339 devel/ccons
440339 sysutils/Makefile
440339 sysutils/grok
Remove expired ports:
2017-04-30 devel/ccons: Unfetchable for more than six months (google code has
gone away)
2017-04-30 chinese/fortune: Unfetchable for more than six months (google code
has gone away)
2017-05-05 benchmarks/gobench: Builds each time it runs
2017-04-30 sysutils/grok: Unfetchable for more than six months (google code has
gone away)
Sat, 6 May 2017
[ 15:09 miwi ] Original commit   Revision:440268
440268 sysutils/Makefile
440268 sysutils/py-scriptine
440268 sysutils/py-scriptine/Makefile
440268 sysutils/py-scriptine/distinfo
440268 sysutils/py-scriptine/pkg-descr
The primary goal of scriptine is to make it easy to write shell scripts with


 * Easy command creation. Each command is just a function.
 * Automatic option parsing
 * Automatic help text (--help)
 * Log handling (with -v, --verbose and -q, --quiet handling)
 * Testing scripts in dry-mode.
 * Easy execution of other shell scripts.
 * Convenient working with files and directories.


PR:		208066
Submitted by:
Thu, 4 May 2017
[ 15:22 mmokhi ] Original commit   Revision:440111
440111 sysutils/Makefile
440111 sysutils/vchanger
440111 sysutils/vchanger/Makefile
440111 sysutils/vchanger/distinfo
440111 sysutils/vchanger/files
440111 sysutils/vchanger/files/patch-src_uuidlookup.c
440111 sysutils/vchanger/pkg-descr
440111 sysutils/vchanger/pkg-plist
sysutils/vchanger: Add the port to the tree
Vchanger is a disk-based virtual autochanger that may be used with the Bacula
Open Source network backup system to emulate a magazine-based tape autoloader

PR:		219046
Reported by:
Reviewed by:	mat (mentor) mmokhi
Approved by:	mat (mentor)
Differential Revision:
Sun, 30 Apr 2017
[ 15:47 ler ] Original commit   Revision:439826
439826 MOVED
439826 audio/Makefile
439826 audio/last-cmus
439826 audio/logitechmediaserver-superdatetime
439826 audio/mehdiaplayer
439826 audio/pidgin-musictracker
439826 audio/xpi-musicpm
439826 biology/Makefile
439826 biology/treeviewx
439826 chinese/Makefile

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2017-04-30 devel/stormlib-ghost++: Unfetchable for more than six months (google
code has gone away)
2017-04-30 devel/py-coil: Unfetchable for more than six months (google code has
gone away)
2017-04-30 devel/py-cmdln: Unfetchable for more than six months (google code has
gone away)
2017-04-30 devel/privman: Unfetchable for more than six months (google code has
gone away)
2017-04-30 devel/c-unit: Unfetchable for more than six months (google code has
gone away)
2017-04-30 devel/py-px: Unfetchable for more than six months (google code has
gone away)
2017-04-30 devel/nglogc: Unfetchable for more than six months (google code has
gone away)
2017-04-30 devel/bncsutil-ghost++: Unfetchable for more than six months (google
code has gone away)
2017-04-30 devel/liblouisxml: Unfetchable for more than six months (google code
has gone away)
2017-04-30 devel/nxt-python: Unfetchable for more than six months (google code
has gone away)
2017-04-30 devel/spdict: Unfetchable for more than six months (google code has
gone away)
2017-04-30 devel/guiloader-c++: Unfetchable for more than six months (google
code has gone away)
2017-04-30 devel/streamhtmlparser: Unfetchable for more than six months (google
code has gone away)
2017-04-30 devel/winpdb: Unfetchable for more than six months (google code has
gone away)
2017-04-30 net/opendpi: Unfetchable for more than six months (google code has
gone away)
(Only the first 15 lines of the commit message are shown above View all of this commit message)
[ 04:31 pi ] Original commit   Revision:439788
439788 sysutils/Makefile
439788 sysutils/jdupes
439788 sysutils/jdupes/Makefile
439788 sysutils/jdupes/distinfo
439788 sysutils/jdupes/pkg-descr
New port: sysutils/jdupes

jdupes is a program for identifying and taking actions upon duplicate
files.  It is a fork of fdupes, but not a drop-in replacement.

for a comparision to dupd.


PR:		218665
Submitted by:	Thomas Hurst <>
[ 04:21 pi ] Original commit   Revision:439787
439787 sysutils/Makefile
439787 sysutils/dupd
439787 sysutils/dupd/Makefile
439787 sysutils/dupd/distinfo
439787 sysutils/dupd/files
439787 sysutils/dupd/files/patch-Makefile
439787 sysutils/dupd/files/patch-src_utils.h
439787 sysutils/dupd/pkg-descr
New port: sysutils/dupd

dupd is a file duplicate detection CLI utility, supporting iterative
interactive use with a persistent file database.

Despite the name, it doesn't run as a daemon.

See for
a comparison of such tools.


PR:		218664
Submitted by:	Thomas Hurst <>
Mon, 24 Apr 2017
[ 16:24 vsevolod ] Original commit   Revision:439334
439334 sysutils/Makefile
439334 sysutils/backuppc-devel/Makefile
439334 sysutils/backuppc-devel/distinfo
439334 sysutils/backuppc-devel/files/patch-bin-BackupPC_rrdUpdate
439334 sysutils/backuppc-devel/files/patch-doc-BackupPC.pod
439334 sysutils/backuppc-devel/files/
439334 sysutils/backuppc-devel/files/
439334 sysutils/backuppc-devel/files/
439334 sysutils/backuppc-devel/files/
439334 sysutils/backuppc-devel/files/

(Only the first 10 of 24 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
- Add a port of the 4.x series of BackupPC

BackupPC is a fast, enterprise-grade backup system. It provides
a web-based user interface. It supports several platforms (Unix-like,
    Windows, MacOSX) to backup to a disk-based storage.

No client-side software is necessary, as the BackupPC server uses
several protocols (smb, rsync, tar and ftp) native to the client OS.

File-level deduplication combined with optional compression minimizes
the disk space needed to store the backups and disk I/O and enables
synthetic backups to reduce network traffic.

BackupPC is not a block-level backup system but performs file-based
backup and restore. Thus it is not suitable for backup of disk
(Only the first 15 lines of the commit message are shown above View all of this commit message)
Wed, 19 Apr 2017
[ 15:37 lifanov ] Original commit   Revision:438886
438886 sysutils/Makefile
438886 sysutils/docker-compose
438886 sysutils/docker-compose/Makefile
438886 sysutils/docker-compose/distinfo
438886 sysutils/docker-compose/pkg-descr
add sysutils/docker-compose

Compose is a tool for defining and running multi-container Docker applications.
With Compose, you use a Compose file to configure your application's services.
Then, using a single command, you create and start all the services from your
Fri, 14 Apr 2017
[ 20:47 jrm ] Original commit   Revision:438544
438544 sysutils/Makefile
438544 sysutils/rubygem-httplog
438544 sysutils/rubygem-httplog/Makefile
438544 sysutils/rubygem-httplog/distinfo
438544 sysutils/rubygem-httplog/pkg-descr
New port, sysutils/rubygem-httplog: Log outgoing HTTP requests

Adding sysutils/rubygem-httplog, because it is a dependency of the upcoming
www/mastodon port.

Approved by:	swills (mentor, implicit)
Mon, 10 Apr 2017
[ 21:15 lifanov ] Original commit   Revision:438212
438212 sysutils/Makefile
438212 sysutils/py-docker
438212 sysutils/py-docker/Makefile
438212 sysutils/py-docker/distinfo
438212 sysutils/py-docker/pkg-descr
add sysutils/py-docker: Docker SDK for Python
[ 17:11 rene ] Original commit   Revision:438191
438191 MOVED
438191 databases/Makefile
438191 databases/godis
438191 databases/pglesslog
438191 databases/puppetdb
438191 databases/puppetdb-terminus
438191 databases/rubygem-redis-actionpack4
438191 devel/Makefile
438191 devel/go-pretty
438191 devel/liborcus07

(Only the first 10 of 31 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Remove expired ports:
2017-02-05 sysutils/puppet38: Upstream support ended, see
2017-03-31 editors/libreoffice4: Deprecated by upstream
2017-03-31 databases/rubygem-redis-actionpack4: Use
databases/rubygem-redis-actionpack instead
2017-03-31 devel/rubygem-nio4r1: Use devel/rubygem-nio4r instead
2017-03-31 devel/liborcus07: Deprecated by upstream, use devel/liborcus
2017-03-31 devel/mdds0: Deprecated by upstream, use devel/mdds
2017-03-31 security/openvpn23-polarssl: Replaced by new upstream relesae 2.4.x
2017-03-31 security/openvpn23: Replaced by new upstream relesae 2.4.x
2017-03-31 textproc/p5-XML-XSH: Deprecated by upstream
2017-03-31 www/rubygem-jquery-atwho-rails-rails4: Use
www/rubygem-jquery-atwho-rails instead
2017-03-31 www/p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Singleton: Deprecated by upstream
2017-04-01 x11/lumina-i18n: Obsolete, i18n files included in x11/lumina
2017-04-01 sysutils/jail2: Starting with 10.0 functionality has been merged into
2017-04-01 sysutils/iocage-devel: Outdated version. Please use
sysutils/py-iocage instead
2017-04-01 sysutils/iocage: Outdated version. Please use sysutils/py-iocage
2017-04-05 databases/puppetdb: Depends on expired sysutils/puppet38, use
puppetdb[34] instead
2017-04-05 databases/puppetdb-terminus: Depends on expired sysutils/puppet38,
use puppetdb-terminus[34]
2017-04-08 databases/pglesslog: Does not build with recent PostgreSQL versions
2017-04-08 textproc/go-text: Go libraries should not be packaged
2017-04-08 devel/go-pretty: Go libraries should not be packaged
2017-04-08 databases/godis: Go libraries should not be packaged
2017-04-10 www/moodle29: Upstream support EoL, please migrate to moodle32
Fri, 7 Apr 2017
[ 05:34 antoine ] Original commit   Revision:437912
437912 sysutils/Makefile
437912 textproc/Makefile
Wed, 29 Mar 2017
[ 21:05 swills ] Original commit   Revision:437240
437240 sysutils/Makefile
437240 sysutils/rubygem-winrm-elevated
437240 sysutils/rubygem-winrm-elevated/Makefile
437240 sysutils/rubygem-winrm-elevated/distinfo
437240 sysutils/rubygem-winrm-elevated/pkg-descr
sysutils/rubygem-winrm-elevated: create port

Ruby library for running commands via WinRM as elevated through a scheduled


PR:		217944
Tue, 28 Mar 2017
[ 17:23 danfe ] Original commit   Revision:437142
437142 sysutils/Makefile
437142 sysutils/rovclock
437142 sysutils/rovclock/Makefile
437142 sysutils/rovclock/distinfo
437142 sysutils/rovclock/files
437142 sysutils/rovclock/files/patch-rovclock.c
437142 sysutils/rovclock/files/rovclock.8
437142 sysutils/rovclock/pkg-descr
Add a port of `sysutils/rovclock', an overclocking utility for ATI Radeon
video cards.  Manual page and port description were obtained from identic
Debian package.

[ 12:00 tobik ] Original commit   Revision:437119
437119 sysutils/Makefile
437119 sysutils/solaar
437119 sysutils/solaar/Makefile
437119 sysutils/solaar/distinfo
437119 sysutils/solaar/files
437119 sysutils/solaar/files/
437119 sysutils/solaar/files/
437119 sysutils/solaar/pkg-descr
New port: sysutils/solaar

Solaar is a device manager for Logitech's Unifying Receiver.  It is
able to pair/unpair devices to the receiver, and for most devices read
battery status.

It comes in two flavors, command-line and GUI.  Both are able to list
the devices paired to a Unifying Receiver, show detailed info for each
device, and also pair/unpair supported devices with the receiver.


Approved by:	mat (mentor)
Differential Revision:
Wed, 22 Mar 2017
[ 18:56 danfe ] Original commit   Revision:436717
436717 sysutils/Makefile
436717 sysutils/radeontop
436717 sysutils/radeontop/Makefile
436717 sysutils/radeontop/distinfo
436717 sysutils/radeontop/files
436717 sysutils/radeontop/files/patch-Makefile
436717 sysutils/radeontop/files/patch-translations_Makefile
436717 sysutils/radeontop/pkg-descr
Add a port of RadeonTop, top(1)-like program that displays AMD Radeon GPU
resource utilization.


Because GitHub releases (tarballs) are not fetched with correct modification
time, set TIMESTAMP to 1477640465 which corresponds to commit c0abadf tagged
as this release.
Tue, 21 Mar 2017
[ 21:00 tobik ] Original commit   Revision:436654
436654 sysutils/Makefile
436654 sysutils/lsop
436654 sysutils/lsop/Makefile
436654 sysutils/lsop/distinfo
436654 sysutils/lsop/pkg-descr
New port: sysutils/lsop

lsop is a FreeBSD utility to list all processes running with outdated
binaries or shared libraries (that is, binaries or shared libraries
that have been upgraded or simply deleted).

lsop does not currently work when started in a FreeBSD jail!


PR:		213340
Submitted by:
Approved by:	lme (mentor)
Differential Revision:
[ 16:53 lifanov ] Original commit   Revision:436620
436620 sysutils/Makefile
436620 sysutils/docker-machine
436620 sysutils/docker-machine/Makefile
436620 sysutils/docker-machine/distinfo
436620 sysutils/docker-machine/pkg-descr
add sysutils/docker-machine

Machine lets you create Docker hosts on your computer, on cloud providers,
and inside your own data center. It creates servers, installs Docker on them,
then configures the Docker client to talk to them.

Note: this can be used with sysutils/docker
[ 16:52 lifanov ] Original commit   Revision:436619
436619 MOVED
436619 sysutils/Makefile
436619 sysutils/docker
436619 sysutils/docker/Makefile
436619 sysutils/docker/distinfo
436619 sysutils/docker/pkg-descr
436619 sysutils/docker/pkg-message
add sysutils/docker

Docker is the world's leading software container platform. Developers use
Docker to eliminate "works on my machine" problems when collaborating on code
with co-workers. Operators use Docker to run and manage apps side-by-side in
isolated containers to get better compute density. Enterprises use Docker to
build agile software delivery pipelines to ship new features faster, more
securely and with confidence for both Linux and Windows Server apps.

Note: this port contains Docker client only.
Mon, 20 Mar 2017
[ 18:18 lx ] Original commit   Revision:436557
436557 MOVED
436557 sysutils/Makefile
436557 sysutils/ucspi-ssl-tls
436557 sysutils/ucspi-ssl/Makefile
436557 sysutils/ucspi-ssl/distinfo
436557 sysutils/ucspi-ssl/pkg-descr
Update ucspi-ssl to Erwin Hoffman's version, which includes IPv6 and TLS
support. Deprecate ucspi-ssl-tls port.
[ 13:03 vanilla ] Original commit   Revision:436539
436539 sysutils/Makefile
436539 sysutils/immortal
436539 sysutils/immortal/Makefile
436539 sysutils/immortal/distinfo
436539 sysutils/immortal/files
436539 sysutils/immortal/files/
436539 sysutils/immortal/files/www.yml
436539 sysutils/immortal/pkg-descr
436539 sysutils/immortal/pkg-plist
Add immortal 0.10.2, unix cross-platform (OS agnostic) supervisor.

PR:		217947
Submitted by:
[ 09:43 vanilla ] Original commit   Revision:436534
436534 sysutils/Makefile
436534 sysutils/UEFITool
436534 sysutils/UEFITool/Makefile
436534 sysutils/UEFITool/distinfo
436534 sysutils/UEFITool/pkg-descr
Add UEFITool 40, UEFI images parser.

PR:		217832
Submitted by:	Piotr Kubaj <>
Fri, 17 Mar 2017
[ 09:59 araujo ] Original commit   Revision:436331
436331 sysutils/Makefile
436331 sysutils/py3-iocage
436331 sysutils/py3-iocage/Makefile
436331 sysutils/py3-iocage/distinfo
436331 sysutils/py3-iocage/files
436331 sysutils/py3-iocage/files/
436331 sysutils/py3-iocage/pkg-descr
iocage is a jail/container manager amalgamating some of the best
features and technologies the FreeBSD operating system has
to offer. It is geared for ease of use with a simple and easy
to understand command syntax.

This is the new and the most updated version of iocage written
in python3.6.

Submitted by: (author and maintainer) via email.
Thu, 16 Mar 2017
[ 22:36 marius ] Original commit   Revision:436309
436309 sysutils/Makefile
436309 sysutils/mmc-utils
436309 sysutils/mmc-utils/Makefile
436309 sysutils/mmc-utils/distinfo
436309 sysutils/mmc-utils/files
436309 sysutils/mmc-utils/files/patch-man_mmc.1
436309 sysutils/mmc-utils/files/patch-mmc.h
436309 sysutils/mmc-utils/files/patch-mmc_cmds.c
436309 sysutils/mmc-utils/pkg-descr
Add a port of mmc-utils, a collection of tools for MMC/SD devices.
Among others, this allows to partition eMMC devices via /dev/mmcsdN.
Currently, FreeBSD version 1200025 or later is required for mmc-utils.

CAVEAT EMPTOR: Partitioning eMMC devices is a one-time operation.
Sun, 12 Mar 2017
[ 07:51 brnrd ] Original commit   Revision:435976
435976 sysutils/Makefile
435976 sysutils/passwordsafe
435976 sysutils/passwordsafe/Makefile
435976 sysutils/passwordsafe/distinfo
435976 sysutils/passwordsafe/files
435976 sysutils/passwordsafe/files/patch-help_Makefile
435976 sysutils/passwordsafe/files/patch-help_Makefile.freebsd
435976 sysutils/passwordsafe/files/patch-src_os_unix_dir.cpp
435976 sysutils/passwordsafe/pkg-descr
435976 sysutils/passwordsafe/pkg-plist
sysutils/passwordsafe: new port

 - PasswordSafe (pwsafe) is a password manager with a secure twofish
   encrypted database file

Sponsored by:	AsiaBSDCon 2017
Differential Revision:
Thu, 9 Mar 2017
[ 21:28 girgen ] Original commit   Revision:435802
435802 sysutils/Makefile
435802 sysutils/fluent-bit
435802 sysutils/fluent-bit/Makefile
435802 sysutils/fluent-bit/distinfo
435802 sysutils/fluent-bit/pkg-descr
435802 sysutils/fluent-bit/pkg-plist
Fluent Bit is a Fast and Lightweight Data Forwarder for Linux, OSX and BSD
family operating systems. It has been made with a strong focus on performance
to allow the collection of events from different sources without complexity.

Fluent Bit is part of the Fluentd project ecosystem.

[ 21:25 girgen ] Original commit   Revision:435801
435801 sysutils/Makefile
435801 sysutils/rubygem-fluent-plugin-graylog
435801 sysutils/rubygem-fluent-plugin-graylog/Makefile
435801 sysutils/rubygem-fluent-plugin-graylog/distinfo
435801 sysutils/rubygem-fluent-plugin-graylog/pkg-descr
A Fluentd output plugin for Graylog. Send logging information in JSON format
via TCP to an instance of GrayLog

Wed, 8 Mar 2017
[ 12:00 kmoore ] Original commit   Revision:435677
435677 sysutils/Makefile
435677 sysutils/sysadm-client
435677 sysutils/sysadm-client/Makefile
435677 sysutils/sysadm-client/distinfo
435677 sysutils/sysadm-client/pkg-descr
435677 sysutils/sysadm-client/pkg-plist
The SysAdm client is a cross-platform, graphical utility written in
pure Qt5 which provides multi-system management capabilities.
The client connects via the websocket protocols to a SysAdm server
and keeps the session alive to provide regular system health
notifications, event updates, and much more.

[ 11:56 kmoore ] Original commit   Revision:435675
435675 sysutils/Makefile
435675 sysutils/sysadm
435675 sysutils/sysadm/Makefile
435675 sysutils/sysadm/distinfo
435675 sysutils/sysadm/pkg-descr
435675 sysutils/sysadm/pkg-plist
SysAdm is a FreeBSD-based service which provides a stable API for
administrating FreeBSD and TrueOS systems. It is composed of a
headless daemon that runs in the background on any system to be
administrated, providing both web socket and REST network services.

Tue, 7 Mar 2017
[ 18:01 pi ] Original commit   Revision:435626
435626 sysutils/Makefile
435626 sysutils/lava
435626 sysutils/lava/Makefile
435626 sysutils/lava/distinfo
435626 sysutils/lava/pkg-descr
New port: sysutils/lava

Keeps your CouchDB views molten hot and fluid.

Lava is a simple MIT-licensed shell script with 2 dependencies that
ensures all DBs that are readable by a given user have the views
of their corresponding design documents rebuilt. It is intended to
be run regularly from cron.


PR:		215508
Submitted by:	Dave Cottlehuber <>
Thu, 2 Mar 2017
[ 09:25 mmokhi ] Original commit   Revision:435219
435219 sysutils/Makefile
435219 sysutils/myrescue
435219 sysutils/myrescue/Makefile
435219 sysutils/myrescue/distinfo
435219 sysutils/myrescue/files
435219 sysutils/myrescue/files/patch-myrescue.c
435219 sysutils/myrescue/pkg-descr
sysutils/myrescue: Add the port to the tree.
myrescue is a program to rescue the still-readable data from a damaged
hard-disk, similar in purpose to dd_rescue.

PR:     217433
Submitted by:   Mageirias Anastasios <>
Reported by:    Mageirias Anastasios <>
Reviewed by:    feld, mat
Approved by:    feld, mat (mentors)
Differential Revision:
Wed, 1 Mar 2017
[ 17:50 rene ] Original commit   Revision:435180
435180 LEGAL
435180 MOVED
435180 archivers/Makefile
435180 archivers/libunrar4
435180 audio/Makefile
435180 audio/libofa
435180 japanese/Makefile
435180 japanese/ruby-eb
435180 japanese/xyaku
435180 sysutils/Makefile

(Only the first 10 of 12 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Remove expired ports:
2017-01-28 japanese/ruby-eb: Upstream no longer active
2017-03-01 japanese/xyaku: Unmaintained, depends on expired japanese/ruby-eb
2017-03-01 archivers/libunrar4: Outdated version. Please use archivers/libunrar5
2017-03-01 sysutils/xacpim: Mastersite disappeared
2017-03-01 sysutils/linux-nero: Probably cannot actually burn CD/DVD on recent
2017-03-01 audio/libofa: MusicDNS service has been discontinued
[ 13:35 ehaupt ] Original commit   Revision:435147
435147 sysutils/Makefile
435147 sysutils/mog
435147 sysutils/mog/Makefile
435147 sysutils/mog/distinfo
435147 sysutils/mog/pkg-descr
Add mog 0.4, different take on the UNIX tool cat.
Sat, 25 Feb 2017
[ 02:47 danfe ] Original commit   Revision:434759
434759 sysutils/Makefile
434759 sysutils/amdmsrtweaker
434759 sysutils/amdmsrtweaker/Makefile
434759 sysutils/amdmsrtweaker/distinfo
434759 sysutils/amdmsrtweaker/pkg-descr
FreeBSD port of the AmdMsrTweaker program to adjust P-states for AMD 10h,
12h, and 15h family processors, originally written by Martin Kinkelin and
extended by Marcus Pollice.

Tue, 21 Feb 2017
[ 07:41 araujo ] Original commit   Revision:434509
434509 sysutils/Makefile
434509 sysutils/py-nomad
434509 sysutils/py-nomad/Makefile
434509 sysutils/py-nomad/distinfo
434509 sysutils/py-nomad/pkg-descr
Nomad is a tool for managing a cluster of machines and running
applications on them.
Nomad abstracts away machines and the location of applications,
and instead enables users to declare what they want to run and
Nomad handles where they should run and how to run them.


PR:		ports/215397
Submitted by:	John Hixson <>
[ 07:36 araujo ] Original commit   Revision:434508
434508 sysutils/Makefile
434508 sysutils/py-consul
434508 sysutils/py-consul/Makefile
434508 sysutils/py-consul/distinfo
434508 sysutils/py-consul/pkg-descr
Python client for consul (WWW:


PR:		ports/215396
Submitted by:	John Hixson <>
[ 01:27 girgen ] Original commit   Revision:434496
434496 MOVED
434496 sysutils/Makefile
434496 sysutils/beats
434496 sysutils/beats/Makefile
434496 sysutils/beats/distinfo
434496 sysutils/beats/files
434496 sysutils/beats/files/
434496 sysutils/beats/files/
434496 sysutils/beats/files/

(Only the first 10 of 22 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Update to 5.2.1

The three elasticsearch beats ports have merged into one single port
systuils/beats that installs all of the above and some more. The reason is to
make the port more maintainable and also that the new heartbeat beat would
conflict with sysutils/heartbeat.

Add heartbeat beat.

Install utilities

Fix problems with the default configurations [1]

PR:	217081 [1]
Mon, 13 Feb 2017
[ 01:19 jrm ] Original commit   Revision:433972
433972 sysutils/Makefile
433972 sysutils/pcapfix
433972 sysutils/pcapfix/Makefile
433972 sysutils/pcapfix/distinfo
433972 sysutils/pcapfix/files
433972 sysutils/pcapfix/files/patch-Makefile
433972 sysutils/pcapfix/pkg-descr
New port: sysutils/pcapfix: tool to repair damaged pcap and pcapng files.

PR:		217052
Submitted by: (maintainer)
Approved by:	swills (mentor)
Differential Revision:
Sat, 11 Feb 2017
[ 15:36 mmokhi ] Original commit   Revision:433881
433881 sysutils/Makefile
433881 sysutils/lttng-tools
433881 sysutils/lttng-tools/Makefile
433881 sysutils/lttng-tools/distinfo
433881 sysutils/lttng-tools/files
433881 sysutils/lttng-tools/files/
433881 sysutils/lttng-tools/files/
433881 sysutils/lttng-tools/files/patch-src_bin_lttng-crash_lttng-crash.c
433881 sysutils/lttng-tools/files/patch-src_bin_lttng-relayd_stream.c
433881 sysutils/lttng-tools/files/patch-src_bin_lttng-sessiond_consumer.c

(Only the first 10 of 61 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Adding sysutils/lttng-ust and sysutils/lttng-tools.
LTTng stands for Linux Trace Toolkit: next generation. It's a modern toolkit
for tracing Linux (And now FreeBSD, only userspace now) programs.

PR:		216142
Submitted by:	mmokhi
Reported by:	mmokhi
Reviewed by:	feld, mat
Approved by:	feld, mat (mentors)
Differential Revision:
Tue, 7 Feb 2017
[ 20:31 krion ] Original commit   Revision:433587
433587 sysutils/Makefile
433587 sysutils/safecopy
433587 sysutils/safecopy/Makefile
433587 sysutils/safecopy/distinfo
433587 sysutils/safecopy/files
433587 sysutils/safecopy/files/patch-src_safecopy.c
433587 sysutils/safecopy/pkg-descr
New port: sysutils/safecopy

Safecopy is a data recovery tool which tries to extract as much
data as possible from a problematic (i.e. damaged sectors) source -
like floppy drives, hard disk partitions, CDs, tape devices etc, ...
, where other tools like dd would fail due to I/O errors.  Safecopy
includes a low level IO layer to read CDROM disks in raw mode, and
issue device resets and other helpful low level operations on a
number of other device classes.  The project also includes a device
simulator which can be used to simulate bad media for testing and
benchmarking safecopy as well as other data rescue tools.


PR:		216892
Submitted by:
Approved by:	mat (mentor)
Differential Revision:
Sun, 5 Feb 2017
[ 21:59 rene ] Original commit   Revision:433462
433462 MOVED
433462 devel/Makefile
433462 devel/p5-JIRA-Client
433462 net-im/Makefile
433462 net-im/ttytter
433462 sysutils/Makefile
433462 sysutils/puppet37
Remove expired ports:
2017-01-31 devel/p5-JIRA-Client: Deprecated by upstream due to deprecated JIRA's
2017-02-05 sysutils/puppet37: Upstream support ended, see
2017-02-05 net-im/ttytter: Upstream no longer active, see net-im/oysttyer
Fri, 3 Feb 2017
[ 12:37 danfe ] Original commit   Revision:433223
433223 sysutils/Makefile
433223 sysutils/fsearch
433223 sysutils/fsearch/Makefile
433223 sysutils/fsearch/distinfo
433223 sysutils/fsearch/files
433223 sysutils/fsearch/files/patch-src_string__utils.c
433223 sysutils/fsearch/files/patch-src_string__utils.h
433223 sysutils/fsearch/pkg-descr
Add a port of FSearch, search utility focusing on performance and advanced
features, based on GTK+3.


Because GitHub releases (tarballs) are not fetched with correct modification
time, set TIMESTAMP to 1476634045 which corresponds to commit cd0f03c tagged
as this release.
Sat, 28 Jan 2017
[ 11:18 rene ] Original commit   Revision:432620
432620 LEGAL
432620 MOVED
432620 archivers/Makefile
432620 archivers/ruby-lha
432620 audio/Makefile
432620 audio/ruby-audiofile
432620 audio/ruby-mp3tag
432620 converters/Makefile
432620 converters/ruby-dump.rb
432620 databases/Makefile

(Only the first 10 of 65 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Remove expired ports:
2017-01-28 databases/ruby-rdbc1: Upstream no longer active
2017-01-28 databases/ruby-sybct: Upstream no longer active
2017-01-28 databases/ruby-o_dbm: Upstream no longer active
2017-01-28 databases/ruby-cdb: Upstream no longer active
2017-01-28 devel/ruby-rbison: Does not work on modern ruby
2017-01-28 devel/ruby-property: Upstream no longer exists
2017-01-28 devel/ruby-dialogs: Upstream no longer active
2017-01-28 devel/ruby-byaccr: Upstream no longer active
2017-01-28 devel/ruby-aspectr: Use rubygem-aspectr instead
2017-01-28 devel/ruby-locale: No longer useful
2017-01-28 devel/ruby-wirble: Upstream no longer active
2017-01-28 devel/ruby-tzfile: Upstream no longer exists
2017-01-28 devel/ruby-rreadline: Upstream no longer exists
2017-01-28 devel/ruby-intl: Use devel/rubygem-gettext instead
(Only the first 15 lines of the commit message are shown above View all of this commit message)
Wed, 25 Jan 2017
[ 18:59 antoine ] Original commit   Revision:432457
432457 sysutils/Makefile
Hook munin-contrib to the build
Tue, 24 Jan 2017
[ 12:56 tz ] Original commit   Revision:432336
432336 archivers/Makefile
432336 converters/Makefile
432336 databases/Makefile
432336 devel/Makefile
432336 ftp/Makefile
432336 graphics/Makefile
432336 mail/Makefile
432336 math/Makefile
432336 misc/Makefile
432336 net-mgmt/Makefile

(Only the first 10 of 15 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Connect PHP 7.1 ports (r432324)
Sun, 15 Jan 2017
[ 23:49 adamw ] Original commit   Revision:431608
431608 sysutils/Makefile
431608 sysutils/tmux-mem-cpu-load
431608 sysutils/tmux-mem-cpu-load/Makefile
431608 sysutils/tmux-mem-cpu-load/distinfo
431608 sysutils/tmux-mem-cpu-load/pkg-descr
Add sysutils/tmux-mem-cpu-load, which adds mem, cpu, and load
to tmux. Like rainbarf except it works, and it's a 40KB executable.

[ 16:07 adamw ] Original commit   Revision:431587
431587 sysutils/Makefile
431587 sysutils/rubygem-tmuxinator
431587 sysutils/rubygem-tmuxinator/Makefile
431587 sysutils/rubygem-tmuxinator/distinfo
431587 sysutils/rubygem-tmuxinator/pkg-descr
431587 sysutils/rubygem-tmuxinator/pkg-plist
Add rubygem-tmuxinator, a tmux session manager.
[ 09:55 rene ] Original commit   Revision:431542
431542 MOVED
431542 sysutils/Makefile
431542 sysutils/fusefs-kmod
Remove expired port:
2017-01-15 sysutils/fusefs-kmod: integrated into base
[ 09:48 rene ] Original commit   Revision:431540
431540 MOVED
431540 archivers/Makefile
431540 archivers/tclmkziplib
431540 audio/Makefile
431540 audio/aureal-kmod
431540 audio/xmms-openspc
431540 emulators/Makefile
431540 emulators/doscmd
431540 net/Makefile
431540 net/cyphesis

(Only the first 10 of 19 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Remove expired ports:
2017-01-15 net/cyphesis: Does not compile on FreeBSD 10+
2017-01-15 net/gpxe: does not build on FreeBSD 10.x and later
2017-01-15 net/openospfd: requires old CARP implementation (interface layer)
2017-01-15 security/openbsm-devel: is not needed under FreeBSD 10.x or higher
2017-01-15 security/ssh-copy-id: is already in the base system
2017-01-15 sysutils/apt: does not build on 10+
2017-01-15 archivers/tclmkziplib: Abandonware, please use bundled zlib package
2017-01-15 x11-drivers/drm-kmod: this port is only for 9.3 systems
2017-01-15 audio/xmms-openspc: does not build on FreeBSD 10.x and later
2017-01-15 audio/aureal-kmod: does not build (and fetch)
2017-01-15 emulators/doscmd: does not build (accesses field of opaque structure)
Sat, 14 Jan 2017
[ 23:29 robak ] Original commit   Revision:431500
431500 sysutils/Makefile
431500 sysutils/py-iocage
431500 sysutils/py-iocage/Makefile
431500 sysutils/py-iocage/distinfo
431500 sysutils/py-iocage/pkg-descr
[NEW PORT] sysutils/py-iocage: FreeBSD jail manager written in Python

iocage is a jail/container manager amalgamating some of the best
features and technologies the FreeBSD operating system has
to offer. It is geared for ease of use with a simple and easy
to understand command syntax.


Submitted by:	robak
Fri, 13 Jan 2017
[ 17:59 rakuco ] Original commit   Revision:431409
431409 sysutils/Makefile
431409 sysutils/paladin
431409 sysutils/paladin/Makefile
431409 sysutils/paladin/distinfo
431409 sysutils/paladin/pkg-descr
431409 sysutils/paladin/pkg-message
431409 sysutils/paladin/pkg-plist
New port: sysutils/paladin

Simple process supervisor.


PR:		215463
Submitted by:	Randy Westlund <>
[ 01:30 brd ] Original commit   Revision:431334
431334 sysutils/Makefile
Add sysutils/dtc to fix INDEX.

Approved by:	bdrewery (implicit)
Pointyhat to:	imp
Thu, 12 Jan 2017
[ 06:44 antoine ] Original commit   Revision:431220
431220 sysutils/Makefile
Hook sysutils/siegfried to the build
Wed, 11 Jan 2017
[ 19:22 lifanov ] Original commit   Revision:431196
431196 sysutils/Makefile
431196 sysutils/siegfried
431196 sysutils/siegfried/Makefile
431196 sysutils/siegfried/distinfo
431196 sysutils/siegfried/pkg-descr
431196 sysutils/siegfried/pkg-message
new port: sysutils/siegfried

Siegfried is an advanced file identification tool written in Go.
It is signature-based, implementing the PRONOM file format signatures
and's MIME-info file format signatures.

PR:		209912
Submitted by:	Steffen Fritz <>
Reviewed by:	matthew
Approved by:	matthew (mentor)
Differential Revision:
Mon, 9 Jan 2017
[ 22:46 feld ] Original commit   Revision:431040
431040 sysutils/Makefile
431040 sysutils/fswatch-mon
431040 sysutils/fswatch-mon/Makefile
431040 sysutils/fswatch-mon/distinfo
431040 sysutils/fswatch-mon/pkg-descr
431040 sysutils/fswatch-mon/pkg-plist
fswatch is a file change monitor that receives notifications when the contents
of the specified files or directories are modified. fswatch implements four
kinds of monitors:

  * A monitor based on the File System Events API of Apple OS X.
  * A monitor based on kqueue, an event notification interface introduced in
    FreeBSD 4.1 and supported on most *BSD systems (including OS X).
  * A monitor based on inotify, a Linux kernel subsystem that reports file
    system changes to applications.
  * A monitor which periodically stats the file system, saves file modification
    times in memory and manually calculates file system changes, which can work
    on any operating system where stat (2) can be used.

fswatch should build and work correctly on any system shipping either of the
aforementioned APIs.


PR:		200552
Submitted by:	Enrico M. Crisostomo <>
[ 16:40 farrokhi ] Original commit   Revision:430976
430976 GIDs
430976 MOVED
430976 UIDs
430976 sysutils/Makefile
430976 sysutils/istatd
430976 sysutils/istatserver
430976 sysutils/istatserver/Makefile
430976 sysutils/istatserver/distinfo
430976 sysutils/istatserver/files/
430976 sysutils/istatserver/files/

(Only the first 10 of 14 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Rename sysutils/istatd to sysutils/istatserver and update to 3.01

PR:	215004
Reported by:
Reviewed by:	bapt
Approved by:	bapt
MFH:		2017Q1
Differential Revision:
Fri, 6 Jan 2017
[ 20:01 lifanov ] Original commit   Revision:430734
430734 sysutils/Makefile
430734 sysutils/s6-rc
430734 sysutils/s6-rc/Makefile
430734 sysutils/s6-rc/distinfo
430734 sysutils/s6-rc/files
430734 sysutils/s6-rc/files/patch-src_s6-rc_s6-rc-init.c
430734 sysutils/s6-rc/pkg-descr
430734 sysutils/s6-rc/pkg-plist
add sysutils/s6-rc - service manager for s6-based systems

PR:		208655
Submitted by:	Andris Raugulis <>
Reviewed by:	matthew
Approved by:	matthew (mentor)
Differential Revision:
Sun, 1 Jan 2017
[ 18:48 lifanov ] Original commit   Revision:430271
430271 sysutils/Makefile
430271 sysutils/gsh
430271 sysutils/gsh/Makefile
430271 sysutils/gsh/distinfo
430271 sysutils/gsh/files
430271 sysutils/gsh/files/
430271 sysutils/gsh/pkg-descr
430271 sysutils/gsh/pkg-plist
new port: sysutils/gsh

The gsh program is a command line program used to run commands on multiple
remote host computers in parallel. The gsh program has few dependencies,
requiring Perl and the OpenSSH client software to work.

PR:		210755
Submitted by:
Reviewed by:	matthew
Approved by:	matthew (mentor)
Differential Revision:
Sat, 31 Dec 2016
[ 17:43 rene ] Original commit   Revision:430147
430147 MOVED
430147 databases/Makefile
430147 databases/rubygem-dm-devise
430147 devel/Makefile
430147 devel/jtag
430147 devel/p5-Parse-CPAN-Meta
430147 devel/rubygem-devise-async
430147 devel/rubygem-devise-async-rails4
430147 devel/rubygem-sprockets211
430147 net/Makefile

(Only the first 10 of 17 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Remove expired ports:
2016-12-31 devel/rubygem-devise-async-rails4: Not compatible with
devel/rubygem-devise > 3
2016-12-31 devel/rubygem-devise-async: Not compatible with devel/rubygem-devise
> 3
2016-12-31 net/iet: Upstream no longer active
2016-12-31 sysutils/geomgui: Development stopped years ago.
2016-12-31 sysutils/screen-legacy: Old version released 2008-08-07 no longer
upline maintained.
2016-12-31 sysutils/ntfsprogs: Superseded by sysutils/fusefs-ntfs
2016-12-31 www/rubygem-jekyll2: Use www/rubygem-jekyll instead
2016-12-31 databases/rubygem-dm-devise: Not compatible with devel/rubygem-devise
> 3
2016-12-31 devel/rubygem-sprockets211: Use devel/rubygem-sprockets or
devel/rubygem-sprockets3 instead
2016-12-31 devel/p5-Parse-CPAN-Meta: Merged into devel/p5-CPAN-Meta 2.150008
2016-12-31 devel/jtag: development ceased 2003, superceded by devel/urjtag
[ 17:25 rene ] Original commit   Revision:430144
430144 LEGAL
430144 MOVED
430144 accessibility/Makefile
430144 accessibility/linux-f10-atk
430144 archivers/Makefile
430144 archivers/linux-f10-ucl
430144 archivers/linux-f10-upx
430144 audio/Makefile
430144 audio/linux-f10-alsa-lib
430144 audio/linux-f10-alsa-plugins-oss

(Only the first 10 of 97 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Drop support for Linux Fedora 10 (ports part)
games/dsnake only worked with linux-f10

Should fix INDEX

(Only the first 15 lines of the commit message are shown above View all of this commit message)
Fri, 30 Dec 2016
[ 16:31 jrm ] Original commit   Revision:430000
430000 sysutils/Makefile
430000 sysutils/smenu
430000 sysutils/smenu/Makefile
430000 sysutils/smenu/distinfo
430000 sysutils/smenu/pkg-descr
sysutils/smenu: New port: Terminal utility to interactively filter text

PR:		215537
Submitted by: (maintainer)
Approved by:	swills (mentor)
Differential Revision:
Thu, 29 Dec 2016
[ 07:11 cy ] Original commit   Revision:429872
429872 sysutils/Makefile
429872 sysutils/cfengine-masterfiles/Makefile
429872 sysutils/cfengine-masterfiles310
429872 sysutils/cfengine-masterfiles310/Makefile
429872 sysutils/cfengine-masterfiles310/distinfo
429872 sysutils/cfengine-masterfiles310/pkg-plist
429872 sysutils/cfengine-masterfiles36/Makefile
429872 sysutils/cfengine-masterfiles37/Makefile
429872 sysutils/cfengine-masterfiles38/Makefile
429872 sysutils/cfengine-masterfiles39/Makefile

(Only the first 10 of 24 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Welcome the new cfengine and cfengine-masterfiles 3.10.

Adjust the other cfengine and cfengine-masterfiles ports CONFLICTS to
recognize the new cfengine sister ports.

Add cfengine and cfengine-masterfiles 310 to their respective metaports.
Fri, 16 Dec 2016
[ 20:21 robak ] Original commit   Revision:428695
428695 sysutils/Makefile
428695 sysutils/iocell
428695 sysutils/iocell/Makefile
428695 sysutils/iocell/distinfo
428695 sysutils/iocell/pkg-descr
428695 sysutils/iocell/pkg-plist
sysutils/iocell: NEW PORT - Feature rich Jail containers manager (iocage fork)

iocell is a zero dependency drop in jail/container manager
amalgamating some of the best features and technologies
FreeBSD operating system has to offer.

It is geared for ease of use with a simple and easy to
understand command syntax.

iocell has been forked from iocage with the goal of keeping
original iocage experience available, providing bugfixes
and new features.


Submitted by:	Bartek Rutkowski <>
Sponsored by:	Pixeware LTD
Thu, 8 Dec 2016
[ 18:14 girgen ] Original commit   Revision:428147
428147 sysutils/Makefile
428147 sysutils/metricbeat
428147 sysutils/metricbeat/Makefile
428147 sysutils/metricbeat/distinfo
428147 sysutils/metricbeat/files
428147 sysutils/metricbeat/files/
428147 sysutils/metricbeat/files/patch-libbeat_scripts_Makefile
428147 sysutils/metricbeat/pkg-descr
428147 sysutils/metricbeat/pkg-plist
Add metricbeat.

Collect metrics from your systems and services. From CPU to memory, Redis to
Nginx, and much more, Metricbeat is a lightweight way to send system
Sat, 3 Dec 2016
[ 17:31 antoine ] Original commit   Revision:427630
427630 sysutils/Makefile
427630 sysutils/cmocka/Makefile
Hook cmocka to the build
Wed, 23 Nov 2016
[ 12:44 bapt ] Original commit   Revision:426907
426907 sysutils/Makefile
426907 sysutils/ttyd
426907 sysutils/ttyd/Makefile
426907 sysutils/ttyd/distinfo
426907 sysutils/ttyd/pkg-descr
Add ttyd:

ttyd is a simple command-line tool for sharing terminal over the web, inspired
by GoTTY.


PR:		213503
Submitted by:	Neel Chauhan <>
Sun, 20 Nov 2016
[ 12:38 rene ] Original commit   Revision:426577
426577 MOVED
426577 security/Makefile
426577 security/krb5-112
426577 sysutils/Makefile
426577 sysutils/gosa
Remove expired ports:
2016-11-19 sysutils/gosa: this version of gosa cannot be fixed (requires PHP <
2016-11-20 security/krb5-112: EOL twelve months after release of krb5-1.14
Wed, 16 Nov 2016
[ 07:13 acm ] Original commit   Revision:426216
426216 sysutils/Makefile
426216 sysutils/bareos-traymonitor
426216 sysutils/bareos-traymonitor/Makefile
426216 sysutils/bareos-traymonitor/pkg-descr
426216 sysutils/bareos-traymonitor/pkg-plist
- New port: sysutils/bareos-traymonitor
Mon, 14 Nov 2016
[ 16:12 tcberner ] Original commit   Revision:426118
426118 MOVED
426118 Mk/Scripts/
426118 Mk/Uses/
426118 archivers/Makefile
426118 archivers/kf5-karchive
426118 archivers/kf5-karchive/Makefile
426118 archivers/kf5-karchive/distinfo
426118 archivers/kf5-karchive/pkg-descr
426118 archivers/kf5-karchive/pkg-plist
426118 chinese/fcitx/Makefile

(Only the first 10 of 383 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Importing KDE Frameworks into the ports tree (required for newer KDE Desktop and

KDE Frameworks is a collection of libraries and software frameworks by KDE
that serve as technological foundation for KDE Plasma 5 and KDE Applications
distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) [1].

The work is based on what we have in the KDE testing repo [2].

This is the next big step in updating the KDE Desktop and its Applications
to anything less dusty.

With this change, `USES=kde:5` is now a valid option. Ports that need to depend
on KDE Framework can now set:
	USE_KDE=<framework1> <framework2> ... <frameworkX>
(Only the first 15 lines of the commit message are shown above View all of this commit message)
[ 02:05 danfe ] Original commit   Revision:426077
426077 sysutils/Makefile
426077 sysutils/cpu-x
426077 sysutils/cpu-x/Makefile
426077 sysutils/cpu-x/distinfo
426077 sysutils/cpu-x/files
426077 sysutils/cpu-x/files/patch-src_CMakeLists.txt
426077 sysutils/cpu-x/pkg-descr
426077 sysutils/cpu-x/pkg-plist
Add a port of CPU-X, a free software that gathers information about CPU,
motherboard, and more on one's system, similar to CPU-Z for Windows.

Because GitHub releases (tarballs) are not fetched with correct modification
time, set TIMESTAMP to 1477420923 which corresponds to commit f10b0d4 tagged
as this release.
Sun, 13 Nov 2016
[ 06:43 novel ] Original commit   Revision:426009
426009 devel/libosinfo/Makefile
426009 devel/libosinfo/distinfo
426009 devel/libosinfo/pkg-descr
426009 devel/libosinfo/pkg-plist
426009 misc/Makefile
426009 misc/osinfo-db
426009 misc/osinfo-db/Makefile
426009 misc/osinfo-db/distinfo
426009 misc/osinfo-db/pkg-descr

(Only the first 10 of 17 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
devel/libosinfo: update to 1.0.0 and handle split

libosinfo as of 1.0.0 consists of 3 packages:

 - sysutils/osinfo-db-tools: contains the CLI tools
 - misc/osinfo-db: contains database with OS data
 - devel/libosinfo: the library

This commit does the following:

 - devel:libosinfo: update to 1.0.0
 - sysutils/osinfo-db-tools: add new port version 1.0.0
 - misc/osinfo-db: add new port version 20160728
 - UPDATING: document this split and add a note about
   updating handling because of moved files across the packages
   that could result in a conflict

Differential Revision:	D8455
Fri, 4 Nov 2016
[ 07:38 tj ] Original commit   Revision:425299
425299 sysutils/Makefile
425299 sysutils/logstash/Makefile
425299 sysutils/logstash5
425299 sysutils/logstash5/Makefile
425299 sysutils/logstash5/distinfo
425299 sysutils/logstash5/files/
425299 sysutils/logstash5/pkg-descr
425299 sysutils/logstash5/pkg-plist
New port for logstash5

Logstash is an open source, server-side data processing pipeline that ingests
data from a multitude of sources simultaneously, transforms it, and then sends
it to your favorite "stash."

Wed, 2 Nov 2016
[ 18:57 marino ] Original commit   Revision:425170
425170 sysutils/Makefile
hook new port sysutils/u-boot-master into the build

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