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Wed, 16 Nov 2016
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biology/njplot: Revive and update to version 2.4

Approved by:	AMDmi3 (mentor)
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Sun, 24 Jun 2012
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s/X11BASE/LOCALBASE/, or equivalent.

The X11BASE variable is long gone, however these ports were not updated.
Wed, 14 May 2008
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NJplot is a tree drawing program able to draw any phylogenetic tree expressed
in the Newick phylogenetic tree format (e.g., the format used by the PHYLIP
package). NJplot is especially convenient for rooting the unrooted trees
obtained from parsimony, distance or maximum likelihood tree-building methods.

The package contains the following programs:
njplot      - draw phylogenetic trees and interactively modify them
newicktops  - non-interactive version rendering into a PostScript file
newicktotxt - non-interactive version rendering into a text file
unrooted    - draw unrooted circular trees

If you use NJplot in a published work, please cite the following reference:

Perriere, G. and Gouy, M. (1996) WWW-Query: An on-line retrieval system for
biological sequence banks. Biochimie, 78, 364-369.


PR:             ports/118438
Submitted by:   Motomichi Matsuzaki <>

Number of commits found: 3