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Two new features

Two two features were added on 2020-05-30:
  1. Repology links - each port now has a link to See issue 148 for details.
  2. Ports I maintain report - port maintainers can now subscribe to a daily report of commits to the ports they maintain. See Watch ports I maintain at Report Subscriptions. Details at issue 138
non port: dns/bind96/Makefile

Number of commits found XX: 61

Mon, 13 Jan 2014
[ 17:38 mat ] Original commit   Revision:339612
339612 dns/bind96/Makefile
339612 dns/bind96/distinfo
339612 dns/bind98/Makefile
339612 dns/bind98/distinfo
339612 dns/bind99/Makefile
339612 dns/bind99/distinfo
339612 security/vuxml/vuln.xml
Security update to fix CVE-2014-0591 as reported at

9.9.4 -> 9.9.4-P2
9.8.6 -> 9.8.6-P2
9.6-ESV-R10 -> 9.6-ESV-R10-P2

Security:	CVE-2014-0591 Remote DOS
Tue, 7 Jan 2014
[ 09:55 erwin ] Original commit   Revision:338989
338989 dns/bind96/Makefile
338989 dns/bind96/files/named
338989 dns/bind98/Makefile
338989 dns/bind98/files/named
338989 dns/bind99/Makefile
338989 dns/bind99/files/named
There's always a default value for named_conf now, so no need to
check for it, and espcially not for a wrong value.

Noticed by:	Stefan Bethke <>
Approved by:	mat (maintainer)
Sat, 4 Jan 2014
[ 19:25 mat ] Original commit   Revision:338674
338674 dns/bind96/Makefile
338674 dns/bind98/Makefile
338674 dns/bind99/Makefile
Add the DOCS option to OPTIONS_DEFAULT.
Thu, 2 Jan 2014
[ 13:43 erwin ] Original commit   Revision:338442
338442 dns/bind96/Makefile
338442 dns/bind98/Makefile
338442 dns/bind99/Makefile
Hand the BIND ports to a new volunteer.
Sun, 8 Dec 2013
[ 19:49 marino ] Original commit   Revision:335933
335933 dns/bind96/Makefile
335933 dns/bind98/Makefile
335933 dns/bind99/Makefile
bind(96,98,99): Couple OSVERSION with OPSYS

OSVERSION is platform-specific and must be used with OPSYS.

Approved by:	maintainer (erwin)
Sat, 7 Dec 2013
[ 10:50 gjb ] Original commit   Revision:335824
335824 dns/bind96/Makefile
335824 dns/bind98/Makefile
335824 dns/bind99/Makefile
335824 games/stonesoup/Makefile
335824 sysutils/bsdstats/Makefile
335824 sysutils/firstboot-freebsd-update/Makefile
335824 sysutils/firstboot-pkgs/Makefile
335824 www/aria2/Makefile
To prevent fallout of lowering __FreeBSD_version in releng/10.0 branch,
adjust OSVERSION evaluation in ports that specifically use '100050N'.

Approved by:	affected maintainers (implicit)
Sponsored by:	The FreeBSD Foundation
Thu, 5 Dec 2013
[ 12:54 erwin ] Original commit   Revision:335667
335667 dns/bind96/Makefile
335667 dns/bind96/pkg-plist
335667 dns/bind98/Makefile
335667 dns/bind98/pkg-plist
335667 dns/bind99/Makefile
335667 dns/bind99/pkg-plist
Install named.conf as named.conf.sample and don't overwrite on upgrade

Bullet hole in foot:	joeld
Pointy hat:		erwin
Fri, 22 Nov 2013
[ 13:41 erwin ] Original commit   Revision:334593
334593 dns/bind96/Makefile
334593 dns/bind96/files/named
334593 dns/bind98/Makefile
334593 dns/bind98/files/named
334593 dns/bind99/Makefile
334593 dns/bind99/files/named
Fix startup script.

PR:		184159 [1]
Submitted by:	Pawel Biernacki <> [1],
		Trond Endrestoel <> (private email)
Tue, 12 Nov 2013
[ 09:19 erwin ] Original commit   Revision:333552
333552 dns/bind96/Makefile
333552 dns/bind96/files
333552 dns/bind96/files/empty.db
333552 dns/bind96/files/localhost-forward.db
333552 dns/bind96/files/localhost-reverse.db
333552 dns/bind96/files/named
333552 dns/bind96/files/named.conf
333552 dns/bind96/files/named.root
333552 dns/bind96/pkg-plist
Support FreeBSD 10.0.

On FreeBSD 10.0, all configuration is installed under
/usr/local/etc/namedb and installs its own rc script in
$PREFIX, which no longer support chroot installations.

LINKS and REPLACE_BASE options are not supported on 10.0
for obvious reasons.

Note for FreeBSD 9.x and earlier users, LINKS is no longer
the default option, though still supported.

An UPDATING entry will follow after bind99 is fixed
as well.
Mon, 4 Nov 2013
[ 11:23 erwin ] Original commit   Revision:332693
332693 dns/bind96/Makefile
332693 dns/bind98/Makefile
332693 dns/bind99/Makefile
Drop support for REPLACE_BIND option after BIND was removed from base,
there's nothing to replace.
Fri, 20 Sep 2013
[ 16:31 bapt ] Original commit   Revision:327719
327719 dns/adns/Makefile
327719 dns/adsuck/Makefile
327719 dns/ares/Makefile
327719 dns/autotrust/Makefile
327719 dns/bind-tools/Makefile
327719 dns/bind96/Makefile
327719 dns/bind98/Makefile
327719 dns/bind99/Makefile
327719 dns/bindgraph/Makefile
327719 dns/c-ares/Makefile

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Add NO_STAGE all over the place in preparation for the staging support (cat:
[ 08:20 erwin ] Original commit   Revision:327667
327667 dns/bind96/Makefile
327667 dns/bind96/distinfo
327667 dns/bind96/pkg-plist
Update to 9.6-ESV-R10

Security Fixes

   Prevents exploitation of a runtime_check which can crash named
   when satisfying a recursive query for particular malformed zones.
   (CVE-2013-3919) [RT #33690]

Feature Changes

   rndc status now also shows the build-id. [RT #20422]

   Improved OPT pseudo-record processing to make it easier to support
   new EDNS options. [RT #34414]
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Thu, 5 Sep 2013
[ 20:18 bsam ] Original commit   Revision:326444
326444 Mk/Uses/
326444 devel/tig/Makefile
326444 dns/bind96/Makefile
326444 dns/bind98/Makefile
326444 dns/bind99/Makefile
326444 dns/idnkit/Makefile
326444 dns/idnkit2/Makefile
326444 japanese/chasen-base/Makefile
326444 mail/gmime2/Makefile
326444 net/netatalk/Makefile

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. introduce ICONV_CONFIGURE_BASE variable at Mk/Uses/ It's value is
  "--with-libiconv=${LOCALBASE}" at systems pre OSVERSION 100043 and "" (null)
. convert all ports which has CONFIGURE_ARGS=--with-libiconv=${LOCALBASE}.

Approved by:	portmgr (bapt, implicit)
Wed, 5 Jun 2013
[ 11:46 erwin ] Original commit   Revision:319982
319982 dns/bind96/Makefile
319982 dns/bind96/distinfo
Update to 9.6-ESV-R9-P1

Security Fixes

   Prevents exploitation of a runtime_check which can crash named
   when satisfying a recursive query for particular malformed zones.
   (CVE-2013-3919) [RT #33690]

   Prevents a named assert (crash) when validating caused by using
   "Bad cache" data before it has been initialized. [CVE-2012-3817]
   [RT #30025]

   A condition has been corrected where improper handling of
   zero-length RDATA could cause undesirable behavior, including
   termination of the named process. [CVE-2012-1667] [RT #29644]

See release notes for further features and bug fixes:

Security:	CVE-2013-3919
Fri, 31 May 2013
[ 09:31 erwin ] Original commit   Revision:319471
319471 dns/bind96/Makefile
319471 dns/bind96/distinfo
Update to 9.6-ESV-R9 and extend the EOL to January 2014
Tue, 23 Apr 2013
[ 08:33 erwin ] Original commit   Revision:316322
316322 dns/bind96/Makefile
316322 dns/bind96/pkg-install
316322 dns/bind96/pkg-message
Make pkg-message and pkg-install a local file to the bind96
port and not include the one from the deprecated bind97 port, which is
to be removed.
Tue, 12 Mar 2013
[ 08:07 erwin ] Original commit   Revision:313955
313955 dns/bind96/Makefile
Add a gentle reminder that Bind 9.6 will be EOL shortly
and recommend planning to move to newer versions before
June 2013.
Fri, 4 Jan 2013
[ 10:47 erwin ] Original commit   Revision:309925
309925 dns/bind96/Makefile
309925 dns/bind97/Makefile
309925 dns/bind98/Makefile
309925 dns/bind99/Makefile
Fri, 14 Dec 2012
[ 10:43 erwin ] Original commit   Revision:308897
308897 dns/bind96/Makefile
308897 dns/bind97/Makefile
308897 dns/bind98/Makefile
308897 dns/bind99/Makefile
- Use new OPTIONS_GROUP for DLZ options.[1]
- This also allows more than one DLZ option
  to be set.[2]

Submitted by:	bapt [1] (as RADIO)
Suggested by:	az [2] (thus GROUP instead)
Mon, 3 Dec 2012
[ 10:52 erwin ] Original commit   Revision:308136
308136 dns/bind96/Makefile
308136 dns/bind97/Makefile
308136 dns/bind98/Makefile
308136 dns/bind99/Makefile
Improve the SSL option description

Submitted by:	Kazunori Fujiwara <>
Feature safe:	yes
[ 10:48 erwin ] Original commit   Revision:308135
308135 dns/bind96/Makefile
308135 dns/bind97/Makefile
308135 dns/bind98/Makefile
308135 dns/bind99/Makefile
Remove gpg signature checking that in itself does not
provide any additional security.

Feature safe:	yes
Tue, 27 Nov 2012
[ 10:05 erwin ] Original commit   Revision:307830
307830 dns/bind96/Makefile
307830 dns/bind97/Makefile
307830 dns/bind98/Makefile
307830 dns/bind99/Makefile
- Fix a typo in the OPTIONSNG conversion
- Add FIXED_RRSET option
- Add RPZ options (9.8 and 9.8 only)

PR:		172586
Submitted by:	Craig Leres <>
Feature safe:	yes
Fri, 26 Oct 2012
[ 08:37 erwin ] Original commit   Revision:306427
306427 dns/bind96/Makefile
306427 dns/bind97/Makefile
306427 dns/bind98/Makefile
306427 dns/bind99/Makefile
Reduce lenght of the option description for DLZ_MYSQL to
avoid problems with the older dialog(1) on FreeBSD 8.x

Noticed by:	Terry Kennedy <>
Feature safe:	yes
Thu, 25 Oct 2012
[ 10:53 erwin ] Original commit   Revision:306379
306379 dns/bind96/Makefile
306379 dns/bind97/Makefile
306379 dns/bind98/Makefile
306379 dns/bind99/Makefile
- Convert to OPTIONSNG
- Turn on IPv6 support by default

Feature safe:	yes
Fri, 19 Oct 2012
[ 09:30 erwin ] Original commit   Revision:306110
306110 dns/bind96/Makefile
306110 dns/bind96/distinfo
Update to 9.6-ESV-R8

Feature safe:	yes
Wed, 10 Oct 2012
[ 11:54 erwin ] Original commit   Revision:305645
305645 dns/bind96/Makefile
305645 dns/bind96/distinfo
305645 dns/bind97/Makefile
305645 dns/bind97/distinfo
305645 dns/bind98/Makefile
305645 dns/bind98/distinfo
305645 dns/bind99/Makefile
305645 dns/bind99/distinfo
305645 security/vuxml/vuln.xml
Upgrade to the latest BIND patch level:

A deliberately constructed combination of records could cause named
to hang while populating the additional section of a response.

[ 09:11 erwin ] Original commit   Revision:305639
305639 dns/bind96/Makefile
305639 dns/bind97/Makefile
305639 dns/bind98/Makefile
305639 dns/bind99/Makefile
Take maintainership of the BIND ports while I'm working on the latest
security releases.
Mon, 8 Oct 2012
[ 10:38 dougb ] Original commit   Revision:305526
305526 astro/xearth/files/freebsd.committers.markers
305526 databases/mariadb-client/Makefile
305526 databases/mariadb-scripts/Makefile
305526 databases/mariadb-server/Makefile
305526 databases/p5-DBD-mysql52/Makefile
305526 dns/bind-tools/Makefile
305526 dns/bind96/Makefile
305526 dns/bind97/Makefile
305526 dns/bind98/Makefile
305526 dns/bind99/Makefile

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Throw my ports back in the pool, and make my intentions clear for the
various ports that I've created.

I bid fond fare well
A chapter closes for me
What opens for you?
Wed, 19 Sep 2012
[ 03:46 dougb ] Original commit   Revision:304476
304476 dns/bind96/Makefile
304476 dns/bind96/distinfo
304476 dns/bind97/Makefile
304476 dns/bind97/distinfo
304476 dns/bind98/Makefile
304476 dns/bind98/distinfo
304476 dns/bind99/Makefile
304476 dns/bind99/distinfo
304476 security/vuxml/vuln.xml
Upgrade to the latest BIND patch level:

Prevents a crash when queried for a record whose RDATA exceeds
65535 bytes.

Prevents a crash when validating caused by using "Bad cache" data
before it has been initialized.

ISC_QUEUE handling for recursive clients was updated to address
a race condition that could cause a memory leak. This rarely
occurred with UDP clients, but could be a significant problem
for a server handling a steady rate of TCP queries.

A condition has been corrected where improper handling of
zero-length RDATA could cause undesirable behavior, including
termination of the named process.

For more information:
Tue, 24 Jul 2012
[ 19:23 dougb ] Original commit 
301487 dns/bind96/Makefile
301487 dns/bind96/distinfo
301487 dns/bind97/Makefile
301487 dns/bind97/distinfo
301487 dns/bind98/Makefile
301487 dns/bind98/distinfo
301487 dns/bind99/Makefile
301487 dns/bind99/distinfo
301487 security/vuxml/vuln.xml
Heavy DNSSEC Validation Load Can Cause a "Bad Cache" Assertion Failure
in BIND9

High numbers of queries with DNSSEC validation enabled can cause an
assertion failure in named, caused by using a "bad cache" data structure
before it has been initialized.

CVE: CVE-2012-3817
Posting date: 24 July, 2012
Mon, 4 Jun 2012
[ 21:51 dougb ] Original commit 
1.122 dns/bind96/Makefile
1.73 dns/bind96/distinfo
1.25 dns/bind97/Makefile
1.19 dns/bind97/distinfo
1.15 dns/bind98/Makefile
1.13 dns/bind98/distinfo
1.9 dns/bind99/Makefile
1.7 dns/bind99/distinfo
1.2724 security/vuxml/vuln.xml
Upgrade to 9.6-ESV-R7-P1, 9.7.6-P1, 9.8.3-P1, and 9.9.1-P1, the latest
from ISC. These patched versions contain a critical bugfix:

  Processing of DNS resource records where the rdata field is zero length
  may cause various issues for the servers handling them.

  Processing of these records may lead to unexpected outcomes. Recursive
  servers may crash or disclose some portion of memory to the client.
  Secondary servers may crash on restart after transferring a zone
  containing these records. Master servers may corrupt zone data if the
  zone option "auto-dnssec" is set to "maintain". Other unexpected
  problems that are not listed here may also be encountered.

All BIND users are strongly encouraged to upgrade.
Wed, 23 May 2012
[ 04:41 dougb ] Original commit 
1.121 dns/bind96/Makefile
1.72 dns/bind96/distinfo
1.24 dns/bind97/Makefile
1.18 dns/bind97/distinfo
1.14 dns/bind98/Makefile
1.12 dns/bind98/distinfo
Upgrade to BIND versions 9.9.1, 9.8.3, 9.7.6, and 9.6-ESV-R7,
the latest from ISC. These versions all contain the following:

Feature Change

*  BIND now recognizes the TLSA resource record type, created to
   support IETF DANE (DNS-based Authentication of Named Entities)
   [RT #28989]

Bug Fix

*  The locking strategy around the handling of iterative queries
   has been tuned to reduce unnecessary contention in a multi-
   threaded environment.

Each version also contains other critical bug fixes.

All BIND users are encouraged to upgrade to these latest versions.
Wed, 4 Apr 2012
[ 22:02 dougb ] Original commit 
1.120 dns/bind96/Makefile
1.71 dns/bind96/distinfo
1.7 dns/bind96/pkg-message
1.34 dns/bind96/pkg-plist
Update to version 9.6-ESV-R6, the latest from ISC, which contains numerous bug

For the port, switch to using the PORTDOCS macro.
Also, switch to the (identical) pkg-message in ../bind97 which was apparently
when the other ports were converted.

Feature safe:   yes
Wed, 16 Nov 2011
[ 23:41 dougb ] Original commit 
1.119 dns/bind96/Makefile
1.70 dns/bind96/distinfo
1.22 dns/bind97/Makefile
1.16 dns/bind97/distinfo
1.12 dns/bind98/Makefile
1.9 dns/bind98/distinfo
Upgrade to the latest security patch releases to address the
following DDOS bug:

Recursive name servers are failing with an assertion:
INSIST(! dns_rdataset_isassociated(sigrdataset))

At this time it is not thought that authoritative-only servers
are affected, but information about this bug is evolving rapidly.

Because it may be possible to trigger this bug even on networks
that do not allow untrusted users to access the recursive name
servers (perhaps via specially crafted e-mail messages, and/or
malicious web sites) it is recommended that ALL operators of
recursive name servers upgrade immediately.

For more information see:
which will be updated as more information becomes available.

Feature safe:   yes
Tue, 2 Aug 2011
[ 06:55 dougb ] Original commit 
1.118 dns/bind96/Makefile
1.69 dns/bind96/distinfo
1.33 dns/bind96/pkg-plist
Update to version 9.6-ESV-R5 which contains various bug fixes
and improvements:
Sun, 17 Jul 2011
[ 04:08 dougb ] Original commit 
1.117 dns/bind96/Makefile
1.19 dns/bind97/Makefile
1.10 dns/bind98/Makefile
Fix the location of the default pid file in named.8

Problem pointed out in the PR

PR:             conf/155006
Submitted by:   Helmut Schneider <>
Tue, 5 Jul 2011
[ 21:18 dougb ] Original commit 
1.116 dns/bind96/Makefile
1.68 dns/bind96/distinfo
1.18 dns/bind97/Makefile
1.14 dns/bind97/distinfo
Update to versions 9.7.3-P3, and 9.6-ESV-R4-P3.


This update addresses the following vulnerability:

Severity:       High
Exploitable:    Remotely


A defect in the affected BIND 9 versions allows an attacker to remotely
cause the "named" process to exit using a specially crafted packet. This
defect affects both recursive and authoritative servers. The code location
of the defect makes it impossible to protect BIND using ACLs configured
within named.conf or by disabling any features at compile-time or run-time.
Fri, 27 May 2011
[ 23:47 dougb ] Original commit 
1.115 dns/bind96/Makefile
1.67 dns/bind96/distinfo
1.1 dns/bind96/files/patch-bin__nsupdate__nsupdate.c
1.16 dns/bind97/Makefile
1.13 dns/bind97/distinfo
1.1 dns/bind97/files/patch-bin__nsupdate__nsupdate.c
Upgrade to 9.6-ESV-R4-P1 and 9.7.3-P1, which address the following issues:

1. Very large RRSIG RRsets included in a negative cache can trigger
an assertion failure that will crash named (BIND 9 DNS) due to an
off-by-one error in a buffer size check.

This bug affects all resolving name servers, whether DNSSEC validation
is enabled or not, on all BIND versions prior to today. There is a
possibility of malicious exploitation of this bug by remote users.

2. Named could fail to validate zones listed in a DLV that validated
insecure without using DLV and had DS records in the parent zone.

Add a patch provided by ru@ and confirmed by ISC to fix a crash at
shutdown time when a SIG(0) key is being used.
Sat, 5 Feb 2011
[ 02:47 dougb ] Original commit 
1.114 dns/bind96/Makefile
1.66 dns/bind96/distinfo
Update to BIND 9.6.3, the latest from ISC on the 9.6 branch.

All 9.6 users with DNSSEC validation enabled should upgrade to this
version, or the latest version in the 9.7 branch, prior to 2011-03-31 in
order to avoid validation failures for names in .COM as described here:

In addition the fixes for this and other bugs, there are also the following:

* Various fixes to kerberos support, including GSS-TSIG
* Various fixes to avoid leaking memory, and to problems that could prevent
  a clean shutdown of named

Feature safe:   yes
Sat, 18 Dec 2010
[ 02:19 dougb ] Original commit 
1.113 dns/bind96/Makefile
1.14 dns/bind97/Makefile
CONFLICTS for bind98
Fri, 3 Dec 2010
[ 23:21 dougb ] Original commit 
1.112 dns/bind96/Makefile
1.65 dns/bind96/distinfo
Update to version 9.6-ESV-R3, the latest from ISC, which addresses
the following security vulnerabilities.

For more information regarding these issues please see:

1. Cache incorrectly allows ncache and rrsig for the same type

   Affects resolver operators whose servers are open to potential
   attackers. Triggering the bug will cause the server to crash.

   This bug applies even if you do not have DNSSEC enabled.
(Only the first 15 lines of the commit message are shown above View all of this commit message)
Sat, 30 Oct 2010
[ 20:34 dougb ] Original commit 
1.111 dns/bind96/Makefile
1.64 dns/bind96/distinfo
Update to 9.6-ESV-R2, the latest from ISC.

This version contains bug fixes that are relevant to any
caching/resolving name server; as well as DNSSEC-related
Thu, 20 May 2010
[ 06:34 dougb ] Original commit 
1.2 dns/bind-tools/Makefile
1.2 dns/bind-tools/distinfo
1.106 dns/bind94/Makefile
1.62 dns/bind94/distinfo
1.109 dns/bind95/Makefile
1.61 dns/bind95/distinfo
1.110 dns/bind96/Makefile
1.63 dns/bind96/distinfo
1.6 dns/bind97/Makefile
1.5 dns/bind97/distinfo
Update to the latest patch set from ISC, which addresses the following:

   Named could return SERVFAIL for negative responses
   from unsigned zones.
Wed, 17 Mar 2010
[ 05:35 dougb ] Original commit 
1.105 dns/bind94/Makefile
1.61 dns/bind94/distinfo
1.108 dns/bind95/Makefile
1.60 dns/bind95/distinfo
1.109 dns/bind96/Makefile
1.62 dns/bind96/distinfo
1.5 dns/bind97/Makefile
1.4 dns/bind97/distinfo
Update to the latest patchfix releases to deal with the problems
related to the handling of broken DNSSEC trust chains.

This fix is only necessary for those who have DNSSEC validation
enabled and configure trust anchors from third parties, either
manually, or through a system like DLV.
Tue, 2 Mar 2010
[ 04:06 dougb ] Original commit 
1.108 dns/bind96/Makefile
1.61 dns/bind96/distinfo
1.2 dns/bind96/files/patch-bin_dig_dighost.c
Upgrade to version 9.6.2. This version includes all previously released
security patches to the 9.6.1 version, as well as many other bug fixes.

Due to the fact that the DNSSEC algorithm that will be used to sign the
root zone is only included in this version and in 9.7.x those who wish
to do validation MUST upgrade to one of these prior to July 2010.

Feature safe:   yes
Mon, 25 Jan 2010
[ 00:25 dougb ] Original commit 
1.103 dns/bind94/Makefile
1.58 dns/bind94/distinfo
1.107 dns/bind95/Makefile
1.59 dns/bind95/distinfo
1.107 dns/bind96/Makefile
1.60 dns/bind96/distinfo
Upgrade to BIND 9.4.3-P5, 9.5.2-P2, and 9.6.1-P3. These versions address
the following vulnerabilities:

BIND 9 Cache Update from Additional Section
A nameserver with DNSSEC validation enabled may incorrectly add
unauthenticated records to its cache that are received during the
resolution of a recursive client query

BIND 9 DNSSEC validation code could cause bogus NXDOMAIN responses
There was an error in the DNSSEC NSEC/NSEC3 validation code that could
cause bogus NXDOMAIN responses (that is, NXDOMAIN responses for records
proven by NSEC or NSEC3 to exist) to be cached as if they had validated

These issues only affect systems with DNSSEC validation enabled.
Mon, 14 Dec 2009
[ 06:29 dougb ] Original commit 
1.93 dns/bind9/Makefile
1.102 dns/bind94/Makefile
1.106 dns/bind95/Makefile
1.106 dns/bind96/Makefile
Update CONFLICTS for bind97
Mon, 30 Nov 2009
[ 02:46 dougb ] Original commit 
1.101 dns/bind94/Makefile
1.56 dns/bind94/distinfo
1.105 dns/bind95/Makefile
1.58 dns/bind95/distinfo
1.105 dns/bind96/Makefile
1.59 dns/bind96/distinfo
Update to the latest patchlevels for BINDs 9.[456]. The vulnerability
this is designed to fix is related to DNSSEC validation on a resolving
name server that allows access to untrusted users. If your system does
not fall into all 3 of these categories you do not need to update
Sat, 7 Nov 2009
[ 19:23 dougb ] Original commit 
1.100 dns/bind94/Makefile
1.1 dns/bind94/files/patch-bin_dig_dighost.c
1.104 dns/bind95/Makefile
1.1 dns/bind95/files/patch-bin_dig_dighost.c
1.104 dns/bind96/Makefile
1.1 dns/bind96/files/patch-bin_dig_dighost.c
Wrap some query socket handling in dig with a socket != NULL bow

This patch or something similar will likely be included in a future
BIND release.

PR:             bin/138061
Submitted by:   Michael Baker <>
Original patch submitted by:    Volker <>
Patch reviewed and tweaked by:  ISC
Tue, 1 Sep 2009
[ 01:31 dougb ] Original commit 
1.92 dns/bind9/Makefile
1.99 dns/bind94/Makefile
1.101 dns/bind95/Makefile
1.103 dns/bind96/Makefile
The new LINKS OPTION is not only useless it's harmful when combined
with the REPLACE_BASE option so if the latter is defined don't try
to make the LINKS.

Problem pointed out by: Chris Wopat <>
Sat, 29 Aug 2009
[ 23:15 dougb ] Original commit 
1.91 dns/bind9/Makefile
1.24 dns/bind9/pkg-plist
1.98 dns/bind94/Makefile
1.26 dns/bind94/pkg-plist
1.100 dns/bind95/Makefile
1.29 dns/bind95/pkg-plist
1.102 dns/bind96/Makefile
1.32 dns/bind96/pkg-plist
For all:
Add an OPTION (on by default) to install the appropriate symlinks for
named.conf and rndc.key in /usr/local/etc and /var/named/usr/local/etc.

For bind9[456]:
Add OPTIONs (off by default) for the DLZ configure options, and their
corresponding ports knobs. [1] The basic infrastructure for this was
provided in the PR, but this version is slightly different in a few
details so responsibility for bugs is mine.

PR:             ports/122974 [1]
Submitted by:   Michael Schout <> [1]
Thu, 30 Jul 2009
[ 18:47 dougb ] Original commit 
1.99 dns/bind95/Makefile
1.101 dns/bind96/Makefile
The dependency on idnkit should be a LIB_, not a BUILD_

PR:             ports/137240
Submitted by:   danger
Tue, 28 Jul 2009
[ 22:13 dougb ] Original commit 
1.96 dns/bind94/Makefile
1.53 dns/bind94/distinfo
1.98 dns/bind95/Makefile
1.55 dns/bind95/distinfo
1.100 dns/bind96/Makefile
1.57 dns/bind96/distinfo
Update to patched versions which address a remote DoS vulnerability:

        Receipt of a specially-crafted dynamic update message may
        cause BIND 9 servers to exit. This vulnerability affects all
        servers -- it is not limited to those that are configured to
        allow dynamic updates. Access controls will not provide an
        effective workaround.

More details can be found here:

All BIND users are encouraged to update to a patched version ASAP.
Fri, 19 Jun 2009
[ 04:40 dougb ] Original commit 
1.99 dns/bind96/Makefile
1.56 dns/bind96/distinfo
1.31 dns/bind96/pkg-plist
Update to version 9.6.1, the latest from ISC. This version contains
numerous bug fixes and updates, especially in the DNSSEC code, including
the new NSEC3 protocol. Full details are available at:
Sun, 12 Apr 2009
[ 21:33 pav ] Original commit 
1.89 dns/bind9/Makefile
1.95 dns/bind94/Makefile
1.97 dns/bind95/Makefile
1.98 dns/bind96/Makefile
- Flip from MAKE_JOBS_SAFE to MAKE_JOBS_UNSAFE, fails both on pointyhat and on
  my local machine
Tue, 24 Mar 2009
[ 20:00 dougb ] Original commit 
1.88 dns/bind9/Makefile
1.94 dns/bind94/Makefile
1.96 dns/bind95/Makefile
1.97 dns/bind96/Makefile
Fix CONFLICTS (again). The previous example didn't work at all for ports
other than plain bind9 since the real PORTNAMEs for the other ports are
bind9[456]. This fix has the added advantage of covering REPLACE_BASE.
[ 19:51 dougb ] Original commit 
1.87 dns/bind9/Makefile
1.93 dns/bind94/Makefile
1.95 dns/bind95/Makefile
1.96 dns/bind96/Makefile
1.73 dns/p5-Net-DNS/Makefile
1.7 mail/alpine/Makefile
1.17 security/libotr/Makefile
1.26 security/pidgin-otr/Makefile
1.38 textproc/htdig/Makefile
1.142 x11-wm/windowmaker/Makefile

(Only the first 10 of 12 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Where it matters, update regarding MAKE_JOBS_{UN}SAFE for my ports
Thu, 8 Jan 2009
[ 08:18 dougb ] Original commit 
1.86 dns/bind9/Makefile
1.48 dns/bind9/distinfo
1.91 dns/bind94/Makefile
1.51 dns/bind94/distinfo
1.93 dns/bind95/Makefile
1.53 dns/bind95/distinfo
1.95 dns/bind96/Makefile
1.55 dns/bind96/distinfo
Update to the -P1 versions of the current BIND ports which contain
the fix for the following vulnerability:

Return values from OpenSSL library functions EVP_VerifyFinal()
and DSA_do_verify() were not checked properly.

It is theoretically possible to spoof answers returned from
zones using the DNSKEY algorithms DSA (3) and NSEC3DSA (6).

In short, if you're not using DNSSEC to verify signatures you have
nothing to worry about.

While I'm here, address the issues raised in the PR by adding a knob
to disable building with OpenSSL altogether (which eliminates DNSSEC
capability), and fix the configure arguments to better deal with the
situation where the user has ssl bits in both the base and LOCALBASE.

PR:             ports/126297
Submitted by:   Ronald F.Guilmette <>
Sun, 4 Jan 2009
[ 07:26 dougb ] Original commit 
1.8 dns/bind9-sdb-ldap/Makefile
1.2 dns/bind9-sdb-postgresql/Makefile
1.85 dns/bind9/Makefile
1.90 dns/bind94/Makefile
1.92 dns/bind95/Makefile
1.94 dns/bind96/Makefile
1.9 dns/host/Makefile
Update CONFLICTS to reflect the addition of the bind96 port,
the demise of bind9-dlz, and updates to the bind9-sdb-* ports.
[ 07:15 dougb ] Original commit 
1.93 dns/bind96/Makefile
1.54 dns/bind96/distinfo
1.16 dns/bind96/pkg-descr
1.30 dns/bind96/pkg-plist
Update after repo-copy for BIND 9.6.0
[ 07:12 dougb ] Original commit 
1.92 dns/bind96/Makefile
1.53 dns/bind96/distinfo
1.15 dns/bind96/pkg-descr
1.6 dns/bind96/pkg-message
1.29 dns/bind96/pkg-plist
Forced commit to mark repo-copy from bind95

Number of commits found XX: 61

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