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non port: audio/clementine-player/files/patch-src__library_groupbydialog.h

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Wednesday, 11 May 2016
20:54 sbruno search for other commits by this committer
Update clementine-player to Upstream Release 1.3.1:

Requires the sqlite port to have FTS3_TOKENIZER enabled. Add a note
to UPDATING about this.

Fixes so many bugs, that its hard to keep up.

Add PulseAudio support.

Add Microsoft SkyDrive Support.

Add Amazon Cloud Drive Support.

Require the use of security/cryptopp for lastFM.

Update to gstreamer1.

Sort options and Makefile a bit.

Fix typo in MTP_DEVICE.

Upstream has fixed CD playback on FreeBSD.

Differential Revision:
Original commitRevision:415032 
Monday, 26 May 2014
18:18 sbruno search for other commits by this committer
Update clementine-player to 1.2.3

- Move distfile location to GitHub
- Remove three uneeded patches accepted upstream
- Add one new patch for <functional> support
- Add new dependency on libechonest

From Changelog:
Version 1.2.3:
    * Fix compilation with GCC 4.9.
    * (Linux) Fix poor search performance with sqlite 3.8.
    * (Ubuntu) Fix dependency issues on Ubuntu 14.04.
    * (Windows) Upgrade to OpenSSL 1.0.1g to fix CVE-2014-0160.

Version 1.2.2:
  Major features:
    * (Android Remote) Add kittens support.

    * Rename SkyDrive to OneDrive.
    * Don't include the user's IP address in the log (from the network remote
      settings dialog).
    * (Debian) Fix a bug with HTTPS logins to all cloud storage providers.
    * (Mac OS X) Fix a bug in the workaround for a weird font issue on 10.9.
    * (Mac OS X) Fix rendering of source icons on retina displays.
    * (Android Remote) Don't advertise songs that aren't available.
    * (Android Remote) Fix playing songs with special characters in filenames.

Reviewed by:	mat@
Original commitRevision:355424 

Number of commits found: 2