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non port: head/www/Makefile

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Fri, 18 Mar 2011
[ 20:24 glarkin ] Original commit 
1.2840 www/Makefile
1.1 www/py-django-mptt/Makefile
1.1 www/py-django-mptt/distinfo
1.1 www/py-django-mptt/pkg-descr
Utilities for implementing Modified Preorder Tree Traversal with
your Django Models and working with trees of Model instances.


PR:             ports/154830
Submitted by:   Carlo Strub (
[ 07:33 clsung ] Original commit 
1.2839 www/Makefile
1.1 www/rubygem-cuba/Makefile
1.1 www/rubygem-cuba/distinfo
1.1 www/rubygem-cuba/pkg-descr
Cuba is a microframework for web development originally
inspired by Rum, a tiny but powerful mapper for Rack applications.

It integrates many templates via Tilt, and testing via
Cutest and Capybara.

Thu, 17 Mar 2011
[ 15:56 miwi ] Original commit 
1.2838 www/Makefile
1.1 www/mod_xml2enc/Makefile
1.1 www/mod_xml2enc/distinfo
1.1 www/mod_xml2enc/pkg-descr
mod_xml2enc is a transcoding module that can be used to extend the
internationalisation support of libxml2-based filter modules by
converting encoding before and/or after the filter has run.
Thus an unsupported input charset can be converted to UTF-8,
and output can also be converted to another charset if required.


PR:             ports/155203
Submitted by:   Marin Atanasov Nikolov <dnaeon at>
[ 13:15 miwi ] Original commit 
1.2837 www/Makefile
1.1 www/py-gunicorn/Makefile
1.1 www/py-gunicorn/distinfo
1.1 www/py-gunicorn/pkg-descr
1.1 www/py-gunicorn/pkg-plist
Gunicorn 'Green Unicorn' is a Python WSGI HTTP Server for UNIX.
It's a pre-fork worker model ported from Ruby's Unicorn project.
The Gunicorn server is broadly compatible with various web frameworks,
simply implemented, light on server resource usage, and fairly speedy.


PR:             ports/155226
Submitted by:   Kristaps Kulis <kristaps.kulis at>
Tue, 15 Mar 2011
[ 00:44 wen ] Original commit 
1.2836 www/Makefile
1.16 www/py-cherrypy-devel/Makefile
1.13 www/py-cherrypy-devel/distinfo
1.2 www/py-cherrypy-devel/files/patch-CherryPy.egg-info__PKG-INFO
1.2 www/py-cherrypy-devel/files/patch-PKG-INFO
1.2 www/py-cherrypy-devel/files/
1.2 www/py-cherrypy-devel/files/
1.5 www/py-cherrypy-devel/files/
1.4 www/py-cherrypy-devel/pkg-descr
1.13 www/py-cherrypy-devel/pkg-plist
- Remove www/py-cherrypy-devel, use www/py-cherrypy instead

PR:             ports/155475
Submitted by:   David Brooks <> (maintainer)
Fri, 11 Mar 2011
[ 20:51 lwhsu ] Original commit 
1.2835 www/Makefile
1.1 www/py-blogofile/Makefile
1.1 www/py-blogofile/distinfo
1.1 www/py-blogofile/pkg-descr
1.1 www/py-blogofile/pkg-plist
Add py-blogofile 0.7.1, a static website compiler and blog engine.
Wed, 9 Mar 2011
[ 16:44 miwi ] Original commit 
1.2834 www/Makefile
1.1 www/p5-Emplacken/Makefile
1.1 www/p5-Emplacken/distinfo
1.1 www/p5-Emplacken/pkg-descr
1.1 www/p5-Emplacken/pkg-plist
Emplacken is a tool for managing a set of Plack applications based on
config files. It also adds support for privilege dropping and error
logs to those Plack servers that don't support these features

It works be reading a config file and using that to generate a PSGI
application file based on your config. It knows how to generate
Catalyst, Mojo, and Mason app files natively. For other apps, or more
complicated setups, you can supply a template to Emplacken and it
will use that to generate the PSGI app.


PR:             ports/154812
Submitted by:   Gea-Suan Lin <gslin at>
[ 16:42 miwi ] Original commit 
1.2833 www/Makefile
1.1 www/p5-Plack-Middleware-Expires/Makefile
1.1 www/p5-Plack-Middleware-Expires/distinfo
1.1 www/p5-Plack-Middleware-Expires/pkg-descr
1.1 www/p5-Plack-Middleware-Expires/pkg-plist
Plack::Middleware::Expires is Apache's mod_expires for Plack. This
middleware controls the setting of Expires HTTP header and the max-age
directive of the Cache-Control HTTP header in server responses. Note:
Expires works only for successful response and If exists Expires HTTP
header already, this middleware does not override.


PR:             ports/154476
Submitted by:   Gea-Suan Lin <gslin at>
Mon, 7 Mar 2011
[ 03:11 clsung ] Original commit 
1.2832 www/Makefile
1.1 www/rubygem-faraday_middleware/Makefile
1.1 www/rubygem-faraday_middleware/distinfo
1.1 www/rubygem-faraday_middleware/pkg-descr
Faraday Middleware

Collection of Faraday middlewares used in some of my API wrappers

Fri, 4 Mar 2011
[ 20:30 sylvio ] Original commit 
1.2831 www/Makefile
1.1 www/py-django-appmedia/Makefile
1.1 www/py-django-appmedia/distinfo
1.1 www/py-django-appmedia/pkg-descr
1.1 www/py-django-appmedia/pkg-plist
Support for serving static media from within django app directories


PR:             ports/155273
Submitted by:   Kurt Lidl <>
[ 20:04 linimon ] Original commit 
1.2830 www/Makefile
Add previously forgotten subdir py-cherrypy-devel.
[ 13:58 miwi ] Original commit 
1.2829 www/Makefile
1.1 www/p5-HTML-Defaultify/Makefile
1.1 www/p5-HTML-Defaultify/distinfo
1.1 www/p5-HTML-Defaultify/pkg-descr
1.1 www/p5-HTML-Defaultify/pkg-plist
HTML::Defaultify - Pre-fill default values into an existing HTML form


PR:             ports/154816
Submitted by:   Takefu <>
[ 10:32 martymac ] Original commit 
1.1153 security/Makefile
1.2828 www/Makefile
Remove extra spaces after port names

Approved by:    portmgr@, ehaupt (mentor)
[ 08:41 clsung ] Original commit 
1.2827 www/Makefile
1.1 www/rubygem-faraday/Makefile
1.1 www/rubygem-faraday/distinfo
1.1 www/rubygem-faraday/pkg-descr

Modular HTTP client library using middleware heavily inspired by Rack.

[ 05:38 sunpoet ] Original commit 
1.2826 www/Makefile
1.1 www/p5-HTTP-Tiny/Makefile
1.1 www/p5-HTTP-Tiny/distinfo
1.1 www/p5-HTTP-Tiny/pkg-descr
- Add p5-HTTP-Tiny 0.010

HTTP::Tiny is a small, simple, correct HTTP/1.1 client.

Thu, 3 Mar 2011
[ 15:11 clsung ] Original commit 
1.2825 www/Makefile
1.1 www/rubygem-multipart-post/Makefile
1.1 www/rubygem-multipart-post/distinfo
1.1 www/rubygem-multipart-post/pkg-descr
multipart-post adds a streamy multipart form post capability to Net::HTTP. Also
supports other methods besides POST.

[ 00:45 wen ] Original commit 
1.2824 www/Makefile
1.1 www/aws/Makefile
1.1 www/aws/distinfo
1.1 www/aws/files/patch-config__projects__aws.gpr
1.1 www/aws/files/patch-docs__makefile
1.1 www/aws/files/patch-regtests__0043_check_mem__test.opt
1.1 www/aws/files/patch-ssl__crypto_lib.gpr
1.1 www/aws/files/patch-templates_parser__docs__makefile
1.1 www/aws/pkg-descr
1.1 www/aws/pkg-plist
AWS stands for Ada Web Server, but it is more than just another webserver...

AWS is a complete framework to develop web based applications.  The main
part of the framework is the embedded web server.  This small yet powerful
web server can be embedded into your application so your application will be
able to talk with a standard web browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer
or Netscape Communicator.  Around this web server, a lot of services have
been developed.

The framework includes:
  * seb parameters module         * session server
  * SOAP support                  * WSDL generation from Ada
  * template parser               * AJAX support
  * HTTPS/SSL support             * large server support
  * virtual hosting support       * server push
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Wed, 2 Mar 2011
[ 03:33 wen ] Original commit 
1.2823 www/Makefile
1.1 www/p5-Dancer-Plugin-Feed/Makefile
1.1 www/p5-Dancer-Plugin-Feed/distinfo
1.1 www/p5-Dancer-Plugin-Feed/pkg-descr
1.1 www/p5-Dancer-Plugin-Feed/pkg-plist
Dancer::Plugin::Feed provides an easy way to generate RSS or Atom feed.
This module relies on XML::Feed.


PR:             ports/155173
Submitted by:   Grzegorz Blach <>
Sun, 27 Feb 2011
[ 16:22 miwi ] Original commit 
1.2361 MOVED
1.4252 devel/Makefile
1.2 devel/py-uuid/Makefile
1.2 devel/py-uuid/distinfo
1.2 devel/py-uuid/pkg-descr
1.2 devel/py-uuid/pkg-plist
1.1519 textproc/Makefile
1.11 textproc/py-csv/Makefile
1.8 textproc/py-csv/distinfo
1.4 textproc/py-csv/pkg-descr

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Sat, 26 Feb 2011
[ 17:30 skv ] Original commit 
1.2821 www/Makefile
1.1 www/foswiki-ModPerlEngineContrib/Makefile
1.1 www/foswiki-ModPerlEngineContrib/distinfo
1.1 www/foswiki-ModPerlEngineContrib/pkg-descr
1.1 www/foswiki-ModPerlEngineContrib/pkg-plist
Add foswiki-ModPerlEngineContrib , permits Foswiki to be executed under
[ 15:16 lwhsu ] Original commit 
1.2820 www/Makefile
1.1 www/reviewboard/Makefile
1.1 www/reviewboard/distinfo
1.1 www/reviewboard/pkg-descr
1.1 www/reviewboard/pkg-plist
Add reviewboard 1.5.4, a web-based code review tool.
[ 15:11 kuriyama ] Original commit 
1.2819 www/Makefile
1.1 www/mod_auth_tkt/Makefile
1.1 www/mod_auth_tkt/distinfo
1.1 www/mod_auth_tkt/pkg-descr
1.1 www/mod_auth_tkt/pkg-plist
mod_auth_tkt is a lightweight single-sign-on authentication module for
apache, supporting versions 1.3.x, 2.0.x, and 2.2.x.  It uses secure
cookie-based tickets to implement a single-signon framework that works
across multiple apache instances and servers.

[ 14:55 lwhsu ] Original commit 
1.2818 www/Makefile
1.1 www/py-djblets/Makefile
1.1 www/py-djblets/distinfo
1.1 www/py-djblets/pkg-descr
1.1 www/py-djblets/pkg-plist
Add py-djblets 0.6.7, a collection of useful classes and functions for
[ 14:50 lwhsu ] Original commit 
1.2817 www/Makefile
1.1 www/py-django-evolution/Makefile
1.1 www/py-django-evolution/distinfo
1.1 www/py-django-evolution/pkg-descr
1.1 www/py-django-evolution/pkg-plist
Add py-django-evolution 0.6.2, a database schema evolution tool for the
Django web framework.
[ 14:48 kuriyama ] Original commit 
1.2816 www/Makefile
1.1 www/p5-Plack-Middleware-Precompressed/Makefile
1.1 www/p5-Plack-Middleware-Precompressed/distinfo
1.1 www/p5-Plack-Middleware-Precompressed/pkg-descr
1.1 www/p5-Plack-Middleware-Precompressed/pkg-plist
Plack::Middleware::Precompressed is an alternative (or rather,
complement) to middlewares like Deflater, which will compress response
bodies on the fly.  For dynamic resources, that behaviour is
necessary, but for static resources it is a waste: identical entities
will be compressed over and over.  Instead, Precompressed allows you
to compress static resources once, e.g. as part of your build process,
and then serve the compressed resource in place of the uncompressed
one for compression-enabled clients.

To do so, it appends a .gz suffix to the request URI and tries to
serve that.  If that fails, it will try again with the unmodified URI.

[ 14:46 lwhsu ] Original commit 
1.2815 www/Makefile
1.1 www/py-django-storages/Makefile
1.1 www/py-django-storages/distinfo
1.1 www/py-django-storages/pkg-descr
1.1 www/py-django-storages/pkg-plist
Add py-django-storages 1.1.1, generic storages for Django.
[ 10:34 kuriyama ] Original commit 
1.2814 www/Makefile
1.1 www/p5-Plack-Middleware-IEnosniff/Makefile
1.1 www/p5-Plack-Middleware-IEnosniff/distinfo
1.1 www/p5-Plack-Middleware-IEnosniff/pkg-descr
1.1 www/p5-Plack-Middleware-IEnosniff/pkg-plist
Plack::Middleware::IEnosniff is middleware for Plack.  This middleware
adds HTTP Header 'X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff' for safe.  Sending
X-Content-Type-Options response header with the value nosniff will
prevent Internet Explorer from MIME-sniffing a response away from the
declared content-type.

[ 09:02 kuriyama ] Original commit 
1.2813 www/Makefile
1.1 www/p5-I18N-AcceptLanguage/Makefile
1.1 www/p5-I18N-AcceptLanguage/distinfo
1.1 www/p5-I18N-AcceptLanguage/pkg-descr
1.1 www/p5-I18N-AcceptLanguage/pkg-plist
I18N::AcceptLanguage matches language preference to available
languages per rules defined in RFC 2616, section 14.4: HTTP/1.1 -
Header Field Definitions - Accept-Language.

Fri, 25 Feb 2011
[ 09:46 miwi ] Original commit 
1.126 Mk/
1.4238 devel/Makefile
1.22 devel/py-ctypes/Makefile
1.13 devel/py-ctypes/distinfo
1.3 devel/py-ctypes/pkg-descr
1.7 devel/py-ctypes/pkg-plist
1.1152 security/Makefile
1.7 security/py-hashlib/Makefile
1.3 security/py-hashlib/distinfo
1.2 security/py-hashlib/pkg-descr

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- Part 1 of python24 removal
        - Clean up (remove PYWSGIREF, PYHASHLIB, PYCTYPES and
PYEXPAT) all these is now part of python
          since python25

Tue, 15 Feb 2011
[ 09:17 miwi ] Original commit 
1.2811 www/Makefile
1.1 www/py-django-classy-tags/Makefile
1.1 www/py-django-classy-tags/distinfo
1.1 www/py-django-classy-tags/pkg-descr
1.1 www/py-django-classy-tags/pkg-plist
The goal of this project is to create a new way of writing Django template tags
which is fully compatible with the current Django templating infrastructure.
This new way should be easy, clean and require as little boilerplate code as
possible while still staying as powerful as possible.

* Class based template tags.
* Template tag argument parser.
* Declarative way to define arguments.
* Supports (theoretically infinite) parse-until blocks.
* Extensible!

Mon, 14 Feb 2011
[ 04:08 miwi ] Original commit 
1.2810 www/Makefile
1.1 www/mod_gnutls/Makefile
1.1 www/mod_gnutls/distinfo
1.1 www/mod_gnutls/files/
1.1 www/mod_gnutls/files/
1.1 www/mod_gnutls/pkg-descr
1.1 www/mod_gnutls/pkg-plist
mod_gnutls uses the GnuTLS library to provide SSL 3.0, TLS 1.0, TLS
1.1 and 1.2 encryption for Apache HTTPD. It is similar to mod_ssl in
purpose, but does not use OpenSSL.


PR:             ports/154463
Submitted by:   Fumiyuki Shimizu <fumifumi at>
Sun, 13 Feb 2011
[ 10:46 culot ] Original commit 
1.2809 www/Makefile
1.1 www/p5-Feersum/Makefile
1.1 www/p5-Feersum/distinfo
1.1 www/p5-Feersum/pkg-descr
1.1 www/p5-Feersum/pkg-plist
Feersum is an HTTP server built on EV. It fully supports the PSGI 1.03 spec
including the psgi.streaming interface and is compatible with Plack. PSGI 1.1,
which has yet to be published formally, is also supported. Feersum also has
its own "native" interface which is similar in a lot of ways to PSGI, but is
not compatible with PSGI or PSGI middleware.

Feersum uses a single-threaded, event-based programming architecture to scale
and can handle many concurrent connections efficiently in both CPU and RAM.
It skips doing a lot of sanity checking with the assumption that a "front-end"
HTTP/HTTPS server is placed between it and the Internet.


PR:             ports/153320
Submitted by:   Grzegorz Blach <magik AT>
Sat, 12 Feb 2011
[ 16:18 miwi ] Original commit 
1.2808 www/Makefile
- Fix a typo in typo344

Reported by     Helmut Schneider
[ 04:50 miwi ] Original commit 
1.2807 www/Makefile
1.1 www/pivotx/Makefile
1.1 www/pivotx/distinfo
1.1 www/pivotx/files/patch-pivotx-data.php
1.1 www/pivotx/files/
1.1 www/pivotx/pkg-descr
1.1 www/pivotx/pkg-plist
PivotX is free software to help you maintain dynamic sites such as
weblogs, online journals and other frequently updated websites in
general. It's written in PHP and uses *flat files* or MySQL as a

Since PivotX is an entirely different beast than pivot-weblog (Pivot
1.x), upgrading from Pivot 1.x will take a while to do properly.


PR:             ports/154093
Submitted by:   Fumiyuki Shimizu <fumifumi at>
Sat, 5 Feb 2011
[ 11:30 miwi ] Original commit 
1.2806 www/Makefile
- Connect typo344 to the build

PR:             153950
Feature safe:   yes
[ 09:39 miwi ] Original commit 
1.2805 www/Makefile
1.1 www/p5-Web-oEmbed/Makefile
1.1 www/p5-Web-oEmbed/distinfo
1.1 www/p5-Web-oEmbed/pkg-descr
1.1 www/p5-Web-oEmbed/pkg-plist
Web::oEmbed is a module that implements oEmbed consumer.


PR:             ports/153988
Submitted by:   Gea-Suan Lin <gslin at>
Feature safe:   yes
Wed, 2 Feb 2011
[ 03:57 swills ] Original commit 
1.2804 www/Makefile
1.1 www/p5-URI-Escape-JavaScript/Makefile
1.1 www/p5-URI-Escape-JavaScript/distinfo
1.1 www/p5-URI-Escape-JavaScript/pkg-descr
1.1 www/p5-URI-Escape-JavaScript/pkg-plist
URI::Escape::JavaScript provides JavaScript's escape() and unescape() functions.
It works simplar to homonymous functions of JavaScript.


PR:             ports/154140
Submitted by:   Konstantin Menshikov <kostjnspb at>
Approved by:    wxs (mentor)
Feature safe:   yes
Mon, 31 Jan 2011
[ 15:35 jpaetzel ] Original commit 
1.2803 www/Makefile
1.1 www/fusionpbx/Makefile
1.1 www/fusionpbx/distinfo
1.1 www/fusionpbx/files/
1.1 www/fusionpbx/pkg-descr
1.1 www/fusionpbx/pkg-plist
FusionPBX is an opensource PHP5 based frontend web gui for freeswitch.


PR:             ports/153992
Submitted by:   Richard Neese <r.neese at>
Feature safe:   yes
Sun, 30 Jan 2011
[ 12:12 miwi ] Original commit 
1.2802 www/Makefile
1.1 www/rubygem-davclient/Makefile
1.1 www/rubygem-davclient/distinfo
1.1 www/rubygem-davclient/pkg-descr
DavClient is a scriptable WebDAV command line client for Ruby
for managing content on webservers that support the WebDAV extensions.


PR:             ports/154126
Submitted by:   Mikhail T. <michael at>
Feature safe:   yes
[ 12:11 miwi ] Original commit 
1.2801 www/Makefile
1.1 www/rubygem-jquery-rails/Makefile
1.1 www/rubygem-jquery-rails/distinfo
1.1 www/rubygem-jquery-rails/pkg-descr
This gem provides a Rails generator to install jQuery and the jQuery-ujs
driver into your Rails 3 application, and then have them included
automatically instead of Prototype.


PR:             ports/153967
Submitted by:   Jason Helfman <jhelfman at>
Feature safe:   yes
[ 12:10 miwi ] Original commit 
1.2800 www/Makefile
1.1 www/rubygem-lighthouse-api/Makefile
1.1 www/rubygem-lighthouse-api/distinfo
1.1 www/rubygem-lighthouse-api/pkg-descr
Ruby API wrapper for Lighthouse


PR:             ports/153968
Submitted by:   Jason Helfman <jhelfman at>
Feature safe:   yes
[ 11:50 miwi ] Original commit 
1.2799 www/Makefile
1.1 www/p5-Template-Mustache/Makefile
1.1 www/p5-Template-Mustache/distinfo
1.1 www/p5-Template-Mustache/pkg-descr
1.1 www/p5-Template-Mustache/pkg-plist
Template::Mustache is a templating system, generally used to make HTML.


PR:             ports/154198
Submitted by:   Kurt Lidl < at>
Feature safe:   yes
Thu, 27 Jan 2011
[ 12:43 tobez ] Original commit 
1.2798 www/Makefile
1.1 www/p5-Scrappy/Makefile
1.1 www/p5-Scrappy/distinfo
1.1 www/p5-Scrappy/pkg-descr
1.1 www/p5-Scrappy/pkg-plist
Add www/p5-Scrappy 0.62, a web crawler Perl module.

Feature safe:   yes
Tue, 18 Jan 2011
[ 06:14 wen ] Original commit 
1.2797 www/Makefile
1.1 www/nibbleblog/Makefile
1.1 www/nibbleblog/distinfo
1.1 www/nibbleblog/files/
1.1 www/nibbleblog/pkg-descr
1.1 www/nibbleblog/pkg-plist
Nibbleblog it's a powerful engine for creation and manipulation of
BLOG's completely free. Very simple to install and configure. The
database used is based on XML files and this way it is not necessary
to use MySQL or similar DBMS.


PR:             ports/154033
Submitted by:   Marek Holienka <>
Feature safe:   yes
Sun, 16 Jan 2011
[ 01:56 swills ] Original commit 
1.2796 www/Makefile
1.1 www/xxxterm/Makefile
1.1 www/xxxterm/distinfo
1.1 www/xxxterm/pkg-descr
xxxterm is a minimalists web browser. It strives to be vi-like for heavy
keyboard users while maintaining traditional web browser behaviour. It is ISC
licensed. It is based on webkit using GTK+.


PR:             ports/154025
Submitted by:   Aldis Berjoza <aldis at>
Approved by:    wxs (mentor)
Feature safe:   yes
Fri, 14 Jan 2011
[ 12:29 jadawin ] Original commit 
1.2795 www/Makefile
1.1 www/p5-WWW-Mechanize-SpamCop/Makefile
1.1 www/p5-WWW-Mechanize-SpamCop/distinfo
1.1 www/p5-WWW-Mechanize-SpamCop/pkg-descr
1.1 www/p5-WWW-Mechanize-SpamCop/pkg-plist
blah WWW::Mechanize::SpamCop is used to automate spam reporting on's web site.


PR:             ports/153595
Submitted by:   Gea-Suan Lin <gslin at>
Feature safe:   yes
Tue, 11 Jan 2011
[ 19:08 bapt ] Original commit 
1.2794 www/Makefile
1.1 www/closure-linter/Makefile
1.1 www/closure-linter/distinfo
1.1 www/closure-linter/pkg-descr
1.1 www/closure-linter/pkg-plist
Add closure-linter 2.2.6, javaScript linter.

The Closure Linter enforces the guidelines set by the Google JavaScript Style
Guide. The linter handles style issues so that you can focus on the code.


PR:             ports/153866
Submitted by:   Julien Laffaye <kimelto at>
Feature safe:   yes
Sun, 9 Jan 2011
[ 22:10 jpaetzel ] Original commit 
1.2793 www/Makefile
1.1 www/bigbluebutton/Makefile
1.1 www/bigbluebutton/distinfo
1.1 www/bigbluebutton/files/
1.1 www/bigbluebutton/files/
1.1 www/bigbluebutton/files/
1.1 www/bigbluebutton/files/
1.1 www/bigbluebutton/files/patch-bbb_extensions.conf
1.1 www/bigbluebutton/files/patch-bbb_sip.conf
1.1 www/bigbluebutton/files/

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BigBlueButton enables universities and colleges to deliver
a high-quality learning experience to remote students.

Fri, 7 Jan 2011
[ 02:21 wen ] Original commit 
1.2792 www/Makefile
1.1 www/phpscheduleit/Makefile
1.1 www/phpscheduleit/distinfo
1.1 www/phpscheduleit/files/
1.1 www/phpscheduleit/pkg-descr
1.1 www/phpscheduleit/pkg-plist
phpScheduleIt is a web-based resource scheduling system that allows
administered management of reservations on any number of resources.
Typical applications are conference room or machine reservation
management. Written in PHP and tested on MySQL.


PR:             ports/153678
Submitted by:   Marian Jamrich <>
[ 02:11 wen ] Original commit 
1.2791 www/Makefile
1.1 www/p5-WWW-Instapaper-Client/Makefile
1.1 www/p5-WWW-Instapaper-Client/distinfo
1.1 www/p5-WWW-Instapaper-Client/pkg-descr
1.1 www/p5-WWW-Instapaper-Client/pkg-plist
An implementation of the Instapaper client API.


PR:             ports/153707
Submitted by:   TERAMOTO Masahiro <>
Tue, 4 Jan 2011
[ 12:22 mezz ] Original commit 
1.2339 MOVED
1.166 Mk/
1.2790 www/Makefile
1.25 www/glibwww/Makefile
1.5 www/glibwww/distinfo
1.2 www/glibwww/files/patch-aa
1.2 www/glibwww/pkg-descr
1.4 www/glibwww/pkg-plist
There is no port that depend this library. Therefore, remove it.
[ 03:32 mezz ] Original commit 
1.2338 MOVED
1.165 Mk/
1.414 deskutils/Makefile
1.74 deskutils/gnome-pim/Makefile
1.17 deskutils/gnome-pim/distinfo
1.12 deskutils/gnome-pim/files/patch-ab
1.2 deskutils/gnome-pim/files/patch-ad
1.2 deskutils/gnome-pim/files/patch-configure
1.4 deskutils/gnome-pim/pkg-descr
1.21 deskutils/gnome-pim/pkg-plist

(Only the first 10 of 100 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
The x11/libcapplet has been broken for over a year (will be two in June 2011)
and no one has any of interest to fix it. It's an ancient software and
is part of GNOME 1. It's time for us to get rid of some of GNOME 1 stuff as
the GNOME 3 is coming sometimes in 2011. Any ports that required libcappet
are removed and ports that have optional aren't remove.

PR:             ports/153355
Discussed with: My team, FreeBSD GNOME Team
Tested by:      pointyhat-exp (thanks pav!)
Mon, 3 Jan 2011
[ 14:38 garga ] Original commit 
1.2336 MOVED
1.1149 audio/Makefile
1.13 audio/emphasis/Makefile
1.4 audio/emphasis/distinfo
1.2 audio/emphasis/pkg-descr
1.3 audio/emphasis/pkg-plist
1.185 converters/Makefile
1.4 converters/ecore-txt/Makefile
1.2 converters/ecore-txt/distinfo
1.2 converters/ecore-txt/pkg-descr

(Only the first 10 of 196 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Remove expired ports:

2011-01-01 audio/emphasis: abandoned upstream
2011-01-01 converters/ecore-txt: abandoned upstream
2011-01-01 deskutils/estickies: abandoned upstream
2011-01-01 devel/ecore-job: abandoned upstream
2011-01-01 devel/engrave: abandoned upstream
2011-01-01 devel/evfs: abandoned upstream
2011-01-01 devel/ruby-ecore: abandoned upstream
2011-01-01 graphics/exhibit: abandoned upstream
2011-01-01 graphics/epsilon: abandoned upstream
2011-01-01 graphics/esmart: abandoned upstream
2011-01-01 graphics/ruby-edje: abandoned upstream
2011-01-01 graphics/ruby-esmart: abandoned upstream
2011-01-01 graphics/ruby-evas: abandoned upstream
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Sat, 1 Jan 2011
[ 14:09 beat ] Original commit 
1.2334 MOVED
1.2787 www/Makefile
1.235 www/mozilla/Makefile
1.33 www/mozilla/Makefile.common
1.24 www/mozilla/
1.80 www/mozilla/distinfo
1.3 www/mozilla/files/extra-patch-nsSVGLibartGlyphMetricsFT.cpp
1.2 www/mozilla/files/extra-patch2-nsSVGLibartGlyphMetricsFT.cpp
1.2 www/mozilla/files/
1.3 www/mozilla/files/

(Only the first 10 of 40 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
- Finally remove www/mozilla as no other port longer depends on Mozilla.
  Mozilla is unmaintained upstream for years, broken and has security
  issues. Please consider using www/seamonkey2 or www/firefox instead.

  Happy New Year!
Fri, 31 Dec 2010
[ 17:35 rene ] Original commit 
1.2329 MOVED
1.939 databases/Makefile
1.25 databases/p5-sqlrelay/Makefile
1.2 databases/p5-sqlrelay/pkg-descr
1.6 databases/p5-sqlrelay/pkg-plist
1.4192 devel/Makefile
1.20 devel/php-dbg2/Makefile
1.9 devel/php-dbg2/distinfo
1.2 devel/php-dbg2/files/patch-dbg.c
1.2 devel/php-dbg2/files/patch-dbg_cmd.c

(Only the first 10 of 175 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Garbage-collect expired ports:
2010-12-30 databases/p5-sqlrelay: broken and upstream disapeared
2010-12-30 devel/php-dbg2: No upstream support
2010-12-30 dns/fourcdns: upstream has disapeared
2010-12-31 emulators/win4bsd: Development has ceased and distfile is no longer
2010-12-31 french/mozilla-flp: www/seamonkey port is deprecated. Consider using
the www/firefox-i18n.
2010-12-31 french/xtel: Minitel services will be discontinued at the end of
2010-12-30 ftp/ftpq: upstream has disapeared
2010-12-30 graphics/paintlib: does not compile with new tiff and no more
maintained upstream
2010-12-30 graphics/g3dviewer: does not build with gcc 4.2, upstream disapeared
2010-12-30 lang/scriba: Does not compile with gcc 4.2+, looks like abandonware
2010-12-30 math/rascal: Broken on every arch since 2008, looks like an
2010-12-31 net-mgmt/nrg: Project has vanished. Use cacti instead.
2010-12-31 security/hostsentry: Project is dead.
2010-12-31 sysutils/kcube: Project has vanished
2010-12-31 www/cybercalendar: has been unmaintained since 2001 and is unusable
with dates after 2010 (see ports/150974)
2010-12-31 www/flock: Flock 3 moves from Firefox to Chromium
2010-12-31 www/linux-flock: Flock 3 moves from Firefox to Chromium
2010-12-30 x11-clocks/xtu: Looks like abandonware

Leave java/tya in for now, as it has outstanding PRs.
[ 17:13 nivit ] Original commit 
1.2785 www/Makefile
1.1 www/py-poster/Makefile
1.1 www/py-poster/distinfo
1.1 www/py-poster/pkg-descr
1.1 www/py-poster/pkg-plist
The modules in the Python standard library don't provide a way to upload large
Files via HTTP without having to load the entire file into memory first.

poster provides support for both streaming POST requests as well as
multipart/form-data encoding of string or file parameters.

[ 13:57 tota ] Original commit 
1.2784 www/Makefile
1.1 www/testlink/Makefile
1.1 www/testlink/distinfo
1.1 www/testlink/pkg-descr
1.1 www/testlink/pkg-plist
- Add a new port: www/testlink

  TestLink is a web based Test Management tool. The application provides Test
  specification, Test plans and execution, Reporting, Requirements specification
  and collaborate with well-known bug trackers.

[ 06:35 wen ] Original commit 
1.2783 www/Makefile
1.1 www/p5-Catalyst-Plugin-DateTime/Makefile
1.1 www/p5-Catalyst-Plugin-DateTime/distinfo
1.1 www/p5-Catalyst-Plugin-DateTime/pkg-descr
1.1 www/p5-Catalyst-Plugin-DateTime/pkg-plist
This module makes DateTime easily accesible within a Catalyst application
via the Catalyst::Plugin interface.


PR:             ports/153487
Submitted by:   "Mikhail T." <>
Mon, 27 Dec 2010
[ 20:38 pgollucci ] Original commit 
1.2782 www/Makefile
1.1 www/rubygem-rest-client/Makefile
1.1 www/rubygem-rest-client/distinfo
1.1 www/rubygem-rest-client/pkg-descr
A simple Simple HTTP and REST client for Ruby, inspired by the Sinatra
microframework style of specifying actions: get, put, post, delete.


PR:             ports/153336
Submitted by:   Renaud Chaput <renchap at>
Tue, 21 Dec 2010
[ 04:03 pgollucci ] Original commit 
1.2781 www/Makefile
1.1 www/p5-Dancer-Plugin-DataFu/Makefile
1.1 www/p5-Dancer-Plugin-DataFu/distinfo
1.1 www/p5-Dancer-Plugin-DataFu/pkg-descr
1.1 www/p5-Dancer-Plugin-DataFu/pkg-plist
Dancer::Plugin::DataFu is an HTML form and table rendering engine with data
validation support.


PR:             ports/153316
Submitted by:   Grzegorz Blach <magik at>
Thu, 16 Dec 2010
[ 23:08 beech ] Original commit 
1.2780 www/Makefile
Hook hastymail2 into build.

PR:             ports/152632
Approved by:    itetcu (mentor) (implicit)
[ 02:55 wen ] Original commit 
1.2779 www/Makefile
1.1 www/webtrees/Makefile
1.1 www/webtrees/distinfo
1.1 www/webtrees/files/
1.1 www/webtrees/files/
1.1 www/webtrees/pkg-descr
1.1 www/webtrees/pkg-plist
webtrees is the web's leading online collaborative genealogy
application. webtrees works from standard GEDCOM files, and is
therefore compatible with every major desktop application.  webtrees
aims to to be efficient and effective by using the right combination
of third-party tools, design techniques and open standards.


PR:             ports/153160
Submitted by:   "J.R. Oldroyd" <>
Sun, 12 Dec 2010
[ 22:07 pgollucci ] Original commit 
1.2778 www/Makefile
1.1 www/p5-Plack-Middleware-XForwardedFor/Makefile
1.1 www/p5-Plack-Middleware-XForwardedFor/distinfo
1.1 www/p5-Plack-Middleware-XForwardedFor/pkg-descr
1.1 www/p5-Plack-Middleware-XForwardedFor/pkg-plist
Plack::Middleware::XForwardedFor will look for X-Forwarded-For header
in the incomming request and change REMOTE_ADDR to the real client IP.


PR:             ports/153051
Submitted by:   Gea-Suan Lin <gslin at>
Sat, 11 Dec 2010
[ 21:54 pgollucci ] Original commit 
1.2777 www/Makefile
1.1 www/p5-Tatsumaki/Makefile
1.1 www/p5-Tatsumaki/distinfo
1.1 www/p5-Tatsumaki/pkg-descr
1.1 www/p5-Tatsumaki/pkg-plist
Tatsumaki is a toy port of Tornado for Perl using Plack (with
non-blocking extensions) and AnyEvent.

It allows you to write a web application that does a immediate
response with template rendering, IO-bound delayed response (like
fetching third party API or XML feeds), server push streaming and
long-poll Comet in a clean unified API.


PR:             ports/153007
Submitted by:   Gea-Suan Lin <gslin at>
[ 21:54 pgollucci ] Original commit 
1.2776 www/Makefile
1.1 www/p5-Perlanet/Makefile
1.1 www/p5-Perlanet/distinfo
1.1 www/p5-Perlanet/pkg-descr
1.1 www/p5-Perlanet/pkg-plist
Perlanet is a program for creating programs that aggregate web feeds
(both RSS and Atom). Web pages like this are often called "Planets"
after the Python software which originally popularised them. Perlanet
is a planet builder written in Perl - hence "Perlanet".


PR:             ports/153005
Submitted by:   Gea-Suan Lin <gslin at>
[ 08:46 nivit ] Original commit 
1.2775 www/Makefile
1.1 www/qooxdoo/Makefile
1.1 www/qooxdoo/distinfo
1.1 www/qooxdoo/pkg-descr
1.1 www/qooxdoo/pkg-plist
qooxdoo is a comprehensive and innovative Ajax application
framework. Leveraging object-oriented JavaScript allows developers to
build impressive cross-browser applications. No HTML, CSS nor DOM
knowledge is needed.

It includes a platform-independent development tool chain, a
state-of-the-art GUI toolkit and an advanced client-server
communication layer.

Fri, 10 Dec 2010
[ 04:50 pgollucci ] Original commit 
1.2774 www/Makefile
1.1 www/trac-OhlohWidgetsMacro/Makefile
1.1 www/trac-OhlohWidgetsMacro/distinfo
1.1 www/trac-OhlohWidgetsMacro/pkg-descr
1.1 www/trac-OhlohWidgetsMacro/pkg-plist
OhlohWidgetsMacro is a plugin for Trac which embeds Ohloh widgets.


PR:             ports/151062
Submitted by:   Douglas Thrift
Thu, 9 Dec 2010
[ 15:59 sunpoet ] Original commit 
1.2773 www/Makefile
1.1 www/googlebook_dl/Makefile
1.1 www/googlebook_dl/files/
1.1 www/googlebook_dl/pkg-descr
- Add googlebook_dl 20100502

googlebook_dl is a command-line utility for downloading books from Google Books.

PR:             ports/152827
Submitted by:   Alex Kozlov <>
Wed, 8 Dec 2010
[ 19:18 pgollucci ] Original commit 
1.2772 www/Makefile
1.1 www/rubygem-cgi_multipart_eof_fix/Makefile
1.1 www/rubygem-cgi_multipart_eof_fix/distinfo
1.1 www/rubygem-cgi_multipart_eof_fix/pkg-descr
Fixes an exploitable bug in CGI multipart parsing which affects Ruby <= 1.8.5.
When multipart boundary attributes contain non-halting regular
expression strings, the boundary searcher in the CGI module does not properly
escape the parameter and will execute arbitrary regular expressions.
This fix adds escaping for the user data.

    * Affected application servers: standalone CGI, Mongrel, WEBrick
    * Unaffected: FastCGI, Ruby 1.8.6 (all servers)
    * Unknown: mod_ruby

This fix will not modify versions of Ruby greater than 1.8.5, and is
cumulative with previous CGI multipart vulnerability fixes.

[ 09:57 nivit ] Original commit 
1.2771 www/Makefile
1.1 www/rubygem-less/Makefile
1.1 www/rubygem-less/distinfo
1.1 www/rubygem-less/pkg-descr
LESS extends CSS with: variables, mixins, operations and nested rules.
Best of all, LESS uses existing CSS syntax. This means you can rename
your current .css files to .less and they'll just work.

Tue, 7 Dec 2010
[ 20:37 pgollucci ] Original commit 
1.2770 www/Makefile
1.2 www/apache22-prefork-mpm/Makefile
1.2 www/apache22-prefork-mpm/pkg-descr
That was a bad idea b/c of conflicts with the master www/apache22 port.
[ 19:25 pgollucci ] Original commit 
1.2769 www/Makefile
1.1 www/apache22-itk-mpm/Makefile
1.1 www/apache22-itk-mpm/pkg-descr
Apache 2.2 with the itk MPM enabled.


PR:             ports/151969
Submitted by:   Tom Judge <tom at>
[ 19:24 pgollucci ] Original commit 
1.2768 www/Makefile
1.1 www/apache22-event-mpm/Makefile
1.1 www/apache22-event-mpm/pkg-descr
Apache 2.2 with the event MPM enabled.


PR:             ports/151969
Submitted by:   Tom Judge <tom at>
[ 19:24 pgollucci ] Original commit 
1.2767 www/Makefile
1.1 www/apache22-worker-mpm/Makefile
1.1 www/apache22-worker-mpm/pkg-descr
Apache 2.2 with the worker MPM enabled.


PR:             ports/151969
Submitted by:   Tom Judge <tom at>
[ 19:24 pgollucci ] Original commit 
1.2766 www/Makefile
1.1 www/apache22-prefork-mpm/Makefile
1.1 www/apache22-prefork-mpm/pkg-descr
Apache 2.2 with the prefork MPM enabled.


PR:             ports/151969
Submitted by:   Tom Judge <tom at>
[ 19:18 pgollucci ] Original commit 
1.2765 www/Makefile
1.1 www/p5-FCGI-Engine/Makefile
1.1 www/p5-FCGI-Engine/distinfo
1.1 www/p5-FCGI-Engine/pkg-descr
1.1 www/p5-FCGI-Engine/pkg-plist
This module helps manage FCGI based web applications by providing a wrapper
which handles most of the low-level FCGI details for you. It can run FCGI
programs as simple scripts or as full standalone socket based servers who
are managed by FCGI::Engine::ProcManager.


PR:             ports/152803
Submitted by:   Anes Muhametov <anes at>
Sun, 5 Dec 2010
[ 21:09 ohauer ] Original commit 
1.2764 www/Makefile
1.1 www/trac-TracGoogleAnalytics/Makefile
1.1 www/trac-TracGoogleAnalytics/distinfo
1.1 www/trac-TracGoogleAnalytics/pkg-descr
- new port trac-TracGoogleAnalytics

Previously known as Google Analytics Plugin, this plugin will enable
your trac environment to be logged by Google Analytics.

It adds the necessary javascript code to log your environment, plus, it
also logs the downloads of regular filenames which end with a specific
extension; these extensions are defined by you; and also external links.


PR:             ports/151466
Submitted by:   Douglas William Thrift <douglas _at_>
[ 20:51 rene ] Original commit 
1.2763 www/Makefile
Revert the 'minor tweak'.
[ 08:20 ade ] Original commit 
1.2762 www/Makefile
Minor tweakage
Sat, 4 Dec 2010
[ 21:32 rene ] Original commit 
1.2308 MOVED
1.248 archivers/Makefile
1.5 archivers/linux-par2cmdline/Makefile
1.2 archivers/linux-par2cmdline/distinfo.i386
1.2 archivers/linux-par2cmdline/pkg-descr
1.1148 audio/Makefile
1.19 audio/bmp-musepack/Makefile
1.2 audio/bmp-musepack/distinfo
1.2 audio/bmp-musepack/pkg-descr
1.16 audio/libmpcdec/Makefile

(Only the first 10 of 70 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Garbage collect old ports:
2010-11-15 archivers/linux-par2cmdline: Native version available
2010-11-15 audio/bmp-musepack: does not build with audio/musepack
2010-11-15 audio/libmpcdec: superseded by audio/musepack
2010-11-15 audio/py-musepack: does not build with audio/musepack
2010-12-01 chinese/chinput3: Development has ceased.
2010-12-01 emulators/dynagen-devel: Please install emulators/dynagen instead
2010-11-24 net-p2p/gift-fasttrack: unmaintained upstream
2010-11-24 net-p2p/gift-gnutella: unmaintained upstream
2010-11-24 net-p2p/gift-openft: unmaintained upstream
2010-11-24 net-p2p/pyslsk: unmantained upstream, use net-p2p/nicotine-plus
2010-11-11 security/pamsfs: SFS is dead, this project is dead, and site is gone
2010-11-10 www/p5-Catalyst-Plugin-CommandLine: The module is not needed any
more. With new Catalyst (at least 5.7014) it works out of the box.
Thu, 2 Dec 2010
[ 15:08 pav ] Original commit 
1.2760 www/Makefile
1.1 www/dwoo/Makefile
1.1 www/dwoo/distinfo
1.1 www/dwoo/files/
1.1 www/dwoo/pkg-descr
1.1 www/dwoo/pkg-plist
Dwoo is a PHP5 Template Engine that was started in early 2008. The idea came
from the fact that Smarty, a well known template engine, is getting older and
older. It carries the weight of it's age, having old features that are
inconsistent compared to newer ones, being written for PHP4 its Object Oriented
aspect doesn't take advantage of PHP5's more advanced features in the area,
etc. Hence Dwoo was born, hoping to provide a more up to date and stronger
engine. So far it has proven to be faster than Smarty in many areas, and it
provides a compatibility layer to allow developers that have been using Smarty
for years to switch their application over to Dwoo progressively.


PR:             ports/151718
Submitted by:   Joe Horn <>
Tue, 30 Nov 2010
[ 21:48 jpaetzel ] Original commit 
1.2759 www/Makefile
1.1 www/py-django-profiles/Makefile
1.1 www/py-django-profiles/distinfo
1.1 www/py-django-profiles/pkg-descr
1.1 www/py-django-profiles/pkg-plist
Add py-django-profiles 0.2, a user-profile application for Django.
[ 20:35 beech ] Original commit 
1.2306 MOVED
1.2758 www/Makefile
1.4 www/piwigo/Makefile
1.4 www/piwigo/distinfo
1.2 www/piwigo/files/
1.2 www/piwigo/files/
1.3 www/piwigo/pkg-descr
1.4 www/piwigo/pkg-plist
Update of piwigo (the software formerly known as PHPWebGallery) to version
Add entry to MOVED
Hook into build and unhook phpwebgallery
PR:             ports/150863
Submitted by:   Goran Lowkrantz <> (maintainer)
Approved by:    itetcu
[ 07:36 beech ] Original commit 
1.2757 www/Makefile
Hook codeigniter-devel into build
Mon, 29 Nov 2010
[ 11:58 kuriyama ] Original commit 
1.2303 MOVED
1.2756 www/Makefile
1.2 www/p5-AnyEvent-Mojo/Makefile
1.5 www/p5-Mojo/Makefile
1.4 www/p5-Mojo/distinfo
1.2 www/p5-Mojo/pkg-descr
1.4 www/p5-Mojo/pkg-plist
1.5 www/p5-Mojolicious/Makefile
Rename p5-Mojo to p5-Mojolicious to reflect distname in CPAN.

Approved by:    maintainer
Sat, 27 Nov 2010
[ 02:02 pgollucci ] Original commit 
1.2755 www/Makefile
1.1 www/py-flask-uploads/Makefile
1.1 www/py-flask-uploads/distinfo
1.1 www/py-flask-uploads/pkg-descr
1.1 www/py-flask-uploads/pkg-plist
Flask-Uploads allows your application to flexibly and efficiently handle file
uploading and serving the uploaded files.


PR:             ports/151628
Submitted by:   Olivier Duchateau <duchateau.olivier at>
[ 02:00 pgollucci ] Original commit 
1.2754 www/Makefile
1.1 www/py-flask/Makefile
1.1 www/py-flask/distinfo
1.1 www/py-flask/pkg-descr
1.1 www/py-flask/pkg-plist
Flask is a microframework for Python based on Werkzeug and Jinja 2.


PR:             ports/151625
Submitted by:   Olivier Duchateau <duchateau.olivier at>
[ 00:37 pgollucci ] Original commit 
1.2753 www/Makefile
1.1 www/mod_tsa/Makefile
1.1 www/mod_tsa/distinfo
1.1 www/mod_tsa/pkg-descr
1.1 www/mod_tsa/pkg-plist
Time stamping authority module for apache22.

PR:             ports/152571
Submitted by:   ubique
Fri, 26 Nov 2010
[ 13:53 rea ] Original commit 
1.2752 www/Makefile
1.1 www/redmine-http-auth/Makefile
1.1 www/redmine-http-auth/distinfo
1.1 www/redmine-http-auth/pkg-descr
1.1 www/redmine/
New port: www/redmine-http-auth

Plugin for doing HTTP-based authentication in Redmine.  Also contains
the generic module,, for making Redmine plugins.

Reviewed by: decke
Approved by: garga (mentor)
PR: ports/150507
[ 03:13 wen ] Original commit 
1.2751 www/Makefile
- Connect www/moodle2
Thu, 25 Nov 2010
[ 06:23 wen ] Original commit 
1.2750 www/Makefile
1.1 www/webgo/Makefile
1.1 www/webgo/distinfo
1.1 www/webgo/pkg-descr
web.go is the simplest way to write web applications in the Go programming
language. It's ideal for writing simple, performant backend web services.

web.go should be familiar to people who've developed websites with higher-level
web frameworks like sinatra, pylons, or It is designed to be a
lightweight web framework that doesn't impose any scaffolding on the user.

Some features include:

    * Routing to url handlers based on regular expressions
    * Secure cookies
    * Support for fastcgi and scgi
    * Web applications are compiled to native code. This means very fast
execution and page render speed
    * Serving static files

Wed, 24 Nov 2010
[ 05:20 pgollucci ] Original commit 
1.2749 www/Makefile
1.1 www/p5-Blog-Spam/Makefile
1.1 www/p5-Blog-Spam/distinfo
1.1 www/p5-Blog-Spam/pkg-descr
1.1 www/p5-Blog-Spam/pkg-plist
The blogspam site exists to provide a service which allows you to
test whether a submitted blog/forum comment is SPAM or not, in real-time.

We can identify many common SPAM characteristics and using them allow
comments to be blocked - cutting down on the SPAM that might otherwise
affect your site.


PR:             ports/152421
Submitted by:   Gea-Suan Lin <gslin at>
Tue, 23 Nov 2010
[ 14:53 kuriyama ] Original commit 
1.2748 www/Makefile
1.1 www/p5-Perlbal-Plugin-PSGI/Makefile
1.1 www/p5-Perlbal-Plugin-PSGI/distinfo
1.1 www/p5-Perlbal-Plugin-PSGI/pkg-descr
1.1 www/p5-Perlbal-Plugin-PSGI/pkg-plist
This is a Perlbal plugin to allow any PSGI application run natively
inside Perlbal process.

[ 11:17 kuriyama ] Original commit 
1.2747 www/Makefile
1.1 www/p5-Flea/Makefile
1.1 www/p5-Flea/distinfo
1.1 www/p5-Flea/pkg-descr
1.1 www/p5-Flea/pkg-plist
PSGI/Plack is where it's at. Dancer's routing syntax is really cool,
but it does a lot of things I don't usually want. What I really want
is Dancer-like sugar as an extremely thin layer over my
teeth^H^H^H^H^H PSGI apps.

[ 09:32 pav ] Original commit 
1.2746 www/Makefile
1.1 www/sit/Makefile
1.1 www/sit/distinfo
1.1 www/sit/files/
1.1 www/sit/pkg-descr
1.1 www/sit/pkg-plist
Support Incident Tracker (or SiT!) is a Free Software/Open Source (GPL)
web based application which uses PHP and MySQL for tracking technical support
calls/emails (also commonly known as a 'Help Desk' or 'Support Ticket System').
Manage contacts, sites, technical support contracts and support incidents in
one place. Send emails directly from SiT!, attach files and record every
communication in the incident log. SiT is aware of Service Level Agreements and
incidents are flagged if they stray outside of them.


PR:             ports/151784
Submitted by:   <>
[ 04:52 fjoe ] Original commit 
1.2745 www/Makefile
Reconnect back asterisk-stat now that asterisk 1.4 depends are fixed.
[ 01:25 cperciva ] Original commit 
1.2744 www/Makefile
Unhook asterisk-stat from the build until its dependencies are corrected.

INDEX broken:   10 hours, 56 minutes, and 45 seconds ago
Mon, 22 Nov 2010
[ 22:20 skreuzer ] Original commit 
1.2743 www/Makefile
1.1 www/p5-HTML-TableContentParser/Makefile
1.1 www/p5-HTML-TableContentParser/distinfo
1.1 www/p5-HTML-TableContentParser/pkg-descr
1.1 www/p5-HTML-TableContentParser/pkg-plist
This module can be used to parse the content of tables in HTML text. The
parser returns an arrayref consisting of data for each table found within the
passed-in text.

[ 18:01 sunpoet ] Original commit 
1.2742 www/Makefile
1.1 www/p5-CGI-Thin/Makefile
1.1 www/p5-CGI-Thin/distinfo
1.1 www/p5-CGI-Thin/pkg-descr
1.1 www/p5-CGI-Thin/pkg-plist
- Add p5-CGI-Thin 0.52

This module is a very lightweight parser of CGI forms. And it has a special
feature that it will return an array if the same key is used twice in the
form.  You can force an array even if only one value returned to avoid

The hash %cgi_data will have all the form data from either a POST or GET form
and will also work for "multipart/form-data" forms necessary for uploading


PR:             ports/152115
Submitted by:   Phil Phillips <>
[ 14:58 kuriyama ] Original commit 
1.2741 www/Makefile
1.1 www/p5-AnyEvent-Mojo/Makefile
1.1 www/p5-AnyEvent-Mojo/distinfo
1.1 www/p5-AnyEvent-Mojo/pkg-descr
1.1 www/p5-AnyEvent-Mojo/pkg-plist
This module allows you to integrate Mojo applications with the
AnyEvent framework. For example, you can run a web interface for a
long-lived AnyEvent daemon.


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