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NOTE: There is a known problem on production with searching pkg-plist - it returns no results. This problem is not present on
non port: devel/qbs/files/patch-27bd9ac.diff

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Fri, 17 Dec 2021
[ 11:54 Adriaan de Groot (adridg) search for other commits by this committer ]    commit hash:7f39b57153b3ba7fc4d793df286ca2acc82e8626  commit hash:7f39b57153b3ba7fc4d793df286ca2acc82e8626  commit hash:7f39b57153b3ba7fc4d793df286ca2acc82e8626  7f39b57 
devel/qbs: update to 1.21, latest upstream

There's no release notes for this, but portscout spotted it
(and fedora packages it as well, already). Bump qtcreator,
which is the only consumer of the library / buildsystem.
Tue, 30 Nov 2021
[ 00:29 Adriaan de Groot (adridg) search for other commits by this committer ]    commit hash:9f62e710c45f743a1254569450683f12f7a0f46f  commit hash:9f62e710c45f743a1254569450683f12f7a0f46f  commit hash:9f62e710c45f743a1254569450683f12f7a0f46f  9f62e71 
devel/qbs: update to 1.20, latest upstream, and changed ports norms

- Bump version and fix build.
- See CHANGES, 20200115: ${PREFIX}/share/man is for manpages, so
  remove the patch that put the manpages elsewhere, and update plist.
- When looking for qmake, look for suffixed names as well; we
  stopped using qtchooser some time ago, and adopted a qmake-qt5.
  Linux hosts do this with a check, we'll just `true` it in.
- Pull in an upstream patch to warn when there is no qmake;
  massage it to look for suffixed qmakes as well.

PR:		258444
Reported by:	yuri

Number of commits found: 2