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non port: devel/linuxthreads/files/wraputhread.c

Number of commits found: 5

Wednesday, 21 Mar 2007
21:40 tegge search for other commits by this committer
Correct retrieval of stack address and size when getting the current
thread attributes for the main thread.

Add emulation of native threads (libc_r) method of getting the current
thread attributes (pthread_attr_get_np()) and adjust emulation of native
threads pthread_attr_getstackaddr() to return bottom of stack instead of
top of stack.

Correct emulation of native threads pthread_mutexattr_settype() when
selecting recursive mutexes.  Previously, the argument conversion before
calling the linuxthreads version of pthread_mutexattr_setattr() ended up
selecting errorcheck mutexes instead of recursive mutexes.
Original commit
Friday, 22 Jul 2005
22:20 tegge search for other commits by this committer
Check for NO_PIC and NO_PROFILE on FreeBSD >= 6.0.

Add sys/_pthreadtypes.h to allow compilation on FreeBSD >= 6.0.

Initialize signal trampoline variables earlier to avoid race in wrapper
around sigaction.

Fix known API wrapper bugs.

Port compile time options:

  Add option for using an alternate restart signal instead of SIGUSR2.

  Add options for adjustment of maximum thread stack size and maximum
  number of threads.

  Make all options start with LINUXTHREADS_

Note that complete FreeBSD source matching userland must be installed
in /usr/src when compiling this port.
Original commit
Monday, 9 Jun 2003
03:48 tegge search for other commits by this committer
Add new experimental option, LINUXTHREADS_WRAP_API, that adds wrapper
functions providing most of the native threads API while avoiding name
clashes by transparently prefixing all function names that directly
provide the linuxthreads API.
Original commit
Thursday, 14 Jun 2001
02:34 tegge search for other commits by this committer
Update from version 2.1.3 to 2.2.3 of LinuxThreads.    
Original commit
Tuesday, 20 Feb 2001
00:34 tegge search for other commits by this committer
Initialize attributes for new threads with default values when a NULL  
pthread_attr_t is provided as argument to pthread_create.    
Original commit

Number of commits found: 5