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Monday, 9 Dec 2002
00:22 alane search for other commits by this committer
Moved to multimedia category.
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Friday, 11 Oct 2002
00:51 alane search for other commits by this committer
Have you really *HEARD* KDE 3.0.4? Well, LISTEN TO THIS!
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Sunday, 25 Aug 2002
04:37 will search for other commits by this committer
Update to 3.0.3.  Not much changed here: [1] i18n PKGNAMEs converted to
more closely conform to FreeBSD style etc, and Konqueror SSL patch merged.

Tested by:      Matt Douhan <>, alane
Submitted by:   lioux [1]
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Thursday, 4 Jul 2002
19:39 will search for other commits by this committer
Update to 3.0.2 -- full log available in ports/x11/kde3/Makefile,v 1.51.
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Saturday, 15 Jun 2002
16:16 will search for other commits by this committer
Upgrade to KDE 3.0.1.  The delay in this upgrade is mainly due to the
rigorous testing performed on the part of the KDE/FreeBSD Project
over the last three weeks.  Thanks to everyone who helped test!

General changes:
        [1] Follow KDE2 style by moving KDE core specific macros and
            the like to x11/kde3/Makefile.kde.
        [2] Fix a variety of comments or miscellaneous data to reflect
            that this is KDE3 and not KDE2.
        [3] Account for more empty directories in the PLISTs.

        [4] More #include <malloc.h> -> #include <stdlib.h>.

        [5] Upgrade to 1.0.1.
        [6] Point at MASTER_SITE_KDE not my own mirror.

        [7] Account for the removal of the <machine/soundcard.h> symlink.
            Simply point all such includes at <sys/soundcard.h>.

        [8] Get rid of #include <values.h> preemptively.

        [9] Remove cervisia from build if building on -CURRENT due to
            C++-unsafe sys/wait.h.  The header is believed to have been
            fixed in newer -CURRENT (>= Jun 5) but we have not tested that.

        [10] Upgrade to 2.1.1 and use KDE 3 version.
        [11] Remove a number of suggested dependencies that no longer fit.
        [12] Account for where the docs for Qt went since they got moved
             to fit in hier(7) better.

        [13] Turn off kuickshow by default because it depends on imlib,
             which in turn depends on gtk/glib.  This will be revisited
             when we split up the KDE ports a bit.

        [14] Fix compile error on -CURRENT where kpat/freecell-solver/md5.h
             tried to define uint32_t after sys/types.h already had.

        No particular changes.

        No particular changes.

        [15] Re-add the huge number of missing @dirrm's.

        No particular changes.

misc/kde3-i18n-* and */kde3-i18n:
        For the most part, no particular changes.  A huge number of I18N
        message updates went into this release, though.

        [16] Fix build Makefile error due to tarball builder's env.

        No particular changes.

        No particular changes.

        [17] Account for mkfontdir "soft" build-time dependency.  If
             mkfontdir is available, use it to build fonts.dir where
             kdebase installs fonts.  Otherwise, don't bother.
        [18] Patch ElectricEyes.desktop to use the name of the program
             that FreeBSD uses when you install the port for it.
        [19] Patches for KDM merged into KDE 3.0.1.
        [20] Properly fix kdm/backend/xdmcp.c string format error.

        [21] Support the KDE3 version check to make sure no one
             tries to install KDE2 then KDE3.  The 'kde-version-check'
             target is centralized in x11/kde3/Makefile.kde.
        [22] Remove patch for kdeprint/
        [23] Add patch to fix critical icon loader bug.

        [24] Add Makefile.kde for centralizing KDE core-specific macros
             that don't belong in

        [25] Mark broken on any XFree86 version < 4 due to packing list
             related problems if we tried to support XFree86 3.
        [26] Error out if the user has Qt2 installed already.

        [27] Add USE_MESA to explicitly support the 3D screensavers.
        [28] Re-add a large number of missing @dirrm's.


[1] [4] [5] [6] [7]
[9] [10] [14] [16]
[21] [22] [24] [26]:    will

[2] [3] [8] [15] [17]
[19] [25] [27] [28]:    alane

[11] [12]
Submitted by:           Lauri Watts <>

[13] Found by:          mi
     Removed by:        will

[18] [23]
Submitted by:           Andy Fawcett <>

Tested by:              [in addition to the above, in no particular order]
                        Mattias Douhan <>
                        Bradley T. Hughes <>
                        Erik H. Bakke <>
                        David Johnson <>
                        JJ Behrens <>
                        Michael W. Collette <>
                        Adriaan de Groot <>
                        Mark Rowlands <>
                        Mark Stosberg <>
                        Dave Cantrell <>
                        Mark Miller <>
                        Wesley Morgan <>
                        Arjan van Leeuwen <>
Original commit
Sunday, 21 Apr 2002
23:47 will search for other commits by this committer
Please welcome Qt3/KDE3 to our ports tree.  This includes work since the
original versions of these ports, so some PORTREVISIONs were bumped.  See and mailing lists linked to from there for info
on the packages generated to test these ports. has already been updated a few days ago to work with these.

Some patches applied to fix a few bugs were:

        [1] Remove kpilot from build because it wasn't ready at release.
        [2] Fix compile time bugs for FreeBSD.
        [3] Fix compile problem with kvoctrain.
        [4] Fix KDM CPU usage and login bug.

Some caveats:
        * All PLISTs are broken for deinstall due to script bug that I
          didn't notice until very recently.  This will be fixed when I
          commit an update tomorrow.  These ports should still install
          perfectly fine though.  They should also deinstall without
          giving errors, but will leave directories behind.
        * You can't install this with any other version of QT or KDE
          already installed.  I am not sure the checks are 100% working,
          but fixes for these will be forthcoming.  This is mainly due
          to a policy decision made by kde@ to make QT/KDE ports install
          the way the rest of the world expects it to while also still
          conforming to FreeBSD's hier(7).  For reference on this decision,
          please consult the KDE/FreeBSD mailing list archives.  This
          decision fixes 2-year-old bug reports relating to how we handled
          this for KDE2 vs KDE1.

Submitted by:   [1] Adrian de Groot <>,
                [2] David Faure <>,
                    Andy Fawcett <>
                    Lauri Watts <>
                [3] Lauri Watts <>
                [4] Alan Eldridge <>
                    Oswald Buddenhagen <>
Reviewed by:    kde
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Number of commits found: 6