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non port: databases/pg_citus/files/patch-src_include_distributed_master__metadata__utility.h

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Saturday, 16 Apr 2016
23:24 matthew search for other commits by this committer
Upgrade to 5.0.1
  - fixes for 32bit platforms have been applied upstream, so remove the
    corresponding patch.

Original commitRevision:413484 
Saturday, 26 Mar 2016
16:53 matthew search for other commits by this committer
What is Citus?

  * Open-source PostgreSQL extension (not a fork)
  * Scalable across multiple hosts through sharding and replication
  * Distributed engine for query parallelization
  * Highly available in the face of host failures

Citus horizontally scales PostgreSQL across commodity servers using
sharding and replication. Its query engine parallelizes incoming SQL
queries across these servers to enable real-time responses on large


Differential Revision:
Original commitRevision:411931 

Number of commits found: 2