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found NOTHING in cache
			SELECT count(DISTINCT AS count
			  FROM element_pathname EP, commit_log_elements CLE, commit_log CL
			 WHERE EP.pathname   = '/ports/head/sysutils/eject/Makefile'
			   AND EP.element_id = CLE.element_ID
			   AND         = CLE.commit_log_id
			CL.commit_date - SystemTimeAdjust()                                                                 AS commit_date_raw,                                                                                               AS commit_log_id,
			CL.encoding_losses                                                                                  AS encoding_losses,
			CL.message_id                                                                                       AS message_id,
			CL.committer                                                                                        AS committer,
			CL.description                                                                                      AS commit_description,
			to_char(CL.commit_date - SystemTimeAdjust(), 'DD Mon YYYY')                                         AS commit_date,
			to_char(CL.commit_date - SystemTimeAdjust(), 'HH24:MI')                                             AS commit_time,                                                                                                AS port,
			element_pathname(                                                                                AS pathname,
			element.status                                                                                              AS status,
			element_pathname.pathname                            as element_pathname,
			NULL AS port_id,
			0    AS needs_refresh,
			NULL AS forbidden,
			NULL AS broken,
			NULL AS deprecated,
			NULL AS ignore,
			NULL AS version,
			NULL AS epoch,
			NULL as date_added,
			NULL AS short_description,
			NULL AS category_id,
			NULL AS category,
			NULL AS watch,
			NULL AS vulnerable_current,
			NULL AS vulnerable_past,
			NULL AS restricted,
			NULL AS no_cdrom,
			NULL AS expiration_date,
			NULL AS is_interactive,
			NULL AS only_for_archs,
			NULL AS not_for_archs,
			NULL AS stf_message,
			commit_log_elements.revision_name as revision,         AS repo_name,
			R.svn_hostname AS hostname,
			R.path_to_repo AS path_to_repo 
    FROM commit_log_elements, commit_log CL LEFT OUTER JOIN repo R on  CL.repo_id =, element_pathname, element 
  FROM element_pathname EP, commit_log_elements CLE, commit_log CL
 WHERE EP.pathname   = '/ports/head/sysutils/eject/Makefile'
   AND EP.element_id = CLE.element_ID
   AND         = CLE.commit_log_id
ORDER BY CL.commit_date DESC 
LIMIT 100) AS tmp)
	    AND commit_log_elements.commit_log_id =
	    AND commit_log_elements.element_id    =
        AND element_pathname.element_id       =
   ORDER BY 1 desc,
			commit_log_id, element_pathname
That would give us 1450 rows
non port: head/sysutils/eject/Makefile

Number of commits found: 17

Wed, 11 Jun 2014
[ 18:55 marino ] Original commit 
357526 archivers/hpack.non-usa.only/Makefile
357526 archivers/lbrate/Makefile
357526 archivers/macutils/Makefile
357526 archivers/mtf/Makefile
357526 archivers/rpm/Makefile
357526 archivers/ucl/Makefile
357526 archivers/xar/Makefile
357526 archivers/xdms/Makefile
357526 archivers/xmill/Makefile
357526 audio/abcmidi/Makefile

(Only the first 10 of 99 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Reset the 99 ports still listed under sylvio@

Sylvio's last commit was 17 months ago, a full 5 months after all of his
ports could have been reset per policy.  Given the push to complete
staging (48 ports are still unstaged, something like 70+ have already
been staged by other committers) and given that PRs are automatically
assigned but never addressed, it's better just to reset all the ports and
PRs so that it's clear to others that these ports are free to maintain.

Approved by:	portmgr (implicit)
Sun, 11 May 2014
[ 22:45 bapt ] Original commit 
353742 sysutils/eject/Makefile
Allow packaging as a user
Wed, 5 Feb 2014
[ 08:27 miwi ] Original commit 
342664 sysutils/eject/Makefile
- Stage support
Fri, 20 Sep 2013
[ 23:06 bapt ] Original commit 
327772 sysutils/3dm/Makefile
327772 sysutils/44bsd-more/Makefile
327772 sysutils/915resolution/Makefile
327772 sysutils/DTraceToolkit/Makefile
327772 sysutils/LPRng/Makefile
327772 sysutils/LPRngTool/Makefile
327772 sysutils/abck/Makefile
327772 sysutils/abgx360/Makefile
327772 sysutils/abgx360gui/Makefile
327772 sysutils/acpi_call/Makefile

(Only the first 10 of 1053 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Add NO_STAGE all over the place in preparation for the staging support (cat:
Wed, 31 Mar 2010
[ 01:11 sylvio ] Original commit 
1.16 sysutils/eject/Makefile
1.2 sysutils/eject/files/patch-Makefile
1.2 sysutils/eject/files/patch-eject.1
1.3 sysutils/eject/files/patch-eject.c
- Returned function of close tray

Approved by:    miwi (mentor)
Fri, 27 Nov 2009
[ 22:52 sylvio ] Original commit 
1.28 archivers/hpack.non-usa.only/Makefile
1.13 archivers/lbrate/Makefile
1.5 archivers/lzip/Makefile
1.19 archivers/macutils/Makefile
1.7 archivers/mtf/Makefile
1.68 archivers/rpm/Makefile
1.23 archivers/ucl/Makefile
1.10 archivers/xar/Makefile
1.16 archivers/xdms/Makefile
1.18 archivers/xmill/Makefile

(Only the first 10 of 100 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
- Update my mail address to FreeBSD

Approved by:    miwi (mentor)
Fri, 5 Jun 2009
[ 13:21 wxs ] Original commit 
1.14 sysutils/eject/Makefile
- Pass maintainership to submitter. He was formally maintainer at one point.

PR:             ports/135267
Submitted by:   Sylvio Cesar <>
Sat, 4 Aug 2007
[ 09:33 sem ] Original commit 
1.13 sysutils/eject/Makefile
1.1 sysutils/eject/files/patch-Makefile
1.1 sysutils/eject/pkg-message
- Add a patch to prevent install suid executable and message about it.

PR:             ports/112754
Submitted by:   Ighighi <>, Cristian KLEIN
Thu, 31 May 2007
[ 12:17 simon ] Original commit 
1.12 sysutils/eject/Makefile
For now mark FORBIDDEN since it's setuid root and has security issues.
This should probably be handled as mentioned in the PR, but I don't have
time to look more into this right now.

PR:             ports/112754
Prodded by:     Ighighi<>
Mon, 5 Mar 2007
[ 00:15 linimon ] Original commit 
1.13 archivers/advancecomp/Makefile
1.34 archivers/sharutils/Makefile
1.30 audio/abcmidi/Makefile
1.21 audio/lplayer/Makefile
1.22 devel/cdialog/Makefile
1.19 devel/lincvs/Makefile
1.14 dns/dnsutl/Makefile
1.82 irc/bitchx/Makefile
1.11 net/kphone/Makefile
1.11 sysutils/eject/Makefile

(Only the first 10 of 11 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Reset inactive maintainer due to maintainer-timeouts and no response to email.

Hat:            portmgr
Tue, 19 Jul 2005
[ 20:48 pav ] Original commit 
1.10 sysutils/eject/Makefile
1.1 sysutils/eject/files/patch-eject.1
1.2 sysutils/eject/files/patch-eject.c
- Teach eject to recognize full device node pathnames too

PR:             ports/83719
Submitted by:   Stefan Sperling <>
Approved by:    Sylvio Cesar <> (maintainer)
Sat, 28 May 2005
[ 14:48 pav ] Original commit 
1.9 sysutils/eject/Makefile
1.2 sysutils/eject/files/patch-ab
- Don't document non-existant feature

PR:             ports/81484
Submitted by:   User & <>
Fri, 22 Apr 2005
[ 07:01 vs ] Original commit 
1.8 sysutils/eject/Makefile
1.3 sysutils/eject/distinfo
1.6 sysutils/eject/files/patch-aa
- Update to 1.5
- Pass maintainership to submitter

PR:             ports/80178
Submitted by:   Sylvio Cesar
Sun, 1 Feb 2004
[ 17:02 pav ] Original commit 
1.7 sysutils/eject/Makefile
1.5 sysutils/eject/files/patch-aa
1.1 sysutils/eject/files/patch-ab
1.2 sysutils/eject/pkg-plist
- Fix eject when media is mounted (unmount it)
- Add eject by mount point
- Add -t flag for closing tray
- While here, portlint, DOCSDIR, PLIST_FILES

PR:             ports/62201
Submitted by:   Przemek Laczynski <>
Wed, 24 Dec 2003
[ 20:44 marcus ] Original commit 
1.6 sysutils/eject/Makefile
1.4 sysutils/eject/files/patch-aa
* Fix the intended functionality of the previous commit (i.e. /dev/<dev>c,
  /dev/<dev>, and <dev> are all searched)
* Fix a potential buffer overflow introduced by the previous commit
* Fix a memory leak introduced in the previous commit
* Fix the case where <dev> is not a symlink
* Reset maintainer to ports@

Approved by:    shige (previous maintainer)
Mon, 29 Sep 2003
[ 14:19 edwin ] Original commit 
1.5 sysutils/eject/Makefile
1.3 sysutils/eject/files/patch-aa
making sysutils/eject understand cdrom argument

        The sysutils/eject port is quite useful to eject those
        cdroms and other removeable media. However, you need to
        know the "real" name of the device in order to eject it.

        Indeed, eject(1), given a "arg" argument tries to eject
        from the "/dev/argc" device, which is good, but could be

        The attached patch makes it look around a bit more, first
        in /dev/arg, then /dev/argc and just plain ./arg.

        Also, if the file found is a symlink, the patch makes eject
        unfold the link to find what device is behind it so it can
        umount it correctly.

PR:             ports/51008
Submitted by:   The Anarcat <>
Fri, 7 Mar 2003
[ 06:11 ade ] Original commit 
1.3 sysutils/3dm/Makefile
1.2 sysutils/3dm/pkg-comment
1.13 sysutils/ascpu/Makefile
1.2 sysutils/ascpu/pkg-comment
1.27 sysutils/cd-write/Makefile
1.3 sysutils/cd-write/pkg-comment
1.5 sysutils/cd9660_unicode/Makefile
1.2 sysutils/cd9660_unicode/pkg-comment
1.5 sysutils/cdroot/Makefile
1.3 sysutils/cdroot/pkg-comment

(Only the first 10 of 160 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Clear moonlight beckons.
Requiem mors pacem pkg-comment,
And be calm ports tree.

E Nomini Patri, E Fili, E Spiritu Sancti.

Number of commits found: 17

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