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non port: cad/alliance/files/

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Sat, 28 Sep 2019
[ 11:11 kai ] Original commit   Revision:513117
cad/alliance: Update to 5.1.1, remove BROKEN and undeprecate

* The code has been modernized so most of the patches and the workaround
  with USE_CXXSTD are therefore no longer required.  USE_GCC is still needed
  for build as some files cannot be compiled with Clang.

  The updated code also contains no more occurences of the long deprecated
  gets(3) function which has been removed since FreeBSD 1300043. [1]

* A patch from Debian's patchset [2] is required to remedy build issues
  with the documentation.

* Add USE_XORG to pass stage QA as some binaries are linked against various
  X libraries.  Among these libraries is also the recently deprecated
  x11/libXp, which is probably not needed but (still) pulled in by the
  OpenMotif toolkit.

* Also pet portlint/portclippy while I'm here by grouping related USE_*
  variables to the USES block and sort the other variables according to the

PR:		238686
Submitted by:	Loic Bartoletti <> (based on)
Reported by:	emaste [1]
Obtained from:	Debian [2]
Sat, 30 Aug 2014
[ 16:41 marino ] Original commit   Revision:366644 (Only the first 10 of 15 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
cad/alliance: Upgrade version 5.0.20090901 => 5.0.20120515, stage

This port was marked broken due to a bison error.  The newest version had
the same flaw, but I got the fix from Debian.  The 5.0.20120512 is also
not limited to i386, it builds fine on amd64 now.

It is still not jobs safe (it can't find libVrd before it's built) but
I suspect only minor changes are necessary to make it jobs safe.

Number of commits found: 2