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non port: Tools/scripts/

Number of commits found: 29

Tue, 6 Apr 2021
[ 14:31 mat (Mathieu Arnold) ]    commit hash:135fdeebb99c3569e42d8162b265e15d29bd937d  135fdee  (Only the first 10 of 2028 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
all: Remove all other $FreeBSD keywords.
[ 10:39 rene (Rene Ladan) ]    commit hash:88917e9f46660b4839f40f73c01d63f56b613174  88917e9 
Tools/scripts/ remove svn compatibility

Differential Revision:
Wed, 27 Jan 2021
[ 04:01 adamw ] Original commit   Revision:563026
Tools/scripts/ Git support

Git support is enabled by setting BLAME=yes (the SVN-specific
SVNBLAME=yes will be retired after transition). Mark all SVN
blocks to facilitate that eventuality.
Tue, 26 Jan 2021
[ 16:50 adamw ] Original commit   Revision:562715
Tools/scripts/ Fix and modernize was broken in a number of ways, including looking for CVS-style Id
lines in svn headers, not being updated for pkgng, etc.

This commit fixes those, and adopts some modern Perl practices.

NOTE: The $PKG_VERSION env var is renamed to $PKG. This should be a no-op for
people (in the sense of it didn't work before, and the default should work for
pretty much everybody).
Sun, 24 Jan 2021
[ 18:42 adamw ] Original commit   Revision:562503
Tools/scripts/ Guard against undefined values

There are a few places where undefined values can creep in. While
reinforcing defined values, use the defined-or (//) operator for
some visual simplification.
Mon, 24 Apr 2017
[ 17:27 ehaupt ] Original commit   Revision:439336
Fix shebang. If /usr/bin/env is used the -w flag can't be passed after perl.
Use 'use warnings;' instead.

While here remove distinfochecker. It's not needed anymore as it was written
for a simple purpose eleven years ago.
Sun, 12 Feb 2017
[ 20:43 rene ] Original commit   Revision:433964
Set maintainer of these scripts to portmgr as the previous maintainers retired.
Sun, 5 Feb 2017
[ 21:20 tijl ] Original commit   Revision:433456 (Only the first 10 of 32 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
- Remove inclusion of from ftp/curl/Makefile so can rely on ARCH being defined.
- In move inclusion of from the
  pre-makefile section to the options section so the variables can be used
  earlier.  Also put the bit of code sitting between the options section and
  the pre-makefile section into the options section.
- Remove last few cases where ports set WITH_OPENSSL_PORT.  This variable is
  handled in and some ports were setting it after
  including  After FreeBSD 9 EoL all but a few ports,
  and then only when setting non-default options, work without setting that

PR:		215996
Exp-run by:	antoine
Approved by:	portmgr (antoine)
Sun, 22 Jun 2014
[ 17:53 adamw ] Original commit   Revision:358817
Invoke perl with /usr/bin/env, as perl is not guaranteed to exist in
Tue, 18 Jun 2013
[ 09:45 tijl ] Original commit   Revision:321177
Remove the last remnants of PKGINSTALLVER. It hasn't been used since
r231958 and the definition in generates a warning with
bmake, pkgng and no pkg_info.

Approved by:	erwin
Sat, 20 Oct 2012
[ 10:36 beat ] Original commit   Revision:306176
- Sync with the versions currently running on pointyhat
- Use Subversion instead of CVS

Approved by:	erwin (maintainer)
Feature safe:	yes
Mon, 2 May 2011
[ 09:38 erwin ] Original commit 
Remove duplicate words in comment.

Submitted by:   ohauer
Thu, 1 Feb 2007
[ 03:28 kris ] Original commit 
Thu, 23 Nov 2006
[ 14:04 erwin ] Original commit 
Replace a simple call to localtime() to strftime() to include the
[ 12:16 erwin ] Original commit 
eik@ has been inactive for quite some time and as I am running
these scripts on the cluster, transfer maintainership of these
to myself.
[ 11:59 erwin ] Original commit 
Include a time when the script was started in the mail templates.

This script can sometimes take several hours to run on builder,
and thus leading to confusing of why it still reports an error
that was fixed in cvs some time ago.  Including the time when
the ports tree was updated should reduce some of this confusion.
Fri, 4 Jun 2004
[ 22:23 eik ] Original commit 
Hack in master/slave support
Sun, 30 May 2004
[ 21:12 eik ] Original commit 
parse $FreeBSD$ with yyyy-mm-dd format dates
[ 15:15 eik ] Original commit 
protect $FreeBSD: ... $ from being expanded

Noticed by:     mat
[ 15:09 eik ] Original commit 
don't terminate the log entry with the first hyphen
[ 10:44 eik ] Original commit 
- make somewhat more robust against a corrupted ports tree
- CC committers and maintainer [1]
- include affected ports in the subject line [2]
- do a CVS log of the version checked out [3]

Suggsted by:    Ade Lovett <> [1]
                Bjoern A. Zeeb <> [2]
                Pav Lucistnik <> [3]
Fri, 21 May 2004
[ 16:23 eik ] Original commit 
- fix a bug handling the maintainer field when ALLPORTS is used

- add an option to watch for maintainer changes

- change watch regex to match PKGORIGIN, not PKGNAME
Wed, 19 May 2004
[ 14:30 eik ] Original commit 
Turn chkversion into an all-dancing, all-singing notification tool.

You can even get notified of version changes in your favourite
perl modules by setting

Plus, it has a nice configurable nagging option.
Tue, 18 May 2004
[ 08:53 eik ] Original commit 
small optimazation: don't compare versions that are equal
Mon, 17 May 2004
[ 17:09 eik ] Original commit 
check only ports connected to the build.
[ 00:04 eik ] Original commit 
- integrated chkorigin
- eliminated shell usage [1]

Submitted by:   mat [1]
Sun, 16 May 2004
[ 10:46 eik ] Original commit 
FWIIW, spawn fewer processes.
Fri, 14 May 2004
[ 21:07 eik ] Original commit 
support for symlinked portsdir (but no other symlinks in the ports tree)

chkversion: support for CVS blame with env CVSBLAME=yes
[ 12:35 eik ] Original commit 
added chkversion, a script that ensures that PORTVERSIONs don't go backwards

Number of commits found: 29