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non port: devel/py-dj32-django-rq/pkg-descr

Number of commits found: 2

Thursday, 30 Jun 2022
20:04 Rene Ladan (rene) search for other commits by this committer
cleanup: Remove expired ports:

2022-06-30 www/py-dj32-django-filter: Obsolete, please use www/py-django-filter
2022-06-30 www/py-dj32-djangorestframework: Obsolete, please use
www/py-djangorestframework instead
2022-06-30 www/py-dj32-drf-yasg: Obsolete, please use www/py-drf-yasg instead
2022-06-30 www/py-dj32-django-cacheops: Obsolete, please use
www/py-django-cacheops instead
2022-06-30 www/py-dj32-django-graphiql-debug-toolbar: Obsolete, please use
www/py-django-graphiql-debug-toolbar instead
2022-06-30 devel/py-dj32-django-rq: Obsolete, please use devel/py-django-rq
2022-06-30 www/py-dj32-django-tables2: Obsolete, please use
www/py-django-tables2 instead
2022-06-30 www/py-dj32-django-prometheus: Obsolete, please use
www/py-django-prometheus instead
2022-06-30 www/py-dj32-django-treebeard: Obsolete, please use
www/py-django-treebeard instead
2022-06-30 www/py-dj32-django-mptt: Obsolete, please use www/py-django-mptt
2022-06-30 devel/py-dj32-graphene-django: Obsolete, please use
devel/py-graphene-django instead
2022-06-30 www/py-dj32-django-taggit: Obsolete, please use www/py-django-taggit
2022-06-30 www/py-dj32-django-auth-ldap: Obsolete, please use
www/py-django-auth-ldap instead
2022-06-30 www/py-dj32-django-cors-headers: Obsolete, please use
www/py-django-cors-headers instead
2022-06-30 www/py-dj32-django-debug-toolbar: Obsolete, please use
www/py-django-debug-toolbar instead
2022-06-30 www/py-dj32-django-redis: Obsolete, please use www/py-django-redis
2022-06-30 www/py-dj32-django-timezone-field: Obsolete, please use
www/py-django-timezone-field instead
2022-06-30 www/py-dj32-django-js-asset: Obsolete, please use
www/py-django-js-asset instead
commit hash: 3db72ea19c2f0ad9e9b4b6e4e36ec3923ac92ce2 commit hash: 3db72ea19c2f0ad9e9b4b6e4e36ec3923ac92ce2 commit hash: 3db72ea19c2f0ad9e9b4b6e4e36ec3923ac92ce2 commit hash: 3db72ea19c2f0ad9e9b4b6e4e36ec3923ac92ce2 3db72ea
Tuesday, 20 Jul 2021
12:26 Kai Knoblich (kai) search for other commits by this committer
*: Create Django 3.2 ports for net-mgmt/netbox

* Django 2.2 is currently the "default" version in the ports tree due
  its long term support until April 2022.  Thus ports that are assigned
  to that version will exist until then.

  The following ports are required to make the upgrade of
  net-mgmt/netbox to the 2.11 release possible because it requires
  Django 3.2.  All of the ports listed below were created on the basis
  of their respective original ports:

  - devel/py-dj32-django-rq
  - www/py-dj32-django-auth-ldap
  - www/py-dj32-django-cacheops (updated to a newer release)
  - www/py-dj32-django-cors-headers
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commit hash: fd76d1a5770102ebbf7653e96dc34910dcf6e01a commit hash: fd76d1a5770102ebbf7653e96dc34910dcf6e01a commit hash: fd76d1a5770102ebbf7653e96dc34910dcf6e01a commit hash: fd76d1a5770102ebbf7653e96dc34910dcf6e01a fd76d1a

Number of commits found: 2