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non port: devel/gprbuild/files/patch-src_gpr__version.adb

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Thursday, 9 Jun 2016
22:20 marino search for other commits by this committer
devel/gprbuild: Upgrade version 20150506 => 20160609

GPRBuild build is now hosted on github, so we can move away from the
yearly releases and update more frequently.  Unfortunately the docs
makefile is currently broken so docs are disabled currently.  When
they come back, only txt and html docs will be supported.

This new version detected a missing reference in the template-parser
port so that port has been fixed and the downstream ports bumped

It also discovered an interface specification issue in a designer
example of qtada.  I spent a few minutes trying to fix/workaround it,
but ultimately marked it broken.  I will also deprecate the port because
it no development has occurred since the port was created, and it's not
even based on a real release.  We'll see if anybody cares (3 month
Original commitRevision:416637 
Sunday, 28 Jun 2015
05:57 marino search for other commits by this committer
devel/gprbuild: Upgrade version 2014 => 2015

This upgrade was necessary because the latest version introduces new
switches that Adacore software already uses.  I'd been working around
it be replacing, for example, "gprinstall" with manual install targets.

More importantly, gprbuild is built with project files.  This requires
either gnatmake (which will drop this functionality on next gcc version)
or a copy of gprbuild already installed.  Since I don't want to carry
binary bootstraps, I wrote a new BSD-style makefile to avoid gprbuild
as a dependency for itself.

Unlike GPS 2014, it uses the gnat sources that it was provided with
instead of gnat_util library.  The gpr* sources use functions not yes
in FSF GNAT and only one regression patch is needed when built by
gcc5-aux.  This probably cannot be built by gcc-aux, but there are
already several things preventing the return to gcc-aux (over gcc5-aux).

I didn't bother with the examples so these are no longer installed, and
I didn't install "info" version of documention which follows my other
ports.  (pdf, txt, and html versions are still installed)
Original commitRevision:390736 
Friday, 16 May 2014
09:06 marino search for other commits by this committer
devel/gprbuild: Upgrade version 20130416 (2013) => 20140417 (2014)

Adacore provides annual releases for its major GPL-licensed products.
GPRBuild is an important tool, but it's source is only exposed once
per year, in May.  The 2014 release of GPRBuild relies on features in
Adacore's commercial product, GNAT Pro, that has not yet been migrated
to FSF GNAT.  I had to patch 2014 to get it to build with FSF GNAT 4.9,
losing minor new functionality in the process.

My first decision was to simply skip GPRBuild 2014 stay on the 2013
version, but it turns out packages are already using the new features
in gprinstall, one of the tools in the GPRBuild package.

Tests on adabooch, aws, asis and opentoken indicate they build fine
with GPRBuild 2014.
Original commitRevision:354203 
Friday, 14 Mar 2014
08:37 marino search for other commits by this committer
devel/gprbuild: New version as result of gcc-aux upgrade to gcc49

GPRBuild was previously based on the 2012 release, but it never should
have gone past the 2011 issue.  GPRBuild needs to use the same sources as
the GNAT that builds it, but it was built with the embedded sources
instead.  These "GPL" sources were ahead of the "FSF" sources, and
GPRBuild only worked by chance.  Using the proper GNAT Sources (gnat_util)
resulted in build failure!  Now gcc-aux has been updated and now
GPRBuild 2013 can be properly built with FSF GNAT 4.9 sources.
Original commitRevision:348172 

Number of commits found: 4