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usql Universal command-line interface for SQL databases
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Port Added: 2018-03-04 09:41:01
Last Update: 2018-06-13 05:58:31
SVN Revision: 472284
License: MIT
usql provides a simple way of working with SQL databases via a command-line
inspired by PostgreSQL's psql tool and has a few additional features that psql
does not, such as syntax highlighting and context-based completion.

Database administrators and developers that would prefer to work with
non-PostgreSQL databases with a tool like psql, will find usql intuitive,
easy-to-use, and a great replacement for the command-line clients/tools
available for other databases.

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Dependency line: usql>0:databases/usql

To install the port: cd /usr/ports/databases/usql/ && make install clean
To add the package: pkg install usql


There is no flavor information for this port.


TIMESTAMP = 1528865423
SHA256 (xo-usql-v0.7.0_GH0.tar.gz) = 679e5420b870be22e209c3931bb408c8c614e4265422128c2f99a7b168b57eda
SIZE (xo-usql-v0.7.0_GH0.tar.gz) = 58385
SHA256 (xo-dburl-2406b5c_GH0.tar.gz) = c7cdaac3db24cb19696723a3e91095624484aa20e15b4f4f1e634b66cbd31029
SIZE (xo-dburl-2406b5c_GH0.tar.gz) = 14197
SHA256 (xo-terminfo-b44407a_GH0.tar.gz) = 7c2cc98f9e5031785cc73133c85df6830fcf5695bfd1b65b973cb5c697c8f11f
SIZE (xo-terminfo-b44407a_GH0.tar.gz) = 36142
SHA256 (xo-xoutil-46189f4_GH0.tar.gz) = 94c6bf94250448fd2947bce2ec98ff0237e2d88b964f59291ff23ccea044e58e
SIZE (xo-xoutil-46189f4_GH0.tar.gz) = 1601
SHA256 (alecthomas-chroma-v0.3.0_GH0.tar.gz) = c48ce658a25f3422b4c493d769b823b2eb5ce9c19748ccff304bad4099ee54f3
SIZE (alecthomas-chroma-v0.3.0_GH0.tar.gz) = 292506
SHA256 (alexflint-go-arg-0cc8e30_GH0.tar.gz) = 8affae7a7224395d0174a18cd97f9d35998e49b19991354440aba6d41dc58457
SIZE (alexflint-go-arg-0cc8e30_GH0.tar.gz) = 52046
SHA256 (danwakefield-fnmatch-cbb64ac_GH0.tar.gz) = e187c66e99cdae6474edc59c1a63245e8e9428c4035c36e76c2cfe0b46ca7a38
SIZE (danwakefield-fnmatch-cbb64ac_GH0.tar.gz) = 4950
SHA256 (denisenkom-go-mssqldb-ee49270_GH0.tar.gz) = 19944cea3df581444212f9ac06a3660a3141776163438c823f380c6afdad1626
SIZE (denisenkom-go-mssqldb-ee49270_GH0.tar.gz) = 486198
SHA256 (dlclark-regexp2-v1.1.6_GH0.tar.gz) = 81ede5b49ff46bd1c686416c52605aa4698b9dce07d011581c49a1d35b8a5239
SIZE (dlclark-regexp2-v1.1.6_GH0.tar.gz) = 203691
SHA256 (go-sql-driver-mysql-v1.3_GH0.tar.gz) = 410bcaca471ea38892101464cc8b4a9cf63a9c7f94fce8728243829e36cd865b
SIZE (go-sql-driver-mysql-v1.3_GH0.tar.gz) = 59830
SHA256 (gohxs-readline-a780388_GH0.tar.gz) = 2c67fa5e1b317425c4f471a0cab7f53e46e18347105a76bdc3649761215c87ad
SIZE (gohxs-readline-a780388_GH0.tar.gz) = 942302
SHA256 (lib-pq-88edab0_GH0.tar.gz) = 240e898bc7323af2399bb0b9692991a5e22beefd5f0a618ac6a23504bb19f6a7
SIZE (lib-pq-88edab0_GH0.tar.gz) = 90312
SHA256 (mattn-go-isatty-v0.0.3_GH0.tar.gz) = daf68970a6506650b05bac72082865f88d582ecdb74418b95ac5621d5392b633
SIZE (mattn-go-isatty-v0.0.3_GH0.tar.gz) = 3364
SHA256 (mattn-go-runewidth-v0.0.2_GH0.tar.gz) = 6c7734401fdf829af4f35a5af21a54548f7d3a68336940fb550178ddfe95b076
SIZE (mattn-go-runewidth-v0.0.2_GH0.tar.gz) = 22367
SHA256 (mattn-go-sqlite3-v1.6.0_GH0.tar.gz) = 0173610c43ed3a188009a5cd83ccaa6da321965f6daa7b9e1b379a0ad0dd3dc4
SIZE (mattn-go-sqlite3-v1.6.0_GH0.tar.gz) = 2071502
SHA256 (olekukonko-tablewriter-b8a9be0_GH0.tar.gz) = c298df35543b6ca4ef61a84de03884140ec051976b772072f287b2a08435c52a
SIZE (olekukonko-tablewriter-b8a9be0_GH0.tar.gz) = 16756
SHA256 (zaf-temp-94e3859_GH0.tar.gz) = 705d08b1e54569342f1807ed4dbc9a858946d34541ca2ab052ef33bd3f11521d
SIZE (zaf-temp-94e3859_GH0.tar.gz) = 3087
SHA256 (golang-crypto-650f4a3_GH0.tar.gz) = 0cce7619a0627df46c567f83fed44ee750a5eaf62d91efbef0b27d08ab861b3f
SIZE (golang-crypto-650f4a3_GH0.tar.gz) = 1450433

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Build dependencies:
  1. go : lang/go
There are no ports dependent upon this port

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Number of commits found: 2

Commit History - (may be incomplete: see SVNWeb link above for full details)
13 Jun 2018 04:58:31
Original commit files touched by this commit  0.7.0
yuri search for other commits by this committer
databases/usql: Update 0.6.0 -> 0.7.0

Reported by:	portscout
04 Mar 2018 09:40:46
Original commit files touched by this commit  0.6.0
yuri search for other commits by this committer
New port: databases/usql: Universal command-line interface for SQL databases

Approved by:	tcberner (mentor, implicit)
Differential Revision:

Number of commits found: 2

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