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non port: devel/nasm/files/patch-output_outelf32.c

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Sun, 19 Apr 2015
[ 19:06 adamw search for other commits by this committer ] Original commit   Revision:384314
Add a patch, taken from the nasm repo, written by emaste, that fixes
alignment on 64-bit archs.

From emaste:

Essentially what happens is that nasm creates object files that have
section contents aligned to 16 bytes, but it only specifies that the
section requires 4 byte alignment. It seems that the GNU tools (strip
at least) silently correct this to 8, which is what it should be.

This fix only affects FreeBSD -CURRENT in combination with another
(not yet committed) fix to libtool. On stable/10 and earlier GNU ld
masks the nasm bug, and without the libtool fix we don't yet try to
strip debug info from object files in -CURRENT.

PORTREVISION bump for this.

Also, while here, rename two other patches to have proper separators
(_ instead of +).

And, donate this port back to ports@. It is used by many other ports
so it deserves to be maintained by the collective.

Number of commits found: 1