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found NOTHING in cache
			SELECT count(DISTINCT AS count
			  FROM element_pathname EP, commit_log_elements CLE, commit_log CL
			 WHERE EP.pathname   = '/ports/head/x11/nvidia-driver-71xx/Makefile'
			   AND EP.element_id = CLE.element_ID
			   AND         = CLE.commit_log_id
			CL.commit_date - SystemTimeAdjust()                                                                 AS commit_date_raw,                                                                                               AS commit_log_id,
			CL.encoding_losses                                                                                  AS encoding_losses,
			CL.message_id                                                                                       AS message_id,
			CL.committer                                                                                        AS committer,
			CL.description                                                                                      AS commit_description,
			to_char(CL.commit_date - SystemTimeAdjust(), 'DD Mon YYYY')                                         AS commit_date,
			to_char(CL.commit_date - SystemTimeAdjust(), 'HH24:MI')                                             AS commit_time,                                                                                                AS port,
			element_pathname(                                                                                AS pathname,
			element.status                                                                                              AS status,
			element_pathname.pathname                            as element_pathname,
			NULL AS port_id,
			0    AS needs_refresh,
			NULL AS forbidden,
			NULL AS broken,
			NULL AS deprecated,
			NULL AS ignore,
			NULL AS version,
			NULL AS epoch,
			NULL as date_added,
			NULL AS short_description,
			NULL AS category_id,
			NULL AS category,
			NULL AS watch,
			NULL AS vulnerable_current,
			NULL AS vulnerable_past,
			NULL AS restricted,
			NULL AS no_cdrom,
			NULL AS expiration_date,
			NULL AS is_interactive,
			NULL AS only_for_archs,
			NULL AS not_for_archs,
			NULL AS stf_message,
			commit_log_elements.revision_name as revision,         AS repo_name,
			R.svn_hostname AS hostname,
			R.path_to_repo AS path_to_repo 
    FROM commit_log_elements, commit_log CL LEFT OUTER JOIN repo R on  CL.repo_id =, element_pathname, element 
  FROM element_pathname EP, commit_log_elements CLE, commit_log CL
 WHERE EP.pathname   = '/ports/head/x11/nvidia-driver-71xx/Makefile'
   AND EP.element_id = CLE.element_ID
   AND         = CLE.commit_log_id
ORDER BY CL.commit_date DESC 
LIMIT 100) AS tmp)
	    AND commit_log_elements.commit_log_id =
	    AND commit_log_elements.element_id    =
        AND element_pathname.element_id       =
   ORDER BY 1 desc,
			commit_log_id, element_pathname
That would give us 48 rows
non port: head/x11/nvidia-driver-71xx/Makefile

Number of commits found: 11

Mon, 13 Apr 2009
[ 07:57 danfe ] Original commit 
1.1852 MOVED
1.712 x11/Makefile
1.11 x11/nvidia-driver-71xx/Makefile
1.11 x11/nvidia-driver-96xx/Makefile
Ports `nvidia-driver-71xx' and `nvidia-driver-96xx' were renamed to better
suited `nvidia-driver-71' and `nvidia-driver-96', respectively.

PR:     ports/133566
Tue, 21 Oct 2008
[ 16:31 danfe ] Original commit 
1.10 x11/nvidia-driver-71xx/Makefile
1.10 x11/nvidia-driver-96xx/Makefile
1.83 x11/nvidia-driver/Makefile
1.26 x11/nvidia-driver/distinfo
Non-functional changes:
- Sort distinfo entries so that latest release is on top
- Touch some comments
Wed, 6 Aug 2008
[ 19:09 danfe ] Original commit 
1.9 x11/nvidia-driver-71xx/Makefile
1.9 x11/nvidia-driver-96xx/Makefile
1.80 x11/nvidia-driver/Makefile
1.25 x11/nvidia-driver/distinfo
- Update stable version to 173.14.12, and legacy versions to 71.86.06 and
- Minor Makefile retouch

Reminded by:    miwi
Fri, 6 Jun 2008
[ 20:32 danfe ] Original commit 
1.8 x11/nvidia-driver-71xx/Makefile
1.8 x11/nvidia-driver-96xx/Makefile
1.77 x11/nvidia-driver/Makefile
1.23 x11/nvidia-driver/distinfo
1.2 x11/nvidia-driver/files/patch-src::nv-freebsd.h
- Update to version 173.14.05, the latest from NVidia
- Remove NVVERSION hacks and corresponding comments
- Fix X11BASE reference in a comment
Sun, 6 Apr 2008
[ 11:16 danfe ] Original commit 
1.7 x11/nvidia-driver-71xx/Makefile
1.7 x11/nvidia-driver-96xx/Makefile
1.22 x11/nvidia-driver/distinfo
NVidia updated legacy versions of their drivers: original distfiles were missing
the Linux
compatibility libraries and had to be replaced.

Reported by:    several
Confirmed by:   Christian Zander of NVidia
Mon, 3 Mar 2008
[ 13:45 danfe ] Original commit 
1.6 x11/nvidia-driver-71xx/Makefile
1.6 x11/nvidia-driver-96xx/Makefile
1.72 x11/nvidia-driver/Makefile
1.21 x11/nvidia-driver/distinfo
1.2 x11/nvidia-driver/files/71xx-patch-src::nvidia.os
1.2 x11/nvidia-driver/files/96xx-patch-src::nvidia.os
Catch up with latest updates from NVidia:
- Update mainstream driver to version 169.12
- Update legacy drivers to versions 71.86.04 and 96.43.05
Tue, 19 Feb 2008
[ 14:38 danfe ] Original commit 
1.5 x11/nvidia-driver-71xx/Makefile
1.5 x11/nvidia-driver-96xx/Makefile
Forgot in previous commit to master port.
Tue, 30 Oct 2007
[ 08:21 danfe ] Original commit 
1.4 x11/nvidia-driver-71xx/Makefile
1.4 x11/nvidia-driver-96xx/Makefile
Update nVidia legacy driver versions to 7186 and 9643, forgot in previous
Mon, 20 Aug 2007
[ 12:56 danfe ] Original commit 
1.3 x11/nvidia-driver-71xx/Makefile
1.3 x11/nvidia-driver-96xx/Makefile
1.64 x11/nvidia-driver/Makefile
1.18 x11/nvidia-driver/distinfo
1.3 x11/nvidia-driver/files/6113-patch-lib::Makefile
1.2 x11/nvidia-driver/files/
1.2 x11/nvidia-driver/files/crash-patch-by-zander-1759235
1.5 x11/nvidia-driver/files/
1.19 x11/nvidia-driver/pkg-plist
Long-awaited NVidia driver update:

- Update the driver to the latest version, 100.14.11
- Update legacy driver versions to 1.0-7185 and 1.0-9639
- Prevent the port from messing with system configuration files (e.g.
  /boot/loader.conf) and doing automatic module loading/unloading.  This
  functionality would be lost in package anyway, and might cause undesired
  side effects [*]
- Register proper @exec/@unexec for ldconfig(8) calls for Linux libraries
- Kill NVidia's afterinstall banner, our pkg-message tells the same but is
  more detailed and accurate
- Require X server being installed
- INSTALLS_SHLIB -> USE_LDCONFIG, seems to be OK nowadays
- Respect NOPORTDOCS user setting
- Throw in couple of comments + other minor tweaks
(Only the first 15 lines of the commit message are shown above View all of this commit message)
Mon, 23 Jul 2007
[ 13:43 danfe ] Original commit 
1.2 x11/nvidia-driver-71xx/Makefile
1.2 x11/nvidia-driver-96xx/Makefile
Reset PORTREVISIONs while no one notices.
[ 13:24 danfe ] Original commit 
1.660 x11/Makefile
1.2 x11/nvidia-driver-7184/Makefile
1.1 x11/nvidia-driver-71xx/Makefile
1.2 x11/nvidia-driver-9631/Makefile
1.1 x11/nvidia-driver-96xx/Makefile
1.61 x11/nvidia-driver/Makefile
1.16 x11/nvidia-driver/pkg-plist
In sight of upcoming update, overhaul things slightly:

- NVVERSION is no longer user settable.  nVidia changed their versioning
  scheme, which made my life a bit harder.  Since this is master port and
  cares about legacy version slaves as well, derive NVVERSION from DIST-
  VERSION as doing so required less intrusive changes.  Update the comment
  accordingly.  UPDATING note will be committed separately
- Retire OSVERSION hack since it's no longer needed.  PORTREVISION are now
  set in all three nvidia-driver ports independently.  Previously it was
  not really safe because NVVERSION was user settable variable
- Introduce new variable, SHLIB_VERSION, and use it in PLIST_SUB, because
  it's not always equal to NVVERSION these days
- Mute MKDIR along the way

For slave ports:

- Rename port directory names to reflect future reality: their versions
  going to bump as well.  No repo copy since there's no history to preserve

Number of commits found: 11

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