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Monday, 31 Jan 2005
00:36 girgen search for other commits by this committer
Say hello to postgresql-8.0. Some of the highlights of the new version
are savepoints (within transactions), point-in-time recovery and
tablespaces. Check out the release notes and the shiny new website at:

The port uses the new postgresql ports' layout and is split into a
server and a client part. The following knobs can be used by ports
depending on PostgreSQL:

# USE_PGSQL     - Add PostgreSQL client dependency.
#                 If no version is given (by the maintainer via the port or
#                 by the user via defined variable), try to find the
#                 currently installed version.  Fall back to default if
#                 necessary (PostgreSQL-7.4 = 74).
#               - PostgreSQL default version. Can be overridden within a port.
#                 Default: 74.
#               - Maintainer can set an arbitrary version of PostgreSQL by
#                 using it.
#               - This variable can be defined if the ports doesn't support
#                 one or more versions of PostgreSQL.

PR:             75344
Approved by:    portmgr@ (kris), ade & sean (mentors)
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Number of commits found: 1