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Sat, 11 Nov 2017
[ 21:04 yuri ] Original commit   Revision:454003
454003 audio/Makefile
454003 audio/sc3-plugins
454003 audio/sc3-plugins/Makefile
454003 audio/sc3-plugins/distinfo
454003 audio/sc3-plugins/files
454003 audio/sc3-plugins/files/patch-source_CMakeLists.txt
454003 audio/sc3-plugins/files/patch-source_StkInst_CMakeLists.txt
454003 audio/sc3-plugins/pkg-descr
454003 audio/sc3-plugins/pkg-plist
New port: audio/sc3-plugins: Extension plugins for the SuperCollider3 audio
synthesis server

PR:		221752
Approved by:	tcberner (mentor)
Differential Revision:
[ 20:01 yuri ] Original commit   Revision:453996
453996 audio/Makefile
453996 audio/vmpk
453996 audio/vmpk/Makefile
453996 audio/vmpk/distinfo
453996 audio/vmpk/files
453996 audio/vmpk/files/patch-cmake__admin_CreateManpages.cmake
453996 audio/vmpk/files/patch-man_CMakeLists.txt
453996 audio/vmpk/pkg-descr
453996 audio/vmpk/pkg-plist
New port: audio/vmpk: Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard

PR:		221460
Approved by:	tcberner (mentor)
Differential Revision:
[ 18:26 yuri ] Original commit   Revision:453986
453986 audio/Makefile
453986 audio/abgate-lv2
453986 audio/abgate-lv2/Makefile
453986 audio/abgate-lv2/distinfo
453986 audio/abgate-lv2/pkg-descr
453986 audio/abgate-lv2/pkg-plist
New port: audio/abgate-lv2: Noise gate LV2 plugin

PR:		221683
Approved by:	tcberner (mentor)
Differential Revision:
[ 14:49 tobik ] Original commit   Revision:453975
453975 audio/Makefile
453975 audio/yoshimi
453975 audio/yoshimi/Makefile
453975 audio/yoshimi/distinfo
453975 audio/yoshimi/files
453975 audio/yoshimi/files/patch-src_CMakeLists.txt
453975 audio/yoshimi/pkg-descr
453975 audio/yoshimi/pkg-plist
New port: audio/yoshimi

Yoshimi is an algorithmic MIDI software synthesizer, originally forked
from ZynAddSubFX.  It synthesizes in real time, can run polyphonic or
monophonic, with multiple simultaneous patches on one or more MIDI
channels, and has broad microtonal capability.  It includes extensive
addititive, subtractive, and pad synth capabilities which can be run
simultaneously within the same patch.  It also has eight audio effects


PR:		223397
Submitted by:
[ 14:43 tobik ] Original commit   Revision:453974
453974 audio/Makefile
453974 audio/amsynth
453974 audio/amsynth/Makefile
453974 audio/amsynth/distinfo
453974 audio/amsynth/pkg-descr
453974 audio/amsynth/pkg-plist
New port: audio/amsynth

Amsynth is an analog modelling (a.k.a virtual analog) software

It mimics the operation of early analog subtractive synthesizers with
classic oscillator waveforms, envelopes, filter, modulation and


PR:		223361
Submitted by:
[ 10:30 rene ] Original commit   Revision:453966
453966 MOVED
453966 audio/Makefile
453966 audio/gspeakers
453966 audio/sooperlooper
453966 audio/tclmidi
453966 databases/Makefile
453966 databases/elixir-ecto_migrate
453966 devel/Makefile
453966 devel/cl-cffi-sbcl
453966 devel/dwarves

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Remove expired ports:
2017-11-04 lang/ats: Unmaintained, outdated, needs lots of refreshment
2017-11-09 games/lordsawar: Broken for more than 6 months
2017-11-09 databases/elixir-ecto_migrate: Broken for more than 6 months
2017-11-09 audio/gspeakers: Broken for more than 6 months
2017-11-09 net/p5-Filesys-SmbClient: Broken for more than 6 months
2017-11-09 audio/tclmidi: Broken for more than 6 months
2017-11-09 security/py-xmlsec: Broken for more than 6 months
2017-11-09 security/samba-virusfilter: Broken for more than 6 months
2017-11-09 textproc/ocaml-pxp: Broken for more than 6 months
2017-11-09 audio/sooperlooper: Broken for more than 6 months
2017-11-09 devel/dwarves: Broken for more than 6 months
2017-11-09 devel/cl-cffi-sbcl: Broken for more than 6 months
2017-11-09 devel/pinba_engine: Broken for more than 6 months
2017-11-09 devel/py-event: Broken for more than 6 months
[ 08:38 yuri ] Original commit   Revision:453962
453962 audio/Makefile
453962 audio/libmusicxml
453962 audio/libmusicxml/Makefile
453962 audio/libmusicxml/distinfo
453962 audio/libmusicxml/files
453962 audio/libmusicxml/files/patch-build_CMakeLists.txt
453962 audio/libmusicxml/pkg-descr
453962 audio/libmusicxml/pkg-plist
New port: audio/libmusicxml: Library and tools for the MusicXML format

PR:		221861
Approved by:	tcberner (mentor)
Differential Revision:
[ 08:35 yuri ] Original commit   Revision:453961
453961 audio/Makefile
453961 audio/gxplugins-lv2
453961 audio/gxplugins-lv2/Makefile
453961 audio/gxplugins-lv2/distinfo
453961 audio/gxplugins-lv2/pkg-descr
453961 audio/gxplugins-lv2/pkg-plist
New port: audio/gxplugins-lv2: Set of LV2 plugins from the guitarix project

PR:		221596
Approved by:	tcberner (mentor)
Differential Revision:
[ 08:32 yuri ] Original commit   Revision:453960
453960 audio/Makefile
453960 audio/polyphone
453960 audio/polyphone/Makefile
453960 audio/polyphone/distinfo
453960 audio/polyphone/files
453960 audio/polyphone/files/patch-sfark_sfarkextractor1.cpp
453960 audio/polyphone/files/polyphone.desktop
453960 audio/polyphone/files/polyphone.xml
453960 audio/polyphone/pkg-descr
New port: audio/polyphone: Graphical user interface for editing soundfont (sf2
and sfz) files

PR:		221400
Approved by:	tcberner (mentor)
Differential Revision:
[ 08:11 yuri ] Original commit   Revision:453958
453958 audio/Makefile
453958 audio/invada-studio-plugins-lv2
453958 audio/invada-studio-plugins-lv2/Makefile
453958 audio/invada-studio-plugins-lv2/distinfo
453958 audio/invada-studio-plugins-lv2/files
453958 audio/invada-studio-plugins-lv2/files/patch-Makefile
453958 audio/invada-studio-plugins-lv2/files/patch-plugin_Makefile
453958 audio/invada-studio-plugins-lv2/files/patch-plugin_library_Makefile
453958 audio/invada-studio-plugins-lv2/files/patch-plugingui_Makefile
453958 audio/invada-studio-plugins-lv2/files/patch-plugingui_widgets_Makefile

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New port: audio/invada-studio-plugins-lv2: Set of LV2 audio effect plugins,
ported from VST

PR:		221600
Approved by:	tcberner (mentor)
Differential Revision:
[ 08:01 yuri ] Original commit   Revision:453956
453956 audio/Makefile
453956 audio/drumstick
453956 audio/drumstick/Makefile
453956 audio/drumstick/distinfo
453956 audio/drumstick/files
453956 audio/drumstick/files/patch-CMakeLists.txt
453956 audio/drumstick/files/patch-library_include_drumstickcommon.h
453956 audio/drumstick/files/patch-library_rt-backends_CMakeLists.txt
453956 audio/drumstick/files/patch-library_rt-backends_eassynth_src_synthrenderer.cpp
453956 audio/drumstick/files/patch-library_rt_backendmanager.cpp

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New port: audio/drumstick: MIDI libraries for Qt5/C++

PR:		221459
Approved by:	tcberner (mentor)
Differential Revision:
Fri, 10 Nov 2017
[ 22:21 yuri ] Original commit   Revision:453937
453937 audio/Makefile
453937 audio/triceratops-lv2
453937 audio/triceratops-lv2/Makefile
453937 audio/triceratops-lv2/distinfo
453937 audio/triceratops-lv2/pkg-descr
453937 audio/triceratops-lv2/pkg-plist
New port: audio/triceratops-lv2: Polyphonic synthesizer LV2 plugin

PR:		221554
Approved by:	tcberner (mentor)
Differential Revision:
[ 22:16 yuri ] Original commit   Revision:453936
453936 audio/Makefile
453936 audio/jalv-select
453936 audio/jalv-select/Makefile
453936 audio/jalv-select/distinfo
453936 audio/jalv-select/pkg-descr
453936 audio/jalv-select/pkg-plist
New port: audio/jalv-select: Little app to select lv2 plugs for run with jalv

PR:		221556
Approved by:	tcberner (mentor)
Differential Revision:
[ 21:51 yuri ] Original commit   Revision:453932
453932 audio/Makefile
453932 audio/fomp-lv2
453932 audio/fomp-lv2/Makefile
453932 audio/fomp-lv2/distinfo
453932 audio/fomp-lv2/pkg-descr
453932 audio/fomp-lv2/pkg-plist
New port: audio/fomp-lv2: LV2 port of the MCP, VCO, FIL, and WAH plugins by Fons

PR:		221494
Approved by:	tcberner (mentor)
Differential Revision:
Tue, 7 Nov 2017
[ 22:38 yuri ] Original commit   Revision:453708
453708 audio/Makefile
453708 audio/eteroj-lv2
453708 audio/eteroj-lv2/Makefile
453708 audio/eteroj-lv2/distinfo
453708 audio/eteroj-lv2/pkg-descr
New port: audio/eteroj-lv2: OSC injection/ejection from/to UDP/TCP/Serial for

PR:		221351
Approved by:	tcberner (mentor)
Differential Revision:
[ 22:22 yuri ] Original commit   Revision:453707
453707 audio/Makefile
453707 audio/luppp
453707 audio/luppp/Makefile
453707 audio/luppp/distinfo
453707 audio/luppp/pkg-descr
New port: audio/luppp: Live looping music creation tool

PR:		222440
Approved by:	tcberner (mentor)
Differential Revision:
Sat, 4 Nov 2017
[ 20:57 yuri ] Original commit   Revision:453486
453486 audio/Makefile
453486 audio/infamous-plugins-lv2
453486 audio/infamous-plugins-lv2/Makefile
453486 audio/infamous-plugins-lv2/distinfo
453486 audio/infamous-plugins-lv2/files
453486 audio/infamous-plugins-lv2/files/patch-src_rule.c
453486 audio/infamous-plugins-lv2/pkg-descr
453486 audio/infamous-plugins-lv2/pkg-plist
New port: audio/infamous-plugins-lv2: LV2 plugins for various sound effects

PR:		221553
Approved by:	tcberner (mentor)
Differential Revision:
[ 13:53 yuri ] Original commit   Revision:453464
453464 audio/Makefile
453464 audio/rtaudio
453464 audio/rtaudio/Makefile
453464 audio/rtaudio/distinfo
453464 audio/rtaudio/files
453464 audio/rtaudio/files/
453464 audio/rtaudio/pkg-descr
453464 audio/rtaudio/pkg-plist
New port: audio/rtaudio: C++ classes that provide a common API for realtime
audio input/output

PR:		223414
Approved by:	tcberner (mentor)
Differential Revision:
Wed, 1 Nov 2017
[ 22:59 yuri ] Original commit   Revision:453324
453324 audio/Makefile
453324 audio/foo-yc20
453324 audio/foo-yc20/Makefile
453324 audio/foo-yc20/distinfo
453324 audio/foo-yc20/pkg-descr
453324 audio/foo-yc20/pkg-message
453324 audio/foo-yc20/pkg-plist
New port: audio/foo-yc20: Faust implementation of a 1969-designed Yamaha combo
organ, the YC-20

PR:		221598
Approved by:	tcberner (mentor)
Differential Revision:
[ 20:20 yuri ] Original commit   Revision:453313
453313 audio/Makefile
453313 audio/py-pysndfile
453313 audio/py-pysndfile/Makefile
453313 audio/py-pysndfile/distinfo
453313 audio/py-pysndfile/pkg-descr
New port: audio/py-pysndfile: Cython wrapper class for soundfiles

PR:		221785
Approved by:	tcberner (mentor)
Differential Revision:
Mon, 30 Oct 2017
[ 09:44 tobik ] Original commit   Revision:453161
453161 audio/Makefile
453161 audio/cava
453161 audio/cava/Makefile
453161 audio/cava/distinfo
453161 audio/cava/files
453161 audio/cava/files/patch-config.c
453161 audio/cava/files/patch-sndio
453161 audio/cava/pkg-descr
453161 audio/cava/pkg-plist
New port: audio/cava

C.A.V.A. is a bar spectrum audio visualizer for the terminal using
ALSA, PulseAudio, sndio or fifo buffer for input.

This program is not intended for scientific use.  It's written to look
responsive and aesthetic when used to visualize music.


- Include a backport of an sndio input contributed by me

PR:		223301
Submitted by: (based on)
Fri, 13 Oct 2017
[ 08:43 bapt ] Original commit   Revision:451962
451962 MOVED
451962 audio/Makefile
451962 audio/gstreamer-plugins-moodbar
Remove audio/gstreamer-plugins-moodbar it is an abandonware with no public
distfiles anymore
[ 08:30 bapt ] Original commit   Revision:451960
451960 MOVED
451960 audio/Makefile
451960 audio/festdoc
Remove audio/festdoc:

It is documenting a very old version of festival and there are no new release of
the documentation for newer version of festival.

The distfile has also been removed from their official website
Wed, 4 Oct 2017
[ 11:37 bapt ] Original commit   Revision:451219
451219 LEGAL
451219 MOVED
451219 audio/Makefile
451219 audio/ventrilo-server
Remove ventrilo-server

Upstream is no more distributing any FreeBSD binary
Thu, 14 Sep 2017
[ 03:01 ultima ] Original commit   Revision:449820
449820 audio/Makefile
449820 audio/py-opuslib
449820 audio/py-opuslib/Makefile
449820 audio/py-opuslib/distinfo
449820 audio/py-opuslib/pkg-descr
Python bindings to the libopus, IETF low-delay audio codec.

It allows python applications to use the Opus audio codec to encode
and decode audio, usually in order to reduce the network bandwidth
that is used by the application.


PR:		222038
Submitted by:	Yuri Victorovich (maintainer)
Reviewed by:	lifanov (mentor), matthew (mentor), koobs, sunpoet, mat
Approved by:	lifanov (mentor), matthew (mentor), koobs
Differential Revision:
Sun, 3 Sep 2017
[ 09:51 rene ] Original commit   Revision:449193
449193 MOVED
449193 audio/Makefile
449193 audio/tomahawk
449193 devel/Makefile
449193 devel/rubygem-sequel3
449193 devel/rubygem-sidekiq-cron04
449193 devel/rubygem-sidekiq4
449193 devel/rubygem-webpacker1-rails5
449193 german/Makefile
449193 german/phone

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Remove expired ports:
2017-08-30 www/speedtest-mini: Discontinued upstream (on June 30, 2017)
2017-08-31 devel/rubygem-sequel3: Use devel/rubygem-sequel instead
2017-08-31 audio/tomahawk: Project is dead upstream.
2017-08-31 mail/rubygem-larch: Unmaintained by upstream, no changes since 2013
2017-08-31 devel/rubygem-sidekiq4: Use devel/rubygem-sidekiq instead
2017-08-31 devel/rubygem-webpacker1-rails5: Use devel/rubygem-webpacker-rails5
2017-08-31 devel/rubygem-sidekiq-cron04: Use devel/rubygem-sidekiq-cron instead
2017-09-01 www/py-django19: Unsupported upstream
2017-09-01 mail/movemail: Out of date
2017-09-01 german/phone: Out of date
2017-09-01 ports-mgmt/fbsdmon: no longer maintained, web site it sends data to
has been taken over by cybersquatters
Wed, 23 Aug 2017
[ 11:33 rene ] Original commit   Revision:448603
448603 LEGAL
448603 MOVED
448603 audio/Makefile
448603 audio/linux-neroaaccodec
448603 biology/Makefile
448603 biology/biojava
448603 devel/Makefile
448603 devel/gdb66
448603 devel/insight
448603 games/Makefile

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Remove expired ports:
2017-08-23 games/plee-the-bear: Broken for more than 6 months
2017-08-23 x11-themes/kde-icons-umicons: Broken for more than 6 months
2017-08-23 lang/bigloo: Broken for more than 6 months
2017-08-23 audio/linux-neroaaccodec: Broken for more than 6 months
2017-08-23 x11-themes/kde-icons-dark-glass: Broken for more than 6 months
2017-08-23 misc/fortune-mod-ferengi_rules_of_acquisition: Broken for more than 6
2017-08-23 misc/fortune-mod-culmea-culmilor: Broken for more than 6 months
2017-08-23 misc/xyzcmd: Broken for more than 6 months
2017-08-23 russian/fortuneru: Broken for more than 6 months
2017-08-23 security/bdc: Broken for more than 6 months
2017-08-23 x11-themes/kde-icons-icosx: Broken for more than 6 months
2017-08-23 devel/insight: Broken for more than 6 months
2017-08-23 devel/gdb66: Broken for more than 6 months
2017-08-23 biology/biojava: Broken for more than 6 months
2017-08-23 games/xroach: Broken for more than 6 months
Mon, 21 Aug 2017
[ 07:05 ultima ] Original commit   Revision:448455
448455 audio/Makefile
448455 audio/caps-lv2
448455 audio/caps-lv2/Makefile
448455 audio/caps-lv2/distinfo
448455 audio/caps-lv2/pkg-descr
448455 audio/caps-lv2/pkg-plist
The C* Audio Plugin Suite, is a collection of highly refined LV2
units capable of (and intended for) realtime operation. The suite
includes DSP units emulating instrument amplifiers, stomp-box
classics, versatile 'virtual analogue' oscillators, fractal
oscillation, reverb, equalization and others.


PR:		221254
Submitted by:	Yuri Victorovich (maintainer)
Reviewed by:	matthew (mentor)
Approved by:	matthew (mentor)
Differential Revision:
[ 07:04 ultima ] Original commit   Revision:448454
448454 audio/Makefile
448454 audio/tap-plugins-lv2
448454 audio/tap-plugins-lv2/Makefile
448454 audio/tap-plugins-lv2/distinfo
448454 audio/tap-plugins-lv2/pkg-descr
448454 audio/tap-plugins-lv2/pkg-plist
This is the LV2 porty of Tom's Audio Processing plugins.
Tom's Audio Processing plugins is a selection of LADSPA plugins for audio
engineering on the Linux platform. Intended for use in a professional DAW
environment such as Ardour, it includes high quality reverberation, echo,
eq, limiter & more.


PR:		221231
Submitted by:	Yuri Victorovich (maintainer)
Reviewed by:	matthew (mentor)
Approved by:	matthew (mentor)
Differential Revision:
[ 07:02 ultima ] Original commit   Revision:448453
448453 audio/Makefile
448453 audio/synthpod-lv2
448453 audio/synthpod-lv2/Makefile
448453 audio/synthpod-lv2/distinfo
448453 audio/synthpod-lv2/files
448453 audio/synthpod-lv2/files/patch-CMakeLists.txt
448453 audio/synthpod-lv2/pkg-descr
448453 audio/synthpod-lv2/pkg-message
448453 audio/synthpod-lv2/pkg-plist
Synthpod is an LV2 host. It can be run as a standalone app and be used as a
tool for live performances or general audio and event filtering.

It was conceptualized to fill the gap between pure textual (e.g. SuperCollider)
and pure visual flow (e.g. Pure Data) audio programming paradigms.

Potential fields of application may include:
* Live audio synthesis
* Real-time event scripting
* Non-linear signal routing
* Advanced control automation
* Advanced event filtering
* Live mixing
* Live coding
* Algorithmic composition
* Interfacing to expressive controllers


PR:		221319
Submitted by:	Yuri Victorovich (maintainer)
Reviewed by:	matthew (mentor)
Approved by:	matthew (mentor)
Differential Revision:
Sun, 20 Aug 2017
[ 23:00 ultima ] Original commit   Revision:448442
448442 audio/Makefile
448442 audio/vm-lv2
448442 audio/vm-lv2/Makefile
448442 audio/vm-lv2/distinfo
448442 audio/vm-lv2/files
448442 audio/vm-lv2/files/patch-pugl_pugl_pugl__x11.c
448442 audio/vm-lv2/pkg-descr
448442 audio/vm-lv2/pkg-plist
Currently the following plugins are contained in this plugin bundle:
* Control VM
  Virtual machine for LV2 Control ports. Features 8 inputs and 8 outputs.
  Virtual machine for LV2 Control Voltage ports. Features 8 inputs
  and 8 outputs.
* Audio VM
  Virtual machine for LV2 Audio ports. Features 8 inputs and 8 outputs.
* Atom VM
  Virtual machine for LV2 Atom event ports. Features 8 inputs and 8 outputs.


PR:		221352
Submitted by:	Yuri Victorovich (maintainer)
Reviewed by:	matthew (mentor)
Approved by:	matthew (mentor)
Differential Revision:
[ 18:33 ultima ] Original commit   Revision:448438
448438 MOVED
448438 audio/Makefile
448438 audio/py-jack
448438 audio/py-py-jack
448438 audio/py-py-jack/Makefile
Renamed to py-py-jack to match PyPI package name

PR:		220990
Reviewed by:	matthew (mentor)
Approved by:	matthew (mentor)
Differential Revision:
Sat, 19 Aug 2017
[ 17:53 ultima ] Original commit   Revision:448348
448348 audio/Makefile
448348 audio/rtmidi
448348 audio/rtmidi/Makefile
448348 audio/rtmidi/distinfo
448348 audio/rtmidi/files
448348 audio/rtmidi/files/
448348 audio/rtmidi/pkg-descr
448348 audio/rtmidi/pkg-plist
RtMidi is a set of C++ classes (RtMidiIn, RtMidiOut, and API specific classes)
that provide a common API (Application Programming Interface) for realtime MIDI
input/output across Linux (ALSA, JACK), Macintosh OS X (CoreMIDI, JACK), and
Windows (Multimedia Library) operating systems. RtMidi significantly simplifies
the process of interacting with computer MIDI hardware and software. It was
designed with the following goals:
* object oriented C++ design
* simple, common API across all supported platforms
* only one header and one source file for easy inclusion in programming projects
* MIDI device enumeration


PR:		221398
Submitted by:	Yuri Victorovich (maintainer)
Reviewed by:	matthew (mentor)
Approved by:	matthew (mentor)
Differential Revision:
[ 17:51 ultima ] Original commit   Revision:448347
448347 audio/Makefile
448347 audio/py-jack
448347 audio/py-jack/Makefile
448347 audio/py-jack/distinfo
448347 audio/py-jack/files
448347 audio/py-jack/files/patch-pyjack.c
448347 audio/py-jack/pkg-descr
PyJack is a module written in C which exposes the Jack API to Python.
For information about Jack see This
enables a Python program to connect to and interact with pro-audio
applications which use the Jack Audio Server.


PR:		220990
Submitted by:	Yuri Victorovich (maintainer)
Reviewed by:	matthew (mentor)
Approved by:	matthew (mentor)
Differential Revision:
[ 17:49 ultima ] Original commit   Revision:448346
448346 audio/Makefile
448346 audio/sherlock-lv2
448346 audio/sherlock-lv2/Makefile
448346 audio/sherlock-lv2/distinfo
448346 audio/sherlock-lv2/files
448346 audio/sherlock-lv2/files/patch-pugl_pugl_pugl__x11.c
448346 audio/sherlock-lv2/pkg-descr
448346 audio/sherlock-lv2/pkg-plist
A set of utilities to inspect other plugins:
* The Atom Inspector is meant as a monitor/debug tool for LV2 plugin and
  host authors. It captures all Atom events sent to its event input port
  and presents them on its user interface for convenient nested browsing.
* The MIDI Inspector is meant as a monitor/debug tool for LV2 plugin and
  host authors. It captures all MIDI events sent to its event input port
  and presents them on its user interface for convenient nested browsing.
* The OSC Inspector is meant as a monitor/debug tool for LV2 plugin and
  host authors. It captures all OSC events sent to its event input port
  and presents them on its user interface for convenient nested browsing.


PR:		221226
Submitted by:	Yuri Victorovich (maintainer)
Reviewed by:	matthew (mentor)
Approved by:	matthew (mentor)
Differential Revision:
[ 17:48 ultima ] Original commit   Revision:448345
448345 audio/Makefile
448345 audio/swh-lv2
448345 audio/swh-lv2/Makefile
448345 audio/swh-lv2/distinfo
448345 audio/swh-lv2/files
448345 audio/swh-lv2/files/patch-Makefile
448345 audio/swh-lv2/pkg-descr
448345 audio/swh-lv2/pkg-plist
Steve Harris' LV2 version of Plugin Collection.


PR:		221384
Submitted by:	Yuri Victorovich (maintainer)
Reviewed by:	matthew (mentor)
Approved by:	matthew (mentor)
Differential Revision:
Thu, 17 Aug 2017
[ 21:53 ultima ] Original commit   Revision:448198
448198 audio/Makefile
448198 audio/lv2file
448198 audio/lv2file/Makefile
448198 audio/lv2file/distinfo
448198 audio/lv2file/files
448198 audio/lv2file/files/patch-Makefile
448198 audio/lv2file/pkg-descr
lv2file is a simple program which you can use to apply effects to your audio
files without much hassle. Possible use cases are:

* When you want to apply an effect without having to open a GUI or start a
* When you want to apply effects to a large number of files, or in an automated
* When you need a deterministic environment to debug a plugin.
* You like everything to be on the command line.

lv2file uses the LV2 plugin format ( for the effects it uses.


PR:		221214
Submitted by:	Yuri Victorovich (maintainer)
Reviewed by:	matthew (mentor)
Approved by:	matthew (mentor)
Differential Revision:
[ 20:00 ultima ] Original commit   Revision:448187
448187 audio/Makefile
448187 audio/qmidiarp
448187 audio/qmidiarp/Makefile
448187 audio/qmidiarp/distinfo
448187 audio/qmidiarp/pkg-descr
448187 audio/qmidiarp/pkg-plist
QMidiArp is an advanced MIDI arpeggiator, programmable step sequencer and LFO.
It can hold any number of arpeggiator, sequencer, or LFO modules running in

Arpeggiator modules produce sequences depending on the notes sent to their input
port, which is typically connected to a keyboard or another sequencer.

Step sequencer modules allow you to create simple linear, monophonic and
globally transposable sequences similar to the first analog sequencers.

MIDI LFO modules independently produce MIDI controller data of adjustable
waveform, time resolution, amplitude and duration.

A Global Storage Tool can store different setups and switch between them at a
given time. It allows you to dynamically combine patterns and LFO wave forms.


PR:		221327
Submitted by:	Yuri Victorovich (maintainer)
Reviewed by:	matthew (mentor), mat
Approved by:	matthew (mentor)
Differential Revision:
[ 19:59 ultima ] Original commit   Revision:448186
448186 audio/Makefile
448186 audio/blop-lv2
448186 audio/blop-lv2/Makefile
448186 audio/blop-lv2/distinfo
448186 audio/blop-lv2/pkg-descr
448186 audio/blop-lv2/pkg-plist
Bandlimited oscillator plugins for LV2-aware audio applications.
Sawtooth, Square, Variable Pulse and Slope- variable triangle waves.


PR:		221252
Submitted by:	Yuri Victorovich (maintainer)
Reviewed by:	matthew (mentor), mat
Approved by:	matthew (mentor)
Differential Revision:
[ 19:56 ultima ] Original commit   Revision:448185
448185 audio/Makefile
448185 audio/jalv
448185 audio/jalv/Makefile
448185 audio/jalv/distinfo
448185 audio/jalv/files
448185 audio/jalv/files/patch-wscript
448185 audio/jalv/pkg-descr
448185 audio/jalv/pkg-plist
Jalv runs LV2 plugins and exposes their ports as Jack ports, essentially
making any LV2 plugin function as a Jack application.

Jalv is a small program which is useful, but also intended to be an appropriate
test host for plugin development. It runs plugins from the command line with no
user interaction, is light enough to run in valgrind, and is capable of dumping
all plugin to/from UI communication in a human readable format.


PR:		221215
Submitted by:	Yuri Victorovich (maintainer)
Reviewed by:	matthew (mentor)
Approved by:	matthew (mentor)
Differential Revision:
[ 19:53 ultima ] Original commit   Revision:448184
448184 audio/Makefile
448184 audio/ir-lv2
448184 audio/ir-lv2/Makefile
448184 audio/ir-lv2/distinfo
448184 audio/ir-lv2/files
448184 audio/ir-lv2/files/patch-Makefile
448184 audio/ir-lv2/files/patch-ir.h
448184 audio/ir-lv2/pkg-descr
LV2 Impulse response (convolution) plugin (for reverb and cabinet simulation).
This fork adds LV2 State extenstion support for proper storing of internal
plugin data.

IR is a no-latency/low-latency, realtime, high performance signal
convolver especially for creating reverb effects. Supports impulse
responses with 1, 2 or 4 channels, in any soundfile format supported
by libsndfile.


PR:		221232
Submitted by:	Yuri Victorovich (maintainer)
Reviewed by:	matthew (mentor)
Approved by:	matthew (mentor)
Differential Revision:
[ 19:50 ultima ] Original commit   Revision:448183
448183 audio/Makefile
448183 audio/midi-matrix-lv2
448183 audio/midi-matrix-lv2/Makefile
448183 audio/midi-matrix-lv2/distinfo
448183 audio/midi-matrix-lv2/files
448183 audio/midi-matrix-lv2/files/patch-pugl_pugl_pugl__x11.c
448183 audio/midi-matrix-lv2/pkg-descr
448183 audio/midi-matrix-lv2/pkg-plist
The Midi Matrix (Channel Filter) is a 3-in-1 filter plugin with a simple UI
enabling you to easily accomplish:

* MIDI channel filtering (e.g. blocking of specific channels)
* MIDI channel multiplication (e.g. send events from channel X to channels X, Y
and Z)
* MIDI channel rerouting (e.g send events from channel X to channel Y)
* And any possible combination thereof


PR:		221344
Submitted by:	Yuri Victorovich (maintainer)
Reviewed by:	matthew (mentor)
Approved by:	matthew (mentor)
Differential Revision:
[ 19:47 ultima ] Original commit   Revision:448182
448182 audio/Makefile
448182 audio/moony-lv2
448182 audio/moony-lv2/Makefile
448182 audio/moony-lv2/distinfo
448182 audio/moony-lv2/files
448182 audio/moony-lv2/files/patch-CMakeLists.txt
448182 audio/moony-lv2/files/patch-lcomplex_lcomplex.c
448182 audio/moony-lv2/files/patch-pugl_pugl_pugl__x11.c
448182 audio/moony-lv2/pkg-descr
448182 audio/moony-lv2/pkg-plist
Moony is a collection of LV2 plugins to easily add realtime programmable
logic glue in LV2 plugin graphs.


PR:		221343
Submitted by:	Yuri Victorovich (maintainer)
Reviewed by:	matthew (mentor)
Approved by:	matthew (mentor)
Differential Revision:
[ 19:42 ultima ] Original commit   Revision:448181
448181 audio/Makefile
448181 audio/stk
448181 audio/stk/Makefile
448181 audio/stk/distinfo
448181 audio/stk/files
448181 audio/stk/files/
448181 audio/stk/files/patch-src_RtAudio.cpp
448181 audio/stk/pkg-descr
448181 audio/stk/pkg-plist
The Synthesis ToolKit in C++ (STK) is a set of open source audio signal
processing and algorithmic synthesis classes written in the C++ programming


PR:		221387
Submitted by:	Yuri Victorovich (maintainer)
Reviewed by:	matthew (mentor)
Approved by:	matthew (mentor)
Differential Revision:
Tue, 15 Aug 2017
[ 21:21 ultima ] Original commit   Revision:448013
448013 audio/Makefile
448013 audio/mda-lv2
448013 audio/mda-lv2/Makefile
448013 audio/mda-lv2/distinfo
448013 audio/mda-lv2/pkg-descr
448013 audio/mda-lv2/pkg-plist
MDA-LV2 is an LV2 port of the MDA plugins by Paul Kellett. It contains
36 high-quality plugins for a variety of tasks.

This is a more or less faithful port of both the effects and instrument
plugins. The only functional difference in code is to support LV2-style
toggle ports (> 0.0 is on, rather than 0.5). All the plugins have been
tested, and thanks to several bug fixes this collection should be more
reliable than the original.


PR:		221270
Submitted by:	Yuri Victorovich (maintainer)
Reviewed by:	matthew (mentor)
Approved by:	matthew (mentor)
Differential Revision:
[ 00:13 ultima ] Original commit   Revision:447972
447972 audio/Makefile
447972 audio/orbit-lv2
447972 audio/orbit-lv2/Makefile
447972 audio/orbit-lv2/distinfo
447972 audio/orbit-lv2/pkg-descr
Several LV2 plugin bundled together:

* Beatbox Creates MIDI events based on LV2 time position events,
e.g. to drive a drum machine. Bars and beats can be
disabled/enabled separately.
* Cargoship Record/Playback of arbitrary LV2 atoms to/from disk.
Record all incoming atom messages with sample accuracy and play
them back later from disk. Stored atom event data is part of the
plugin state and is preserved across instantiations.
* Click Synthesizes click tracks based on LV2 time position events
(bars and beats). Bars and beats can be disabled/enabled separately.
* Looper Loops arbitrary LV2 atom events on a ping-pong buffer. E.g.
loops MIDI, OSC or anything else that can be packed into LV2 atoms
with sample accuracy. Needs to be driven by LV2 time position events.
* Pacemaker Creates LV2 time position events from scratch to drive
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Sun, 13 Aug 2017
[ 22:34 ultima ] Original commit   Revision:447921
447921 audio/Makefile
447921 audio/lvtk
447921 audio/lvtk/Makefile
447921 audio/lvtk/distinfo
447921 audio/lvtk/pkg-descr
447921 audio/lvtk/pkg-plist
This toolkit contains libraries that wrap the LV2 C API and extensions into
easy to use C++ classes. The original work for this was mostly done by
Lars Luthman in lv2-c++-tools.


PR:		221272
Submitted by:	Yuri Victorovich (maintainer)
Reviewed by:	matthew (mentor)
Approved by:	matthew (mentor)
Differential Revision:
Sat, 12 Aug 2017
[ 15:56 riggs ] Original commit   Revision:447841
447841 audio/Makefile
447841 audio/py-gmusicproxy
447841 audio/py-gmusicproxy/Makefile
447841 audio/py-gmusicproxy/distinfo
447841 audio/py-gmusicproxy/pkg-descr
New port: audio/py-gmusicproxy streams from Google Play Music to any player

PR:		220363
Submitted by: (maintainer)
Fri, 11 Aug 2017
[ 17:07 ultima ] Original commit   Revision:447778
447778 audio/Makefile
447778 audio/x42-plugins-lv2
447778 audio/x42-plugins-lv2/Makefile
447778 audio/x42-plugins-lv2/distinfo
447778 audio/x42-plugins-lv2/pkg-descr
447778 audio/x42-plugins-lv2/pkg-plist
A collection of professional lv2 audio plugins written by Robin Gareus.


PR:		221199
Submitted by:	Yuri Victorovich (maintainer)
Reviewed by:	matthew (mentor)
Approved by:	matthew (mentor)
Differential Revision:
[ 08:28 ultima ] Original commit   Revision:447744
447744 audio/Makefile
447744 audio/libltc
447744 audio/libltc/Makefile
447744 audio/libltc/distinfo
447744 audio/libltc/pkg-descr
447744 audio/libltc/pkg-plist
Linear (or Longitudinal) Timecode (LTC) is an encoding of SMPTE timecode data
as a Manchester-Biphase encoded audio signal. The audio signal is commonly
recorded on a VTR track or other storage media.

libltc provides functionality to encode and decode LTC audio from/to SMPTE or
EBU timecode, including SMPTE date support.


PR:		221196
Submitted by:	Yuri Victorovich (maintainer)
Reviewed by:	matthew (mentor), mat
Approved by:	matthew (mentor)
Differential Revision:
[ 08:26 ultima ] Original commit   Revision:447743
447743 audio/Makefile
447743 audio/zita-convolver
447743 audio/zita-convolver/Makefile
447743 audio/zita-convolver/distinfo
447743 audio/zita-convolver/files
447743 audio/zita-convolver/files/patch-Makefile
447743 audio/zita-convolver/pkg-descr
A C++ library implementing a real-time convolution matrix for up to 64 inputs
and outputs. It uses multiple partition sizes to provide both low delay and
efficient CPU use.


PR:		221193
Submitted by:	Yuri Victorovich (maintainer)
Reviewed by:	matthew (mentor)
Approved by:	matthew (mentor)
Differential Revision:
Mon, 7 Aug 2017
[ 15:33 jhale ] Original commit   Revision:447496
447496 audio/Makefile
447496 audio/aubio/Makefile
447496 audio/py-aubio
447496 audio/py-aubio/Makefile
New port: audio/py-aubio - Python bindings for audio/aubio

- Adjust audio/aubio to be the master port for audio/py-aubio
- Take maintainership
Thu, 27 Jul 2017
[ 16:19 amdmi3 ] Original commit   Revision:446756
446756 audio/Makefile
446756 audio/drumgizmo
446756 audio/drumgizmo/Makefile
446756 audio/drumgizmo/distinfo
446756 audio/drumgizmo/pkg-descr
446756 audio/drumgizmo/pkg-plist
DrumGizmo is an open source, multichannel, multilayered, cross-platform drum
plugin and stand-alone application. It enables you to compose drums in midi and
mix them with a multichannel approach. It is comparable to that of mixing a real
drumkit that has been recorded with a multimic setup.

Features include:
* Stand-alone, Lv2 and VSTi versions available
* Open drumkit file format, allowing the community to create their own drumkits
* Drum velocity, allowing for several different hit velocities for each drum
* Multichannel output, making it possible to mix it just the way you would a
  real drumkit
* Optional built-in humanizer, analyzing the midi notes, adjusting velocities
* Stand-alone midi renderer, generating .wav files, 1 for each channel
* Stand-alone midi input, making it possible to use DrumGizmo as a software
  sampler for an electronic drumkit


PR:		216241
Submitted by:
Sat, 22 Jul 2017
[ 11:35 kwm ] Original commit   Revision:446388
446388 MOVED
446388 Mk/
446388 audio/Makefile
446388 audio/clementine-player/Makefile
446388 audio/gnome-music/Makefile
446388 audio/gstreamer1-plugins-chromaprint/Makefile
446388 audio/gstreamer1-plugins-ladspa
446388 audio/gstreamer1-plugins-ladspa/Makefile
446388 audio/gstreamer1-plugins-mad
446388 audio/gstreamer1-plugins-musepack

(Only the first 10 of 88 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Update GStreamer1 ports to 1.12.2.

Rework the adding of dependancies in Mk/
Previous when using USE_GSTREAMER[1] it would just add the request modules to
BUILD/RUN_DEPENDS. This caused the qa script to complain because the old code
didn't implicit depend on the gstreamer1 and gstreamer1-plugins[-bad] ports for
the libraries they carried, even if they where present via the plugins! The new
code adds implicit depends on these ports so USE_GSTREAMER[1] using ports have
all the libraries included.

* The mad mp3 plugin was removed, mpg123 plugin also provides mp3 decoding.
Switch over ports that used the gstreamer1 mad plugin.
* gtksink plugin renamed -> gtk
* Hook up the sndio plugin into the framework
* Add some indirect dependacies where needed
* Reorder the plugin list in so only one plugin per line. When
changing plugins it doesn't result in multiple lines being changed.
* Remove mentions in of plugins mentions that where removed.
* Depend on libunwind on i386/amd64, GStreamer links to it if it is present.

PR:		220753
Exp-run by:	antoine@
Mon, 5 Jun 2017
[ 13:00 cpm ] Original commit   Revision:442616
442616 audio/Makefile
442616 audio/py-soundscrape
442616 audio/py-soundscrape/Makefile
442616 audio/py-soundscrape/distinfo
442616 audio/py-soundscrape/pkg-descr
Add new port audio/py-soundscrape

SoundScrape makes it super easy to download artists from SoundCloud, Bandcamp
and MixCloud. It automatically creates ID3 tags as well (including album art),
which is handy.


Reviewed by:	koobs
Differential Revision:
Tue, 30 May 2017
[ 18:21 tobik ] Original commit   Revision:442111
442111 audio/Makefile
442111 audio/gstreamer-plugins-sndio
442111 audio/gstreamer-plugins-sndio/Makefile
442111 audio/gstreamer-plugins-sndio/distinfo
442111 audio/gstreamer-plugins-sndio/pkg-descr
New port: audio/gstreamer-plugins-sndio

The GStreamer sndio plugin allows applications that use GStreamer 0.10
to play and record through sndio.

This includes several games, audio players like Exaile, and audio
editors like Jokosher.


Approved by:	lme (mentor)
Differential Revision:
Tue, 16 May 2017
[ 20:13 antoine ] Original commit   Revision:441054
441054 audio/Makefile
Hook audio/mpdscribble to the build
Mon, 8 May 2017
[ 14:47 ehaupt ] Original commit   Revision:440435
440435 MOVED
440435 audio/Makefile
440435 audio/aylet
440435 audio/aylet/Makefile
440435 audio/aylet/distinfo
440435 audio/aylet/files
440435 audio/aylet/files/patch-Makefile
440435 audio/aylet/pkg-descr
440435 audio/aylet/pkg-message
Resurrect, overhaul, and maintain audio/aylet. Project page is available. The
GUI functionality of the former slave port (audio/xaylet) is now an option of
audio/aylet without a slave port.

Modify MOVED to document the changes.
Sun, 7 May 2017
[ 14:36 rene ] Original commit   Revision:440338
440338 MOVED
440338 audio/Makefile
440338 audio/ufmcontrol-i18n
Remove audio/ufmcontrol-i18n, this port was broken for more than six months.
Sat, 6 May 2017
[ 07:39 miwi ] Original commit   Revision:440240
440240 audio/Makefile
440240 audio/py-hsaudiotag
440240 audio/py-hsaudiotag/Makefile
440240 audio/py-hsaudiotag/distinfo
440240 audio/py-hsaudiotag/pkg-descr
hsaudiotag is a pure Python library that lets you read metadata (bitrate,
sample rate, duration and tags) from mp3, mp4, wma, ogg, flac and aiff files.
It can only read tags, not write to them, but unlike more complete libraries
(like Mutagen), it is BSD licensed, making it suitable for most projects.
It is also backed by a nifty test suite.


PR:		214493
Submitted by:	Yuri Victorovich <>
Sun, 30 Apr 2017
[ 15:47 ler ] Original commit   Revision:439826
439826 MOVED
439826 audio/Makefile
439826 audio/last-cmus
439826 audio/logitechmediaserver-superdatetime
439826 audio/mehdiaplayer
439826 audio/pidgin-musictracker
439826 audio/xpi-musicpm
439826 biology/Makefile
439826 biology/treeviewx
439826 chinese/Makefile

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2017-04-30 devel/stormlib-ghost++: Unfetchable for more than six months (google
code has gone away)
2017-04-30 devel/py-coil: Unfetchable for more than six months (google code has
gone away)
2017-04-30 devel/py-cmdln: Unfetchable for more than six months (google code has
gone away)
2017-04-30 devel/privman: Unfetchable for more than six months (google code has
gone away)
2017-04-30 devel/c-unit: Unfetchable for more than six months (google code has
gone away)
2017-04-30 devel/py-px: Unfetchable for more than six months (google code has
gone away)
2017-04-30 devel/nglogc: Unfetchable for more than six months (google code has
gone away)
2017-04-30 devel/bncsutil-ghost++: Unfetchable for more than six months (google
code has gone away)
2017-04-30 devel/liblouisxml: Unfetchable for more than six months (google code
has gone away)
2017-04-30 devel/nxt-python: Unfetchable for more than six months (google code
has gone away)
2017-04-30 devel/spdict: Unfetchable for more than six months (google code has
gone away)
2017-04-30 devel/guiloader-c++: Unfetchable for more than six months (google
code has gone away)
2017-04-30 devel/streamhtmlparser: Unfetchable for more than six months (google
code has gone away)
2017-04-30 devel/winpdb: Unfetchable for more than six months (google code has
gone away)
2017-04-30 net/opendpi: Unfetchable for more than six months (google code has
gone away)
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Sat, 29 Apr 2017
[ 16:34 ehaupt ] Original commit   Revision:439760
439760 audio/Makefile
439760 audio/goattracker
439760 audio/goattracker/Makefile
439760 audio/goattracker/distinfo
439760 audio/goattracker/files
439760 audio/goattracker/files/patch-src_bme_makefile
439760 audio/goattracker/files/patch-src_makefile
439760 audio/goattracker/files/patch-src_makefile.common
439760 audio/goattracker/pkg-descr
439760 audio/goattracker/pkg-plist
Add goattracker 2.73, a crossplatform music editor for creating Commodore
64 music.
Wed, 12 Apr 2017
[ 16:30 ehaupt ] Original commit   Revision:438383
438383 audio/Makefile
438383 audio/schism
438383 audio/schismtracker
438383 audio/schismtracker/Makefile
438383 audio/schismtracker/pkg-plist
- Rename audio/schism for better naming
- Add .desktop files for tracker and editor
- Provide icons
[ 14:07 ehaupt ] Original commit   Revision:438357
438357 audio/Makefile
438357 audio/protracker
438357 audio/protracker/Makefile
438357 audio/protracker/distinfo
438357 audio/protracker/pkg-descr
Add protracker 2.3.d, amiga ProTracker clone.
Sat, 1 Apr 2017
[ 20:02 bapt ] Original commit   Revision:437466
437466 MOVED
437466 audio/Makefile
437466 audio/gnome-audio
remove another gnome2 remnant
[ 19:41 bapt ] Original commit   Revision:437461
437461 MOVED
437461 audio/Makefile
437461 audio/gnome-media
Remove remnant from gnome 2 which is not depend on anymore
Mon, 20 Mar 2017
[ 16:25 tobik ] Original commit   Revision:436552
436552 audio/Makefile
436552 audio/supercollider
436552 audio/supercollider/Makefile
436552 audio/supercollider/distinfo
436552 audio/supercollider/files
436552 audio/supercollider/files/patch-QtCollider_QObjectProxy.cpp
436552 audio/supercollider/files/patch-QtCollider_primitives_prim__QObject.cpp
436552 audio/supercollider/files/patch-common_SC__Lock.h
436552 audio/supercollider/files/patch-lang_LangPrimSource_OSCData.cpp
436552 audio/supercollider/files/patch-lang_LangPrimSource_PyrPrimitive.cpp

(Only the first 10 of 24 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
New port: audio/supercollider

SuperCollider is a programming language for real time audio synthesis
and algorithmic composition.

The language interpreter runs in a cross platform IDE and communicates
via Open Sound Control with one or more synthesis servers.  The
SuperCollider synthesis server runs in a separate process or even on a
separate machine so it is ideal for realtime networked music.

SuperCollider was developed by James McCartney and originally released
in 1996.  He released it under the terms of the GNU General Public
License in 2002 when he joined the Apple Core Audio team.  It is now
maintained and developed by an active and enthusiastic community.  It
is used by musicians, scientists, and artists working with sound.


PR:		208443
Submitted by:	Tobias Brodel <>
Approved by:	mat (mentor)
Differential Revision:
Fri, 3 Mar 2017
[ 16:22 danfe ] Original commit   Revision:435350
435350 audio/Makefile
435350 audio/rezound
435350 audio/rezound/Makefile
435350 audio/rezound/distinfo
435350 audio/rezound/files/050_all_portaudio19.patch
435350 audio/rezound/files/patch-64bit-fixes
435350 audio/rezound/files/patch-fix-raw-save
435350 audio/rezound/files/patch-missing-includes
435350 audio/rezound/files/patch-src-PoolFile-TStaticPoolAccesser.h
435350 audio/rezound/files/patch-src_PoolFile_TPoolFile.cpp

(Only the first 10 of 25 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
- Resurrect `audio/rezound' as the days of gcc/libstdc++ mess are gone
  (at least on tier-1 architectures)
- Update to version 0.13.1beta which includes many C++ related fixes
  (unfortunately, a number of issues still remain to be patched)
- Let the compiler handle template instantiation of ``TPoolFile'' [1]
- Use native atomics instead of pulling Boost header
- Convert few remaining sed(1) in-place editing to patch files
- Bump FOX toolkit version being used (1.4 -> 1.6)
- Get rid of absolute port origins when specifying dependencies
- Unbreak NLS option (and enable it back by default)

Thu, 2 Mar 2017
[ 12:31 danfe ] Original commit   Revision:435233
435233 audio/Makefile
435233 audio/deadbeef-spectrogram-plugin
435233 audio/deadbeef-spectrogram-plugin/Makefile
435233 audio/deadbeef-spectrogram-plugin/distinfo
435233 audio/deadbeef-spectrogram-plugin/files
435233 audio/deadbeef-spectrogram-plugin/files/patch-Makefile
435233 audio/deadbeef-spectrogram-plugin/files/patch-spectrogram.c
435233 audio/deadbeef-spectrogram-plugin/pkg-descr
This is a spectrogram plugin for DeaDBeeF audio player.

[ 08:56 tobik ] Original commit   Revision:435214
435214 audio/Makefile
435214 audio/sonic-visualiser
435214 audio/sonic-visualiser/Makefile
435214 audio/sonic-visualiser/distinfo
435214 audio/sonic-visualiser/files
435214 audio/sonic-visualiser/files/patch-acinclude.m4
435214 audio/sonic-visualiser/files/
435214 audio/sonic-visualiser/files/
435214 audio/sonic-visualiser/files/
435214 audio/sonic-visualiser/files/patch-svapp_acinclude.m4

(Only the first 10 of 18 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
New port: audio/sonic-visualiser

Sonic Visualiser is a program for viewing and analysing the contents
of music audio files.

It supports serveral audio file formats and displays their waveforms
and spectograms in a straightforward way. The audio data can be
annotated and played back featuring time streching. Furthermore it
can be extended by third-party vamp plugins for feature extraction.


PR:		208401
Submitted by:
Approved by:	mat (mentor)
Differential Revision:
Wed, 1 Mar 2017
[ 17:50 rene ] Original commit   Revision:435180
435180 LEGAL
435180 MOVED
435180 archivers/Makefile
435180 archivers/libunrar4
435180 audio/Makefile
435180 audio/libofa
435180 japanese/Makefile
435180 japanese/ruby-eb
435180 japanese/xyaku
435180 sysutils/Makefile

(Only the first 10 of 12 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Remove expired ports:
2017-01-28 japanese/ruby-eb: Upstream no longer active
2017-03-01 japanese/xyaku: Unmaintained, depends on expired japanese/ruby-eb
2017-03-01 archivers/libunrar4: Outdated version. Please use archivers/libunrar5
2017-03-01 sysutils/xacpim: Mastersite disappeared
2017-03-01 sysutils/linux-nero: Probably cannot actually burn CD/DVD on recent
2017-03-01 audio/libofa: MusicDNS service has been discontinued
Sun, 26 Feb 2017
[ 11:38 ehaupt ] Original commit   Revision:434860
434860 MOVED
434860 audio/Makefile
434860 audio/alac
434860 audio/alac/Makefile
434860 audio/alac/distinfo
434860 audio/alac/files
434860 audio/alac/files/
434860 audio/alac/pkg-descr
434860 audio/alac/pkg-plist
(Readdition of audio/alac which was removed on 418056)

Add a new version of alac, apple Lossless Audio Codec.

PORTEPOCH is in order because of pre-existing version with a different
versioning schema.
Thu, 16 Feb 2017
[ 10:23 tobik ] Original commit   Revision:434203
434203 audio/Makefile
434203 audio/gstreamer1-plugins-sndio
434203 audio/gstreamer1-plugins-sndio/Makefile
434203 audio/gstreamer1-plugins-sndio/distinfo
434203 audio/gstreamer1-plugins-sndio/pkg-descr
434203 audio/gstreamer1-plugins-sndio/pkg-message
New port: audio/gstreamer1-plugins-sndio

The GStreamer sndio plugin allows applications that use GStreamer to
play and record to/from an sndio server.

This includes WebKit-based browsers, video players like Totem, and
audio players like Rhythmbox.


PR:	215904
Approved by:	lme (mentor)
Differential Revision:
Tue, 31 Jan 2017
[ 17:33 amdmi3 ] Original commit   Revision:432939
432939 audio/Makefile
432939 audio/zita-resampler
432939 audio/zita-resampler/Makefile
432939 audio/zita-resampler/distinfo
432939 audio/zita-resampler/files
432939 audio/zita-resampler/files/patch-Makefile
432939 audio/zita-resampler/pkg-descr
432939 audio/zita-resampler/pkg-plist
Zita-resampler is a C++ library for resampling audio signals. It is designed to
be used within a real-time processing context, to be fast, and to provide
high-quality sample rate conversion.

The library operates on signals represented in single-precision floating point
format. For multichannel operation both the input and output signals are assumed
to be stored as interleaved samples.

The API allows a trade-off between quality and CPU load. For the latter a range
of approximately 1:6 is available. Even at the highest quality setting
libzita-resampler will be faster than most similar libraries providing the same
quality, e.g. libsamplerate.


PR:		215981
Submitted by:
[ 16:54 tijl ] Original commit   Revision:432937
432937 MOVED
432937 Mk/Uses/
432937 Mk/
432937 accessibility/linux-c6-atk/Makefile
432937 accessibility/linux-c6-atk/distinfo
432937 accessibility/linux-c6-atk/distinfo.i386
432937 accessibility/linux-c6-atk/distinfo.x86_64
432937 accessibility/linux-c6-atk/pkg-descr
432937 accessibility/linux-c6-atk/pkg-plist.amd64
432937 accessibility/linux-c6-atk/pkg-plist.i386

(Only the first 10 of 887 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
- Autodetect the installed linux_base port and use LINUX_DEFAULT only as
  a last resort.
- Construct a list of DISTFILES for every architecture (amd64, i386).
  Select one list for regular make and all lists for make makesum so linux
  ports can have one combined distinfo file.
- Set DIST_SUBDIR?=centos so there's only one copy of common distfiles.
- Use MASTER_SITES and DISTFILES groups so make fetch is a bit smarter.
- Regenerate all distinfo files.
- For linux_base-c6 (just like linux_base-c7 already does) turn bin, lib,
  lib64 and sbin into symbolic links to the same directory under usr.
  This fixes the problem where some programs/libraries exist under / on
  FreeBSD and /usr on Linux or vice versa and then depending on the order
  of search paths Linux programs may run/load FreeBSD programs/libraries
  and fail.
- Turn usr/share/icons into a symbolic link to LOCALBASE/share/icons so
(Only the first 15 lines of the commit message are shown above View all of this commit message)
Sat, 28 Jan 2017
[ 11:18 rene ] Original commit   Revision:432620
432620 LEGAL
432620 MOVED
432620 archivers/Makefile
432620 archivers/ruby-lha
432620 audio/Makefile
432620 audio/ruby-audiofile
432620 audio/ruby-mp3tag
432620 converters/Makefile
432620 converters/ruby-dump.rb
432620 databases/Makefile

(Only the first 10 of 65 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Remove expired ports:
2017-01-28 databases/ruby-rdbc1: Upstream no longer active
2017-01-28 databases/ruby-sybct: Upstream no longer active
2017-01-28 databases/ruby-o_dbm: Upstream no longer active
2017-01-28 databases/ruby-cdb: Upstream no longer active
2017-01-28 devel/ruby-rbison: Does not work on modern ruby
2017-01-28 devel/ruby-property: Upstream no longer exists
2017-01-28 devel/ruby-dialogs: Upstream no longer active
2017-01-28 devel/ruby-byaccr: Upstream no longer active
2017-01-28 devel/ruby-aspectr: Use rubygem-aspectr instead
2017-01-28 devel/ruby-locale: No longer useful
2017-01-28 devel/ruby-wirble: Upstream no longer active
2017-01-28 devel/ruby-tzfile: Upstream no longer exists
2017-01-28 devel/ruby-rreadline: Upstream no longer exists
2017-01-28 devel/ruby-intl: Use devel/rubygem-gettext instead
(Only the first 15 lines of the commit message are shown above View all of this commit message)
Sun, 15 Jan 2017
[ 09:48 rene ] Original commit   Revision:431540
431540 MOVED
431540 archivers/Makefile
431540 archivers/tclmkziplib
431540 audio/Makefile
431540 audio/aureal-kmod
431540 audio/xmms-openspc
431540 emulators/Makefile
431540 emulators/doscmd
431540 net/Makefile
431540 net/cyphesis

(Only the first 10 of 19 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Remove expired ports:
2017-01-15 net/cyphesis: Does not compile on FreeBSD 10+
2017-01-15 net/gpxe: does not build on FreeBSD 10.x and later
2017-01-15 net/openospfd: requires old CARP implementation (interface layer)
2017-01-15 security/openbsm-devel: is not needed under FreeBSD 10.x or higher
2017-01-15 security/ssh-copy-id: is already in the base system
2017-01-15 sysutils/apt: does not build on 10+
2017-01-15 archivers/tclmkziplib: Abandonware, please use bundled zlib package
2017-01-15 x11-drivers/drm-kmod: this port is only for 9.3 systems
2017-01-15 audio/xmms-openspc: does not build on FreeBSD 10.x and later
2017-01-15 audio/aureal-kmod: does not build (and fetch)
2017-01-15 emulators/doscmd: does not build (accesses field of opaque structure)
Thu, 12 Jan 2017
[ 21:34 pi ] Original commit   Revision:431322
431322 audio/Makefile
431322 audio/ardour5
431322 audio/ardour5/Makefile
431322 audio/ardour5/distinfo
431322 audio/ardour5/files
431322 audio/ardour5/pkg-descr
431322 audio/ardour5/pkg-plist
New port: audio/ardour5

Ardour is a digital audio workstation. You can use it to record, edit, and
mix multi-track audio. Produce your own CD's. Mix video soundtracks.
Experiment with new ideas about music and sound. Generate sound
installations for 12 speaker gallery shows.

Ardour capabilities include: multichannel recording, non-linear, non-
destructive region based editing with unlimited undo/redo, full automation
support, a mixer whose capabilities rival high end hardware consoles, lots
of plugins to warp, shift, and shape your music, and controllable from
hardware control surfaces at the same time as it syncs to timecode. If you
have been looking for a tool similar to ProTools, Nuendo, Cubase SX, Digital
Performer, Samplitude, or Sequoia, you might have found it.


PR:		213291
Submitted by:	Michael Beer <>
Reviewed by:	Yuri Victorovich <>
Wed, 11 Jan 2017
[ 06:35 pi ] Original commit   Revision:431158
431158 audio/Makefile
431158 audio/suil
431158 audio/suil/Makefile
431158 audio/suil/distinfo
431158 audio/suil/pkg-descr
431158 audio/suil/pkg-plist
New port: audio/suil

Suil is a lightweight C library for loading and wrapping LV2 plugin UIs.

Suil makes it possible to load a UI of any toolkit in a host using any
other toolkit (assuming the toolkits are both supported by Suil).
Hosts do not need to build against or link to foreign toolkit libraries
to use UIs written with that toolkit; all the necessary magic is performed
by dynamically loaded modules. The API is designed such that hosts do not
need to explicitly support specific toolkits at all - if Suil supports
a particular toolkit, then UIs in that toolkit will work in all hosts
that use Suil automatically.

Suil currently supports every combination of Gtk 2, Qt 4, and X11, e.g. with
Suil a Gtk program can embed a Qt plugin UI without depending on Qt,
(Only the first 15 lines of the commit message are shown above View all of this commit message)
Tue, 10 Jan 2017
[ 19:48 pi ] Original commit   Revision:431129
431129 audio/Makefile
431129 audio/lilv
431129 audio/lilv/Makefile
431129 audio/lilv/distinfo
431129 audio/lilv/pkg-descr
431129 audio/lilv/pkg-plist
New port: audio/lilv

Lilv is a C library to make the use of LV2 plugins as simple as possible
for applications. Lilv is the successor to SLV2, rewritten to be significantly
faster and have minimal dependencies. It is stable, well-tested
software (the included test suite covers over 90% of the code) in use
by several applications.


PR:		213290
Submitted by:	Michael Beer <>
Reviewed by:	Yuri Victorovich <>
[ 18:52 pi ] Original commit   Revision:431125
431125 audio/Makefile
431125 audio/sratom
431125 audio/sratom/Makefile
431125 audio/sratom/distinfo
431125 audio/sratom/pkg-descr
431125 audio/sratom/pkg-plist
New port: audio/sratom

Sratom is a library for serialising LV2 atoms to/from RDF,
particularly the Turtle syntax.


PR:		213288
Submitted by:	Michael Beer <>
Reviewed by:	Yuri Victorovich <>
Wed, 4 Jan 2017
[ 12:52 avilla ] Original commit   Revision:430554
430554 audio/Makefile
430554 audio/nuvolaplayer
430554 audio/nuvolaplayer/Makefile
430554 audio/nuvolaplayer/distinfo
430554 audio/nuvolaplayer/pkg-descr
430554 audio/nuvolaplayer/pkg-message
430554 audio/nuvolaplayer/pkg-plist
430554 www/Makefile
430554 www/nuvolaplayer-8tracks
430554 www/nuvolaplayer-8tracks/Makefile

(Only the first 10 of 58 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
- Add ports for Nuvola Player 3 and its services

Nuvola Player is a runtime for web-based music streaming services
providing more native user experience and integration with desktop
environments than usual web browsers can offer. Nuvola Player handles
multimedia keys, shows desktop notifications, integrates with various
sound menus, applets and launchers and more. Additional features
include scrobbling.

Mostly the same name scheme as in the official repo was kept, to
promote some compatibility.

The service ports are generated automatically, all the magic happens
in www/nuvolaplayer-all-services/ This allows for
very easy maintenance of many slave ports.

Sat, 31 Dec 2016
[ 17:25 rene ] Original commit   Revision:430144
430144 LEGAL
430144 MOVED
430144 accessibility/Makefile
430144 accessibility/linux-f10-atk
430144 archivers/Makefile
430144 archivers/linux-f10-ucl
430144 archivers/linux-f10-upx
430144 audio/Makefile
430144 audio/linux-f10-alsa-lib
430144 audio/linux-f10-alsa-plugins-oss

(Only the first 10 of 97 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Drop support for Linux Fedora 10 (ports part)
games/dsnake only worked with linux-f10

Should fix INDEX

(Only the first 15 lines of the commit message are shown above View all of this commit message)
Sun, 25 Dec 2016
[ 18:27 pi ] Original commit   Revision:429450
429450 audio/Makefile
429450 audio/spectrogram
429450 audio/spectrogram/Makefile
429450 audio/spectrogram/distinfo
429450 audio/spectrogram/pkg-descr
429450 audio/spectrogram/pkg-message
New port: audio/spectrogram

Small audio visualizer for sndiod's monitor mode.


PR:		214464
Submitted by:	Tobias Kortkamp <>
Wed, 30 Nov 2016
[ 21:15 rene ] Original commit   Revision:427460
427460 MOVED
427460 audio/Makefile
427460 audio/lv2core
Remove expired port:
2016-11-30 audio/lv2core: Superseded by audio/lv2
[ 16:50 danfe ] Original commit   Revision:427438
427438 audio/Makefile
427438 audio/sayonara
427438 audio/sayonara/Makefile
427438 audio/sayonara/distinfo
427438 audio/sayonara/files
427438 audio/sayonara/files/patch-src_CMakeLists.txt
427438 audio/sayonara/files/patch-src_Main.cpp
427438 audio/sayonara/pkg-descr
427438 audio/sayonara/pkg-plist
Sayonara is a small, clear, and fast audio player for Unix-like systems,
written in C++ on Qt 5.x framework and using GStreamer as audio backend.

Sun, 27 Nov 2016
[ 17:00 dbn ] Original commit   Revision:427247
427247 Mk/Uses/
427247 audio/Makefile
427247 audio/libgpod-sharp
427247 audio/libgpod-sharp/Makefile
427247 audio/libgpod-sharp/pkg-plist
427247 audio/libgpod/Makefile
427247 audio/libgpod/pkg-plist
427247 devel/monodevelop/Makefile
427247 devel/monodevelop/distinfo
427247 games/openra/Makefile

(Only the first 10 of 21 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
USES=mono: simplify EXTRACT_ONLY, fix nuget-extract [1]
 - Instead of excluding the specific packages added to DISTFILES (but only for
   FreeBSD 9+), exclude all files with a '.nupkg' extension.
 - Move the nuget-extract command to be before post-extract, to allow the port's
   post-extract command to move packages around

audio/libgpod-sharp: add port for mono bindings for libgpod
 - audio/libgpod: [2]
   - USE_GNOME: add missing dependency
   - Remove mono files from pkg-plist (now in audio/libgpod-sharp)
   - Allow relevant variables to be overridden
   - Fix MONO options
   - Patch source to allow building with modern mono
   - Avoid post-install target for slave ports.
(Only the first 15 lines of the commit message are shown above View all of this commit message)
Sun, 20 Nov 2016
[ 17:32 ehaupt ] Original commit   Revision:426607
426607 audio/Makefile
426607 audio/shairport-sync
426607 audio/shairport-sync/Makefile
426607 audio/shairport-sync/distinfo
426607 audio/shairport-sync/files
426607 audio/shairport-sync/files/
426607 audio/shairport-sync/pkg-descr
426607 audio/shairport-sync/pkg-plist
Add shairport-sync 2.8.6, airPlay audio player with multi-room audio
synchronisation capability.
Mon, 31 Oct 2016
[ 20:40 jbeich ] Original commit   Revision:425024
425024 audio/Makefile
425024 audio/lv2
425024 audio/lv2/Makefile
425024 audio/lv2/distinfo
425024 audio/lv2/files
425024 audio/lv2/files/patch-pkgconf
425024 audio/lv2/pkg-descr
425024 audio/lv2/pkg-plist
425024 audio/lv2core/Makefile
audio/lv2: add new port

PR:		197126, 213285 (based on)
Submitted by:	Radim Kolar <>, Michael Beer

LV2 is an open standard for audio plugins, used by hundreds of plugins
and other projects. At its core, LV2 is a simple stable interface,
accompanied by extensions which add functionality to support the needs
of increasingly powerful audio software.
Fri, 28 Oct 2016
[ 13:03 kwm ] Original commit   Revision:424830
424830 audio/Makefile
424830 audio/virtual_oss
424830 audio/virtual_oss/Makefile
424830 audio/virtual_oss/distinfo
424830 audio/virtual_oss/pkg-descr
424830 audio/virtual_oss_ctl
424830 audio/virtual_oss_ctl/Makefile
424830 audio/virtual_oss_ctl/distinfo
424830 audio/virtual_oss_ctl/pkg-descr
424830 audio/virtual_oss_ctl/pkg-plist
Add virtual_oss and it's graphical control panel virtual_oss_ctl.

Virtual OSS is an audio mixing application that multiplexes and demultiplexes
a single OSS device into multiple customizable OSS compatible devices using
character devices in userspace. These devices can be used to record played
back audio and mix the individual channels in multiple ways. Virtual OSS
also supports playback and recording through bluetooth audio devices.

Submitted by:	Hans Petter Selasky
Wed, 19 Oct 2016
[ 14:50 tijl ] Original commit   Revision:424259
424259 Mk/Uses/
424259 Mk/
424259 accessibility/Makefile
424259 accessibility/linux-c7-atk
424259 accessibility/linux-c7-atk/Makefile
424259 accessibility/linux-c7-atk/distinfo.i386
424259 accessibility/linux-c7-atk/distinfo.x86_64
424259 accessibility/linux-c7-atk/pkg-descr
424259 accessibility/linux-c7-atk/pkg-plist.i386
424259 accessibility/linux-c7-atk/pkg-plist.x86_64

(Only the first 10 of 455 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Add Linux CentOS 7 infrastructure ports.

Mk/Uses/ changes:
- Add support for architecture neutral (noarch) distfiles.
- Add support for 64-bit only ports: set IGNORE on i386 and don't install
  32-bit compat libraries on amd64.

Submitted by:	Piotr Kubaj <>
Differential Revision:
Wed, 5 Oct 2016
[ 22:50 woodsb02 ] Original commit   Revision:423393
423393 MOVED
423393 audio/Makefile
423393 audio/logitechmediaserver
423393 audio/logitechmediaserver-dynamicplaylist
423393 audio/logitechmediaserver-dynamicplaylist/Makefile
423393 audio/logitechmediaserver-dynamicplaylist/distinfo
423393 audio/logitechmediaserver-dynamicplaylist/pkg-descr
423393 audio/logitechmediaserver-lazysearch
423393 audio/logitechmediaserver-lazysearch/Makefile

(Only the first 10 of 46 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Move audio/squeezeboxserver to audio/logitechmediaserver

- Move to audio/logitechmediaserver
- Update to 7.9.0 pre-release (git commit from 7.9 branch on 2016.09.30)
- Change default install and database locations to suit new PORTNAME
- Remove as it is no longer bundled with the server
- Add /usr/local/etc/newsyslog.conf.d/, don't edit /etc/newsyslog.conf
- Add LICENSE details
- Update maintainer (previous maintainer timeout)
- Use customized perl modules provided in distfile and slimserver-vendor
  GitHub repo, rather than using perl dependencies from ports
- Changed install method to now copy directly to stagedir instead of an
  intermediate step to TMP_SLIMDIR
(Only the first 15 lines of the commit message are shown above View all of this commit message)
Tue, 20 Sep 2016
[ 18:10 madpilot ] Original commit   Revision:422533
422533 audio/Makefile
422533 audio/asterisk-espeak
422533 audio/asterisk-espeak/Makefile
422533 audio/asterisk-espeak/distinfo
422533 audio/asterisk-espeak/files
422533 audio/asterisk-espeak/files/patch-Makefile
422533 audio/asterisk-espeak/pkg-descr
422533 audio/asterisk-espeak/pkg-plist
eSpeak For Asterisk provides the "Espeak" dialplan application,
which allows you to use the Espeak speech synthesizer with Asterisk.
This module invokes the Espeak TTS engine locally, and uses it to
render text to speech.

[ 18:10 madpilot ] Original commit   Revision:422532
422532 audio/Makefile
422532 audio/asterisk-flite
422532 audio/asterisk-flite/Makefile
422532 audio/asterisk-flite/distinfo
422532 audio/asterisk-flite/files
422532 audio/asterisk-flite/files/patch-Makefile
422532 audio/asterisk-flite/pkg-descr
422532 audio/asterisk-flite/pkg-plist
Flite For Asterisk provides the "Flite" dialplan application, which
allows you to use the Flite TTS Engine with Asterisk.

Sun, 21 Aug 2016
[ 13:26 rm ] Original commit   Revision:420560
420560 MOVED
420560 audio/Makefile
420560 audio/exaile-devel
420560 audio/exaile-devel/Makefile
420560 audio/exaile-devel/distinfo
420560 audio/exaile-devel/files
420560 audio/exaile-devel/files/
420560 audio/exaile-devel/pkg-descr
420560 audio/exaile-devel/pkg-plist
Revive audio/exaile-devel

The main difference of development branch is that Exaile is ported to GTK+3
and Gstreamer 1.x.
Thu, 18 Aug 2016
[ 20:14 pawel ] Original commit   Revision:420421
420421 audio/Makefile
420421 audio/pulseaudio-module-sndio
420421 audio/pulseaudio-module-sndio/Makefile
420421 audio/pulseaudio-module-sndio/distinfo
420421 audio/pulseaudio-module-sndio/pkg-descr
420421 audio/pulseaudio-module-sndio/pkg-message
A module for PulseAudio to support playing to sndio servers.


PR:		211670
Submitted by:	Tobias Kortkamp <>
[ 17:03 pawel ] Original commit   Revision:420414
420414 audio/Makefile
420414 audio/aucatctl
420414 audio/aucatctl/Makefile
420414 audio/aucatctl/distinfo
420414 audio/aucatctl/pkg-descr
The aucatctl utility sends MIDI messages to control sndiod and/or
aucat volumes.


PR:		211542
Submitted by:	Tobias Kortkamp <>
Mon, 15 Aug 2016
[ 16:34 rm ] Original commit   Revision:420251
420251 audio/Makefile
420251 audio/py3-mutagen
420251 audio/py3-mutagen/Makefile
Add python3 version of audio/py-mutagen package
Thu, 4 Aug 2016
[ 07:31 kevlo ] Original commit   Revision:419599
419599 audio/Makefile
419599 audio/py-speechrecognition
419599 audio/py-speechrecognition/Makefile
419599 audio/py-speechrecognition/distinfo
419599 audio/py-speechrecognition/pkg-descr
Import SpeechRecognition 3.4.6

SpeechRecognition is a Python library for performing speech recognition,
with support for several engines and APIs, online and offline.
Wed, 3 Aug 2016
[ 06:15 pi ] Original commit   Revision:419497
419497 GIDs
419497 UIDs
419497 audio/Makefile
419497 audio/sndio
419497 audio/sndio/Makefile
419497 audio/sndio/distinfo
419497 audio/sndio/files
419497 audio/sndio/files/patch-configure
419497 audio/sndio/files/
419497 audio/sndio/files/patch-libsndio_sio.c

(Only the first 10 of 16 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
New port: audio/sndio

Sndio is a small audio and MIDI framework part of the OpenBSD project.

It provides an lightweight audio & MIDI server and a fully documented
user-space API to access either the server or directly the hardware in
a uniform way.  Sndio is designed to work for desktop applications,
but pays special attention to synchronization mechanisms and
reliability required by music applications.  Reliability through
simplicity are part of the project goals.


PR:		210124
Submitted by:	Tobias Kortkamp <>

Number of commits found: 1223 (showing only 100 on this page)

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